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Ken Bone Having Second Thoughts On Trump


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There's an old saying: "as goes Ken Bone, so goes the country." Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

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" Bone sent a cynical tweet regarding Trump's "tidy, beautiful coal" statement Tuesday evening.

When Head of state Donald Trump claimed that his management had "finished the war on clean coal" in Tuesday evening's State of the Union address, net experience Ken Bone wasn't having it.

Bone, who was once a coal power plant driver in an Illinois town, tweeted, "I work in the coal market. Little has actually altered," among other unconvinced statements about the address.

Bone became a web experience in 2016, when he asked a question concerning Hillary Clinton and Trump's power plans throughout the second presidential debate. Seen putting on a brilliant red coat and also a mustache, he came to be a net meme within secs. Later, he broke a picture of the debate with a non reusable electronic camera." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    If Republicans truly believed in the free market/capitalism, they would abandon coal and oil and invest in solar, hydro, geothermal, and wind power, but Republicans won’t because the industries that harm the environment donate to their campaigns.

    • Posted by grant macneil, at Reply

      Well, free market would be not investing in anything lol. Unless you mean there private portfolio.

    • Posted by Dorothy Mack, at Reply

      Well said, Jesse Torres.

    • Posted by Bill Pii, at Reply

      Name one that last longer than the sun or wind and is cleaner? …..Yeah that’s what I thought , now STFU

  2. Posted by bcop1534, at Reply

    Why should we even care, I’m sorry but this is barely worthy of a story. This guy was in the “news” for his teddy bear appearance, not relevant.

    • Posted by 1128ca Mbq, at Reply

      I was thinking “water balloon appearance”.

    • Posted by Clayton Brown, at Reply

      It’s a 7 minute information piece and it’s interesting about his story, go watch the other 50000 vids

    • Posted by Manny S, at Reply

      They explained it in the video. People like Ken Bone will determine who the next president is

    • Posted by Clayton Brown, at Reply

      Manny S
      Nope, lesson learned so apparently the millions of progressives that skipped the presidential election will not do so again. The lesser of two evils? We will all vote for someone from here on, Trump is a harsh lesson.

  3. Posted by Aj Brandt, at Reply

    This guy is not smart at all

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Aj Brandt No Trump supporter is. Well, not the stubborn ones who still support him no matter what.

    • Posted by Clayton Brown, at Reply

      Thanks Captain Obvious

    • Posted by MegaMementoMori, at Reply

      Oh, there are tons of smart Trump supporters – CEO’s, businessmen, tax avoidance specialists…

    • Posted by 42 jade, at Reply

      MegaMementoMori spineless backstabbing cowards is not the same as “smart”. you need a dictionary.

  4. Posted by Bolt Upright, at Reply

    Only a Bone head would vote for Donnie.

    • Posted by gap949, at Reply

      Bolt Upright Bone heads are the “Never” dumbass’s!

    • Posted by MoF, at Reply

      Do you feel validated?

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      And hillary

    • Posted by Brock Samson, at Reply

      nice pic

    • Posted by Bolt Upright, at Reply

      We’re both a handsome couple.

  5. Posted by 1128ca Mbq, at Reply

    Ken Bone was publicly stupid for not knowing that Trump would be worse for America than Hillary. That led to him being publicly mocked. Next time, be stupid in private.

    • Posted by Dani Kbob, at Reply

      +May Michelle Marquardt Please do tell all the things they agree on.

    • Posted by Jack Borgeson, at Reply

      Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else? Not until 4

    • Posted by Ebbrush3, at Reply

      better to be thought a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubt

  6. Posted by N.W.A., at Reply

    Why do random ignorant white men always get fawned over by the media?

    • Posted by Prof. Weed, at Reply

      N.W.A. It’s clearly their target demographic.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      We as a society have chosen to shove race baiting bigots off to the side as irrelevant. It’s 2018. They are not welcome in our society. woot woot

    • Posted by The Big Gooch, at Reply

      N.W.A. are you saying it should be other colored ignorant men? Would that make you happier?

    • Posted by Mudkip, at Reply

      if he were black and they treated him the same you’d call it racist, you are a bonehead

  7. Posted by TOSStarTrek, at Reply

    Republicans have never believed in the free market. It is a myth

    • Posted by g00gle minus, at Reply

      Not never, just not since @ the Reagan era. Reaganomics slowly strangled the middle class and built a pipeline that delivers wealth up the social strata to the 1%. At the same time deregulating the marketplace to allow big corporations to swallow other corporations until nothing remains but monopoly. That’s basically how we got where we are now: A corpratocracy ruled by a super-rich elite-of-the-elite uber-upper class.

  8. Posted by Asher8328, at Reply

    I don’t want to hate on this guy either but anyone who took Trump’s campaign promises seriously has got something wrong with him.

    • Posted by Michael Cornwall, at Reply

      42 jade tax cuts

    • Posted by Nena Zamora, at Reply

      Asher8328 chinga tu madre puto. Im a bot

    • Posted by extrams0, at Reply

      +Michael Cornwall you mean the tax cuts which will end up a net tax increase after 8 years? or do you plan to be death by that time?

    • Posted by DeVaughn Currie, at Reply

      Michael Cornwall yeah but he lied about who this tax cuts we’re for

  9. Posted by Terry Turner, at Reply

    Oh yeah, the Kool-Aid Man!

    • Posted by Allen Albright, at Reply

      hee hee

    • Posted by g00gle minus, at Reply

      Oh no!

    • Posted by Terry Turner, at Reply

      g00gle minus oh yeah!😂

  10. Posted by Anthony Butler, at Reply

    So loathsome Trump supporter finds out that this notorious pathological liar, and extreme opponent of the scientific consensus on climate change, lied about helping his industry, which makes significant contributions to pollution… This is a lose, lose situation.

    Trump loses one of his pathetic supporters because he has done nothing to help his unsustainable industry… The problem is that Trump does actually support dirty coal but he is too lazy to do anything to help it; he will talk it up endlessly but why would he actually do anything?

  11. Posted by Supralobe, at Reply

    What a bonehead

    • Posted by Zombie Buster, at Reply

      Plenty of them on the right. Still, progressive left is full of boneheaded “skeptics” with their bottomless pit of “neutrality” and false equivalencies. The further left of Bernie you go, the more Intellectual Idiots you get. Scott Adams, Susan Sarandon, Jimmy Dore….

  12. Posted by Last Guy Minn, at Reply

    If Ken Bone is truly the average American, then we’re in bigger trouble than I thought.

    • Posted by Last Guy Minn, at Reply

      Glenn Williams – LOL, nice.

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      No wonder America a shithole country

    • Posted by Last Guy Minn, at Reply

      Steven Anchundia – Yeah, you tend to reap what you sew.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      He really is. >_>

    • Posted by the green man, at Reply

      sadly, he is probably smarter than the average US voter.

  13. Posted by Torontopia, at Reply

    He’s just starting to have second thoughts? Really? What the hell is wrong with people? I seriously don’t get it! I just can’t figure out Americans!

    • Posted by Elizabeth Britton, at Reply

      Torontopia they don’t watch or read the news and they vote and then get on with their lives. Politics are boring for most and some are really innocent about either party really doing anything harmful to us citizens.

    • Posted by MrVeggie247, at Reply

      What we call “tv” is reality to them.
      Every day, all day, non stop from cradle to grave.
      America isn’t real, it doesn’t exist, not really.

    • Posted by DravenGal, at Reply

      Don’t group us together, most of us don’t want Trumplethinskin in there. And many of us do follow politics…whether we want to or not.

  14. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    Ken Bone got way to much spotlight. Ken you can sit down now.

    • Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

      The Diesel
      Whatever happened to Joe the Plummer?

    • Posted by Hugo Fernandes, at Reply

      It wasn’t his fault that he did though.
      He went out there as a citizen and asked a question that was and is important to many in the country, if not all. That’s being a participating and conscious citizen, and it’s more than a lot of people can say for themselves, since there’s an enormous percentage of people who do not care for politics or even vote.
      Many other people asked questions and weren’t investigated by the hordes on the internet simply because they didn’t look as funny as ken bone did. The fact that the internet made a meme out of him and then got disappointed in what it found is not on him. People made their own preconceptions when they didn’t even know the guy.

    • Posted by ra5928, at Reply

      The Diesel – I appreciated his input on the coal topic.

    • Posted by ra5928, at Reply

      Your Friendly Satanist – ?

  15. Posted by Erik Weimer, at Reply

    The more time passes, the more people will see the pile of bulls*$& underneath the cherry that Trump put to dress it up.

  16. Posted by Barack Smith, at Reply

    Looks like Trump has lost his Bone..

    • Posted by Toney Mac, at Reply

      Barack Smith much better headline

    • Posted by Dennis Wicker, at Reply

      That was because he was always trying to bury it in porn stars.

    • Posted by Aaron Lewis, at Reply


  17. Posted by Michael Coville, at Reply

    “Beautiful clean coal.” Coal is the dirtiest fuel there is. There are no magazine issues or websites devoted to the Top 100 lumps of coal. When someone calls coal beautiful and clean, you know he has a very serious mental defect. That man is not qualified for public office. Trump demonstrates why they wrote the 25th Amendment.

  18. Posted by Drake Santiago, at Reply

    To assume that Ken Bone has “Second Thoughts” on Trump, is to assume that he had any good “Thoughts” the first time around.