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Key Republican Backs Obamacare Repeal


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Lisa Murkowski is with rescinding the individual mandate for Obamacare. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you believe in the remark area below.

" Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin stated Wednesday that he does not support the existing versions of the Us senate as well as House GOP's tax expenses– ending up being the very first Republican senator to straight-out oppose the celebration's strategy to overhaul the tax obligation system.

Johnson stated in a statement that he challenge the expenses' therapy of organisations known as pass-throughs, whose owners pay taxes on their companies through the individual side of the tax obligation code.

" Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she sustains GOP initiatives to repeal the Affordable Treatment Act's specific required, the Alaska Republican politician wrote in an op-ed for a local newspaper Tuesday.

" I have actually always supported the freedom to choose," Murkowski wrote in her op-ed for the Daily News-Miner, an Alaska paper. "I think that the federal government must not require anybody to purchase something they do not want to get, to avoid being strained."

Murkowski's restored assistance for repealing the mandate– after repeatedly opposing her event's Obamacare repeal bills this year– might be a boon for Us senate Republicans' tax regulations, that includes required repeal as well as is anticipated to be taken up on the Senate flooring next week.

A spokesperson for Murkowski told POLITICIAN that the remarks need to not be construed as support for the tax bill, which does not yet appear to have sufficient assistance to pass the chamber.

" Senator Murkowski stated on Friday that she will be reviewing the work of the Finance Board over the Thanksgiving holiday and also intends to check out the whole plan prior to coming to any type of verdict on the regulation," the agent said.

Senate Republicans could just lose 2 votes as well as still pass their tax obligation expense with the spending plan reconciliation process, which calls for only a simple bulk. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) opposes the expense, stating it disadvantages local business, as well as Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) has actually stated that the expense should be altered. Numerous deficiency hawks have additionally elevated worries about the price of the expense."

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  1. Posted by Herb Bluntman, at Reply

    Chairiton officially fired by TYT today.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      always knew there was something wrong with JEWdan. Smug a$$hole virtue signaling for native americans at DAPL. complete cuck

    • Posted by bongo redd, at Reply

      ..fucboi move by uyger…the democrat…smh

  2. Posted by Eros xx, at Reply

    f a k e n e w s

    • Posted by Red Hood, at Reply

      Eros xx fake account

    • Posted by rosco collie, at Reply

      Eros xx just please stop using that term if you dismiss every thing like this (yes that is a assumption correct me if I’m wrong thank you) the word will become meaningless

    • Posted by Eros xx, at Reply

      okay, first of all this is a bogus channel that posts meaningless garbage and it is as trustworthy as gas station sushi. These people lie about almost everything they cover and I say that this is fake news, because people won’t bother to fact check anything the Turks say. This is a horrible leftist media platform and they choose to side with feelings over facts and as a libertarian, that is one of the worst marketing decisions an organization like this could make.

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      Eros xx Don’t worry your mommy will finish servicing the ISIS training camp glory holes and she will be home very soon to change your diaper.

  3. Posted by Danks Shepherd, at Reply

    toxic af capitalist system

    • Posted by Sunshine, at Reply


    • Posted by JoeyFiveandDimes, at Reply

      The for profit ‘health’ insurance scam is the same model as the Mafia’s ‘protection racket’.  Medicare for ALL ….NOW !

    • Posted by Sunshine, at Reply

      Arguments that Ben Shapiro put forward towards health care were garbage, but it’s true the rich don’t need public health, I think money should get out of politics before dealing with anything else

    • Posted by JoeyFiveandDimes, at Reply

      Sunshine <<<<< Yes ...the attitude of "I got mine, screw you' among so many of the rich and just merely affluent defines solipcistic selfishness. Truly myopic. Ignorance of the whole, or collective. Poe penned the great "Masque of the Red Death" as an allegory for the ultimate fate of such 'individuals'.

    • Posted by Star_27 ‘, at Reply

      Danks Shepherd we need a social democracy

  4. Posted by Musisi.l. Jonathan., at Reply


    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      I see so you are firmly against freedom of choice then?
      This is a repeal of the individual mandate do you even know what that means?
      It means people will no longer be required by law to purchase an Obamacare plan, they can still buy it if they want it, they just won’t be breaking the law if they don’t.
      Please explain why you are opposed to that, i am genuinely curious to read your rationale.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      Republicans don’t do town halls anymore. They’re afraid they’ll get yelled at again.

    • Posted by Aaron Norell, at Reply

      StupaDr00g you think Auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance aren’t already FORCED on everyone?.. freedom of choice…. indeed. wtf?. F@ck 0ff I am genuinely curious to know how, the actual f@ck, you missed that hypocritical bs. ill explain it to you.. its either willful ignorance .. or intellectual dishonesty..

  5. Posted by D Turner, at Reply

    I read that they added a provision to the bill that allows oil drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge which is why Murkowski supports the ACA repeal now.

    • Posted by Kyle Brown, at Reply

      Are you somehow insinuating that she’s a corrupt corporate contact that only refuse to vote against trumpcare because the bribes that the Trump Administration offered her weren’t large enough at the time and now they are, how dare you she’s a republican after all

  6. Posted by Ainsley Grace, at Reply

    Part of me kind of wants them to pass the tax bill. Not because I like their bill, but because I can’t wait to watch blue and purple state Republicans sweat as they defend this next year.

    • Posted by deephouse412, at Reply

      part of me wants the government to tank… so that big significant change can take place. however if the corporate tax rate drops from 35% to 20% and the whole entire experiment doesnt tank… Well NEVER get that rate back up in our lifetime

    • Posted by Charles Lima, at Reply

      Anton Voltchok keep trying ok president Trump is the best president of all times and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family I’m sorry not too far how’s it work on that but I like you have a nice day

    • Posted by Don, at Reply

      That’s better Charles. Now try punctuation.

    • Posted by Mod MINI, at Reply

      The problem is most people won’t be affected by this bill. It only affects people who have enough deductions to itemize deductions They lose a ton of deductions. But most people don’t itemize many are actually a little better off. Like every other thing that has happened this year, the affected are in the minority so their voices aren’t heard.

  7. Posted by Trevor Cole, at Reply

    This is absurd. How can you argue against freedom of choice?

    • Posted by Trevor Cole, at Reply

      Martin Tramil Ummm. Yes exactly my point. The poor do not have a choice. You either pay an insurance company or you pay the government. How is that free or a choice?

    • Posted by Trevor Cole, at Reply

      Kyle Brown Any relevant arguments about healthcare?

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      “How can you argue against freedom of choice?”

      Because choosing whether to live or die is a false dichotomy.

    • Posted by Trevor Cole, at Reply

      No, assuming that all people need/want insurance is a false dichotomy. Repealing the mandate will only give people choice, is that so crazy? I will no longer be forced to have mine, and you can still have yours.

  8. Posted by Diaby Moh, at Reply

    We need take our government back. It’s scary the direction we are headed.

    • Posted by exodus21v20, at Reply

      it ain’t ours and never was.

  9. Posted by The Huntress Zildi, at Reply

    I’m drunk but…I absolutely love Ana’s dress and she looks absolutely stunning, beautiful, and powerful. It’s great. It’s totally superficial but I love it. And I never comment, because social anxiety. Go alcohol!

    • Posted by Mod MINI, at Reply

      She is strong and confident and feminine at the same time. A lot of people thing feminine means being weak and going along with everything. Not so.

  10. Posted by AmishRiot, at Reply

    When I make a Dr. appointment I usually only have to wait a day or 2, that is “evil” socialsized medicine for you. That is in New Zealand by the way. Don’t let the right wing tell you all these ridiculous lies.

    • Posted by icecoldpierre, at Reply

      Unfortunately, a Large number of people believe these lies. They have been fed them for 40+ years. And the internet has made it worse…

    • Posted by Mod MINI, at Reply

      In Japan, for a typical doctor appointment, most of the time you just show up and wait your turn. It usually only takes about a half hour. Then you pay the bill on your way out, usually no more than the cost of a decent meal.

    • Posted by Bwoi Meemz, at Reply

      I am from England, when I feel sick I just call my GP (local doctor’s surgery) and make an appointment, I have never waited for more than 2 days, the maximum is 3. And if you call very early in the morning you get to see your doctor that same day. If you are very ill you just go to A and E.. But we are all so happy about our NHS.. Medication is so cheap because it is subsidised. Even the conservatives that hated it love it. Their first talking point is, lets keep funding our NHS and the Economy..

  11. Posted by Kevin Michael, at Reply

    The Democrats should’ve made Medicare Universal back in the 60’s, instead of just for retirees.

    Democrats had a political mandate to pass Medicare For All under LBJ. They had a super majority in the 89th Congress, and the Senate, a wasted opportunity.

    • Posted by Robo Tech, at Reply

      Kevin Michael yes they should have.

    • Posted by Drd20, at Reply

      too busy protecting Hollywood and politicians of rapes and child molestation maybe… but i agree. I only vote Dems because GOP are batshiit insane, evil dangerous, but I really hate Democrats.

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      “too busy protecting”

      Who’s protecting anyone?

  12. Posted by Ulf Åman, at Reply

    Unless your house is burning down you dont need homeowner insurance. Do not waste money on car insurance before you`re in an accident. I am sure that insurancecompanies gladely sells you insurance if you call them from the scene of an accident or from the lawn watching your home burn down

    • Posted by Bwoi Meemz, at Reply

      And also for security reason lets not pay Taxes for the Military, Police etc.. Lets just wait until we are invaded then we can hire private security to save us.. Seriously what is wrong with your fellow Americans? They just seem to be stuck into this Right Wing mentality of every man and dog for themselves until it’s too late..

  13. Posted by Boo !, at Reply

    The wealthy have insurance (the best), its the working class that won’t. the wealthy have a choice – the poor won’t.

    • Posted by danny, at Reply

      Boo ! The poor force the rich and the working class to pay for their healthcare the poor like to portay that they have it bad but most of them have it better than the working class they get free everything

    • Posted by Boo !, at Reply

      The working class are the poor – on minimum wage at 60 hours a week, you cant afford medical cover or college, you should be ashamed of yourself. And then there’s your 1.5 trillion tax cut to the wealthiest. Jesus would be so proud of you.
      PS are you also supporting the paedophile in Alabama?

  14. Posted by Bwoi Meemz, at Reply

    I am from Europe and don’t understand why Americans are so opposed Nationalised HEALTHCARE… They just freak out when Socialised medicine is mentioned.. Are some of your fellow Americans irrational, uneducated or heavily indoctrinated into thinking that having Socialised Healthcare is unfair on them? Man, I love Europe, even if we have our own problems..

    • Posted by SaiyanZ Entertainment, at Reply

      Unlike you in Europe we have 10s of millions of illegals in our country that would clog and bankrupt it, that’s simply it

    • Posted by Anthony Joseph, at Reply

      danny even if that were true that would still mean that you’re choosing to pay for your military priorities over your own healthcare. I’m from Canada and I don’t know a single Canadian who would ever trade our (imperfect) system for the American (IMPERFECT) system.

    • Posted by Bwoi Meemz, at Reply

      And America is supposed to be the most advanced country in the whole world, but if you look at the different populations in it you know that Hollywood has brainwashed the rest of the world for decades lol.. They show a different more rational side of America, when you watch the likes of FOX NEWS, or watch their election campaigns then you see the true America. The things that conservatives voters come up with make my jaw drop all the time. All they seem to ever do is peddle conspiracies about those that have a different political view, “Jail this and that liberal for these crimes”. These liberals want to take away our rights, etc..
      WTF? The typical (weird Walmart American) stereotype seems a more accurate representation than a Hollywood all rational American..

    • Posted by HellSpunk, at Reply

      +danny The US military budget is bloated beyond all proportion, don’t pretend it’s 60% of your federal budget because of a few missile bases.

    • Posted by MovedMasterMike, at Reply

      exactly why your continent is a shithole lol….

  15. Posted by goodgulf13, at Reply

    Trump loves the uneducated. Even though they will bear the result of Trump’s health programs. They will back him all the way. Then blame Obama when they lose medical coverage.

    • Posted by James Chammess, at Reply

      goodgulf13 trump2020

  16. Posted by Jason Smith, at Reply

    Just cause the majority wants it doesnt mean it works.

    • Posted by Jason Smith, at Reply

      jeffreywilcher happy turkey day to you too

    • Posted by David Roberts, at Reply

      Just because it works everywhere else in the world doesn’t mean it will work in ‘Merika.

    • Posted by David Roberts, at Reply

      Just because the rich want to keep the system the same doesn’t mean the system works.

    • Posted by Jason Smith, at Reply

      Yeah, I just think some interest will treat medicare for all like the US did to venezuela, Nicarauga, and other govenments and political figure who fought to better their country. Destroy it before it has a shot and say see it doesnt work.

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      Works in EVERY civilized country, but not in a Turd world country like ‘MURIKAAA…

  17. Posted by Anonymous2708 __, at Reply

    I hate when people say that socialized medicine makes for long wait lines.  I mean even if that were true and unique to a socialized medicine system, why would lines be longer?  because everyone can actually get help when they are sick and/or hurt.  So if your argument against medicare fro all is that you don’t want their to be lines, you are basically saying that you don’t want medicare fro all because you want to be sure only some people can get help so that you don’t have to wait in line behind other people. That’s really a heartless position to have.

    • Posted by A.B. Dee, at Reply

      Anonymous2708 __ that’s how some people get to feel superior. By knowing they let others die. It’s sickening.

  18. Posted by L vamp, at Reply

    All Republicans are monsters and only care about their self and the corporate buddy. Thank a lots, you kill the country

    • Posted by James Chammess, at Reply

      L vamp your welcome.