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Jewish Pride Marchers Told To Leave Parade


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Satisfaction marchers carrying Jewish flags were informed to leave a parade in Chicago. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why they just weren't permitted to take part. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" Jewish people commemorating LGBT Pride in Chicago were told not to display Star of David flags since other individuals found them 'offending.'.

The Jewish Celebrity of David flag was banned from the city's yearly Dyke March parties, and also a number of individuals lugging the flag were gotten rid of develop the march because their existence "made people feel unsafe," LGBT paper Windy City Times reported.

The Dyke March is explained by organisers as being a "much more comprehensive, more social justice-oriented" march than the city's primary Satisfaction parade.".

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by ElChapo Junior, at Reply

    SJWs may be annoying, but conservatives are dangerous. They want to take away people’s health care, kill millions, restrict human rights, and destroy the planet, all just to fill their pockets

    • Posted by davidgomez79, at Reply

      yep progressives restrict human rights and want to steal the liberal label…… damned regressive chimps

    • Posted by Axel xXx, at Reply

      I’d rather not have healthcare than be forced to pay for expensive healthcare I don’t even want. Oops, did I insult Obama? I forgot that’s automatically racist, well according to liberals.

      Btw, conservatives aren’t the ones vacuuming babies to death because of some slut’s inconvenience and conservatives aren’t the ones inviting a dangerous culture into their country because “were PC and we love all people herrrr da derrrr”

    • Posted by Slamz Dunk, at Reply

      Not bad Axel. 7/8

  2. Posted by Free dylann roof, at Reply

    Gays who support muslims in Palestine lol ask what they would do with you

    • Posted by OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary, at Reply

      @Andrea Stagni
      Harsh Truth is that you are so eager to vent your hatred and bigotry that you don’t even read the thread before doing so.
      Read my last comment

    • Posted by DR GREEN, at Reply

      Gales99 would you prefer to live in Israel or some muslim country?

  3. Posted by Axel xXx, at Reply

    When are you guys going to report on the Bernie Sanders FBI investigation? Oh wait, that’d make you look bad since you guys lied about Trump being under FBI investigation and made a huge deal out of it.

    • Posted by HawaiianZach, at Reply

      +Axel xXx Because one is a legitimate Investigation that may have massive repercussions for the very state and legitimacy of US democracy and the other is literately just a Probe into a bank loan.

    • Posted by Axel xXx, at Reply

      Both investigations are legit, one’s just much bigger. That’s why republicans are upset because they don’t care about Bernie, they just want Hillary behind bars.

      Your boy Bernie is a fraud, sorry.

    • Posted by HawaiianZach, at Reply

      +Axel xXx How is Bernie a fraud? No, evidence/testimony or anything close to that has been provided to even lean to the conclusion that investigation is going into and it is still in effect period and it’s only a probe not a full-on investigation.
      The other one on the other hand is much more *legit* with both foreign and domestic sections of our intelligence community, politicians of both parties, leaked documents, former and current intelligence personnel stating that a foreign power intervened in the election with both direct coordination with US citizens close to Trump (Notice I said people close to Trump not Trump don’t get triggered) and cyber attacks against political organization, politicians, and “maybe” even our election data itself. So yes I do think one means a lot more if proven correct in terms of the very legitimacy of our democracy than if Bernie Sanders *Might* have asked for a loan inappropriately.

    • Posted by Axel xXx, at Reply

      Like I said, both are legit, one is just bigger.

      Even snopes and politico are calling it an investigation and they’re super one sided.

      Trump got his travel ban through and another democrat is exposed. What a great week.

    • Posted by Stephen Cody, at Reply

      His wife does something maybe a little shady to get money for her little college and you Trump knob slobbers jump all over it,but if it was your “Dear Leader” you’d be defending him saying how he was just smartly exploiting the system.He’s committed crime after crime as president and you still defend him,he’s ripped off students and had to pay $25 million, he uses his office to enrich himself everyday,which is illegal,and you’re focused on 1 thing Bernie’s done.Conservative’s are nothing but the willing pawns of the wealthy.You’ve never met a rich person who’s bidding you weren’t willing to do.They say “Bend over.”and you grab your ankles and say”Don’t worry about the lube sir,I like being painfully screwed by the rich.”

  4. Posted by Tryptic 2, at Reply

    It’s stuff like this that has stopped me from identifying as a “liberal”. The left has lost its mind.

    • Posted by Gales99, at Reply

      That’s nice, thanks for sharing.

    • Posted by erzan, at Reply

      This is the far-left. Who are as bad as the far-right.

  5. Posted by Destroyer of Regressives, at Reply

    The LGBT and Feminist movements are allies of political Islam so this should come as no surprise.

    • Posted by beastacz beastacz, at Reply

      Neko Cat you sound just like them smh stay triggered lol

    • Posted by Neko Cat, at Reply

      beastacz beastacz probably you are not smart enough to understand.Sad for you

    • Posted by beastacz beastacz, at Reply

      Neko Cat ………….L…………..

  6. Posted by Ankit Khandelwal, at Reply

    What about Swastika? Will you guys stand by Swastika? Swastika is important to us belonging to dharmic religions i.e Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. It symbolize peace and prosperity to us. Can we display Swastika flag?

    • Posted by Tetra Hedron, at Reply

      I thin you can if you don’t display Nazi’s Swastika.

    • Posted by Ankit Khandelwal, at Reply

      david cohen I am a Hindu and to be honest it’s not just about Swastika being a Hindu symbol, its just any symbol should not be used for hatred. It’s like Cross being seen as symbol of hatred because many white supremacist like KKK used it. Both Cross and Swastika are important to many people, we should not let them be depicted as symbols of hatred. Everyone should respect and be considerate about others.

    • Posted by Politics with A, at Reply

      Ankit : Many Muslims were killed by Indians carrying swastika orange flags in 2002 Gujrat ,a state in India

    • Posted by Politics with A, at Reply

      It is definitely a hate symbol.

    • Posted by Ankit Khandelwal, at Reply

      Politics with A By that way Crusaders, Klan and others used Cross. Islamist group use Moon Crescent. Let’s ban them too. You are a stupid and Hateful troll.

  7. Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

    How can you be pro gay and be pro Muslim? Israel is one of the only countries in the Middle East that has some form of gay rights.

    • Posted by savage 88, at Reply

      Chukwu yea pretty sure most people know Republicans hate gays

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      +Chukwu No I didn’t.

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply
    • Posted by swisshakilla™, at Reply

      Who cares about the Israeli stance on homosexuality when they are responsible for a great deal of the death and destruction in the Middle East?

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      +swisshakilla™ Yeah, who cares that they have human rights

      Like what?
      Ottoman Empire taking over?
      Shia-Sunni split?
      Iraq War?
      Persian Gulf War?
      Iran-Iraq War?
      Sykes-Picot Agreement?
      Israeli-Arab Conflict?
      Iran-Contra Deal?
      Arab Spring?
      Syrian Civil War?

  8. Posted by JL T, at Reply

    This is the right thing to do. Judaism and homosexuality are antithetical to one another. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah comes from the old Testament. Homosexuality has no place in Judaism so why should gay people allow “jewish pride” at a gay pride parade? That would be like allowing the KKK to celebrate white power at a Black Lives Matter rally.

    FACT: Judaism is a bigoted and stupid religion just like Christianity and Islam. Religion and homosexuality don’t go together.

    • Posted by Ghyslain Abel, at Reply

      JL T, you are not wrong. However, how many people have read their holy book? How many identify as religion X but do not practice? In both cases, it is the majority.

    • Posted by danielul05, at Reply

      And Trudeau wears Pride socks with Islamic symbols, LOL

    • Posted by JL T, at Reply

      Yeah I know plenty of people myself who identify as [insert religion] but believe things completely antithetical to their religion. I’ve met Christians who were into yoga and believed in reincarnation, were pro-choice and pro-same sex marriage while strongly identifying as Christians. The identifying part bothers me. In the end, I am just no great fan of identifying with something so strongly while not even understand what you’re identifying with. I feel that the Abrahamaic faiths and homosexuality are ultimately irreconcilable. Either one or the other has to compromise. So I don’t think it’s wrong to ban people showing religious iconography at a gay pride rally. They are missing the point of the rally and also holding up symbols of homosexual persecution in my opinion.

      I like danielul05’s comment too. Islam is no more lenient than Judaism toward homosexuality. It also preaches the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Posted by Ghyslain Abel, at Reply

      JL T, I agree with you, the concept of religion is an anachronism and should not exist in today societies. That being said:

      Religion dominated societies for about 6000 years. Sciences began to poke holes in religions about 400 years ago with, among other things, the Sun is the center of the universe. We began to see other galaxies about 100 years ago. The big bang theory is less than 100 years old (from about 1927). My parents were born in the 1950s and were in one of the first generation to learn in school many things that were contrary to the bible. I was born in the 1980s and I am in one of the first generations to reject in mass the values of the religion. (I know, I overgeneralize and oversimplify.)

      My point is, religion is here for a while. It will slowly move from a system of beliefs to an identity, to an heritage, to a relic of the past. For my part, I will accept the people who are at the identity stage.

  9. Posted by Nate, at Reply

    Religion has no place at a pride parade. That’s like asking a rape victim to march with their rapist. So many LGBT people have been shunned, oppressed, assaulted or flat out murdered by religious people. The parade is meant to be a safe space and sadly religions are still not safe for us.

    • Posted by Andrea Stagni, at Reply

      I agree, and religion should have no place at the Women’s March parade either. Too bad that:
      1) it was led by Linda Sarsour, a prominent Islamist,
      2) platform was given to a muslim woman skreaching “Allahu Akbar” for many minutes,
      3) the march symbol, other than the vagina hat, was the American flag turned into a hijab…

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Jewish is also an ethnic group though. That’s the word on the street. Therein lies your downfall.

    • Posted by DR GREEN, at Reply

      Nate Only islam, right??? Dude, THE ENTIRE PLANET can see that european/american liberals ARE NOT REAL LEFTISTS…You guys are PRO-ISLAM! Period!

    • Posted by HitManHey, at Reply

      Nate… and yet you’ll argue for gay marriages.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      Not all religions are unsafe for gays. Mostly just Islam these days.

  10. Posted by Goatlord, at Reply

    “You don’t need a safe space from a flag”
    Hey Cenk, what about all those confederate flags you want to get rid of?

    • Posted by erzan, at Reply

      The Confederate flag is to the USA as the Nazi flag is to Europe.

    • Posted by John Choi, at Reply

      Confederate Flag is a hate symbol. End of story.

    • Posted by Eater 999, at Reply

      Everyone in this chain is stupid.
      He’s only against flying the flag on government ground. He’s okay with private citizens flying it on private property.

    • Posted by Cristi, at Reply

      +The King of You Fools Are Amateurs
      well Jewish flag represents racism, religion, crusades, assassinations, bigotry, corruption, and invasive existence, so it should be removed

      Yeah, you’re probably going to say something along the lines of, “it doesn’t symbolise any of those things.”

      Slavery, racism and bigotry were literally a part of that culture. Heheh, moron.

  11. Posted by Hunter Omaye, at Reply

    the left is eating itself

    • Posted by Alex Hartmann, at Reply

      Gays going hard in the paint for Palestinians who are by a vast majority intensely homophobic.

    • Posted by Noble Savage, at Reply

      What the hell are you talking about?
      The right is more united than ever and its rising across the globe.
      You wish we were eating each other but its the exact opposite.

    • Posted by Manc26, at Reply

      Noble Savage of course. there are the alex jones types. then there are tea party, and then establishment figures. You dont all get a long. Take for instance people who are for small government and are pro choice

    • Posted by Manc26, at Reply

      Noble Savage Tomi Lahren was attacked and still is for admitting shes consistent and is pro choice

  12. Posted by HammerheadGuitar, at Reply

    Go and try to hold a ”dyke march” in Palestine.

    • Posted by HammerheadGuitar, at Reply

      +Jonathan Lindgren Israeli Arabs have more freedom than any Arab in Palestine or other Arab countries.

    • Posted by HammerheadGuitar, at Reply

      Why does the left like islam so much? Islamists hate your ”degeneracy” far more than they hate traditional christian values. Fact is that under islamic law most left-wingers would be killed while the Jews and christians are spared if they become Dhimmi’s and pay Jizyah to their muslim overlords.

    • Posted by 87HotNcold, at Reply

      Jonathan Lindgren actually that happens and unless demonstrators use violence, it goes peacefully. Also these days Arab Israelis are studying and living in some Settlements like Ariel. Now, put a Jew in Gaza or the West Bank….the Palestinian police themselves have to rescue Jews from the mob.

    • Posted by Karl Liebknecht, at Reply

      guarddog22 for the time being. It won’t be long before Ultraortodhox Jews (of Zionist persuasion) become the majority in Israel, owing to their extremely high birth rate.
      As a matter of fact, secular Zionism has been loosing ground for a while now and the influence from radical Rabbis is increasing. Just look at the compostion of Netanyahu’s cabinet and the ideological allegiances of its members. The religious right is firmly in control and I don’t see a secular comeback happening any time soon.

      On the other hand, Muslim majority countries were not as regressive as it’s currently the case only a few decades ago, when Arab nationalism took center stage (save for Saudi Wahabbia, where ISIS-style religious fanaticism has always been official policy). It was the West’s constant meddling in the internal affairs of Muslim countries (Arab and otherwise) that lead to a resurgence of political Islam, after it had been nearly annihilated by the likes of Nasser, Assad Senior and Saddam.

    • Posted by HammerheadGuitar, at Reply

      The only reason the islamic world used to be more ‘progressive’ is because the Ottoman empire collapsed leaving a power vacuum that was filled with more liberal and socialist values. Today we see the collapse of these values and a resurgence of islam.

  13. Posted by Tory Berry, at Reply

    the creation of Israel was the dumbest thing.

    • Posted by Amber Rose, at Reply

      Because there are still religious Jews living there and they aren’t 100% secular.

    • Posted by Brian Brennan, at Reply

      Amber Rose so just like any other place typical tribal primitive inhuman behavior is engaged on both sides no side has the moral High Ground

    • Posted by Amber Rose, at Reply

      Jews, Muslims and Christians all have ties to the land. Israel is a Jewish state but non-Jews can live and visit there, too. If you want to talk about primitive behavior, what about the people firing rockets into Israel simply because they don’t want to live next to Jewish people?

    • Posted by HYPERION™, at Reply

      Amber Rose idk why someone would wanna live in a place where the main religion is Jewish. you’re just seen as goyim to them that they can cheat, lie and steal from. a place of talmuldic teaching is no place for a non-jew

    • Posted by Amber Rose, at Reply

      Well, it certainly is no place for anti-semites such as yourself.

  14. Posted by trexx32, at Reply

    Just a flag.. Let’s see TyT say that about the confederate and Nazi flag

    • Posted by Christophe, at Reply

      Ronnie Kray – well what Christians believe is that when Jesus came and he was crucified on the cross he died for all sins and that there is no greater sin and if you repent you will receive salvation. Now I don’t believe any of that, personally I’m an agnostic atheist but it is quite evident that in the Bible homosexuality should be treated as any other sin so the punishment of death is no longer warranted because of the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus.

    • Posted by Christophe, at Reply

      Ronnie Kray – And I understand the anger but the hostility towards the people in possession of the flag was not necessary. It could have been simply explained to them why it was taken as offensive.

    • Posted by Christophe, at Reply

      Ronnie Kray – oh and I want to make it explicitly clear that I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT BEING GAY IS SINFUL, and I reiterate that I’m an agnostic atheist.

    • Posted by Ronnie Kray, at Reply

      Christophe this will be my last response as I’ve wasted enough time on this thread

      Firstly, I don’t see what Christianity has to do with this as Judaism doesn’t follow the New Testament so that is irrelevant

      Secondly, as far as I’m concerned it makes just as much sense for a nazi to go to a Jewish pride parade as it does a for a Jew to go to a gay pride parade zero sense

      It’s funny to see the left attack itself like this they like to see all the minority’s as their little pets and when they fight amongst themselves they show they’re true colours and reveal how they are exactly what they accuse the right of being racist and bigoted,
      Bye bye

  15. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    A world without religion is a world with peace!

    • Posted by PlumbDrumb, at Reply

      Or, a world with one less bullshit excuse for war, at least.

    • Posted by Daniel Kufer, at Reply

      Zachary Xavier seems that in practice, voluntary atheism (most first world countries) creates reasonable societies, whereas state atheism (such as the USSR) fails

  16. Posted by Ambassador of Kekistan, at Reply

    It’s funny how much the far left and the far right have in common. For one, they both hate Israel

    • Posted by Holobrine, at Reply

      Ambassador of Kekistan The far left hates Israel, the far right hates Judaism.

    • Posted by WHERE R EWE, at Reply


    • Posted by john laird, at Reply

      WHERE R EWE all the muggers and thugs around here follow the far right mentality or hatred of others etc. But this is an American problem mainly what you’ve described, and I’ve seen very little of the far right fighting one on one

  17. Posted by WaitingToFade, at Reply

    I wonder how TYT would react if it had been a rainbow flag that has a cross on it.

    • Posted by Danks Shepherd, at Reply

      these cucks would never report on that.

    • Posted by Geoff Jones, at Reply

      WaitingToFade same way. i know i would. bigotry is wrong, period.

  18. Posted by Lady Catfish, at Reply

    The left eats it’w own. This is just another example of it.
    This is one reason why Trump won…

    • Posted by roxas soyas, at Reply

      did tyt not get the memo, lynch is under investigation and so is Bernie sanders, where are those stories, oh wait they follow cnn platform, they also don’t report on it, did u also not get the memo, that cnn was caught saying trump Russia is fake news, u must miss allot of real news to put up this crap, u look like fools

    • Posted by SmOlEnSk6201, at Reply

      +roxas soyas Bernie’s wife is under investigation, not him.

  19. Posted by Canguy M, at Reply

    Gtfo… Israel as it stands is an apartheid state… anybody who supports TYT is an idiot

    • Posted by C Roix, at Reply

      Canguy M they agree with that you idiot

    • Posted by Murat Can Dogan, at Reply

      Those flag is symbol of the Jews. All Jews. It has nothing to do with Israil.

    • Posted by Canguy M, at Reply

      +Murat Can Dogan It is the flag of an apartheid state.