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Just Whose Side Is Trump On In Syria?


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It's possibly the side that benefits him he most financially. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, as well as Francesca Fiorentini,
hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment section below.

" Late Wednesday, in advance of the first-ever conference between Donald Trump as well as Vladimir Putin, the secretary of state suggested that the U.S. is willing to discover "joint devices" with Russia to support the savage Syrian civil battle.

After a dizzying collection of plan shifts on Syria, management and congressional resources tell The Daily Beast that Team Trump is introducing the beginnings of a brand-new approach for Syria– one that, in the short-term at the very least:

– leaves authoritarian Bashar al-Assad in power;

– gives in to the suggestion of "secure areas" proposed by Russia and also its allies;

– leans on cooperation from Moscow, consisting of making use of Russian troops to patrol parts of the nation." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini.


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  1. Posted by The Genocidal Ghost, at Reply

    The only side that Trump is on is the one that gives him his money, aka the establishment. It really is sad that millions of people were duped by this dunce.

    • Posted by James R, at Reply

      And putrid morons like you will insist that every pronouncement made by the lying pos agencies must be accepted at face value! Then you wonder why nothing ever changes, it is your stupidity keeping the liars in place. I hope that you are proud of that.Captain Moron.

    • Posted by The Genocidal Ghost, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7 If Saddam had WMDs, then why haven’t we found any of them yet? Believe it or not, we did go into Iraq for oil.

    • Posted by J. R., at Reply

      The Genocidal Ghost Trump doesn’t need money – he has plenty. I think you are talking about Hillary with her Wall Street speeches and the corrupt Clinton Foundation – she is the establishment.

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      +The Genocidal Ghost I never said they had them. All I said is that we went into Iraq because of WMD. There’s absolutely no evidence of the US going to Iraq for oil. None. And the intelligence agencies were from multiple different countries.
      This is nothing but an insane conspiracy theory.

  2. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    Trump is on the Saudis’ side and Erdogan’s side.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Zachary Xavier Trump is on the side of money. Plain and simple.

  3. Posted by Michael Barclay, at Reply

    Trump is only ever on trump’s side.

    • Posted by Lord of Flies, at Reply

      J. R. The American people’s side perhaps?

    • Posted by kara mas, at Reply

      Michael Barclay Totally agree!

    • Posted by Olivia Andersen, at Reply

      That’s the most truthful thing I’ve ever heard

  4. Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

    Here’s a clue Cenk, he’s not on either side.
    You however are, you are on the side of the “rebels” who are of course ISIS and their affiliates who want to overthrow the current regime and install a radical Islamist one in it’s place.

    • Posted by Katie Sumpter, at Reply

      SupaDr00g you do realize that Cenk is atheist right? why would he want an extreme religious sect to take over any portion of the world?

  5. Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

    Trump got cucked by Saudi Arabia and Israel. just admit it guys. He sold out.

    • Posted by root, at Reply

      wonder how long bernie would last until he sold out or got killed

  6. Posted by Wayne Morgan, at Reply

    What happened to that last ceasefire under Obama? Oh the US just blew up some Syrian troops no biggie.

    • Posted by Brandon Thompson, at Reply

      That was a big setback.

    • Posted by genuineuni, at Reply

      Israel joins in with their attacks on Syrian soldiers. But, heck,. Israel hates Christians, so what else is new?

  7. Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

    Still going on about muh Russians. Sad!

    • Posted by Sko Bird, at Reply

      The russians support Syria (Assad) even after we bombed them for using Chemical weapons on innocent civilians, and now ur defending assad. ? Are you paid by Putin like the anti-fa is paid by soros Using ur own logic.

    • Posted by Danny Puckett, at Reply

      Sko Bird but they have proved that the insurgent’s
      did the gas attacks.

    • Posted by Rick Laster, at Reply

      +Sko Bird
      Still never proved that SAA used sarin against “rebels”. The area bombed in Idlib is under Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (Nusra&friends) contol, but how could you know any of this as an average sheep.

    • Posted by Rick Laster, at Reply

      +Sko Bird
      Still never proved that SAA used sarin against “rebels”. The area bombed in Idlib is under Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (Nusra&friends) contol, but how could you know any of this as an average sheep.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Nyet comrade. Covfefe

  8. Posted by GOD EMPEROR, at Reply

    Trump has always been on Russia & Assad’s side. He just had to play politics to help him get to this point

    • Posted by jakatom, at Reply

      That’s the only side there is, except for the islamic terorists side….that side has american weaponry though 🙂

    • Posted by mick stot, at Reply

      apart from the time trump said he wanted to nuke syria of course.

  9. Posted by DeMachinaMundi, at Reply

    Assad was just elected, why call him a dictator?

    • Posted by M.K, at Reply

      Bender Rodriguez Similar in some ways, ya sure, but the same (or even worse as you put it) hell no!
      First of all, I am a Syrian, and when I said worship, I meant it literally! not sarcastically​..
      You can’t possibly find a government institution or even an office without a picture or more of the Assads (father and sons), even in private institutions the situation is mostly the same, I don’t think there’s a single private school that doesn’t have their pictures (just like my school for example)
      That’s one relatively “benign” example, a more disgusting one would be what you can read on the walls everywhere you go in Syria, even the walls of my college had some furious things written on them like “Al-Assad or we’ll burn the whole country down!” what kind of University allows such a thing in the US? (Surely even Trump University won’t!)
      We have a whole school subject in our schools dedicated to brainwashing the children and “teaching” them how great the Assads are, what wonderful things they’ve done and how much they improved Syria…
      Criticizing the president in public is very similar to blasphemy in the dark ages, and you’ll face the same punishments if you dared to commit it…
      I could go on and on, but I think that was more than enough to demonstrate which of the 2 is worse…
      I also find it worth mentioning that Assad’s face is now on the new 2000 SP bill, now imagine if Trump’s or Obama’s face was added on a bill !!

    • Posted by George Edmond, at Reply

      M.K Are you Sunni or Shiite?

    • Posted by M.K, at Reply

      George Edmond I don’t think this has anything to do with my comments, but if you’re interested, I’m neither.
      I am from a Sunni Muslim family, but I don’t think I have faith in any doctrine anymore..

    • Posted by The Truth, at Reply

      DeMachinaMundi Elected with almost 90 percent of the vote (unheard of in real democracies) and the Ba’ath party got to chose his opponents, please. You Assadists are really ridiculous creatures.

  10. Posted by Elpresador's Race Card, at Reply

    Don’t bother trying to explain this to conservatards.

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      Acting like Cenk is an expert on this LMAO

    • Posted by Molo D., at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7 you dont have to be an expert on this. Everybody knows america is supporting isis and al qaeda.

    • Posted by Robinsinpost, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7  Spoken like a true conservatard.

  11. Posted by phyzycs, at Reply

    These trump trolls are losing steam!

    • Posted by Robinsinpost, at Reply

      u tubbe   I think you have misunderstood. The definition of Fake News is not news that you don`t like.  Trump plantet the Fake News seed in your mind to cover up his evil doings as fake news.   Americans are all in the same boat. And it is sinking.

    • Posted by George Edmond, at Reply

      Robinsinpost Were you this vociferous against Obama?

    • Posted by genuineuni, at Reply

      Young Turks support Pizzagate!

    • Posted by James, at Reply

      If there is anything that should destroy the Republican party it’s things like Pizzagate.

  12. Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

    Trump has one ally, and that ally’s name is President Donny VaginaHands Trump.

    • Posted by trstenik100, at Reply

      ztoxtube so mature, no wonder you are a fan of tyt

  13. Posted by davidgomez79, at Reply

    Really Cenk you mention Qatar you know they’re funding you and your partner AJ+

    • Posted by The Tantric Sage, at Reply

      Oh! is it really a bad thing if you get funded by Qatar, then go on criticizing them anyway? That’s the definition of fair journalism.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Trump praises Qatar, Cenk doesn’t

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      Cenk worked for Qatar you idiot.

  14. Posted by IizUname, at Reply

    Jesus the amount of trolls has increased.

    • Posted by Bryant Kauk, at Reply

      Basement dwellers with nothing better to do with their day. 90% of em don’t have jobs.

    • Posted by Mirato Whitewolf, at Reply

      Yeah people who disagrre are all trolls now. Just shows how smart you are. You dont have nothing to argue back, just label them as troll so you dont have to adress the truth. LOOOL sheep.

    • Posted by Bryant Kauk, at Reply

      Mirato Whitewolf No but when you see the same 20 people that all troll the comments of recently released TYT videos then it isn’t hard to see they are simply trolling.

    • Posted by Mirato Whitewolf, at Reply

      It happens in every video in youtube. there is not a dedicated army to troll tyt. So 20 in 1000 comments its a big deal? I watched tyt during the primaries. Cenk was another guy. He sold out and now anything and everything is an excuse to cover that. Cenk is no the same person that supported Bernie a year ago, tyt has no difference from cnn now, the thing they use to hate. tyt is dying, the signs are there.

  15. Posted by Raiku Anime II, at Reply

    TYT will spin anything when it comes to Trump.

    • Posted by George Orwell, at Reply

      And you’ll always be here calling them out as if anyone cares.

  16. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    Trump is siding with Putin and Assad instead of ISIS. This makes Cenk mad.

    • Posted by The Tantric Sage, at Reply

      Ya Cenk gets mad when you say you have a “head-spinning plan to defeat ISIS” then read out “Obama’s plan”. Trump is on nobody’s side. It’s like asking a toddler who do you love more Mommy or Daddy? Toddler: One who gives me more candy. That’s sums up Trump’s “Side” on this monumentally complex Geo-political situation.

    • Posted by MrHispanicpride, at Reply

      that means that Trump is on the same side as Iran, that makes Trump tards mad LMFAO.

    • Posted by genuineuni, at Reply

      Well said. Look, just because The Young Turks enjoy bloodshed of innocent people, doesn’t’ mean the rest of society does!

  17. Posted by Don'ttouchmei'msterile, at Reply

    TYT has truly the most weirdest and fucked up Trolls in youtube….

    • Posted by Aimée Miami, at Reply

      IN youtube? How do you get out?

    • Posted by Marco, at Reply

      im very proud to be one of them

    • Posted by J C, at Reply

      But here you are everyday and you take the time to make multiple comments. So what does that make you?

  18. Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

    This video is full of nuance.

    Trump supporters will not like that.

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      “the difference between superficial and shallow”

      There is none. Buy a dictionary.

  19. Posted by waywardTruth33, at Reply

    tyt is starting to irritate me a lot

  20. Posted by Brian Young, at Reply

    I am a liberal, but it is nuts people take Cenk seriously.

    • Posted by Bryant Kauk, at Reply

      Brian Young He has been right about the Middle East since day 1.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Why come here then? Why not watch something else?

    • Posted by MrGoodkat, at Reply

      I’d bet money that you’re not a liberal.