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John King: Fox And Friends Is State TV For Trump


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John King made a noticeable contrast and traditionalists are mad. John Iadarola, Ben Mankiewicz, and Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" On Friday, CNN's "Inside National politics" support John King blew up Fox News' morning show "Fox and Friends" as "state TV," mocking the network as a North Korea-style pro-Trump resemble chamber as well as accusing early morning co-host Ainsley Earhardt of lobbing softball concerns at the President Donald Trump.

Capital stated that King was leading a round table discussion regarding Friday's "Fox as well as Friends" sector where Trump declared he was making use of the idea of "tapes" of his conferences with ousted FBI Director James Comey as "clever way making sure [Comey] remained honest in his hearings."

" Allow's set aside the difficult, penetrating concerns on state TELEVISION there," King quipped. "We have not actually listened to the president's whole story, have we?"" *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson.

Cast: John Iadarola, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by Kirk Cobain, at Reply


    • Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

      to get it on the rump by trump

    • Posted by Fred Bieber™, at Reply

      I’m not your mom, Pedro.

    • Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

      Fred Bieber™ but you are cenks boy toy…b-utch

    • Posted by Fred Bieber™, at Reply

      Honey please, I told you, I’m not your mom. Her beard is much fuller…

    • Posted by Kirk Cobain, at Reply

      Yay, Pedro’s here.

  2. Posted by Fred Bieber, at Reply


    • Posted by Kirk Cobain, at Reply

      Im not your mom, Pedro.

    • Posted by Kirk Cobain, at Reply

      Hahahaha, vote for Pedro.

  3. Posted by Caution Q, at Reply

    Fox News was the first fake news remember that people

    • Posted by 4th Dimension, at Reply

      Caution Q You forgot about religion

    • Posted by Caution Q, at Reply

      4th Dimension oh I forgot about that fairy tales slip past my mind

    • Posted by Alex Wells, at Reply

      Caution Q I think Fox news is Fake news to me.

    • Posted by Alex Wells, at Reply

      Out Dated Farm Equipment Most Definitely Fox news is my enemy Judge Jeanine you’re fake news.

  4. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    A bit like TYT supported Hillary? Or Bernie. Or Pocahontas?

    • Posted by Subhadeep Das, at Reply

      TYT Politics is better . e.g. Jordan Chariton, Michael Tracy are real reporters.

      Young Turks are more like trouts. All they do is follow the stories in Washington Post and NYtimes (100% anti trump), and so 50% of their news coverage is on Russia Russia Russia, while TYT Politics at least covers a lot of other important stories and mostly from the field, rather than on the desk quoting other newspapers (e.g. John Iaradola, Ana Kasparian).

    • Posted by Angel Castillo, at Reply

      davidgomez79 Mostly to mess with the trolls cause you guys are stupid 😂

  5. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Trump is actually more conservative than Fox and Friends. He admitted to wanting to kill innocent families on that show, and ended up completely shocking the hosts.

    • Posted by Todd Eaton, at Reply

      P Roh Dusah Word.

  6. Posted by Arcee, at Reply

    Don’t forget to vote in 2018

    • Posted by Fuctmentality, at Reply

      If you’re not already join one of the parties, and revolt in the primaries.

    • Posted by Gothic Reaper, at Reply

      Don’t forget to vote for Trump you mean.

    • Posted by Aska Archbold, at Reply

      Gothic Reaper you know your can’t vote for Trump in 2018, president is a four year term. You know that right?

    • Posted by Sebastien Sade, at Reply

      No, I seriously doubt he knows that.

    • Posted by Kyle G, at Reply

      Don’t worry, we Trump supporters won’t.

  7. Posted by Kall Zorki, at Reply

    TYT: *State TV for d!ndus and Muzz!es!*

    • Posted by Matthew K, at Reply

      Kall Zorki kill yourself

    • Posted by Ricardo, at Reply

      Kall Zorki ladies and gentlemen, this is what it looks like when you’re unemployed, an absolute failure in life and nothing to live for… you’re stuck trolling TYT for some sort of purpose. Sad. He thinks because he has more melanin in his skin it makes him smarter.. when in reality he’s a dumbass but it helps him sleep at night. Avoid this illness at all cost!

    • Posted by fay guled, at Reply

      G Washington Flaherty only shows violence in the black community only and nothing else, he is biased, When the Dylan Roof situation was going on he didn’t even mention it on his youtube channel. Flaherty is basically state tv for white supremacist.

    • Posted by White Tyrone, at Reply

      Hal Jordan He is right tho

  8. Posted by Monte Foley, at Reply

    Trump deserves the same chance and respect Obama got from Fox News and the GOP during his first year. In other-words, none

    • Posted by P Roh Dusah, at Reply

      +Jackson Bowlin why is it that the left has to be holy while the right remains holier than thou? You have the idiocy of a person that keeps slapping someone but when they punch you back ask the stupid question what did you do that for. 5 year old logic you have

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Who cares if you respect Trump as your hate will cost you more elections

    • Posted by 4th Dimension, at Reply

      Liberals are finally starting to realize their empathetic nature is being taken advantage of by conservatives

    • Posted by Christopher C, at Reply

      Because those who’ve done otherwise have “proven their point”, so to speak.

  9. Posted by Eddy The Average, at Reply

    Donald Trump turns back and forth while he talks. Looks like a child telling a lie to the parents.

  10. Posted by rmzidann, at Reply

    The guy is done, just start impeaching Agent Orange.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      rmzidann ..I’m not sure the word ‘done’ means what you think it means

  11. Posted by permeus2nd, at Reply

    2:36 it’s funny as she is saying that the US people still support Trump she is also shaking her head to say no they don’t, her body can’t even support the lies coming out of her mouth.

    • Posted by Garry Miller, at Reply

      omww savage trump was elected by a minority of the vote and even more disapprove of him now. don’t lie to yourself. the majority of this country disapprove of trump. You can spin it however you want but what you said is wrong.

    • Posted by omww savage, at Reply

      Garry Miller — he lost the popular vote but he won more states than Clinton. Trump won 31 states, that’s the fair and and balanced way of winning. We are not a Democracy like France

    • Posted by Garry Miller, at Reply

      omww savage you said most Americans support trump. that is not true. it doesn’t matter who wins the most states. only about 10 states matter in the election. if it wasn’t for the electoral college only George Bush’s second term would be the only republican president in the past 20 years. the majority of the people in this country supported the other candidate. only in America can the second place vote getter win an election.

    • Posted by omww savage, at Reply

      Garry Miller — yeah and Trump won more states. That’s how you win elections, this country was founded as a constitutional republic not a direct democracy

  12. Posted by spade2187, at Reply

    Foxnews is so disgusting

    • Posted by phanatic215, at Reply

      Gary Diggins I like Shep. He’s one of the reasonable people. When the Ferguson unrest was going on, one of the dopes in the studio asked Shep, “where are the parents?”. He’s responded to that ridiculous question with a “surely you don’t think I know where the parents are”.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Foxnews is American unlike you and the muslim terrorist obama

  13. Posted by David Stone, at Reply

    Fox News has always been Faux News.

  14. Posted by PIXI PIXI, at Reply

    TYT comment sections proves that most people who are for trump are racist bigots.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Says the Racist Anti semite liar
      the only bigots are you terrorist thugs who want America to be like north korea which is run by a child rapist

    • Posted by Ian Stradian, at Reply

      PIXI PIXI yes you are right, that’s why the Democrats have absolutely no measurable message or goal, it’s racism.
      That’s why CNN has to fake crowd shots so as to make the videos better, it’s racism.
      That’s why MSNBC spins stories and obfuscates by omission, its racism.

      All of the mainstream media outlets are lying!
      All of them!
      They all are paid news,,, that’s another way of saying propaganda.
      If you have not noticed this,, you are an idiot and deserve to lose your freedom.

    • Posted by Ian Stradian, at Reply

      TYT’s had a moment where they were relevant,,, now it’s just ignorance and stupidity.

    • Posted by Nonbiyo Daisuki, at Reply

      Guess Ian just renewed his fox subscription.

  15. Posted by Henry Albrecht, at Reply

    Fox News is for low IQ hicks. Just saying like it is.

    • Posted by Edana Estenes, at Reply


    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Says a brainwashed leftest terrorist thug

    • Posted by John Hillman, at Reply

      I see he brought both his androids

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      “terrorist thug” like Ted “suck on my machine gun” Nugent? RepubliCons never call out their own “terrorist thugs” for what they are; they just point fingers at the other side for doing the exact same things or less than they do. Like all of the Planned Parenthood bombings since violent repubs hate planning for anything. They just emotionally react to unscientific claptrap.

  16. Posted by Poseidon Cichlidon, at Reply

    The CBC and the BBC are actual State T.V. and they do a hell of a lot better job at covering the news than cnn does. Not to say both don’t have faults, but cnn by comparison is a joke.

    • Posted by Pat Peacock, at Reply

      Poseidon Cichlidon when you watch 5or6 news channel and they all say the same thing and then you got one that saying the oposit like fox I will put my money on the 5 or 6.

    • Posted by Poseidon Cichlidon, at Reply

      +Pat Peacock The messenger has a lot to do with whether the public believes the message. On the rare occasions when Hillary wasn’t pathologically lying about Bernie etc. and telling the truth, the public still thought she was lying because at that point her reputation for truth telling was nonexistent, she was toxic to Republicans and half the Democratic base. CNN is a joke, progressives don’t even watch the channel. FOX however OWNS the GOP base.

  17. Posted by Peter ptr51ntn, at Reply

    I don’t know how anyone at Fox can be considered a journalist instead of propagandist because they have no journalistic integrity and create lies to justify Trump’s stupidity, corruption and lies, but what confuses me is WHY what is the reason behind this insanity and stupidity.

  18. Posted by BTG, at Reply

    America is fucked. We’ve gotten to the point of no return. This country will never be the same again.

    • Posted by alienanxiety, at Reply

      No, this isn’t same as usual. The country has become rapidly divided by the 24 hour cable news machine and new/online media providing bubbles for people to ideologically encamp themselves in. Left and right are digging in and the lack of respect for each other has never been higher. Forcing such a diverse population, with completely different cultures, to exist under one government was a mistake anyway. No side will ever be happy, and the rhetoric is increasing exponentially. There is no going back.

    • Posted by Bluespirit12345, at Reply

      Im pretty sure secretary Schultz said something along the same lines during Reagans presidency. And the protesters during the Vietnam war were equally divided. To say today is more divisive then say the 60s during the civil rights movement is insulting to those during that time. America is always divided because thats the nature of democracy. This isnt communist china/russia were we have to agree on everything. In fact we’ve never agreed on anything fully, abd thats how it should be. Not sure how old you were when Obama was first elected, republicans were running to their representatives legit worried obama was going to declare Marshall law and take their guns away (one town hall im specific im referring to). We go through the same thing over and over in this country (each time in different circumstances of course). But its certaintly not going to change things permanently, especially with a more aware electorate. So personally everyone needs to calm down, and prepare for the ultimate disaster that will be a trump presidency.

    • Posted by alienanxiety, at Reply

      I was 32 when Obama was elected. I am aware of the Republican reaction. This rapid escalation of divisiveness germinated with Bill Clinton, jump started with W, soared with Obama and is in the stratosphere with Trump. This doesn’t end well.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      if you hate America move communist thug
      Americans love burning your child rapist communist and socialist flags in your face

  19. Posted by The Rune, at Reply

    FOX is a such a comically tragic channel…