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Jeremy Corbyn Shocks The World


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Cenk informed ya this would occur. John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, as well as Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area below.

" Amongst the several enjoyable outcomes of Britain's general political election has been the roll call of pundits reeling out apologies for obtaining it so wrong. The Labour Celebration has, against all chances, surged to take a 40 percent share of the vote, more than it has actually won in years. And so the country's commentariat, who had actually confidently believed that the event under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership would certainly be rubbed out the political map, are now eating large pieces of humble pie.

Nobody is in national politics to gloat. Labour's management team as well as supporters alike desire the event to win not for the sake of winning, but in order to bring Work's financial as well as social program to Britain, to measurably improve people's lives. Still, a little schadenfreude is most definitely in order.

Mr. Corbyn, from the left of the event, all of a sudden took its helm in 2015 after a rule modification permitted, for the first time, rank-and-file participants to have an equivalent vote for their leader. And he has actually been ridiculed, disregarded and also complained since. Cast as an incongruous combination of inexperienced beardy old man and also peacenik terrorist sympathizer, Mr. Corbyn faced down a leadership challenge from his very own party regarding a year back and continuous sniping, criticism and also requires him to stop throughout." *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson.

Cast: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by Ricardo Gaitan, at Reply

    England are looking at dumbass Trump and thinking yep we’re taking our Bernie Sanders.

    • Posted by Ricardo Gaitan, at Reply

      shinobi554 Reimer you do know he didn’t lose right? Nor did he win win, but he definitely won. I know it maybe too complex for you to understand lol

    • Posted by Ronald Hapchwarae, at Reply

      Call someone dumbass, don’t understand where the election happened. You Sir are something.

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      Alan Tyson “have a Google”? I’m dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply


    • Posted by Ron Wylie, at Reply

      Oh Tom Rose: I laughed SO much I could not get my breath ha ha, Yes I would too, Mr Corbyn is a real hero

    • Posted by shinobi554 Reimer, at Reply

      OOOOOH Jeremy corbyn LOST.

  3. Posted by Mukhtar Ahmed, at Reply

    And now the party who spent 90% of the campaign saying that Corbyn loves terrorists is forming a government with the uvf

    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      Both sides are hypocrites, if Labour formed a government they would have needed Sinn Féin support.

    • Posted by Martin Snow, at Reply

      What a wicked man, he also campaigned against apartheid. I may not totally agree with every thing he said, the peace process happened. The sins of the past had to forgiven so they could have a brighter future (hopefully).

  4. Posted by S B, at Reply

    Corbyn won Kensington- the most affluent borough in the UK. Overturning an over 8000 majority. They also won Portsmouth and Canterbury both tory seats for longer than the labour party has been around.
    Corbyn has done amazing, may will not last long and labour is ready to lead the UK

    • Posted by Jake Deane, at Reply

      They are student towns that’s why

    • Posted by MrCoolside91, at Reply

      Portsmouth is divided now, Tories in the Northern Half of the City, Labour in the City Centre and Coastline. That’ll be awkward the next time I visit childhood friends.

    • Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

      +S B If someone like Benn had been leading the Labour party, there would be a new Govt. in charge now.

    • Posted by S B, at Reply

      +Johan Mahoney-Berg no we wouldn’t and that’s a hypothetical.
      Benn was betrayed by the tribune group of mps who abstained on the deputy leadership election. Leading to healey’s victory

    • Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

      +S B No its not hypothetical i’m talking about Hilary Benn who was the Shadow Foreign Secretary up until he was sacked from this position by Corbyn on 26 June 2016.

  5. Posted by S M, at Reply

    So chenk was wrong? big suprise

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      tks vinnythe… i don’t tweet. what did he say?

    • Posted by J, at Reply

      No government has been formed yet. They remain in talks. It’s unlikely to be a true coalition but we don’t know because it hasn’t happened yet, so he could yet still be right

    • Posted by GTVS, at Reply

      S M *chunk

    • Posted by Karen Stoute, at Reply

      He was not really wrong because Corbyn picked enough votes to prevent her from being in the majority. The way she can do that is to merge with another party, that is not winning on your own merits.

    • Posted by Karen Stoute, at Reply

      Ashley Thomas by her becoming prime minister by having to go to the queen to get permission to merge with another lame party is not winning on your own merit. She has created chaos because by her living so many seats and Corbyn picking up so many seats shows that people don’t really want her. Remember she called for the election thinking that people would surely vote for her hands down, no ifs ands or buts

  6. Posted by Charlie Chanyasak, at Reply

    Cenk was wrong though

    • Posted by bongo155, at Reply

      No. Sargon is just a pathetic and horrible maggot.

    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      He went a bit far, but he got the gist of it right.

    • Posted by Marco Rodriguez, at Reply

      Cenk will never admit he is wrong on tv ( even though in his predcitions and assumptions he says “If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it”……then a few months ago he said on TYT “I know how these people play thei games, thats why I am right 98% of the time”………..His ego has made him delusional. While he may be informed, he is not very intelligent to begin with; highly emotional and immature.

    • Posted by Small d Democrat, at Reply

      Marco Rodriguez Who’s the next PM?

    • Posted by Ronald Hapchwarae, at Reply

      Theresa May will be PM for at least this week, maybe even a few months.

  7. Posted by David Hernandez, at Reply

    can we have a snap election in the usa and see what happens ;p

    • Posted by Jacob Chambers, at Reply

      Bernie would win! (;

    • Posted by Xaphnir, at Reply

      Jacob Chambers The Democratic Party wouldn’t let Bernie run. Anyone they would put up against Trump would lose, because the only ones more unpopular than Trump are the Democrats.

    • Posted by Bad Fairy, at Reply

      That would be cool , DOES Trump have the balls to do it .

  8. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Tories had to resort to associating with anti-gay bigots in order to keep some power. That should tell you all you need to know.

    • Posted by theebiff, at Reply

      anti gay? lol suck a bag of dicks

    • Posted by mizofan, at Reply

      climate change deniers too

    • Posted by Timothy Leadbeater, at Reply

      The Tories are anti-gay bigots.

    • Posted by Jonathan Roberts, at Reply

      Same-sex marriage was legalised in the UK under a Tory-led government.

    • Posted by Martin Snow, at Reply

      Wasn’t it David Cameron who brought in gay marriage? He may of gone to David Milliband to get it passed, he’s still tory (and a Villa supporter as well).

  9. Posted by James Graham, at Reply

    Corbyn’s on fire, Theresa May is terrified! lalalalalalalala lalala lala

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +Xaphnir​ the WORST thing about all this is it SERIOUSLY hurts UK at a time that we need to be united in difficult negotiations with EU we are all over the place. I think IF this election was run solely on Brexit issue corbyn would have been smashed. Because he loves the open door policy at a time when most of uk is saying we have had too much mass immigration over the past 20 years to the point that many uk towns have totally lost thier identity. I think a LOT of voters chose corbyn for his anti Austerity NOT for his views on immigration and benefits. And also may does indeed come across like a bond villain

    • Posted by Magma Mage, at Reply

      Tyrion L We’ll probably see another election before the end of the year, one labour will win

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +Magma Mage​ BWHAHAHAHA completely delusional. The ONLY reason torys called this election was because they thought they were in an unassailable lead. Now they know they are not WHY oh WHY would they call .another election! Seriously where do people get this stupidity from?

  10. Posted by Shiny Superstar, at Reply

    Tony Blair and his labour coporatist crooks have ruined the name of the labour party. That’s why ppl out in the country feel betrayed when they see how their lives still suck despit voting labour. Corbyn aint a corporatist so those people should have given him a chance. In fact the establishment and corporate labour politicians hate him and are trying to overthrow him. Corbyn would have showed what the Labour party was capable of like back in the days

    • Posted by suroj, at Reply

      Well Corbyn should have said that. and thrown all of them out. But he didn’t.

    • Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

      I think it’s also due to the elderly population there who at large vote conservative. Just like how most of them voted for Brexit.

    • Posted by Jonathan Henly, at Reply

      This huge vote for Corbyn was a rejection of Blair

  11. Posted by Paul Bennett, at Reply

    It’s channels like yours that have helped in the young voter turn out. TYT has a large following here.

    • Posted by Ron Wylie, at Reply

      I agree with you, the Turks tell it like it is without flowering anything, they are the voice of reasonable people

    • Posted by Indigo Lynx, at Reply

      LaBlueGirlFanboy : yes it does. amongst educated young people it is widely recognised in universities

    • Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

      Yeah, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that out. Same with France and Canada. That was two years ago, I can only imagine that viewership has grown since. I could also imagine that some watch because US politics are more entertaining than anything on TV.

    • Posted by Colarado comrade, at Reply

      I always have tyt playing when were off work chillen at the house, and now I’ll catch my friends watching on their own.

  12. Posted by NicoO0Oo1, at Reply

    o.k y’all are probably trolls, but just to clarify: this was a disaster for Theresa May. She called for an election to have a mandate for the Brexit negotiations and she lost big time. It’s not a win because she remained the biggest party. If you are worse off than your previous situation it was a failure

    • Posted by Ricardo Gaitan, at Reply

      John Host mate read some more so I don’t have to dumb it down. You are talking about how wrong it is for government to give freebies to college students and in beers? But the issue is if you take that money from those who need it, it will always be given to those that don’t (the very very rich that has an influence in politics through massive donations to politicians). Unless you live in a very financially responsible country. However, in the US people complain of food stamps (social welfare) but corporate welfare (massive tax breaks and money ‘subsidies’ given to them) complete outweighs social welfare. Also, the big whoopsie war of Iraq will cost about 7+ trillions… guess what free education to any ambitious student in the US cost 89 billion… and that way you’re investing in America and for the future.

    • Posted by John Host, at Reply

      Ricardo Gaitan Are you American ?

    • Posted by John Host, at Reply

      Ricardo Gaitan In 2015, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would “strip out” the £93bn of “corporate tax relief and subsidies” Farnsworth referred to and use the proceeds for public investment.[40] Corbyn did not say which specific policies he would change. The Guardian wrote the policy “sounds wonderful, but careful scrutiny of ‘corporate welfare’ shows that it includes capital allowances designed to persuade companies to invest, regional aid to boost growth in rundown parts of the UK, and subsidies to keep bus and rail routes open – none of which Corbyn would presumably like to see stopped.”[41]

    • Posted by John Host, at Reply

      Ricardo Gaitan I have no interest in you or America.

  13. Posted by M Jackson, at Reply

    Theresa May lost *according to her own standards*
    she shot herself in the foot on Twitter.

    But people continue to act delusional as if this snap election wasn’t an epic failure on her part.

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +WhiskeyWhiskers they only have ten seats….lib Dems had 57 and got shafted on almost every policy.

  14. Posted by Ali Mohamed, at Reply

    Anyone who thinks labour and corbyn lost is delusional at the start of the election campaign labour were expected to loose 50-100 seats but they are up 30 seats that’s a win. Those youth voters just changed the course of history from hard brexit to soft brexit, may and Conservative party don’t have the numbers to pass a hard brexit history was made yesterday.

    • Posted by buchner funnel, at Reply

      the expectations of labour are now so low that this is considered a victory. also therere is only hard brexit soft brexit is simply remaining in the eu. plenty of labour voted leave and plenty of former ukip who voted labour this time will abandon them if they betray brexit.

    • Posted by SirSmilingPhantom, at Reply

      +buchner funnel a soft Brexit would be remaining part of the single market. A hard Brexit would not involve that. There is a distinctive difference.

    • Posted by Mr420Spy, at Reply

      you win in the Odd’s. You never been to Vegas huh?

  15. Posted by Sam Soh, at Reply

    We here in UK are lucky to have someone like Corbyn, right now he’s the most trusted politician we got and he got the best of the young voters.
    US had Bernie Sanders but he got pushed away by DNC and Obama who were way up Clinton’s arse and now you guys regret it.

    • Posted by Bluespirit12345, at Reply

      Sam Soh
      Interesting anlysis. But your country is in the exact same position ours is in. The conservatives lost seats, but plan to form a coalition with the religious radicals. Meaning your putting the crazies in charge. Also personally I think bernie sanders would wreck Corbin in an election anyday.

    • Posted by Sam Soh, at Reply

      Bluespirit12345 haha I love how you think it’s some sort of a competition between Sanders and Corbyn, like it’s US vs UK or some bullshit. My point is that you guys had someone very simliar to Corbyn but he was pushed away by the establishment and wasn’t even given a look in by the media. Similarly, the media here in UK gave Corbyn grief and many labour member also stood up against their own leader Corbyn and now they are left egg faced because of the response he had from the voters. If they were on board with him from the very begining I reckon Labour could have gone on to be in actually be in government.
      As for Theresa May, time is ticking for her, she’s the actual loser in all of this and now many over here are stating that she can leave with atleast some dignity or leave later on egg faced. Either way, I believe we won’t see her in 10 Downing Street for long.
      Everyone sort of lost in some way this Election but the real winners are the young voters who threw a massive spanner in May’s work.

    • Posted by Adam Wrigley, at Reply

      Difference is because our system is better although really it’s just Labour’s new system of electing it’s leader which by the way I am a member of Labour and I voted for Corbyn to become leader of the Labour party. Doubtless Sanders would have had a much better chance if the choosing of the party leaders was more like Labour’s and would probably be president.

  16. Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

    CENK was wrong. Corbyn NOT the new UK PM.OWN UP CENK

    • Posted by Orange Tack, at Reply

      +Tom Ormiston Oh, and of course Corbyn wouldn’t threaten the power balance, would he?

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +Hisham Atallah can’t argue with that logic.

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +Hisham Atallah hmm when you say “we’re” is that the royal we’re or the voices in your head we’re?

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +Hisham Atallah lighten up! You think my last comment was not a joke? Also WTF os going on with that name! Last time I saw something like that in was on a curry menu.

  17. Posted by Alex Wilson, at Reply

    Labour just gained another seat after a recount–the first time in history Labour has won that constituency! 🙂

    • Posted by Jak Teapot, at Reply

      Alex Wilson Really that’s great. What about the young people who were allegedly turned away at the polls is that being looked into?

    • Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

      No investigative probe has been launched for that issue yet.

  18. Posted by Princess ナコルル, at Reply

    I don’t think people realise how perfect this result is for Corbyn.

    He’s won enough to remain leader but not enough to win which means he doesn’t have to come back with the inevitable bad Brexit deal.

    He’ll win by a landslide at the next election so Cenk was actually right… Corbyn will be PM.

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      ELCNUmorFnaMehT why shouldn’t the UK leave the EU? Norway is not part of the EU and they have to be the best country in Europe, same with Switzerland. if i remember correctly the EU depends on the British economy for a reason.

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      lozman67 yah people said the same thing about Obama. obviously not true

    • Posted by af dadE, at Reply


  19. Posted by John-Joe McCorley, at Reply

    As a Northern Irish man who is massively anti-DUP, the only silver lining is that their sectarianism, bigotry, homophobia and corruption, now has a worldwide spotlight on them

    • Posted by 1916jamesconnolly, at Reply

      Well said John Joe !! How can working class Protestants​ vote for these right wing lunatics? Wish we had a proper socialist party in N. Ireland that all sides could vote for. We so need an Irish Jeremy Corbyn!

    • Posted by theebiff, at Reply

      Why would a working class Protestant vote for a left wing coward? or a socialist clown?