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Kevin Spacey’s OUTRAGEOUS Response To Sexual Assault Accusation


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Star Anthony Rapp has actually implicated Kevin Spacey of trying to sexually attack him over Three Decade earlier. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Sign up for our channel:

Kevin Spacey escaped questions concerning his sexuality for several years, firmly insisting that it was an exclusive issue even as Hollywood gossip bordered him. On Sunday, the popular star confirmed what had actually long been whispered: "I choose currently to live as a gay man," he wrote.

Yet several of those that may have sustained him were rather incensed by the implication that his sexuality related to an accusation, reported by BuzzFeed Information, that he had made a sexual breakthrough toward a 14-year-old child 31 years back. They saw his appearing tale as a deliberate distraction from the complaint as well as a destructive conflation of homosexuality and also pedophilia.

The view revealed by Mr. Eichner, an actor, was shared throughout Hollywood as well as the gay neighborhood, as people criticized the timing as well as tactics of Mr. Spacey's action. Some also guided ire at news organizations that showed up to concentrate extra on Mr. Spacey's appearing compared to the sexual misbehavior accusations.

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  1. Posted by Anita Smith, at Reply

    As far as Spacey goes …. that’s a “Rapp”

  2. Posted by Captain Beefheart, at Reply

    Of course, I force myself on underage boys, I’m gay. WTF? Damn it, Spacey.

  3. Posted by Roberto Carlos López Delgado, at Reply

    where were the parents or guardian? come on

  4. Posted by Lauren Reed, at Reply

    What I wanna know is who lets their 14 yr old child go to a party that an adult was having?

    • Posted by Sophia Wilson, at Reply

      I am fear you not the only person who ask that question remember he and Spacey were in Broadway show together. He should left as soon he see no people.

  5. Posted by Au Cr, at Reply

    I still don’t think House of Cards should’ve been cancelled. That really pissed me off.

    • Posted by Ricky B, at Reply

      Dalton Bedore oh look another hypersensitive sissy liberal watching young turks. How does it feel to be a stereotype lol

    • Posted by chrichtonsworld, at Reply

      Sure who cares if a guy gets away with molesting kids. As long as you can watch your precious show. People like you are sick.

    • Posted by r pray, at Reply

      It was going to be the last season anyways; Before this story even broke…

  6. Posted by jekzinder16, at Reply

    “He might have forgotten?” Come now Cenk, have you never had a black-out when you were drunk. It’s more likely than a might, it’s a reality when too much alcohol is involved. Now was this a Spacey black-out, can’t say for sure. But you can’t criticize the man for not remembering if he is telling the truth about it. You can however criticize a man for turning an assault story into a moment to be honest about his sexuality.

  7. Posted by Kylae Howard, at Reply

    As much as I like Kevin, however this is not just about one incident that happened years ago, clearly this is a know thing with Kevin *hints episode of Family Guy when stuie was running naked and indicated he had been locked in Kevin Spacey’s dressing room*

  8. Posted by Verizon Wireless, at Reply

    Hollywood ALWAYS been weird and sticky. Disgusting

  9. Posted by ThomasHaberkorn, at Reply

    like him very much on Star Trek

  10. Posted by fredman1085, at Reply

    How is the second part of his apology like Trump?  He didn’t point his finger to anyone else and say “but look at him!”, I think he is finally admitting to himself that he is not bi-sexual but homosexual and since he’s roughly my age, I can see that might be a hard thing to do.   if he did assault the then 14 year old, shame on him, but we don’t know just how drunk he was and it was 30 years ago as well.  I myself probably wouldn’t have forgotten but I doubt the number of women I slept with in my life, and only my wife for the past 32+ years) is anywhere in the ball park of how many he has.

  11. Posted by h75gb h86th, at Reply

    Wow so many comments putting the blame on the victim. So rape is okay if it doesnt fit your liberal narrative is that it?

  12. Posted by admiralbillom, at Reply

    what’s with the knowing wink about the ” fourteen year old”? – you two are seriously goulish – is this some kind of hallowe.en thing?

  13. Posted by notmyname, at Reply

    Kev would’ve been better off staying silent about this…

  14. Posted by xAbominationx, at Reply

    wait wait wait wait… there was controversy of whether or not spacey is gay?

  15. Posted by donjin cie, at Reply

    seriously …. and you guys allow a pervert in the white house and dont cry over it .. unbelievable.

  16. Posted by T. E. Lawrence, at Reply

    What else do you expect, haven’t you seen American Beauty …

  17. Posted by Kevin McFarley, at Reply

    What BS.  Rapp was a sexually active 14 year old who was having sex with his 17 year old boyfriend at the time.  He did not say he had sex with Spacey, just that Spacey laid on him drunk.  Seductive teenagers are not uncommon in Hollywood.  Now Rapp said he made the accusation because he is jealous of Spacey’s career success.  Watch out nowadays for manipulative teenagers.  Rapp was no child.  Teens have learned that the threat of accusing an adult of sex abuse can be profitable.

  18. Posted by Cary Pollack, at Reply

    Child Mlesstaton Aknowledged: Spacey TAKE THE RAPP One in 5 Childred before 8 Victums
    NO Snitchers Bar for Haloween . Solid Reporting & No “”Witch Hunt” Trick by Spacey but No Treat!!! CP CP