//Jon Lovitz: ‘You mess with Israel, they retaliate … TIMES TEN!!!!!’

Jon Lovitz: ‘You mess with Israel, they retaliate … TIMES TEN!!!!!’

You mess with Israel, they retaliate…


Maybe you should just leave them alone.

— Jon Lovitz (@realjonlovitz) November 16, 2012

Comedian Jon Lovitz: Team America, Team Israel.

@realjonlovitz Conservative here thanking you for speaking out for America during election and 4 Israel now. I LOVE Rat Race. So funny!!

— Sharon Timmons (@squeek1971) November 16, 2012

@realjonlovitz Love it Jon!! Why don’t people just leave them alone to live in Peace!!

— Ken Harford (@EmailMagician) November 16, 2012

@realjonlovitz Good for you, Jon, love you! Yeah…that’s it…love you!

— Michael Podwill (@MichaelPodwill) November 16, 2012

@realjonlovitz oh oh, jew hating tweets in 10, 9, 8…

— KevinMackie (@Kevin_Mackie) November 16, 2012

We have a feeling Jon won’t backtrack on his support of Israel the way Kim Kardashian did earlier today — no matter how much hate he gets from Hamas sympathizers and anti-Zionists.


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