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Killer Cop Betty Shelby Gets Her Job Back. Again.


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Due to program she did. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, as well as Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment section listed below.

" The white ex-Oklahoma police acquitted of homicide in the deadly shooting of an unarmed black man last year and who resigned from the authorities department has a new job as a replacement.

Betty Shelby was vouched in as reserve Rogers Region Constable's Office replacement Thursday. Constable Scott Walton really did not state what her obligations will certainly be yet claimed she will not be paid.

" I am recognized to have actually been preferred to belong of this fantastic department (and to function) with the citizens of Rogers County with a sheriff that is dedicated to guaranteeing justice for all, whether they are law enforcement or a member of our community," Shelby said, according to the Tulsa Globe.

Walton, an enthusiastic advocate of Shelby, highlighted her police experience as well as claimed she'll visit the gun array like other deputy." *.

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Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure.


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  1. Posted by Cm Punk, at Reply

    She will krill another unarmed black man soon or later because all they do is kill black people who are unarmed

    • Posted by Karl Slaggerfeld, at Reply

      Andrew Devine I don’t want to speak for InkCricket C, but I don’t believe he hates white people just white people who think like you. I totally understand where he’s coming from.

    • Posted by Mike Jenkins, at Reply

      Cm Punk all blacks do is kill blacks also so stfu

    • Posted by RockdownPlus, at Reply

      Mike Jenkins. Your intellectual ability is great 🤣🤣🤣

    • Posted by SilverDUBZ, at Reply

      If it was any other country the people would be clapping back at them but not here.

  2. Posted by Kelly T, at Reply

    Did you guys hear the helicopter operator?Oh oh,this guy look dangerous!He looks bad.

    • Posted by Kevin Carey, at Reply

      he was dangerous and bad. Google your didn dew nuffins rap sheet. Lots of resisting arrest and fighting with cops and even did a stretch in prison

    • Posted by Hakizzle08, at Reply

      Stop lying

    • Posted by muntu1221, at Reply

      Kevin Carey Assuming that were true, how could you tell that by looking at him from a helicopter?

      Please, enlighten us. I really want to know how Robocop pulled up his record on sight alone.

      By the way, if you’ve served your prison sentence, you’ve paid the price for whatever you once did. Cops can’t judge you based on it, anyway. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.

      What, equal treatment under the law isn’t available to those “bad dudes”?

  3. Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

    Yep… the blue line endures. So she killed someone for no reason at all. Get her back on the force so she can kill some more.

    • Posted by Beamers Beamer, at Reply

      E Libertine taser him for what?

    • Posted by Dave McCauley, at Reply

      @ Buzz kill…. Wonder how you feel about American Police Officers killing children..and lying on Police Reports?
      Would love to hear your excuse on this one..entertain me… 😉

    • Posted by kanimo24, at Reply

      mud cat you’re right. We should have cops kill anyone who has ever been high on an illegal substance, cuz they’re not the best dudes.

    • Posted by Caleb Boateng, at Reply

      kanimo24 thank you.

  4. Posted by Bayonne Blasphemer, at Reply

    People are clearly too stupid to control themselves when carrying lethal weapons. That said, we need a weapon that cannot kill, something like a phaser permanently set on stun.

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      Luca Çakır then those German police aren’t doing there jobs right either, if someone is willingly shooting at police, then they need to die quickly

    • Posted by Gavin Shaw, at Reply

      +Phish N’ Chimps except your cave dwelling theory is proven wrong in both part by simple analysis of the video we just watched

    • Posted by Gavin Shaw, at Reply

      +Kevin Carey yep and no white person is racist especially not a cop or a lawmaker were post racial even though we have public officials constantly spewing sewage about ppl of other races and then claim that there critics are the ones racebaiting

  5. Posted by Steve Crane, at Reply

    That “that looks like a bad dude, he must be on something” comment is all you need to know racist judgment is definitely out there. I wonder what he saw all the way from a helicopter that made him think that. Racism deniers have an answer for me?

    • Posted by Dave McCauley, at Reply

      to introduce “FEAR” into the scene… All cops agree.. YES.. Justified…
      “You have nothing to FEAR, but FEAR itself….”

    • Posted by Mitchell Cheng, at Reply

      It’s because he was walking away from the cops so they thought he was on drugs, nothing to do with racism. I’m not saying the cops should have shot tho

    • Posted by Zachery Jones, at Reply

      Tyler don’t be an apologist…

    • Posted by Dimitri Wega, at Reply

      Mitchell Cheng Do you believe no subconscious bias was involved in their choice of words?

  6. Posted by blaze12771, at Reply

    If a cop kills an unarmed person it unlikely he or she going to jail.

    • Posted by Beamers Beamer, at Reply

      04mzwach wtf are you talking about?

    • Posted by Beamers Beamer, at Reply

      Ty Jones Black independent fake profile by a white supremacist

    • Posted by MrBlack1968, at Reply

      Yes, highly unlikely, because the usual reason a police officer would open fire is when they feel their life is threatened. That’s enough for an acquittal for anyone, not just cops.

    • Posted by Sam Ray, at Reply

      +MrBlack1968 the cops have shot people in handcuffs with video evidence and still stayed out of jail and kept their jobs. this is beyond unjustifiable. there are actually many examples of citizens going to jail and receiving a shitty sentence after a legitimate self defense shooting. this country is going in the shitter. and you bootlickers are allowing it.

  7. Posted by Jesus Christ, Part Deux, at Reply

    “That looks like a bad dude, too. Could be on somethin”.

    He could tell all that from 1000 feet in the air. Right wing, hillbilly, redneck reporter.

    • Posted by gyneve, at Reply

      ralphinator2 This, so much. When they started to cut funds and shut down institutions, it was supposed to be replaced with public services and housing programs. We only got a shadow of that, and now we have almost nothing. Now police can kill the mentally ill just for asking for help.

    • Posted by party cow, at Reply

      Actually something like 25-30% of police shootings are of mentally ill people. It’s likely up to 80% of police shootings are totally unjustifiable, but that’s what ‘shoot first ask questions later’ means. Murder someone, then invent a reason for why it was justifiable.

  8. Posted by Chris Jordan, at Reply

    I DO NOT trust police. There are just too many bad apples.

    • Posted by albert demby, at Reply

      Are you stupid, or trolling.

    • Posted by Petrt Lacombe, at Reply

      Joe Smith All cops are low life scumbags because they protect the the other scums and not honest enough to satand for the truth so all scums nothing more then blood thirsty animals out of control

    • Posted by Petrt Lacombe, at Reply

      honey i am sure your heroes would try this with a biker or a mob you bonch of heros that can kill children

    • Posted by GoldenHawk93, at Reply

      How many have you heard of? How many have actually done their jobs correctly without violence, that’s right… the thousands who don’t get reported.

    • Posted by QueenFanPiper62, at Reply

      I do not trust all the thugs, cons, and kiddie fuckers that are cop haters.

  9. Posted by Marvin the Martian, at Reply

    “..time for a taser I think.”

    Shoots to kill

    • Posted by Angel Singer, at Reply

      Marvin the Martian Are you here on this planet legally?

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      dee MAVERICK What?

    • Posted by Liza Tanzawa, at Reply

      Bill Anderson well not the nukes…. 🙁

    • Posted by Liza Tanzawa, at Reply

      Colby Martin sad lol at the ugly

    • Posted by Liza Tanzawa, at Reply

      Ex Animus Congrats on being able to spell all those words, but you said NOTHING

  10. Posted by Sean Nicholson, at Reply

    Colin Kaepernick can’t get a job because he protested this behavior.

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      Beamers Beamer he has no talent that’s why! Stop with the race bs!

    • Posted by LᗩᑎDO LᗩᑎD, at Reply

      Kaepernick was offered contracts but turned them down because he wanted more money. If he wanted to play he could’ve accepted one of the offers.

    • Posted by jane doe, at Reply

      LᗩᑎDO LᗩᑎD thank u all facts matter

    • Posted by Sam Ray, at Reply

      +LᗩᑎDO LᗩᑎD he rates more money. lowball offers are not real offers.

  11. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Wtf is going on in America? One family is grieving because they lost a father, a son, an uncle; and another family is celebrating because a mother, a daughter executed an unarmed man. She even got a promotion!

    • Posted by VanHulstein, at Reply

      Bill Anderson have you looked in the mirror?

    • Posted by chrichtonsworld, at Reply

      Django Freeman Your police is also targeting whites and handicapped people so if you think you are safe keep thinking that.

    • Posted by Gavin Shaw, at Reply

      +Django Freeman so you use this profile to troll as a black man that’s sad

  12. Posted by Javan uHnah, at Reply

    It’s things like this that stopped me from studying in America. Because it really doesn’t matter who you are, you could be a “thug” or you could even be a pastor, like this guy. You’re still seen the same, because brown skin is criminalised.

    • Posted by Kevin Carey, at Reply

      no criminals are criminalised get off your fat whiny snowflake Vegan butt and Google this criminals rap sheet lol its long long long and FILLED With resisting arrest so this was nothing new at all. His car didn’t break down, he stopped it himself and jumped out because he was high as a kite and thought it was going to blow up because he was on a drug that causes hallucinations and paranoia. Man reality sucks eh Liberal whinebag?

    • Posted by Javan uHnah, at Reply


    • Posted by RARE non-normie left winger, at Reply

      so in the USA it’s normal to murder drug users in the street? YOu’re a violent sociopath

    • Posted by muntu1221, at Reply

      Kevin Carey You keep saying this and have yet to provide evidence, or even explain how this is relevant.

  13. Posted by A1Cvenom, at Reply

    The idiot was on PCP, wouldn’t follow orders and kept going for his car window. She did nothing wrong.

    • Posted by MrGivememyoldaccount, at Reply

      A1Cvenom car window was up and this woman had already looked inside the empty car before she shot him.

    • Posted by ReapeX, at Reply

      @DB Cooper
      Dude…the windows on the car was up. His hands were on the window. There was nothing he could and he had 4 officers next to him. Yet, the obvious answer to her was to shoot in the chest killing him.

  14. Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

    Once cops get a taste for killing, they keep killing. We need to locate Betty the Butcher and put her down.

    • Posted by Kevin Carey, at Reply

      how can you reallyknow anything about yourself until you have killed somebody? I have a long long long list of people id love to kill but I like my freedom

    • Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

      You should become a cop then.

    • Posted by Joe Hollow, at Reply

      You are an imbecile.

  15. Posted by Ashley Van Hammer, at Reply

    Wow. A friend of mine wass accused of stealing food from his job at Subway. No proof. Got fired. She killed a man. There IS proof. Got acquitted of the charhes. Is now a cop again.
    Black men are worth less than a sandwich…?

    Well… goddamn bless america…

    • Posted by johnmburt1960, at Reply

      *”Black men are worth less than a sandwich…?”*
      Welcome to the country which elected Donald Trump.

    • Posted by Dan W, at Reply

      Look at OJ simpson who killed 3 white people, yet got away with it. Looks like your hypothesis appears to be flawed

    • Posted by Prince Kosmo, at Reply

      Dan W who was the third white person???….lol…. furthermore, not one thing you’ve stated is a fact. you need an actual fact and a witness to corroborate the event. you have nothing but another white supremacists who bungled the entire case he was so blinded.

      Here is a fact you can pivot to: why do black cops who shoot to kill unarmed civilians sent to prison? I know I’m generalizing, but we’re having fun.

  16. Posted by Kuma San, at Reply

    I wonder how she can live with herself, and why would she even want that type of job after killing another human?

    • Posted by Joe Hollow, at Reply

      Because she is not guilty.

    • Posted by My Videos, at Reply

      Kuma San………….Black gangbangers aren’t “human”.

    • Posted by Ann52 D, at Reply

      My Videos… your children of the devil and seed of satan. your forefathers dwell in caves on all fours and knew nothing about water or bathing even today you have sex with animals and your own children. that definitely sounds like a devil NOT HUMAN and human to me.

  17. Posted by arithsem, at Reply

    if I hold up a picture of a black person I bet the cops would shoot that too

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      David Archer
      You’re right Justine diamond was shot by the police too and she was white. The cops mistaken her for being black because it was dark outside

    • Posted by David Archer, at Reply

      About twice as many whites are killed by the police every year compared to blacks and the officer in the Diamond case was black.However the vast majority of police shootings,like Ferguson,are completely justified.

    • Posted by Sam Ray, at Reply

      +David Archer yeah right. haha. I’m supposed to believe cops shoot more white people. lmao. ok buddy. whatever you say

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      David Archer why are u assuming the race on the officer? When has race ever been an issue when discussing these incidences? I thought cops don’t discriminate color But you want to make it about race all of a sudden when a black cop kill Justine diamond?