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John Boehner Is Way Past Giving A F*ck


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In a recent interview, John Boehner trashed his previous Republican politician coworkers. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Register for our network:

" WEST CHESTER, Ohio– He turns the golf club like a right-hander, which he is, however putts as a southpaw. Possibly it's an allegory for a conventional politician who often relied on liberals in , yet I'm too busy shedding $20 on this hole to appreciate it. We get on the environment-friendly now, checking his 10-foot par effort, a moderate breeze carrying his tobacco cologne. With a stance as one-of-a-kind as his personality– back stooped over almost alongside the grass, left shoulder dipped well below the right, fingers interlocked around a grasp of blue rubber– he looks downward and shuffles his feet. The blood vessels are still dancing in his muscular, tough legs as the blade resorts from the round, and also it's apparent within minutes of their get-together that something isn't really right. As the Titleist Pro V1 locates its relaxing place, several feet shy as well as somewhat west of its final location, he cannot mask his frustration. "Nice one, Boner," he mutters."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by daddyleon, at Reply

    can some one explain to me why Boehner would think some things are too far to the right? I mean, if you have any sympathy at all for the people than those far-right policies that Boehner did like would also be horrific. What makes the extra step so bad?

  2. Posted by Lynwen10, at Reply

    I just love the names of some your politicians. My all time favourite is Hale Boggs, who served on the Warren Commission and was not happy with some of the conclusions. I think I am right in saying he died in a plane crash a few years after the Warren Commission.

  3. Posted by It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan., at Reply

    Obama has always tried to unite people. Ever since his activist days in NY, he had people from all political leanings working on the same issues for different reasons. That’s what got him stuck. He tried constantly to deal with Republicans even when it was clear that they just wanted to fight.

    • Posted by Joe Mamma, at Reply

      That’s why he got us in 7 wars during his presidency. To unite the world into attacking America for warmongering.

    • Posted by It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan., at Reply

      Well, to be totally fair, that ball started rolling a long time before him, but he didn’t help matters. I keep wondering what we could have been if congress wasn’t going limp every time someone wanted to go somewhere.

    • Posted by Joe Mamma, at Reply

      Well the congress isn’t limp, just well paid. The main problem was in 1920 when they passed the laws to give corporation owners way more of there profits, by lessing the taxes that was meant to increase wages overtime. That in turn caused a slow take over from the corporations over the years sense. Because with that money all they could do after America was fully built, was to invest in buying land, increasing the prices of land faster and buying politicians. It made everyone else poor in a sense because prices keep going up nonstop and the wages don’t go up sense the law was changed back then. But they don’t have to pay workers more because of that law. Thats why today, most corporations pretty much are owned by the same people, or they are bought out over time, or they can’t compete with the major corporations and fail instead.

  4. Posted by Stephen Paddock, at Reply

    Bring down the swamp creatures.

  5. Posted by Enriquillo, at Reply

    It’s as much his problem than it is the Republican s in Congress considering he viciously attacked Obama for almost 8 years which fostered this very behavior we see today

  6. Posted by aditsu, at Reply

    Boehner should confess about how his name is really pronounced 🙂

  7. Posted by Jason Nysa Cleomedes, at Reply

    Why don’t you put a reel together of Hannity’s greatest hits as a misogynist?  Not that it would do anything to Fox viewers.

  8. Posted by Ash, at Reply

    Why does he look like the people from the grinch….

  9. Posted by Amos Soma, at Reply

    I haven’t seen or read the entire interview but I would bet it’s the strongest yet argument for congressional term limits. That swamp needs to be drained often.

  10. Posted by I pulled the pin now what?, at Reply

    It’s like an ex prison gang leader snitching on his old homies.

  11. Posted by nbkcq28, at Reply

    I’m surprised that Boehner and Trump aren’t closer. They’re both orange.

    • Posted by MrGoodkat, at Reply

      nbkcq28 Yeah they could time-share a White House spray tan booth if they hooked up.

    • Posted by Mister X, at Reply

      MrGoodkat No way, neither one could cut back enough to share.

  12. Posted by John Morris, at Reply

    I respect Boehne for not cashing in as a lobbyist

  13. Posted by nerdy-tom-boy, at Reply

    Congress is like my cheer team. While together we’re all smiles and “oh I love your outfit” once we’re out of that gym “that bïtch. I hope she falls on her head.”

    • Posted by Mister X, at Reply

      nerdy-tom-boy I see nothing has changed since I was a kid. If women would only realize how destructive that behavior is! Men treat women better than other women do, in many ways. If only females helped each other up instead of pushing each other down, women would own this joint by now! Instead, their petty, insecure attitudes set the standard. ☹️

    • Posted by nerdy-tom-boy, at Reply

      Mister X I’m sorry. Can you point out who asked you? If men treated women better than we treat each other the sexual abuse and assault rates wouldn’t be so damn high. Abortions would be legal and easy to obtain. Politicians wouldn’t be trying to make plan b and birth control so expensive and hard to obtain. And a women’s worth wouldn’t be based on her looks. Please keep your ignorant and unwanted opinions to yourself.

  14. Posted by Andrew Huseby, at Reply

    Hannity has a drinking problem. Kool-aidoholic

  15. Posted by Cathy Buchanan, at Reply

    If you dye your skin orange hoping it looks something like a tan, you don’t get to play the “racist” card when someone calls you on it…Go Ana!

  16. Posted by Thomas Smith, at Reply

    I just want right-wingers to know that I’ve always had a job and I don’t know anyone on “welfare” (also called TANF). The problem is when people work FULL TIME and still can’t make ends meet, because of low-wage jobs

  17. Posted by Christian O. Holz, at Reply

    Jeff Flake did the same thing and the corporate media is celebrating him. It’s easy to tell the truth when you’ve got nothing to lose.

  18. Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply

    I’d love to get blazed with Cenk

  19. Posted by Ruth Morris, at Reply

    Cigarettes are so much worse than marijuana

  20. Posted by Charletta Coleman, at Reply

    I read this article and Boehner was going in!! I was lmao!!