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Justice Democrat Amy Vilela Introduces Workplace Democracy Act


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" My access into national politics can be found in the wake of my child, Shalynne's, unnecessary fatality at the hands of our profit-driven health care system. Sometimes we experience such extensive loss that it transforms the course of our lives permanently. Shedding Shalynne became that specifying minute in my life. Now that my eyes are open to the gross, harsh realities and oppression of our nation, I could not and also will not shut them once more.

We don't have time to wait around for occupation politicians, their benefactors or special passions to do the appropriate thing. We need bold action, now. We require agents in Washington that comprehend the risks of this battle and who will certainly never ever quit advocating for the people.

I'm a lot far more than a mourning mom, but because I am a mourning mommy, I will never ever give up. I will never get tired. And also I will certainly never ever quit fighting for justice and dignity for Nevadans and for individuals of this nation." *.

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  1. Posted by Gay Spooderman, at Reply

    There’s no reform movement on the cuckservative side, just more corporate cucks that are happy to sell America out to the elites.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Bill Anderson Sharia law is more often compared to liberalism because of the lack of tolerance for differing points of view.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Bill Anderson You’re warped. Liberalism is often compared to Sharia because if you go off the reservation the left will do all they can to ruin you, especially in liberal Hollywood.

    • Posted by funincluded, at Reply

      Says the guy who watches corporate news to be “informed”

  2. Posted by Logan Peaden, at Reply

    I wish I could vote for her! Go Nevada, Go VOTE!!

  3. Posted by T_E_R_M, at Reply

    Comment section overrun by RussiaBots with synchronised simplistic messages

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      waah russia russia russia

    • Posted by Anthony Pennza, at Reply

      I think they’re just desperate MAGA trolls. But I do occasionally see some suspect comments where some of the words have more than one spelling and they’re never spelled the way we spell them here in America. 🤔

    • Posted by Mercantilist Whomper, at Reply

      I think no russia bots, just MAGA trolls with free time

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      There are actual more of you paranoid libs around here.

  4. Posted by Tom Hohl, at Reply

    I love her. A real Democrat. If you want to know how our country went down the toilet, Follow the money. Where did it all go? Follow the money! Who got it all? Follow the money!

  5. Posted by dend1, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore, ignore all these Brainwashed Russia Haters. When the Corporate Media finds a new scapegoat they will too. Funny how they ignore US colluding with Isreal and Saudi Arabia btw

    • Posted by chang jeffrey, at Reply

      dend1 as a TYT support I thank you for watching this video.

    • Posted by Luna Cosmos, at Reply

      Tyt will shift their narrative. Jimmy mentioned it on his live stream today.

  6. Posted by Sovereign Rex, at Reply

    *Why do leftwats always default to controlling other people instead of just doing things themselves? They are always trying to use government violence to get what they want. There is nothing stopping leftwats from starting their own businesses and selling the services and products for a low price, or give it away free. Don’t forget that a huge amount of the population is part of the religion of leftwatism, so if there is a problem is it also largely caused by leftwats. In other words if there is greed, a huge portion of that greed is coming from leftwats. Change yourselves instead of trying to control everything and everyone around you, recognize you are part of the problem!*

    • Posted by Mercantilist Whomper, at Reply

      “I speak in bold because it makes the vapid things I say sound more important”

    • Posted by Pete The Pict, at Reply

      That’s a whole lot of words to say “I know nothing…”

    • Posted by andre brewer, at Reply

      Sovereign Rex strongly disagree jackass

    • Posted by andre brewer, at Reply

      Sovereign Rex learn how democracy and economic works

    • Posted by Praxis, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 move to the middle East and enjoy your Reich wing theocracy over there, you mouth breathing degenerate.

  7. Posted by Sherry Spectre, at Reply

    I wish her the best, and hope she prevails victorious!

  8. Posted by Deven Murray, at Reply

    She neeeeeeeds to polish up! I support her and positions and im still cringing to the way shes trying to convey the message. 😕

    • Posted by wiidiwii, at Reply

      Deven Murray I think it makes her feel more real o_O I roll my eyes or tune out when a message is “polished”

    • Posted by Deven Murray, at Reply

      Im not saying sound fake. Im saying form complete sentences. Maybe the sentence has a subject to it.

      Maybe when you say the opponent will have a hard time against you because of your level of detail on the issues. You could name one issue when asked about it. It took her like 30 seconds of waffling before she vomitted out a few random unrelated issues without even taking a stance.

      If she did that on live tv or at a debate, she will look very very bad.

    • Posted by Cousin Ant, at Reply

      To be fair, Jimmy Dore is a horrible gremlin and he makes people awkward.

    • Posted by Pete The Pict, at Reply

      She’s real man, authentic. Not stagey, not trained, just her. I like her.

    • Posted by Deven Murray, at Reply

      She doesnt sound real. She sounds really unprepared

  9. Posted by Kimberly Mehrer, at Reply

    Amy Rocks!

  10. Posted by romanmir01, at Reply

    As a Canadian I refute her claim. On multiple occasions I used American for pay healthcare to not have to wait for our crappy healthcare.

    • Posted by Jake Marko, at Reply

      Our wait times are the same if you’re uninsured or don’t have Cadillac insurance.

    • Posted by jennie hutchison, at Reply

      romanmir01 so great you can choose. Americans don’t have that choice

    • Posted by Joshua Mitchell, at Reply

      *I know several people from Canada and they all are proud of thier Universal Healthcare. The only issue is that it needs to be funded more.*

      Our system is working i swear! it just needs more of your money because it’s unable to function.

  11. Posted by WillyM79, at Reply

    She looks like Mariska Hargitay, nice

    • Posted by Jake Marko, at Reply

      WillyM79 bom bom! 😂😂

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      WillyM79 she does. Its rull nice

  12. Posted by CAPAC, at Reply

    justice democrat? Is that like a black-republican?

    • Posted by thesinaclwon, at Reply

      CAPAC no it’s the person standing over the cold dead pedophile Republican body

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      johnmburt1960 someone described what a JD was in the comment above you. A candidate that takes 0 dollars from Corporate/PAC organizations.

    • Posted by Mike Buttfild, at Reply

      CAPAC we gonna get your boy Donald some justice.

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      “justice democrat” is an oxymoron. Kinda like intelligent liberal.

  13. Posted by Rusty Fenn, at Reply

    So many cuckservative trolls as they fear the Jimmy Dore Show. Cuckservative snowflakes falling every where.

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      Rusty Fenn they scared af

    • Posted by Ball Ripper, at Reply

      You libtards crack me up TRUMP 2020

    • Posted by 8BitZ0mbie, at Reply

      Jimmy dore is just not funny. Thats not trolling, it’s reality

  14. Posted by c saucedo, at Reply

    I don’t know why so many of you view this content when you have already made up your mind on ALL TYT content before you view it. If you want to change minds give a point by point on where is he wrong based on logic.

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      c saucedo Cuck

    • Posted by Arthur Che, at Reply

      Uranius Johnson This is exactly the kind of bullshit nonsense he’s talking about. Say something of substance for once.

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      Arthur Che You look like a massive gaylord.

    • Posted by Arthur Che, at Reply

      Uranius Johnson Nice rebuttal.

  15. Posted by Oni itedj, at Reply

    cenk’s a fool for keeping jimmy on

    • Posted by Ben Dover, at Reply

      You want him fired because you don’t agree with him?
      How tolerant!

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      And many of us think that Jimmy might be a bit foolish for continuing to appear on TYT.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      This channel needs some young conservative voices for some balance.

    • Posted by DucksDoctor, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 The aggressive progressives show need some conservatives. Lmao.

  16. Posted by Clayton Brown, at Reply

    Great woman!

  17. Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply


    • Posted by DucksDoctor, at Reply

      Did you upvote yourself? Lmao.

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      DucksDoctor Nope. Anything else?

  18. Posted by victornewman06, at Reply

    I like her.

  19. Posted by michael garrido, at Reply

    Whoever hires the trolls for
    social media work ,
    Really needs to set the bar a little higher.
    These trolls today are a joke.

  20. Posted by Glumo, at Reply

    Thank you to all the trolls who click the video and leave a comment. It really increases our traffic and helps our ideas spreading