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John Kerry Calls Out Israel


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John Kerry talked tough on Israel, and Israel isn’t happy about it. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“(CNN) With less than a month left in office, Secretary of State John Kerry issued a stern rebuke Wednesday over Israeli settlements and warned that the two-state solution to the enduring conflict with Palestinians is at risk.

Kerry defended the United States' decision last week to abstain from a vote on — and not veto — a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as one aimed at "preserving the two-state solution," which he called "the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians."

"I am also here to share my conviction that there is still a way forward if the responsible parties are willing to act," Kerry said, opening his speech.

But he underscored his optimism with a warning: "Despite our best efforts over the years, the two-state solution is now in serious jeopardy."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by MilitantPeaceist, at Reply

    Trump will have to decide who he loves more,
    Russia or Israel

    • Posted by Greaseball Jones, at Reply


    • Posted by Levi Rawls, at Reply

      @ Militant…..trump dont care about nobody but trump and his family.
      nothing else. not even you…

  2. Posted by pheoix natl, at Reply

    can president-elect Donald Trump take us out of the UN

    • Posted by pheoix natl, at Reply

      Dd Dd coming from you that is a compliment

  3. Posted by The Grand Poobah, at Reply

    As long as Palestinians hate the Jews more than the love each other, the
    violence will continue, and human shields will be their first line defense.

    • Posted by kxr, at Reply

      OK so how will you act if someone kicked you out of home stole everything
      you worked so hard to build and killed your family and friends for
      resisting occupation. would you allow a thief to come into your home and
      kick you out?

    • Posted by Red/white, at Reply

      The Grand Poobah Palestinians don’t hate Jews at all. I just watched a
      documentary, young arab people are registering in the Israeli army and

    • Posted by Vittorio Lino Levi, at Reply

      From the 1880s to 1947 antagonism went both ways and competing nationalisms
      were fomented after WWI by the real colonists, the British. Divide and
      conquer. They did it all over the world. And not many who oppose Israel
      make the distinctions between Zionists, Jews and Israelis.

      The Arab League went to war with Israel at the British’s behest, lost, and
      then 19 years later when the Israelis won the West Bank and Gaza in the Six
      Day War, not from the Palestinians but from the Jordanians and Egyptians
      respectively. The PLO however, today the PA, was formed in ’64, before
      that. Liberation in ‘PLO’ for three years meant liberation from what?

      From the Jews in their historic homeland with western values and a
      different national identity. That’s it. It’s xenophobia against a people in
      addition to an occupation in the West Bank, facilitated by blatant
      antisemitism and an autocratic, authoritarian leadership content with
      profiting off the blood of their own people. The right wing in Israel
      sucks, but that does not excuse language like “Zionist invasion.” Return to
      Zion is a dream of the Jewish people since Cyrus II of the Persian Empire
      allowed the Jews to leave from Babylon in the 5th century CE…2500 years

  4. Posted by William “thexfile” Brown, at Reply

    Aid = “Pay to play” on a nation level.

    • Posted by Random Stuff, at Reply

      William Brown true

  5. Posted by minsmama, at Reply

    Actually, I take serious issue with the fact that the U.S. abstained. We
    should have voted in favor. Period. THAT would have been a strong message
    to Israel.

    • Posted by minsmama, at Reply

      Oh lol Ana eventually got there!!

    • Posted by El Dee D, at Reply

      The “strong message to Israel” was get busy making peace, not antagonizing
      your enemies. The vote was unanimous 14-0 without a US vote. We’re backing
      the aggressor with a veto.

  6. Posted by NCLUSA, at Reply

    TYT’s the real Fake News channel (:

  7. Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

    No better Israeli Jew than a dead Israeli Jew,
    No better Palestinian Muslim than a dead Palestinian Muslim,
    No better American Christian than a dead American Christian!

    • Posted by ET234 Gtt5456, at Reply

      How about the Pageans?

  8. Posted by STEPHAN FEIBISH, at Reply

    Does the “Iron Dome” prevent the missiles from landing? Or just from
    landing where they were targeted?

    • Posted by Xiānshēng Lee, at Reply

      STEPHAN FEIBISH is They get blown up in the sky by another missile

    • Posted by Xiānshēng Lee, at Reply

      STEPHAN FEIBISH (kinda)

  9. Posted by alejandro frade angel, at Reply

    so here is an idea….stop giving them money, just saying.

    • Posted by 123testing, at Reply

      we can all dream right?

    • Posted by E.T., at Reply

      Trump is supporting Israel. Which is a direct broken promise of his to not
      get involved with foreign conflict.

    • Posted by mikoloe, at Reply

      As Americans, we should support Israel!

    • Posted by DatNiqqa, at Reply

      Great another sheep why should we give them over 7 billion dollars per year
      in foreign aid? Why do we have to be the world police like FFS.

  10. Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

    Palestine was never a country. Palestinians voted for Hamas. Hamas wants
    all the Jews gone. Only difference is that Israel has a better military.
    They’re both bad TYT.

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      +Will J And yet every country where the Europeans stayed is better off than
      the Muslim ones… hmmm…

    • Posted by Will J, at Reply

      +Andy Dominguez
      Better for the descendants of rapists, murderous, genocidal Europeans.

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      +Will J I’m sorry I couldn’t read that right on what thing created by white
      people are you typing that on?

    • Posted by Will J, at Reply

      +Andy Dominguez
      LOL.. Steve Jobs’ father was Syrian..

  11. Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

    And now Netanyanhu is the subject of a criminal inquiry in Israel on
    allegations of corruption and embezzlement. I hope they find enough proof
    to impeach and possibly imprison this arrogant right-wing bully. Kudos to
    Kerry for standing up to him even if it does comes 8 years too late.

  12. Posted by Jeff Pride, at Reply

    Right wingers are bad no matter what country you live in.

    • Posted by Hamza Ajmal, at Reply

      Jeff Pride they’re not bad per say. They’re just uninformed and sometimes
      just plain stupid. There’s a reason why there is a strong correlation
      between education and intelligence with liberalism.

    • Posted by LockedGT, at Reply

      There are some left-wing authoritarians too though. Republicans are
      authoritarian by default though it seems

  13. Posted by Hamza Ajmal, at Reply

    About time. We need to impose sanctions on those sanctimonious jackasses.
    They’ll happily take our money, but not our advice.

  14. Posted by Christian Workman, at Reply

    no it is wrong the Palestinians won’t stop until the only Jewish state in
    the world is destroyed because they hate jews and I’m not surprised the
    young turks are against Israeli settlements

  15. Posted by Leslie Katzenmeier, at Reply

    What he did was confirm US funded genocide and theft

  16. Posted by D Jaquith, at Reply

    So if the Mexicans suddenly get violent and act like Terrorists we split
    the USA into a two state system. LMAO, for sure. However, to Middle
    Easterns we look less aggressive .. think about that and Actions speaking
    louder than Words.

  17. Posted by DiscoveredNotCreated, at Reply

    Israel won’t need “our money” or any more of our condescension after they
    take over the rest of Palestine. Palestine and their hissy fits are the
    ACTUAL ones draining US money.No one can wait for ever for Palestine to get
    its act together. Palestine killed the two state solution because they’re
    run by Hamas. *RIP Palestine (1988 – 2016)*. You will not be missed sorry
    to say.

  18. Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

    Right wing Israelis take billions in our money and weapons, but throw a
    tantrum any time we refuse to do their bidding or even offer the slightest
    criticism. Maybe we should curtail our aid by $10 million or so every time
    the Israeli PM throws a tantrum and see how long before he changes his tune
    or gets voted out of office.