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Jordan Chariton Report On The Disappearing Middle Class


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  1. Posted by jpx ccc, at Reply

    Everytime i see jordan i just like the vid

    • Posted by The Persian Atheist, at Reply

      +gkkhan Yes you are you lying dumbshit.

  2. Posted by Caesar l “JB” Legion, at Reply

    Will Trump save the Middle Class?Find out next time on Dragon Ball America!

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Not likely , only hillbillys and inbred redneck sad cases would put money
      on that bet. Whoops you toothless, poorly educated white trash don’t have

    • Posted by Caesar l “JB” Legion, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump I’m not a Redneck you stupid ape.

  3. Posted by BIGD_OTheVegan, at Reply

    i hope that you pay Jordan more than $35 dollars a day…

    • Posted by zcizzorhandz, at Reply

      Yes they definitely do, don’t worry

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      I don’t know. Of course he would release his tax returns, unlike the orange

  4. Posted by Jenny Billorome, at Reply

    Rich get Richer and Poor get Poorer – war should be Rich vs Poor!

    • Posted by scott bryant, at Reply

      Jenny Billorome then the poor have a titanic numbers advantage

    • Posted by Sablicious, at Reply

      +scott bryant
      “Numbers” are anything but an advantage when they comprise of myriad tribes
      that are as suspicious of each other as they are of their true enemies.

  5. Posted by krich451, at Reply

    even if jordan chariton is just a small time youtube journalist, i still
    think hes the best american journalist we have right now.

    • Posted by Patrice-Morgan Ongoly, at Reply

      +noly310 If you reread our conversation you’ll note that you’re the one
      that keeps calling me names lmao. As for Jordan, If you don’t like him
      that’s fine! That’s all you had to say. Just don’t try to justify your
      dislike for him by saying he doesn’t interview black Americans because
      that’s false. Other criticisms are welcome and some are deserved.

      Also no where did I say that tyt cornered the market on black American
      issues either…they couldn’t if they tried. Other outlets as you mentioned
      (and I agree!) do a much better job on that front. I was merely responding
      to the fact that you attacked someone for something that they are not
      guilty of. Jordan is far from perfect; he’s unique and covers novel
      material which means I’ll keep my ear open to what he has to say (among a
      wide variety of other news sources). It is OK to have journalistic

      –your friendly neighborhood jerk

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      he’s doing what the rest of them were supposed to be doing.

    • Posted by noly310, at Reply

      +Edward Bernayse666 Everyone isn’t suppose to be doing the same thing. So
      that’s a falsehood.

  6. Posted by Jairaj Patil, at Reply

    Jordan is a blessing for TYT and the media

    • Posted by WHAT THE PLANTS CRAVE, at Reply

      I love how for all the trolls and dislikes on TYT’s main videos, Jordan
      gets only love. I don’t agree with every opinion on this channel and I try
      to diversify my news, but I think it’s great that they’re really going for
      high quality journalists to go where the action is when no on else is.

    • Posted by Jairaj Patil, at Reply

      WHAT THE PLANTS CRAVE same observation.
      Don’t agree with everything on TYT either. But 100% agreement is not the
      only ground for watching or listening to someone.

  7. Posted by Jean-Paul Sartre, at Reply

    This is what happens when the 100% are a bunch of greedy, selfish bastards.

  8. Posted by MrJJ6640, at Reply

    this is how mass domestic terrorism starts.
    u take away ppls ability to live a decent life and force them in poverty
    and then give them lead water.
    guess what?
    they will march down to ur giant home they paid for and give u a bullet.

    • Posted by Croz Raven, at Reply

      ikr, France revolution was a living proof of it

    • Posted by michktt, at Reply

      What are you waiting for ?

    • Posted by Sablicious, at Reply

      “Domestic terrorism” has been taking place in the U.$. since it was seized
      by the robber barons of the late 1800’s. The ‘pew-pew’ kind has ensued ever
      since — in the form of school shootings, building bombings *etc..*

      Most just know too little about history to be able to join the dots.

    • Posted by Sundered Star, at Reply

      With each passing year the movie Elysium keeps coming back to me and I
      think more deeply about it an interesting movie with an interesting message
      to entertain

      But I become more convinced something like Elysium will be built in the not
      so distant future

    • Posted by Sablicious, at Reply

      +Sundered Star
      Entertainment media either outright ‘wags the dog’ (see: the titular film)
      at the behest of those that control them ―or― is subliminal messaging to
      the proletariat, often as a warning of machinations beyond their view and
      issuing realities to come.

  9. Posted by Daniel Jones, at Reply

    Solution: Low corporate taxes, high taxes on the rich, universal (or a
    similar system of) healthcare, and more spending on education, R&D, etc…

    • Posted by Sablicious, at Reply

      +Daniel Jones
      Why? Because corporation *ARE* “the rich”…!

      (Just off the turnip truck, huh? ^_-)

    • Posted by Daniel Jones, at Reply

      +Sablicious No. I have a Masters of Accountancy, a BA in Economics, and run
      my own set of small companies. Corporations are NOT the rich. They never
      have been. I suggest you brush up on corporations.

    • Posted by Robert Nicholls, at Reply

      Sablicious No need to pick one, pretty sound.

  10. Posted by John Apple, at Reply

    Eight years of Obama and the middle class continues to disappear. Then the
    democrats are shocked when they lose the white house. Smdh it’s the current
    year and progressives are still immune to logic.

    • Posted by Sablicious, at Reply

      +John Apple
      A third more was gifted as a one-off ‘golden handshake’ to the “too big to
      police” banksters for their “GFC” pathological greed, than the entire
      cumulative funding budget for the life of N.A.S.A. (~$575bil).

      Brood on that.

    • Posted by Hiram Crumley, at Reply

      There is something wrong when the people that are suppose to be policing
      the banksters, and wall street and big business come from banks, wall
      street and big business and write laws to favor those same people they are
      suppose to be policing.

    • Posted by Sablicious, at Reply

      +Hiram Crumley
      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the criminals policing the criminals.
      That’s how a crony capitalistic kleptocracy works.

    • Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

      John Apple The scary part is that in the past decade; The middle class has
      seen 75% of its wealth in assets vanish. Look it up. That number is fact.
      That is value in assets. Things like cars, houses and other physical and
      valuable things. My guess is they were sold or taken away by banks due to
      loan failures. 75% of someone’s wealth is a damn high number to disappear
      in 10 years.

    • Posted by John Apple, at Reply

      +William Merzlak
      That’s insane. The government should never be telling private lenders they
      have to give loans to anyone. People can’t indefinitely live on credit.

  11. Posted by Carolyn Smith, at Reply

    now they want to take away Unemployment, Social Security, Medicaid,

    • Posted by Sablicious, at Reply

      *Course of Empire*
      Nation: *U.$.A.*
      Phase: *4*
      Stage: *Destruction*

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      i think that’s what a lot of people want to see that because they want to
      see the whole system crash in the USA with the hopes that a more
      decentralized form of government similar to the way that libertarians want
      things will arise out of it.

    • Posted by Sablicious, at Reply

      +Edward Bernayse666
      Sadly for burger$, Drumpf will only exsanguinate the jaundiced nation
      further… before the final ‘great collapse’.

  12. Posted by Carnell Douglas, at Reply

    rock the boat sounds better then fill the swamp ops i mean drain it… #

    • Posted by 4T3hM4kr0n!, at Reply

      rock the boat in the swamp that is being drained then refilled ^^

    • Posted by Sablicious, at Reply


  13. Posted by Joe Black, at Reply

    It is funny that 2 generations ago, neither parent could have a high school
    diploma but was able to buy a home and raise their children. Now, you can
    graduate from college and accomplish less than your grandparents.

    • Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

      Joe Black It’s terrifying how much the cost of living has increased while
      wages remain stagnant. Our healthcare system is broken, education system is
      collapsing, housing bubble and student loan bubble about to burst any day.
      In the wealthiest nation on earth of all places. We have environmental
      disasters everywhere due to an aging and failing infrastructure. Everything
      from our roads, bridges, buildings, to our water pipes and electrical grid.
      All the meanwhile. The dollar is teetering ever closer to a devalued
      currency. And the scary part is that it’s not backed by anything. Unlike
      other currencies which are backed by gold and other precious metals.

    • Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

      Damn. Yeah $17K is a years rent for a small studio apartment and some
      utilities. Now even crap houses that are falling apart and are on a 1 acre
      plot of land go for an average $140K.

    • Posted by Joe Black, at Reply

      +William Merzlak​ The regentrification in Philadelphia has old row home
      shells (3 walls and a roof) going for $80K. Once completed, they are going
      for $400K.

    • Posted by Hiram Crumley, at Reply

      +Joe Black
      sounds like a massive run them out of town by turning their communities
      into shitholes so you can swoop in do a cheap land grab deal then make
      massive profits

  14. Posted by grotto65, at Reply

    As a former occupational health nurse, I related to the gentleman that
    talked about how people are becoming physically broken from being worked
    like human machines. I have witnessed this in action. Safety policies that
    are designed to simply mitigate company liability. Occupational health care
    in collusion with management that is more concerned with making sure that
    injuries don’t show up on OSHA’s radar than providing appropriate or
    compassionate care to workers injured on the job. I have seen workers
    required to report back to work immediately after an amputation, but not
    allowed to take pain meds at work, so that it doesn’t count as a lost time

    • Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

      grotto65 Not to mention our abysmal maturity leave. My sister was worked 60
      hours all the way up until 1 week before she gave birth. And was then told
      to return 2 weeks after giving birth or she’d lose her job. she worked as a
      waitress here in western north carolina which is about the only jobs
      avaliable here. I mean how many basic laws can a company break before
      they’re held accountable.

  15. Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo (alveolate), at Reply

    TYT should hire a badass editor, cut that footage into a feature film, then
    shop for a distributor for limited release.

    • Posted by Jonathan Palmquist, at Reply

      They should hire a badass editor to make short, catchy shareable videos
      that would go viral on Facebook, like Vox.

    • Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo (alveolate), at Reply

      yea that could work too. AJ+ has a ton of those.

    • Posted by AnarKevin, at Reply

      Gregory Samuel Teo that’s definitely what they’re doing with the standing
      rock thing. the fact that they licensed drone footage confirmed it imo

  16. Posted by equalsd123ful, at Reply

    Change the channel’s name to TYT Reporting. or TyT Across the Country. Tyt
    politics isn’t accurate anymore it needs a new name.

  17. Posted by John Baumgartner (CaptainHobbyist), at Reply

    Give Jordan a high five from me please

    • Posted by Babylonthegreat, at Reply

      Hit him up on Twitter and let him know yourself, man.

    • Posted by John Baumgartner (CaptainHobbyist), at Reply

      +Babylonthegreat you can high five on twitter now?

  18. Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

    “our children aren’t born bad…we’re just born poor…”

    There’s an empathy problem in this country. If you don’t understand that
    woman’s statement…YOU’RE part of the problem…

  19. Posted by Pblock Dlreng, at Reply

    Jordan is one of the best assets that TYT has. Super nice guy in real life.