//Joke fail: Richard Lewis compares Romney and Ryan to ‘Three Stooges’

Joke fail: Richard Lewis compares Romney and Ryan to ‘Three Stooges’


Comedian Richard Lewis suggests Romney and Ryan are like the “Three Stooges” without Curly. If you can pick yourself up off of the floor from laughter, remember that this is not Lewis’ first lame attempt at using ‘humor’ to bash the GOP ticket.

@TheRichardLewis Oh yea… Because Obama has done a good job right? Asshole. Of course an out of work comedian would side with Obama.

— Andrew J. Perez (@AndrewJ_Perez) September 16, 2012

@TheRichardLewis Hey, when you can't sell you man based on accomplishments, denigrate the other side! The liberal playbook. Go Hollywood!

— Matt (@yetdizzle) September 16, 2012


@TheRichardLewis Curly is in the Whitehouse as we speak. #biggeridiot

— debbie (@debluc745) September 16, 2012

@TheRichardLewis gee that was clever

— Paul Feldman (@PaulFeldman3350) September 16, 2012