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Katy Perry’s Personal Gay Conversion Therapy Story


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Katy Perry recently stated she tried to pray away the gay. Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich (Pop Trigger) as well as Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark section below.

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" Honoree Katy Perry approves the HRC National Equal rights Honor onstage the Civil rights Campaign's 2017 L.a Gala Supper at JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. SURVIVE ON March 18, 2017 in Los Angeles.

Though the vocalist surrounds herself with LGBTQ close friends as well as partners, she had not been constantly so inclusive: "When I was maturing, homosexuality was synonymous with words plague … and hell."

Katy Perry's conservative Christian past is clear, yet the pop superstar travelled down memory lane on Saturday evening (March 18) while going down some brand-new realities while outlining her trip to enlightenment." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen.


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  1. Posted by Caligula Caesar, at Reply

    Donald J Trump is the worst president in history.

    • Posted by Chris Music, at Reply

      Brooks Ikeh yet he already offened half the country ._.

    • Posted by CoffeeAt Midnight, at Reply

      Caligula Caesar Damn, he ain’t even done yet. He is entertaining. We might as well get something out of it. It sure won’t be jobs. HaHa.

    • Posted by Paul Allen, at Reply

      Caligula Caesar, Says the guy with a dictator as his profile pic.

  2. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    In Egypt, where I have lived for many years, homosexuals are forced to go to the hospital for treatment if they are considered to be in danger of homosexuality.

    • Posted by Sandra Llewellyn, at Reply

      +Miles Dixon EXACTLY! I wonder how many people don’t even realize he’s(?) trolling them before they jump in and agree. lol

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      sandra and miles go be black somewhere else

    • Posted by SumSum, at Reply

      You must have a lot of passports

    • Posted by Sandra Llewellyn, at Reply

      +J Briggs lol what does being black have to do with anything that was said? You’re projecting hardcore

    • Posted by Miles Dixon, at Reply

      +SumSum ikr and time traveling

  3. Posted by Justin M, at Reply

    How is religion even a thing in 2017?
    Surely it’s time to move on.

    • Posted by KellySmith555, at Reply

      +F Tells
      Yeah, see, pretty much you just being prejudice. As +God Bear said, anyone has the right to believe anything. You should respect all people by virtue of them being human. If you disagree with them and believe something they don’t, then you still have to respect them. And he only ways you can say you know they are wrong is if you have evidence to support that and then you present that evidence. Shouting out that you are right and they are wrong and they they should believe you sounds exactly like what many religious people do. So, yes, that makes you a hypocrite. And if millions of people believe something, you should respect that maybe they see something you don’t.

    • Posted by God Bear, at Reply


    • Posted by Samson Strong, at Reply

      move on to what?

  4. Posted by Jackyy Herrejon, at Reply

    I’ve kissed a girl and I loved it

    • Posted by cuck, at Reply

      yeah you kissed a girl because half the boys your age are cucked out with low testosterones.

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      +cuck Speaking from experience I see…

    • Posted by Adam Madi, at Reply

      I kissed a man but didn’t like it so I learned that gays might be right that sexuality is not a choice….

  5. Posted by Carlos Soto, at Reply

    radical cristianity strikes again.

    • Posted by Daniel Rodríguez Sánchez, at Reply

      Carlos Soto Hold this L

  6. Posted by jim bob, at Reply

    I kissed a girl and I liked it too.

    • Posted by J S, at Reply

      jim bob
      hookers don’t kiss:(

  7. Posted by Philip Banks, at Reply

    time for these right wing fundamentalist christards to leave the 16th century beliefs behind

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      Philip Banks How do you feel about Muslims?

    • Posted by bohemianwriter1, at Reply

      In USA, it’s the Christians who causes these kinds of problems. Not muslims.
      From what I hear, most Muslims voted for Bernie during the primaries, and he’s a JEW who not only accepts LGBT people, but have fought for their rights for decades.
      So, how do you feel about American Christians who goes around and vandalizes synagogues and mosques?
      What do you think of Christians who drops bombs over civilians on your tax dime?
      What do you think of Christians who torture?`
      What do you think of Christians who are obsessively focused on other people’s sexuality and have an attic full of skeletons themselves?
      What do you think of Christians who burns books, or bans them because the books are satanic or “promotes teh gay agenda”?

  8. Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

    Trolls need to go through a Stupidity Conversion session to help them with the Stupid.

    • Posted by J S, at Reply

      cuck kill yourself trump cuck

  9. Posted by DesertEmpire801, at Reply

    Why are people so quick to point out the Muslims killing gays? Let’s not forget the Christians in Africa killing gay people.

    • Posted by Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band, at Reply

      Don’t forget that club shooting in Florida recently. Christians in America are killing gays.

    • Posted by RazerDeadBullet, at Reply

      Lu Sapphire that was a Muslim man who was gay himself… was that sarcasm? I’m autistic and can tell if your really didn’t know?

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      +DesertEmpire801 With the right, it’s because they’re attempting to redirect and change the subject, hoping no one will notice them doing so.

  10. Posted by Coras Ⓥ, at Reply

    No, actually, Christianity and Islam are ideological poison.

    • Posted by RazerDeadBullet, at Reply

      AmishRiot because he said the religion and not the people…

    • Posted by Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band, at Reply

      All religion is poison.

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      +RazerDeadBullet I’m pretty sure that idiot was trying to be sarcastic and failed miserably.

  11. Posted by Ryan Nurmi, at Reply

    So why is it you can change your gender, but not your sexuality?

    • Posted by Hannah Smith, at Reply

      Ryan Nurmi “MTF” is a term used when talking about gender reassignment surgery. So, the women the trans woman decides to date won’t have a penis getting in the way of anything, they’re just with another woman, that’s all.
      Oh, and it’s not a “problem” whatsoever. I don’t know where you got that from, but you could just go on Google and educate yourself.

    • Posted by Hannah Smith, at Reply

      Ryan Nurmi “MTF trans people”- just refer to them as “trans women”, don’t over complicate it
      “MTF trans people who still want to date lesbians”- you could have just said “women”, the lesbian part is implied.
      Of course gay women want to date other women, there’s no need to specify that they’re both gay.

    • Posted by Jeremy O'Dwyer, at Reply

      Ryan Nurmi I’m by no means an expert but if your asking a genuine question ill do my best to answer.

      As far as I’m aware you can’t change your sexuality because if you’re a guy and you don’t find guys sexually attractive you can’t really decide that from tomorrow you’re going to start being sexually attracted to guys. I don’t think sexuality works like that. Maybe you disagree.

      The reason you can change you’re gender is essentially the same.

      If you happen to be in a girl body but your own sense of personality identity is that you’ve always felt like a boy, while you can’t change your own sense of your own personal identity you can change your body to better reflect that identity so why not?

    • Posted by KellySmith555, at Reply

      +Hannah Smith
      Gender dysphoria has no cure. A person will always believe they are a different gender than what they actually are. And editing ones body parts doesn’t change their chromosomes, which are the only thing that definitively defines ones sex. Legally, you can get a piece of paper to change your gender, but in reality, it can’t be changed, only given a better illusion. This is directly shown by your own statement, where you say people who are gender fluid, change gender daily or based on feelings. No surgery can help that, and therefore their is no cure to this mental disorder. The only way to treat symptoms of gender dysphoria is with therapy. Sex changes only encourage the delusion, however, because these delusions are irreversible, and a great deal of comfort and peace can come from looking like the gender they believe themselves to be, then sex changes can also help with these problems. But ultimately without therapy to manage the mental stress of being in the wrong body and undergoing surgery if they choose that option, the person will likely always feel insecure, which is why some 40% of transgender people have suicidal thoughts and actions.

      I just felt like clearing that up.

    • Posted by KellySmith555, at Reply

      +Hannah Smith
      And to clarify this also, sexual preferences are not wrong. Some people who are straight, or gay don’t want to be with people who are not truly the sex of the person they desire, but identify with the same gender. This isn’t homophobia or transphobia, its just sexual preference. Some people only want to date those who share their religion, or their absence of a religion. Some only want to date people who are of a certain physical body shape, skinny, fat, short, tall, even black or white. Its not racist, is just their sexuality, which they can’t control. There’s nothing wrong with sexual preferences.

  12. Posted by Golgotha_Mythos69, at Reply

    Christianity -The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present at your birth because a rib women was convinced by a talking snake that was possessed by a devil to eat from a magical tree.

    • Posted by Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band, at Reply

      Hoax Busters Call
      After. First came science, which begot planets, which begot humans, which begot silly superstitions.

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      made possible by Christianity, lol what?

    • Posted by vinnythewebsurfer, at Reply

      Golgotha_Mythos69 amen.

  13. Posted by PKNHET, at Reply

    Lucky she wasn’t in a Muslim country they would have thrown her off a building.

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      So you have no way to defend using -barbaric torture- I mean conversion therapy on members of the LGBTQ+ community, so you’re bringing up another subject to divert attention away from it and hope no one notices your evasion of the original topic.

    • Posted by ChakatBlackstar, at Reply

      PKNHET Ah yes, as opposed to Christian countries that would put her in jail for life or execute her…thats a whole lot better right?

    • Posted by Dildo Shwaggins, at Reply

      Well they are both terrible positions to hold but I’d consider executing them be alot worse than trying to ‘cure’ them.

  14. Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

    When I heard the lyrics “I kissed a girl, I liked it, I liked the flavor of her cherry chap stick”” I was VERRY offended.
       I mean, a product placement in song lyrics? Come on!

    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      Well, that’s a charitable interpretation.

    • Posted by WhiskeyWhiskers, at Reply

      So take it you prefer the version of Lola with cherry cola too?

  15. Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

    If you’re homophobic in 2017, you’re mentally ill.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      To “you’re = you are, house” huh? Kim you mean your house?

    • Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

      People who cannot accept post-19th-century scientific progress are deviants in terms of cognitive ability and social skills. it is a very strong form of degeneration to escape reality by way of categorical denial of science and facts.

    • Posted by Chris Ducat, at Reply

      Ironic, since it was the reverse that use to be “true”. No, Coos: it means you are intolerant and ignorant.

    • Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

      I suggest reading science books or visiting a university of higher education and you will find out how far we as a civilization have come from those ignorant times when people considered homosexuality unnatural or sinful. Some traits of such barbarism still survive but only in dark margins.

    • Posted by Hoax Busters Call, at Reply

      Save some of your vitriol for Harvard university…
      “The women move from men to women and back again (or vice-versa), their sexual identity as changeable as their desires.”

      Hey, wait a damn minute, isn’t sexual orientation suppose to be biologically fixed and immutable? What the hell, Harvard!?

  16. Posted by THESocialJusticeWarrior, at Reply

    In the South those “pray away the gay” camps beat the kids.

    • Posted by Ryan Edwards, at Reply

      THESocialJusticeWarrior Where? I am originally from Louisiana and I reside in Texas. Curious.

    • Posted by THESocialJusticeWarrior, at Reply


  17. Posted by No Way, at Reply

    One point here, the religious _will_ accept gays. I suspect that the catholic church will be out in front of the conservative protestants, but it will happen in both instances. Sixty years ago Jesus was not down with interracial marriage either. We have to remember that and not let history be retconned. It used to be scandalous when women wore pants. I had a mennonite teacher in middle school who covered her head in public just like a muslim. These things will change, and eventually, the superstitions will go away, but it’s important to be in the face of religious people and assert this. The way they currently feel about gays, they used to feel about many things that they now accept.

    • Posted by alexis B., at Reply

      No Way My church already does because every sin is equal, and we don’t set one higher than the other. “Come as you are”

    • Posted by No Way, at Reply

      Is interracial marriage still a sin too?

  18. Posted by King Nobody, at Reply

    We need greed conversion therapy camps. Maybe all those right-wingers can pray away the greed. Unlikely, though. Greed is their core identity.

    • Posted by zZGrimReaperZz, at Reply

      Still Bazuuka shows no evidence to his claim, hes gonna tell you guys to google it and do his work for him. He won’t give references or sources.

  19. Posted by Michelle Tackett, at Reply

    I came out as trans five months ago. I am being myself. My misery came by trying to hide who I was. When I came out as trans, I started to notice how happier I was. Why can’t we let people be happy? Mind your own business and stop trying to tell people who to live their life.

    • Posted by VastVoidward, at Reply

      Congratulations, Michelle!

    • Posted by Michelle Tackett, at Reply

      Thank you. I have always known, but I was so afraid to come out and now I feel much better.

    • Posted by Morph Kogan, at Reply

      Congratulations on your mental illness.