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Justice? Michelle Carter Sentenced After Involuntary Manslaughter Conviction


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The girlfriend who was recently founded guilty for convincing her guy to eliminate himself over text was just punished, was justice served? Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich as well as Aida Rodriguez go over. Offered you by A Troublesome Sequel

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" Michelle Carter, the young woman founded guilty of uncontrolled murder after she sent sms message to her guy urging him to eliminate himself, was sentenced to 2 as well as a half years behind bars Thursday.

Carter, 20, was condemned in June of encouraging her 18-year-old boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to take his own life three years earlier.

Roy eliminated himself on July 12, 2014, by breathing in carbon monoxide generated by a water pump in his truck. The teenager– that had a background of mental disorder and also had formerly attempted self-destruction– got out of the truck because he was "scared," however Carter advised him to "come back in," inning accordance with sms message she traded with her pals." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Brett Erlich.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Brett Erlich.


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  1. Posted by Scott Endres, at Reply

    Women are vicious.

    MGTOW saves lives.

    • Posted by gVo, at Reply

      That’s an awfully concise way of saying you’re a poor judge of character with no social skills 😂

    • Posted by Scott Endres, at Reply

      gVo That poor guy would probably still be alive if he’d gone MGTOW.

      MGTOW saves lives.

    • Posted by gVo, at Reply

      No it doesn’t. It’s a dumbass tribalist label like everything else.

      He’d be alive if he’d gotten the appropriate clinical care, and not by taking part in some troglodyte circlejerk online.

    • Posted by Scott Endres, at Reply

      gVo I’ve seen too many men’s lives ruined by women.

      What’s wrong with men choosing to be bachelors?

  2. Posted by Michael B, at Reply

    Ana’s a manslaughter apologist.

    • Posted by griiseknoen, at Reply

      Not really.

    • Posted by Michael B, at Reply

      Wow what a compelling argument.

    • Posted by griiseknoen, at Reply

      *Merriam Webster definition of apologist:* a person who defends or supports something (such as a religion, cause, or organization) that is being criticized or attacked by other people.

      So, I’m not really arguing. Just stating a fact: Ana is not a manslaughter apologist. Words have meaning and your words are incorrect.
      You can definitely call her out for being too soft on Michelle Carter (who can burn in hell for all I care) but Ana is not, in any way, defending or supporting the crime of manslaughter.
      Thus, your statement is false.

    • Posted by Michael B, at Reply

      Using your definition that’s what she did. Came up with excuses like she had “mental health problems”. Depression and an eating disorder doesn’t convince you to convince someone else to kill themselves. To make matters worse she also blamed the victim. Did you watch the entire video? Maybe that’s why you’re confused.

    • Posted by griiseknoen, at Reply

      She’s being soft on the criminal. Still not defending or supporting the crime.
      (She eventually agrees with the legal experts saying that there should be a law put forward that directly CRIMINALIZES coerced suicide so that such behavior can never go unpunished.)

  3. Posted by Xeno McGreggor, at Reply

    There is a lot of men and women that have been locked away for along time for nonviolent drug offenses that could’ve been rehabilitated. Why is her sentence so light?

    • Posted by KIMBERLY BADGETT, at Reply

      As trivial as it may sound, for juveniles and for very young adults it really does make that big of a difference. Crime statistics show the transformative power of rehabilitative approaches (as opposed to more incarceration) for youth. Long term outlook is very grim for youth incarcerated for long periods.

      Its also important not to conflate the judgment of a Massechusetts judge who does understand rehabilitation with states like California that do not understand it even for trivial nonviolent offenses.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      Female privilege

    • Posted by xXRockXLobsterXx, at Reply

      “If you want justice, you’re in the wrong place.” – Me

  4. Posted by The Political Wolf, at Reply

    she should have been given 20 to life.

    • Posted by What Key?, at Reply

      The Political Wolf She should not have been charged at all. The boy did the act he is responsible.

  5. Posted by Emily Gahagen, at Reply

    she knew what she was going. she had him kill himself and then acted like a grieving girlfriend on social media knowing damn well what she did. she fells no remorse. her eating disorder and depression have nothing to do with this. depression doesn’t make you want to hurt others like that. she tried to calm she was “helping him” but if she really thought that she wouldn’t have played the grieving sad girlfriend on social media. she deserves more time, a sociopath like that doesn’t deserve freedom.

    • Posted by Mario Gutierrez, at Reply

      Emily Gahagen Yeah, she deserves more time behind bars, she got off lightly because she is a female and white

  6. Posted by Jade Marie, at Reply

    Only reason why yall have sympathy, is because she is white.

    • Posted by Ace, at Reply

      Uhh no. It’s because at the end of the day, he decided to kill himself. He actually tried to kill himself multiple times. They are (were) both mentally unstable. Furthermore, locking someone up for convincing someone to kill themselves is absurd!

    • Posted by 4EverGamer X, at Reply

      Ace no, it’s not absurd. She could’ve gotten help, but did the opposite. She’s not unstable. She premeditated this. All the texting between her, him & her friends. All planned.
      He backed out, but she took advantage of his unstable state of mind & coerced him to go through with it.
      She deserves to be locked up. If u can help, but choose not to, it’s like killing the person yourself. Assisted suicide/murder

    • Posted by Ace, at Reply

      You know what, that’s just a dumb statement, no offense. She already tried talking him out of suicide for a very long time and at the end of the day, she just gave up. His parents knew he was suicidal and depressed, they should’ve gotten him professional help. An ordinary person just simply cannot talk a mentally ill person out of suicide, doesn’t work like that. It’s like telling a depressed person to just be happy.

    • Posted by 4EverGamer X, at Reply

      Ace doesn’t mean she should then just talk him into it more & plan the whole thing.
      Seems she had a chance when he backed out of it, but she encouraged him more. Seems she wanted him dead

  7. Posted by Annette Sleeping-Bear, at Reply

    she got off lightly. same sentence as charles manson should have been imposed

    • Posted by Alex DeLarge, at Reply

      Manson? She started a death cult did she?

  8. Posted by brandon coulter, at Reply

    Charles Manson got life for convincing other people to commit murder even though he was never convicted of murdering anyone himself. it was thought that he was such a danger to society that he should be locked away the rest of his life, a person like this seems to fall exactly in the same category of someone who is never going to change or show compassion but act in a sadistic and sociopathic way to their own benefit for the rest of their lives

    • Posted by Yojimbo413, at Reply

      brandon coulter yea but he is a scary white male. She a little cute white chick.

    • Posted by 1moonwitch, at Reply

      brandon coulter The difference is they planned the murder of others.this kid..sad as it is took his own life.Mansons girls did tell Tate to kill herself they stabbed her to death.

  9. Posted by jacksprat418, at Reply

    This girl is disgusting, but this ruling is the start of how telling someone to “go jump off a bridge” could possibly result in charges against you if they actually do it.

    • Posted by guiltladensoul, at Reply

      Toshley I mean, if someone did that to me, I’d probably feel trapped too, but if I knew the person was going to commit suicide if I left them or tried to get them help, I’d call the police and tell them that the person was a danger to themselves. It’s not like the guy followed the girl around 24/7. There was time. What I wouldn’t do, however, is attempt to coerce the person into committing suicide. If the girl had left and then her boyfriend committed suicide as a result of that, then I’d have a different opinion on the girl’s responsibility for his death (i.e. she’s not responsible), but that’s not what happened here. Additionally, the argument that she felt tapped by him due to his suicide threats have absolutely no merit because, based on her actions, it’s fair to assume that this girl obviously wasn’t bothered by her boyfriend committing suicide.

    • Posted by Aegix Drakan, at Reply

      Here’s the thing for me. If she had just told him “Get back in the car, and go through with it”, I’d be against jail time. Definitely forced therapy, but not jail.

      The thing is that she not only told him “get back in the car”, but also coaxed him through the whole process (red flag here already), and on top of that, told him how to do it, where to do it without getting saved, etc etc etc.

      It’s basically the equivalent of her loading a gun, putting it in his hand, putting his finger on the trigger, putting it against his skull and coaxing him to pull the trigger.

      The fact she went to the trouble of showing and telling him how to do it, and then coaxing him through the process the whole way is what makes this basically murder in my eyes.

      If it was just “go jump off a bridge”, that’s not something you should go to jail for. But helping him prepare to do it and then guiding him through the process is a hell of a lot different.

  10. Posted by Justin Holmes, at Reply

    I call BS on the brain development cop out. I made perfectly logical and sensible decisions before I was a teenager. The real issues is that she’s a sociopath.

    • Posted by Finin O'Callaghan, at Reply

      Justin Holmes I think I would agree she is a sociopath, I mean it’s crazy what she did. But there is truth to the brain development comment, I don’t think it was the case here but for many people, not all, brain development isn’t there yet.

    • Posted by Finin O'Callaghan, at Reply

      Justin Holmes I think I would agree she is a sociopath, I mean it’s crazy what she did. But there is truth to the brain development comment, I don’t think it was the case here but for many people, not all, brain development isn’t there yet.

    • Posted by Finin O'Callaghan, at Reply

      Justin Holmes I think I would agree she is a sociopath, I mean it’s crazy what she did. But there is truth to the brain development comment, I don’t think it was the case here but for many people, not all, brain development isn’t there yet.

  11. Posted by Mouro Sow, at Reply

    Her sentencing is bs. I know people who got more time for selling weed & crack. White privilege at its best. Smh.

    • Posted by Nasty Millenial, at Reply

      Mouro Sow They don’t, because they’re siblings… That guy is inbred af

    • Posted by odblog, at Reply

      Mouro Sow
      This from the loser living in his parents’ basement.

    • Posted by Mouro Sow, at Reply

      odblog weak attempt clown boy. 🤡 Maybe nextime fuktard🤣🤣.

  12. Posted by GhettoGeek World, at Reply

    This aida woman is getting annoying now. U don’t have to mention race or colour on each and every story. What, does she think she’s pro black for doing so. Why can’t she talk without mentioning race

    • Posted by Rory O'Toole, at Reply

      GhettoGeek World I agree. She was just rambling here.

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      I want to know who is cleaning the studios’ bathrooms or Cenk’s laundry while she is yapping?

    • Posted by Tyger Tyger, at Reply

      The truth is how which they did not mention that that girl would have been sentenced harder had she been black. But for some reason that was not mentioned …

  13. Posted by Bonnie Elkaim, at Reply

    I don’t appreciate the one in the middle mentioning race the way she did … Michelle carter is just a disturbed person regardless of race. I wish Cenk was on… I always like his opinion the most.

    • Posted by El John, at Reply

      Bonnie Elkaim if she was anything other than a little white girl she would have got the full sentence

  14. Posted by MrKhushrenada, at Reply

    She is freaking guilty for, murder by manipulation. I think people who think otherwise are a bit coo coo and/or republican cause they also think murder is ok if it’s in the right context.

    • Posted by Matt LongBall, at Reply

      MrKhushrenada you’re pathetic if you honeslty think like that. Typical lib

    • Posted by MrKhushrenada, at Reply

      Matt LongBall I’m not a lib. I HATE true liberals as they continue the true downfall of humanity, I’m sort of a socialist but mostly humanist. I just use logic and a bit of empathy.

  15. Posted by El John, at Reply

    True white female privilege here lol y’all don’t go to jail for nothing. Remember how Casey Anthony walked free? The girl is a sociopath. Mental health is the go to excuse for all white people.

    • Posted by Martín Lozano, at Reply

      george LMAO

    • Posted by Sylvia Benoit, at Reply

      Maybe they do have mental issues. I think most people do. They have down syndrome ,ADD, ADHD and ODD ant then they breed….

    • Posted by Alex Davenport, at Reply

      She should have gotten a year for every one of his little sisters birthdays that he will now miss because she pushed him to kipl himself.

    • Posted by Louis Nylan, at Reply

      It’s called a higher mental capacity. We were building empires while you minorities were still climbing trees.

    • Posted by El John, at Reply

      +Louis Nylan WE WUZ INVENTORS N SHIET!!

  16. Posted by Frank Custable, at Reply

    How about 0 years? Yeah the girl is twisted but it’s her freedom of speech she didn’t threaten him. He is responsible for what he did even if it was encouraged by her.

    • Posted by Alex Davenport, at Reply

      Frank Custable it is if it puts someone else in danger. A person with a mental disorder is not always totally responsible for their own actions: i.e. a person with depression can be pushed to killing themself by other people, therefore encouraging a person with depression to hurt themselves is illegal as well as, be it that suicide is illegal, being an accessory to a crime. All speech is not protected inder free speech.

    • Posted by Zeth Zapthos, at Reply

      Its like everyone is forgetting that she was on the phone with the dude as he was killing himself, she told him they were going to do a suicide pact.

    • Posted by Katrina L, at Reply

      Yeah, exacerbating psychological issues, is totally not guilty. Inexperienced people like you, seem to think physical damage is the only thing that exists. I hope somebody suicides you too.

  17. Posted by Genesis Stewart, at Reply

    If it was a guy that had a girl kill herself he would have gotten 10yrs.
    She should have gotten longer

    • Posted by Lakeitha Goodwin, at Reply

      Genesis Stewart… That’s true but neither deserves to be charged with a crime… How come the parents aren’t being charged?? The established his living environment and neglected to see the signs or took any steps to stop it… The bottom line is this *THAT GUY WANTED TO DIE AND KILLED HIMSELF*

    • Posted by Cathy, at Reply

      look up Ilya Sidorov and the Blue Whale Challenge, I don’t think it is an issue of gender or at least it should not be,. The problem is everyone likes to believe they have “free will”, and we want it both ways, but people are suggestible and more often in negative rather than in positive ways, there are probably other cases but because it has happened in US it is getting publicity because it is a white female

  18. Posted by B Sinita, at Reply

    If you or anyone is thinking about killing themselves please call the suicide hotline. That’s all I want to say first also I don’t think this girl should go to jail unless if she was doing it on a weekly basis that led to month of her telling her boyfriend go kill yourself over and over again then yes I can see her time in jail but that’s not what happened it was a text in a one moment in time. The only thing she should do is pay the family the funeral cost of burying this child and she should be paying that through community service for at least 2 to 3 years.

    • Posted by manchesterblue2007, at Reply

      if you knew someone would commit suicide by your actions would you do it?

      if you knew you could save someones life by your actions would you willingly and knowingly reverse your actions to make them kill themselves instead?

      would you assume culpability after actively and wilfully making the decision to cause someones death either by proactive participation or refusal to intervene?

      this woman knew exactly what the outcome of her actions and or inaction would be

      text messages in the heat of the moment in this case was no different than getting angry under the same circumstances and picking up a gun