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Kellyanne Conway On Microwaves That Turn Into Cameras!


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Is she just making this things up as she goes? Is that exactly what Trump told her to do? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you assume in the remark section below.

" Elderly White Residence adviser Kellyanne Conway claims she doesn't have any kind of evidence to sustain Donald Trump's case that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower phone lines during the election.

Instead, Conway is pointing to recent revelations concerning other government monitoring to recommend it was feasible Obama made use of a different technique.

Her reaction was not likely to tamp down criticism of Trump's tweets earlier this month. Your home knowledge committee has asked the administration to offer evidence of the accusation by Monday.

" The response is I don't have any evidence and I'm very pleased that your home intelligence committee [is] examining," Conway informed ABC's Greetings The U.S.A.. She later on tweeted that the administration was "happy" with the ongoing congressional investigation and also "will comment after".

Trump's critics have pounded the president for making the explosive wiretapping insurance claim on his Twitter account without proof. Wiretapping an US citizen would certainly need special permission from a court, and also Trump as president would certainly have the capability to declassify that details." *.

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  1. Posted by Miles Dixon, at Reply

    She’s a snake! aka Medusa. And sadly Trump rats love her feces

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      yes you were

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      said the cuck who lost

    • Posted by Eliza Miller, at Reply

      +havocmaster69 who are you talking to? πŸ˜‚

  2. Posted by KZN02, at Reply

    I know there are engineers who can figure a way to play Doom on any sort of electronics, but this is ridiculuous.

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      KZN02 I mean, hell i saw a video of a guy playing Overwatch with a microwave

    • Posted by Dave Smith, at Reply

      not any sort of electronics, just (mostly) anything with x86 processor

  3. Posted by gerizzyYMcrew, at Reply

    kellyanne conway is the product of modern conservatism

    • Posted by Coastwalker, at Reply

      Yeah, but I am not sure that she is fully genetically human….

    • Posted by Ron Gruberman, at Reply

      ya she’s a bot I think

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      She’s being white.

    • Posted by CAROLE LA POINTE, at Reply

      rencrow Race has nothing to do with it. She’s just not the brightest bulb on the tree. And she has not figured out that if you lie, you have to be smart enough to get caught.

  4. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Is it me or does she just get dumber and dumber every time she’s on camera?

    • Posted by Milton Perez, at Reply

      The Chosen One u know I dislike Ann Raynd but I don’t think of her every day

    • Posted by Shimohi Kagami, at Reply

      *LOL* I’ve actually watched Inspector Gadget when I was a kid. And you know what, the eponymous character was…*stupid* and *incompetent*.

      (No, seriously, Penny and Brain the dog where the only real reason anything constructive happened on that show; it’s just that they worked behind the scenes in such a way that Inspector Gadget took all the credit for everything they did).

      So, who knows, maybe she *is* like Inspector Gadget…but not in the sense she was likely thinking of.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Lying is hard work, man.

    • Posted by Ace Cumen, at Reply

      Do do do do do inspector gadget
      Do do do do do do do Woo Woo

    • Posted by jason b, at Reply

      you’re watching the wrong camera, try your microwave

  5. Posted by Press Hearty, at Reply

    She looks tired.

    • Posted by phoenix_ rising, at Reply

      DEUS VULT Funny, it’s “red” states that rely most heavily on government assistance.

    • Posted by Lord Hagar, at Reply

      Press Hearty Meth is a hell of a drug

    • Posted by mindelo23, at Reply

      Nah, she’s on meth.

  6. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    Next she’ll say our cars are Transformers.

    • Posted by boromirtheboring, at Reply

      All these damned Decepticons!

    • Posted by frozenfalcon253, at Reply

      That would explain Trump’s connection to exxon mobile.

    • Posted by H Chahal, at Reply

      eliw 6965 When you driving your car does it transform with you coming out of its​ rear end like the Halloween episode of the Simpsons where everything that is made from technology ends up turning into the Transformers. And Homer’s and Ned’s cars transform with them coming out of their rear ends.

    • Posted by Martin Davis, at Reply

      Or Cobra is terrorist organization intent on ruling the world…

    • Posted by DDuMas, at Reply

      Kellyanne Conway: “The alternate facts that we acquired in the Yemen incident show that the democrats leader is actually Megatron”, “And we have enlisted Optimas Prime to save us”.

      lol she ends the interview singing “Transformers, robots in disguise… (awkward silent gap) Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the democrats… boop… beep boop boop”.

  7. Posted by Marak Lia, at Reply

    You think you’re watching that hot pocket …..
    but really that hot pocket is watching you 😲

    • Posted by Milton Perez, at Reply

      Elizabeth Celerian pretty gross u dishwasher ur vibrator. Nasty bitches these days

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Goddamn, that was funny.

    • Posted by Daisy Castrillon, at Reply

      Lol!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Posted by Ace Cumen, at Reply

      Do do do do do inspector gadget
      Do do do do do do do Woo Woo

    • Posted by tomaf, at Reply

      wow, i just typed a comment about his hotpockets then i read the other comments and saw yur hotpocket reference. you read my mind, you witch.

  8. Posted by The Progressive Atheist, at Reply

    I’m sorry, but scientists have found that mice DNA is more similar to humans than human DNA.

    • Posted by Rocky Zhang, at Reply

      hmm is there a joke I’m not getting? Apes are over all closer to humans and we still have something like 1.5 percent difference in working dna. Mice is about 97.5 percent.

    • Posted by The Progressive Atheist, at Reply

      It’s a statement a Republican Senate Candidate stated several years ago that Kellyanne Conway’s ignorant bullshit reminded me of.

    • Posted by Joel Demetrius Johnson, at Reply

      The Progressive Atheist Christine O’Donnell the supposed witch from 2010?

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      Stand directly in front of a microwave for a month, allow Trump to surveil and infiltrate your mind and your DNA will transform EXACTLY into that of a lab rat. Hence the Trumptards.

    • Posted by tomaf, at Reply

      trump is living proof that apes and humans are related closely enough to interbreed. Afterall, trump’s mum was an orangutan.

  9. Posted by RancisGamer, at Reply

    my microwave is 32 MP with a 7x zoom

    • Posted by Conor Kinsella, at Reply

      32 microwave popcorns

    • Posted by RancisGamer, at Reply

      Conor Kinsella πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Ron Gruberman, at Reply

      that’s a funny visual

    • Posted by tomaf, at Reply

      That’s kind of obsolete now. The newer ones have infrared nightvision, black and white and letterbox capabilities, 60 bit audio to text tweet engines, and other things I am not allowed to discuss here.

  10. Posted by EMPEROR OF THE SJWs, at Reply

    Shut up Cenk. She is right. We caught the Bowling Green massacre perpetrators thanks to microwave imagery

    • Posted by Patrick Mthisi, at Reply

      guys..I’m not American..please help me understand something here..what’s the average IQ of Americans..?.. l don’t mean to insult but lm trying to understand. A majority of Trump supporters think exactly like Kellyanne…and he won the that means trump supporters actually believe what these spokespeople say..and it somehow makes sense in their brains…how can that be?…the rest of the world looks up to you guys..and l now watch your news for amusement…it’s really funny until l realize that the person l am laughing at actually has access to the nuclear codes…

    • Posted by tomaf, at Reply

      He got too much microwave oven radioactive radiation video waves as a baby, baby.

    • Posted by AnonEyeMouse, at Reply

      Patrick Mthisi Theoretically, the average IQ for Americans is 100, because it was largely calibrated to the American populous (and 100 is set at the average point). However, that was sometime ago, and generally those that get their IQ tested are not particularly scared of the result (don’t consider themselves stupid). So given the obvious deterioration in education (I know it isn’t supposed to influence the test… but it really does) and the exclusion of people who are scared they are stupid, 100 may be quite an inflated number.

    • Posted by tomaf, at Reply

      Sadly, about half of americans have IQ’s in the double-digits, and they are proud of that. drump loves the uneducated, and they love him. American “news” must be like one big reality show to the rest of the world.

  11. Posted by RancisGamer, at Reply

    dut dutdut dutdut inspector gadget. go go gadget microwave cameraaaaaa!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      Get your knees off the couch Kellyanne.

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      The couch was actually a giant camcorder video taping all proceedings.

  12. Posted by EMPEROR OF THE SJWs, at Reply

    Alex jones showed me a great countermeasure to microwave surveillance. He wears a tin foil hat at home. The globalist waves are allergic to it

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      About 200 pencils will suffice.

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      75joev penciles posses graphite not lead
      graphite is pure carbon

    • Posted by T Sechlainn, at Reply

      Actually she’s right, and you can cause havoc with the emission of electromagnetic waves in the microwave range. And no, a tin foil won’t help . Thanks for doing the cunts a favor trivializing the reality. By the way, giving the right more excuse to say the democrats are blinded.

    • Posted by tomaf, at Reply

      tin foil hats actually help the transmission of data to and from people’s heads, just like satelite dishes or antenae. “big brother just floated the rumor that tin foil blocks the thoughtwaves to get people to wear them.”

  13. Posted by TvTrollByIvy, at Reply

    Leave Inspector Gadget OUT OF THIS Kellyanne…

  14. Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

    I’m gonna invest in tinfoil. The Trump administration is going to be making a lot of hats, for their staff and their supporters.

    • Posted by SpunkyTowers, at Reply

      +eatmorenachos, The tin foil I use for my hat was made in China by gay Mexicans.

    • Posted by james nelson, at Reply

      no give the money to cenk so he can get some real reporters to investigate #pizzagate , weiner, chuck, mccain and bengazie

  15. Posted by nashi nash, at Reply

    She’s probably referring to Transformers Obamabots who can change from an oven into spying devices but the CIA won’t ever admit it.

    • Posted by bongo155, at Reply

      I’m just waiting for the Alex Jones video claiming that the Transformers are true and are in league with Obama because they’re socialist muslim robots trying to destroy America and Optimus Prime wants to make all frogs gay.

    • Posted by nashi nash, at Reply

      The Transformers, more than meet the EYEEEEE..Theme song from the cartoon show. starring Trumperbots vs Obamabots…

  16. Posted by Kimica Howard, at Reply

    The lamp in your room is bugged.

  17. Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

    With reverse engineered alien technology!

  18. Posted by Chris Henson, at Reply

    she was probably refering to wiki leaks dump of the cia.this is not a joke.