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Justice Democrats Don’t Take Big Money, And Need YOUR Help


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Assist Justice Democrats hire full-time project supervisors. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

" 3 of the original JD prospects that are devoted to passing our platform have actually made a ton of progression toward winning their primaries. They are placing in the moment yet require your help to employ full-time project managers to assist handle the big volunteer militaries they have actually hired over the past few months.

All of these candidates are running grassroots-powered campaigns and are obtaining closer to triumph. Triumphes in these districts will certainly change the face of the Democratic party and also send out corporate-backed Dems packing.

Cori has actually spent the last 2 months leading objections and also taking to the roads. She is withstanding cops violence in her community.

Chardo has Bluedog-Dem Stephanie Murphy running afraid. He's been meeting immigrant civil liberties teams, local leaders, as well as area members presenting himself to voters in his district.

Alexandria belonged to subjecting the corruption of her incumbent, Joseph Crowley, or even frightened him right into authorizing onto HR 676. She's spent the past months mosting likely to countless local occasions, offered regional as well as nationwide meetings, knocked thousands of doors, and functioned to present herself as a dynamic leader to citizens in her district." *.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur.


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  1. Posted by Rookie2.0, at Reply

    First ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  2. Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply

    What are their stances on Radical Islam and Border Security? Or are they even allowed to utter those phrases….

    • Posted by Seadalgo, at Reply

      BOSS NASS Those are issues that only a coward would care about

    • Posted by Spanakoptia07, at Reply

      How it is dumb when you ask international issues to local representatives instead the president?

    • Posted by Spanakoptia07, at Reply

      BOSS NASS stupid.

    • Posted by Neo The Boxer, at Reply

      They probably have platforms documented.

    • Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply

      Spanakoptia07 Actually these local representatives vote on national issues because they are in Congress. Learn about how the legislative branch works before you open your mouth and reveal yourself to be an idiot.

  3. Posted by NotGivingMy Nam, at Reply

    Canada here, best of luck to the justice dems.

    • Posted by MrCrazyLeprechaun, at Reply

      @Pete Mclovins
      Actually, the dirty Conservatives are our biggest concern right now.
      They are guilty of many of the same things you listed and are now lead by a new Steven Harper Wannabe who is also super-religious on top of everything else.
      Nobody wants anything to do with that bullshit again.

    • Posted by Pete Mclovins, at Reply

      LOL, you know it’s “current year”… right buddy?

      I mean seriously, Trudeau is the first sitting prime minister in the entire 150 year history of the Canadian democracy to under-go an investigation by the ethnics commission… that’s not normal, even this Harper dude that your so worried about… was never invested for his ethics… imagine that.

      as for “super-religious”, seriously? Just google Trudeau + mosque and you will find a hundred or so pictures of Trudeau dressed in his Wahhabi robes worshiping Allah… I don’t think Canada has ever had a more backwards religious leader than Trudeau… that’s a fact.

  4. Posted by Red Hood, at Reply

    Justice Democrats 2018 & 2020!

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      Red Hood ๐Ÿ’ช

    • Posted by miapdx, at Reply

      Red Hood Yes! Justice and sanity, so needed right now.

    • Posted by xBradsrucax, at Reply

      Hell yeah!

    • Posted by Glenn V, at Reply

      Maximum cuckery

    • Posted by Red Hood, at Reply

      Glenn V on your part? Thanks for sharing๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ

  5. Posted by Capanema, at Reply

    Honestly, convincing people to give money to politicians is probably the biggest scam in the history of humanity. Don’t do it, it will be a bad move.

    • Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply

      Trump was outspent big time and won

    • Posted by Capanema, at Reply

      But this is what the U.S. has become, people have to crowdfund healthcare, people have to crowdfund journalism and now people have to crowdfund politicians. Where did all the money go? Well, we all know the answer.

    • Posted by Slavatronix, at Reply

      Honestly, your comment is exactly what I would say if I was *scared* of the Justice Democrats

  6. Posted by Shrenk Ogre, at Reply

    Justice Democrats are trash and support crap like legalizing the purposefully spreading of aids and anti free speech

    • Posted by Shrenk Ogre, at Reply

      come at me bruh

    • Posted by Matthew M, at Reply

      They are for net neutrality which is pro free speech… unlike your President who is against N.N. LOL

    • Posted by Neo The Boxer, at Reply

      Shrenk Ogre What????? ๐Ÿ˜’

  7. Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply

    I am fat buffalo Cenk!
    Give us more money because we are a bloated group of scammers!

    • Posted by Pete The Pict, at Reply

      Eviscerated Rainbow You’re scared boy….wise…

  8. Posted by Shrenk Ogre, at Reply

    I would never support any politician associated with genocide denying TYT

    • Posted by SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine, at Reply

      Hasbara troll

  9. Posted by Station Recreation, at Reply

    Gotta pay for Jordan’s attorney fees.!

    Donate now!

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      Station Recreation
      Can’t even troll right. Jordan is suing tyt, so how does this work

  10. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    Justice Democrats 2018 & 2020! It’s never too late to take our country back.

  11. Posted by Aaron Bower, at Reply

    Isn’t this what you and Ben Shapiro talked about NOT doing?

    • Posted by Aaron Bower, at Reply

      Hal Jordan and you said the key phrase yourself, “money works for you.”. All my point is trying to make is that money provides the stage…what politicians do on that stage various. Some make commercials, some travel…others use donor resources, such has the aforementioned appearance of Bernie…all involve capital.

      Bacon and ham taste different…both come from a pig.

    • Posted by Aaron Bower, at Reply

      You go on about money in elections and you never suggest what the money is used for…money is a tool in elections. It buys resources.

      If that resource is already paid for, and you let a candidate use it, you still donated a resource…a resource that money bought.

    • Posted by Aaron Bower, at Reply

      Hal Jordan and big pharma and all that you mentioned are lobbyists. That isn’t what I am talking about here. Yes, they donate towards campaigns, but that isn’t the issue that I am referring to here.

      During the debate with Ben, and on many TYT segments, public funded elections have come up. That would solve nothing…the reason it would not work is illustrated on my comments here…money comes in many forms in a campaign.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Aaron Bower
      Money doesnโ€™t just provide a stage. Money makes people tapdance into doing whatever routine you desire, which is why itโ€™s way more powerful than voicing an opinion. Cenk says something, and people agree, because they see what Cenk sees. Major corporation pays into something, and it doesnโ€™t matter what people think, for it happens anyway. This is why people are paid in dollars, and not vocal endorsements, for dollars always get powerful results.

  12. Posted by Mr1stcat, at Reply

    so many worthless trolls below me lol get out yo mamas basement and get a life lmmao JUSTICE DEMOCRATS ALL THE WAY !!!! JUST WAIT TILL THE BLUENAMI YOU RIGHT WING NUTS NAZI SCUM!!!!

    • Posted by miapdx, at Reply

      They know they have a short time left, and they’re doing as much damage as they can, while they can.

    • Posted by Wes Clark, at Reply


      Cry more ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Posted by Mr1stcat, at Reply

      Wes Clark yes tears of joy at the impending BLUENAMI!

  13. Posted by Brandon Quintero, at Reply

    Just donated AGAIN. Anyone else?

    • Posted by Zohm B, at Reply


    • Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply

      Congrats you wasted money.
      (clap clap)

    • Posted by SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine, at Reply

      Whats your plan? Keep letting zionists buy your government and start more wars? Clap clap..

  14. Posted by Mr1stcat, at Reply

    Alexandria te amo chula hermosura bella

  15. Posted by Rookie2.0, at Reply

    How much is Chunky donating ?

    • Posted by Slavatronix, at Reply

      The answer to your question can be found on the Justice Democrats FAQ page.

    • Posted by Mad Hatman, at Reply

      Rookie2.0 the best insult you can manage is chunky? What kind of a moron are you?

  16. Posted by Time Lord, at Reply

    No whites I see. Fascinating. Totally didn’t see that coming.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Time Lord
      Race of the candidate is more important than the positions of the candidate?

    • Posted by Neo The Boxer, at Reply

      Time Lord – In case you are serious about your comment. Take a look at the full roster of JDs….

  17. Posted by TONY, at Reply

    Where are the regular 178 Russian and Conservative Trolls and bots?

    • Posted by Wes Clark, at Reply

      I thought they were islamophobe, homophobe, xenophobe, racist, sexist, nazi, cis-white , males with extra privileges.

  18. Posted by Ally Jay, at Reply

    Why do trolls continue coming here like they give AF about your insignificant comments among the millions of hatemail they receive on the daily!? And it’s always the same people! Don’t you have anything better to do than hate-watch? You’re just making their views go up… so congratz!? You’re an actual waste of life.

    • Posted by SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine, at Reply

      Hasbara trolls are paid by Talmudic zionists to spread pro-israel propaganda. makes us wonder what kind of people needs to do that.

    • Posted by Jesse Edmondson, at Reply

      Ally Jay yea well tyt gets there views so that probably ends up helping. No one takes moronic comments seriously so I say bring it on trolls, bring us your views lol

  19. Posted by The Young Turks, at Reply
  20. Posted by TheGM, at Reply