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Justice Democrat To Primary Joe Manchin


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Support West Virginia dynamic Paula Jean Swearengin, the challenger to business Democrat Joe Manchin, at:

As well as for even more modern primary challengers remain tuned to:

Company Democrat Joe Manchin might too be a Republican politician. It's time to eliminate back. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you believe in the remark section below.

" Joe Manchin, the Senate's most conservative and Donald Trump-friendly Democrat, is dealing with a key challenger. Paula Swearengin, a coal miner's daughter as well as ecological protestor, intends to run for the senator's West Virginia seat in the 2018 Autonomous key election.

Manchin is currently dealing with opponents from the left and also the right. West Virginia Republican Representative Evan Jenkins introduced on Monday that he will certainly run versus the senator in 2018. Manchin has supported a lot of head of state's closet choices, and also enacted line with the president's program most of the time– and greater than any other Senate Democrat. That might assist him win re-election in a state that Trump won by dual digits in November, however it has additionally made Manchin a top target of the lobbyist left at once when progressives are requiring full-blown resistance to the president." *.

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  1. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    I would vote for her…

    • Posted by devildad1620, at Reply

      I’de vote for her all night long.

    • Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

      mmike10720 spoder man hates TYT =/= spoder man. The actual spoder man is a paid Trump troll and he’s as mindless and unapologetic as he’s always been. Just check his posts in the TYT video “The real reason Trump fired Comey”. That guy will NEVER admit to anything rational because he’s paid not to.

    • Posted by Bücherregal Domi, at Reply

      +The Deep North, if he is not paid (because i don’t have proof of that) then he is a kid: a working adult couldn’t afford the time to be all the time on the internet posting on videos and doing what he does

  2. Posted by Ęÿūį Æßñ, at Reply

    Let’s run these corporatist fucks out of town!

    • Posted by bohemianwriter1, at Reply

      So you will vote GOP when your corrupt Corp.Dems have to join the unemploymence line when they are being primaried?

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      bohemianwriter1 you’ll still be a laughing stock

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      bohemianwriter1 jeep pretending your some kind of majority in this country

    • Posted by Snakeye808, at Reply

      Carla Theriault, It could be true that progressives don’t bother voting, but it’s not because they have no one to vote for as there is often a progressive candidate on the ballot, especially when you consider the Democratic platform is quite progressive, and extremely progressive relative to the Republicans. Just as they will have the choice again here and they may not show up because they’re either too lazy, uninformed or don’t care… or they simply don’t exist in the large numbers you think they do in WV. Accordingly, I will root for the progressive but I also won’t root against Manchin, because it doesn’t matter who wins when their vote will count the same for getting progressive policies passed. That’s the big picture that many progressives fail to see and it’s why Republicans have the majority and are able to pass whatever they please. if Manchin appeals more to the voters in WV and can win, then progressives need Manchin in order to gain a vote for Democrats rather than letting that seat go toward someone who will only vote in favor of far-right conservative policies.

    • Posted by Robert Mayer, at Reply

      I do agree to some degree with Snakeye. Although I disagree that there are more conservatives than liberals + progressives in the country, there certainly are more conservatives than liberals + progressives in certain states. And West Virginia may very well be one of them. Much as I hate Joe Manchin, Snakeye may be correct that he’s as left as that state will elect. Justice Democrats are not playing it smart to primary every conservative or corporate Democrat. They should pick their battles/primaries carefully, and fight for a progressive primary replacement where they can win, and not waste their limited resources on battles that are a waste of time because the state is too conservative. A dollar spent on a very unlikely Justice Democrat, is a dollar withheld from a Justice Democrat that could actually win somewhere else. Better to have Joe Manchin win as a Democrat than run a progressive Dem that will have a very high probability of losing to a Republican. At least if Manchin wins it counts as a Democrat so it helps gain the majority, which can then drive more progressive legislation and policies (even if Manchin then votes against it). This was just an example. I really don’t know first-hand if West Virginia is too conservative to run a Justice Democrat. I’m just helping Snakeye make a reasonable and persuasive point, IMO.

  3. Posted by MrSquaky, at Reply

    She wants to get money out of politics and is racing against a corporate sell out. Why are you people bashing her?

    • Posted by Nightowl, at Reply

      Pelton is correct. Every 4 years tyt tries to sheepdog the Left behind the establishment candidates. (With the exception of Jimmy Dore. He sticks to his guns.)

    • Posted by wonder6789, at Reply

      Pelton P
      President-elect Macron of France was Finance minister in the previous SOCIALIST government.
      He received TWICE as many votes as Trump-backed GOP-like Marine Lepen. 66-33.

    • Posted by wonder6789, at Reply

      Too bad you take West Virginian people for idiots, just like Manchin does.
      They’ll respond big time to a real deal coal country non-politician taking their truth to corrupt out-of-touch Washington corporate power.

    • Posted by Nightowl, at Reply

      they will never vote for an anti-gun, anti-coal candidate.

    • Posted by bohemianwriter1, at Reply

      Wel, him, Emma Vigeland and Jordan Charidon stuck to their guns.

  4. Posted by Jonathan Palmquist, at Reply

    Paula Jean 2018…. Nice rhyme ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      Paula Dean would do better in West Virginia

    • Posted by Brett Werner, at Reply

      Make America Buttery Again

    • Posted by Sag Norm, at Reply

      Michael Jackson –

      She told me her name was Paula Jean, as she caused a scene
      Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one (senator)
      Who will dance on the floor (of a primary) in the round

  5. Posted by Uncle Dez, at Reply

    It’s time progressives review the report card of all this senators and congress men. Primary all those who fail or have been voting for coperations benefit.

    • Posted by Rinnosuke, at Reply

      It’s David Ortiz, I’m betting he plays more baseball 😛

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      Uncle Dez progressives are a joke. they always loser then blame everyone else

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      Uncle Dez freeloader

    • Posted by Graydon Creed, at Reply

      Uncle Dez I agree. She should do fine in 2018.

    • Posted by Uncle Dez, at Reply

      Graydon Creed Definitely.

  6. Posted by M. Gilley, at Reply

    I love her, I’d vote for her in a heartbeat if I lived there.. Coal miners have a history of being fucked by corporations. Everything from black lung, mountain top removal, and especially the Ludlow Massacre way back when. Coal workers used to be pretty radicalized because of all this, hopefully it’s headed in that direction again.

    • Posted by Christian Dauz, at Reply

      Coal Miners had to fight a war against KKK-funded Coal Companies!

    • Posted by coolman9999uk, at Reply

      TYTs international audience can also help, just tell us how. I’m not allowed to donate to her because I’m not a US citizen or green card holder. There must be something I can do though.

    • Posted by coolman9999uk, at Reply

      TYTs international audience can also help, just tell us how. I’m not allowed to donate to her because I’m not a US citizen or green card holder. There must be something I can do besides like/share though.

  7. Posted by Supervillain_, at Reply

    She’s a great candidate for her state, hope she kills that republican joe manchin in the primary.

    • Posted by Supervillain_, at Reply

      I don’t believe that, People are pissed off at Republicans for the nonsense they have been pulling lately. People need some type of hope. This woman is from WV and also has seen the struggles of her people. People say she’s unqualified but is she really? Would you vote for another government shill or someone who’s experienced the bullshit you’ve gone through.

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      Supervillain_ you losers can’t win a primary wait it’s rigged

    • Posted by Andy Shepard, at Reply

      Chris Spencer We’ll win and then hunt you down

  8. Posted by L B, at Reply

    There’s a documentary on Netflix about the coal industry and Joe Manchin’s family, namely his father, are profiled in it. Joe Manchin is an extension of the group/class of people who supposedly “built America” during and after the Industrial Revolution. Paula Jean has tough fight ahead of her.

    • Posted by emile heskey, at Reply

      what is it called

    • Posted by Luther Kirkland, at Reply

      emile heskey blood on the mountain i think….its in the recently added

    • Posted by Paul Dalzell, at Reply

      Blood on the Mountain, yes. Here’s a link: https://www.netflix.com/title/80141231

  9. Posted by Green Acorn, at Reply

    Down with Joe Manchin

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      Green Acorn loser

    • Posted by Jp Valenzuela, at Reply

      Chris Spencer u want my earwax

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      Jp, I don’t get it, but it’s funny. lol

  10. Posted by Edward Noguera, at Reply

    I KNEW I recognized her from somewhere. That video of her with Bernie was just incredible. I am glad she is running for her people. Best of luck #PaulaJean2018

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      Edward Noguera loser

    • Posted by george, at Reply

      Chris Spencer shut up fool

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      Hey, George let’s give chrissy some credit, at least she didn’t call Edward a looser like most trumptards would have. Maybe there is a slight very slight cause for evolutionary advancement for SOME of the brain dead inbreds that populate the alt-right.

    • Posted by Akmal Ibrahim, at Reply

      Chris Spencer Wow. Great rebuttal there Chris. Perfectly structured, solid arguments and eloquently delivered. Murica!!!

  11. Posted by Tru Davies, at Reply

    I saw that video a while back when Bernie was hugging her. This is what we need to beat the corporate whores, regular people from the community who know what it is like to live there. With some funding and organization from Justice Democrats, we can destroy the establishment.
    #PeoplesParty #JusticeDemocrats #FDRDemocrats

    • Posted by pisse3000, at Reply

      Tru Davies Made me misty eyed when she told him about her father…

    • Posted by GameDirectorHD, at Reply

      Tru Davies Hope Bernie endorses and campaign for her. If I remember correctly, after their hug Bernie gave his phone number to her.

  12. Posted by John Helmes, at Reply

    You got my $27!!

    • Posted by Bücherregal Domi, at Reply


    • Posted by Troof2powur, at Reply

      Mine, too. #RevolutionNotResistance

  13. Posted by Linda Orndoff, at Reply

    One who is just as bad is Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania. A couple of months ago his whole website was bragging about voting for every one of Trump’s cabinet picks. He is Corporate greed personified! Someone definitely needs to primary him!.

    • Posted by Ten ways to spoil dinner, at Reply

      Linda Orndoff Pat Toomey is a Republican. Not as surprising. But I would love to see him get out of office. I live in PA. I’d vote against him.

  14. Posted by Steve Fortuna, at Reply

    Solar employs 330,000 people in the USA, while there are only 80,000 coal miners getting a paycheck today. That’s 4 to 1 people, and the gap is growing monthly. Most solar jobs are LOCAl, not outsourcable, pay livable wages and won’t give you black lung or TB. A solar fuel spill may cause some sunburn, but it ain’t polluting your river or putting arsenic in your drinking water. Definitely time to let the fossil fuel dinosaurs die, and take corporate whores like Joe Manchin (mansion?) go with them.

    • Posted by Carla Theriault, at Reply

      Now don’t go trying to talk sense to people! lol

  15. Posted by Heinz Rorschach, at Reply

    “Theres no sun enough in west Virginia”
    HAHAHAHAHA That one made me ROLF xD

    • Posted by Of Woodbridge and Hedgely, at Reply

      They don’t get as much sun as Virginia but they still get on average 4 some solar hours per day (equivalent of 4 straight hours of sun hitting a solar panel directly perpendicular for maximum power). So a 10kw system could produce on average 40kwh per day minus the efficiency losses in the system. But just 4 hours south of WV, NC is #2 in the country regarding solar power. CA is #1.

  16. Posted by ImDemonWolf, at Reply

    VEGANIZE, LEGALIZE, TAX, AND REGULATE ALL DRUGS!!! Treat drug addictions as medical issues not criminal issues! END the war on drugs immediately!

    • Posted by Manu Leach, at Reply

      ImDemonWolf no idea what veganize is but I agree with the rest

    • Posted by ImDemonWolf, at Reply

      +Manu Leach
      “Veganize” means to eliminate all animal ingredients in a product in attempt to make product healthier and in support of eradication of unnecessary animal agriculture.

    • Posted by Manu Leach, at Reply

      ImDemonWolf I thought so, but I’d never seen it used, especially not talking about drugs so it surprised me a bit

  17. Posted by jim Vandever, at Reply

    All anyone running next year has to do to win is;
    1 Show an accurate chart of who their opponents get their money from
    2 Show an accompanying chart that ties that money to their opponent’s voting history, making the definitive case for who that opponents really serve in their legislative capacity.
    3 Pledge to the voters to NEVER accept Corporate or PAC money.

    That’s it.

    Whatever you’re particular political leanings are secondary in that they would reflect the community you will represent.
    That is why Bernie Sanders still has the highest approval ratings in all of congress, even in his “deep red” state. His constituents have that confidence regardless of who he caucuses with in Washington. Because he is the only one that can prove he is beholden only to those constituents.


  18. Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

    Joe Manchin will win against your communist nut