//Justice Democrat Amy Vilela Introduces Workplace Democracy Act

Justice Democrat Amy Vilela Introduces Workplace Democracy Act

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" My access into national politics can be found in the wake of my child, Shalynne's, unnecessary fatality at the hands of our profit-driven health care system. Sometimes we experience such extensive loss that it transforms the course of our lives permanently. Shedding Shalynne became that specifying minute in my life. Now that my eyes are open to the gross, harsh realities and oppression of our nation, I could not and also will not shut them once more.

We don't have time to wait around for occupation politicians, their benefactors or special passions to do the appropriate thing. We need bold action, now. We require agents in Washington that comprehend the risks of this battle and who will certainly never ever quit advocating for the people.

I'm a lot far more than a mourning mom, but because I am a mourning mommy, I will never ever give up. I will never get tired. And also I will certainly never ever quit fighting for justice and dignity for Nevadans and for individuals of this nation." *.

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