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Justice Democrats Merge With AllOfUs.org


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Beware business Democrats, Justice Democrats simply increased in size. Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us just what you assume in the comment section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Chosen authorities tend to take the course of the very least resistance on the majority of points– unless you create a political cost for them. That's where we come in. The growing anti-Trump activity springing up at city center meetings and also protests across the nation has actually currently pressed Democratic approach in the appropriate instructions– yet not nearly far enough.
3 Democratic Legislators voted "yes" to validate Rex Tillerson, a Huge Oil baron with close ties to Putin that conspired to damage our climate by suppressing proof about worldwide warming. Fourteen Us senate Democrats joined with Republicans to confirm Rep. Mike Pompeo to be our new CIA supervisor, regardless of Pompeo's past Islamophobic statements and connections to reactionary conspiracy theory philosophers, his placement in favor of unconstitutional security on Americans, and also his enthusiastic assistance for torture and secret detention. And Us Senate Democrats like Dick Durbin, Claire McCaskill, as well as Jon Tester have all articulated the opinion that Trump's High court nominee Neil Gorsuch is entitled to "a fair shake"– after Republicans chose not to even consult with Head of state Obama's candidate Merrick Garland for virtually a year and properly swiped a High court election.

This can not stand. We will just beat Republicans on the local, state, and also federal level if we go on the offensive.

The next vital action is intensifying our demands, and also showing that we won't accept anything much less than complete resistance– by showing Democrats just the amount of individuals are willing to back key difficulties to Democratic collaborators and also enablers of Trump. Democrats need to know there is a price for teaming up with Trump. Any Democrats who would give authenticity or assistance to Trump do not represent us and must be replaced by individuals that will certainly defend our lives, our values, and also our democracy." *.

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  1. Posted by Bdpjev, at Reply

    You guys give me hope. Ur the best

    • Posted by Alexander Jason, at Reply

      Bdpjev Same here!! Hopefully this nightmare will be over soon.

  2. Posted by Render Frames Inc, at Reply

    Yes merge all progressives.

  3. Posted by Tu Liester, at Reply

    Yeah this looks great. I don’t care who you put against Feinstein as long as they speak clear sentences and follow the motto. These corporate Reptiles gotta go!!

  4. Posted by TC Just TC, at Reply

    To all the guys saying this is pointless they must realise… it is better to fight and lose than to just watch and complain.

    • Posted by Green Reaper, at Reply

      TC Just TC Some people are just content to keep bending over.

  5. Posted by Brandon Quintero, at Reply

    To all the people who say that this isn’t going to work and that the Justice Democrats are a waste of time, you’re the same people that would have said no to fighting Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.

    Let that sink in.

    • Posted by GR. Hollman, at Reply

      That’s not true. You are being foolish and probably being flat out fooled. How do you think Trump won? This is no different, it is the same recipe for disaster. The stakes on an ill timed power grab are the difference between life and death, for freedoms and the planet.

    • Posted by Jack C, at Reply

      GR. Hollman Let that sink in. You forgot that at the end… lol

    • Posted by Nick Avick, at Reply

      Jack C thank you for trying to enforce our stupid rule…..

      Let that sink in =P

    • Posted by Extreme RWDS, at Reply

      *We’re hitting levels of autism that shouldn’t be possible- Except for TYT libtards*

    • Posted by Jack C, at Reply

      Extreme RWDS Vlad is that you?

  6. Posted by Murphey Law, at Reply

    I’ve already signed up for a reoccurring donation to help out the Justice Dems. I’m freaking tired of these corrupt corporate shills controlling the DNC.

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      Remember when Nancy Pelosi was confronted with the popularity of socialism among Millennials and she literally laughed in his face and said “We’re capitalist”?

  7. Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

    You know what this feels like to me.
    It`s like when folks on the beach realise the water has gone waaay out then see a wall of water racing toward them..
    A Tsunami is coming for the Reps and the Dems… Loving it … 🙂

    • Posted by PlumbDrumb, at Reply

      Analogy win!

    • Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

      PlumbDrumb TY ! What do I win ? Something nice I hope .. ;P

    • Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

      *Red Menace* Although I can see part of your reply in my notifications it doesn`t show in the comment section ?
      I to am on the left .. If I went any further left I would fall off .. Well fairly left anyway not quite Commie left .. ;P

  8. Posted by Dan Extrinsic01, at Reply

    finally, some positive news… 😐

  9. Posted by Lawrence McKeon, at Reply

    Justice Revolution. Now, 2018, 2020. Win, Rocky!

  10. Posted by enigmaPL, at Reply

    I’m sure this has been considered, but I do hope you run a tight ship at Justice Democrats, because you’d be surprised how sneaky some people can be. They’ll join you to win themselves a position in office, but later on, might take corporate money behind the scenes after the fact.

    What I’m trying to say, is be careful, and make sure to hold them all accountable, especially once in office. Only reason I’m saying this, is because I want Justice Dems to succeed and remove the cancerous corruption, but without thorough scrutiny at every level at all times, may taint the message.

  11. Posted by TheBlazersfan22, at Reply

    time for a revolution . Lets bring it to them in 2018 and 2020 . Time to clean up the corruption of the right wing fucks on capital hill. Bernie sanders will lead the charge!

  12. Posted by Michael Coville, at Reply

    LOL at all the paid corporate trolls leaving “You can’t win!” comments. I guess they haven’t seen the polls that show 60-90% of American voters agree with the Justice Democrats policies. And yes, that includes Independents and Republicans.

    • Posted by Josh Pearce, at Reply

      They’re cowards. They are scared to rock the boat. Even if the Justice Democrats fail, I’d rather fail trying to swim than be stuck in the boat drowning.

    • Posted by Extreme RWDS, at Reply

      Keep sending money to this low IQ turkroach and his historically and politically illiterte miserable loser base make sure to match my 27$ and did I forget to mention- NO REFUNDS

    • Posted by Extreme RWDS, at Reply

      LMFAO libtards still believe polls and think their vote counts

  13. Posted by Littos Alive, at Reply

    yay!! many congrats tyt. thank you for fighting for us Cenk. we’re with you,this is just the beginning.

  14. Posted by TheShinyMetzun, at Reply

    Ana Kasparian to defeat Dianne Feinstein wooo!

  15. Posted by Jon Fedien, at Reply

    I smell fear! The bots are out as are the corporate naysayers and shills. People seem happy to complain about their situation then criticise someone who does takes action to rectify their complaints

    • Posted by God satan, at Reply

      Jon Fedien ok you need to get out of your bubble
      10,000 dollars spent on bots is going to convince maybe 10 people

  16. Posted by SpurnOfHumanity, at Reply

    AllOfUs will be voting for you.

  17. Posted by Patricia Holman, at Reply

    I’m glad to see this and it needs to continue. It may take time, but eventually we will get enough people to do the right thing to be a force in Congresx and turn the country around so it will be a fit place for everyone. Thanks, Cenk!!

  18. Posted by Lizzie BordenSin, at Reply

    I’ve never been so excited about an political challenger announcement in my life. Go TYT!