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Kellyanne Conway Secretly Despises Donald Trump?


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Inning accordance with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, White Home expert Kellyanne Conway secretly despises Donald Trump, as well as once asserted that she should shower after showing up in the media to defend him. Is there any type of reality to this, or is Scarborough attempting to get on the anti-Trump bandwagon? Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins reviews this. Subscribe to the Ring of Fire for more:

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  1. Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

    Morning Joe bores me with his 80% posturing and 20% content. As for Kellyanne, too late. She – and her husband George Conway who was instrumental in helping Karl Rove impeach a sitting president Bill Clinton, will go down screaming into the hell fire pit with the Trump train.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Yep. Joe IS a grand stander. Mika deserves her own show. The week Joe was away and Mika solo-ed, the guests finally got to complete their thoughts. Balancing active listening while processing and holding key points in real time is not easy, but that’s one thing top TYT panelists excel at compared to 90% of MSM.

    • Posted by eddie b, at Reply

      Diva Artist you realize drudge broke lewisnky…right?

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      George Conway reportedly e-mailed Drudge an infamous scoop about Bill Clinton’s penis. George also wrote the Supreme Court brief for Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit, The Court then surprised everyone, agreed a sitting President could face a civil lawsuit! Wow right? Super established anti-liberal multi-millionaire thugs George and Kellyanne Conway, now backed by nazi-genius billionaires Mercer, play very long game! 🙂

    • Posted by Haakon Hamnes, at Reply

      So he wasnt impeached because it was rightfully voided. JFK had orgies in the white house lol

  2. Posted by Furious Magpie, at Reply

    Conway is willing to sell her soul to promote someone that she despises. What does that make her?

    • Posted by Kisha Rha, at Reply


    • Posted by NO ISLAMONAZIS, at Reply

      what, so you want her to back the 1% globalist elite like the last 4 presidential puppets clearly were. THINK!
      That’s snake belly talk!

    • Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

      Furious Magpie A bought idiot with no principles.

    • Posted by Little Dorrit__Lisa, at Reply

      Furious Magpie it makes her a whoring shill.

  3. Posted by Daniel Arul, at Reply

    I think the entire administration despises Trump.

  4. Posted by Toddler Trump, at Reply

    I secretly despise Kellyanne Conway, James Comey, undercooked steak, women of my own age and the American people.

    • Posted by Breaky Jose, at Reply

      Undercooked steak? Why bother eating steak at all?

    • Posted by I Am Pagliacci, at Reply


    • Posted by wittlestar, at Reply

      you despise your mommy wives kellyanne and fuckabee like you hate your twin bannon. you resent comey obama hillary bill bernie warren and mitt romney, basically people who’re smarter and more popular than you. you are pathetic.

    • Posted by Proud mad coW, at Reply

      I secretly control Trump’s brain cells.

  5. Posted by Miss Ashlee, at Reply

    She has NOT been a trump supporter since day one… in fact, she bashed him for quite some time before she hopped on his dirty train.

    • Posted by Tree Corleone, at Reply

      PC BEAST Nvidia 40% vote republican no matter what…Nixon had a 30% approval rating on the day he resigned in disgrace…Trump’s real core support was the 5% that originally supported him in the republican primary…that’s 5% of 30%. Once Bush dropped out, and trump won a primary, things change…but if you think 40% of the American population are ardent trump supporters- then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  6. Posted by Tree Corleone, at Reply

    She secretly despises life, and she’s bad at keeping secrets.

    • Posted by eddie b, at Reply

      Tree Corleone it really sounds you don’t know anything

    • Posted by Tree Corleone, at Reply

      eddie b it really sounds you don’t English

  7. Posted by Little Dorrit__Lisa, at Reply

    Kellyanne Conway is nothing but a whoring shill.

    • Posted by Proud mad coW, at Reply

      Melania is a bigger whoring shill. I like women who can be bought like meat in the market. I relate to meatiness.

  8. Posted by George Coufos, at Reply

    This is news? Who gives a crap what she thinks? She’s demonstrated that she’s a putrid human being who has nothing of any value to say and is part of the most disgusting group of lowlife wannabes and flagrant carpetbaggers ever to represent our already corrupt government. Please focus on something that matters. Like the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. That’s why I watch Independent media

    • Posted by eddie b, at Reply

      George Coufos lol they don’t talk about the pipeline because you crazies already lost that battle…

    • Posted by eddie b, at Reply

      should have just said deplorable and wouldn’t have wasted 5 minutes typing out ad hominem attacks

  9. Posted by Boring Centrist, at Reply

    Plot twist: Kellyanne has been the leaker this whole time…

    • Posted by eddie b, at Reply

      Boring Centrist even though she is not in the room during..?

    • Posted by Proud mad coW, at Reply

      No she is so dehydrated she has nothing to leak. She only leaks trails of one day old feet sweat on the Oval Office couch.

  10. Posted by Somer Knight, at Reply

    This idiot need to do his homework. Before Trump hired her she was on CNN trashing him. It’s on video

    • Posted by salmonline, at Reply

      cuz she was whoring for cruz at the time.

  11. Posted by Stefan Brattlöf, at Reply

    Well, she was very critical of Trump Before she became an advisor so my guess is that she only does this for the cash and actually hate the orange baboon.

  12. Posted by Heat And Serve, at Reply

    I’m guessing Kellyanne Conway secretly despises herself.

    • Posted by Moses Jonson, at Reply

      of course, who wouldn’t

  13. Posted by Joel Smith, at Reply

    kellylanne looks like a dude.

    • Posted by Secular Talk, at Reply

      Joel Smith probably a gay transgender frog

    • Posted by killer21165, at Reply

      Secular Talk Kylie, you damn butch lesbian 😀

    • Posted by killer21165, at Reply

      Oops, meant Kyle ahaha.

    • Posted by Cornwall1888, at Reply

      killer21165 call him what you like it’s not the real one

    • Posted by Proud mad coW, at Reply

      My king DumDumTrump likes to be surrounded by meat. 6 foot meat tower wives. Or beef jerky face nannies. Makes me feel like I’m his family.

  14. Posted by Broncos Fan In Vegas .702., at Reply

    I openly despise trump

    • Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo, at Reply

      and conway too.

  15. Posted by Cornell :D, at Reply

    That’s bull💩 Smellyanne Conjob secretly sucks the sweat off donny’s nuts after a round of golf😆😂😱🙈

    • Posted by Cecilia M, at Reply

      Cornell 😀 smellyanne conjob😂😂 made my day

  16. Posted by Francesco, at Reply

    Guys did you forget that she started with Ted Cruz campaign?
    She trashed Trump for months and changed after she got hired, of course she doesn’t like Trump it’s just her money selling bullshit.