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King Cuck Bannon Bows Before Daddy Trump


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When Bannon's Mercer sugar dads cut funding to his Breitbart propaganda store, he suddenly remembered he in fact enjoys Donald Trump. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you assume in the remark section listed below.

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" It has actually been about 1 Day considering that Michael Wolff's new book reported that Stephen K. Bannon accused Donald Trump Jr. of treason, among a variety of various other brutal quotes. And also in spite of extensive denunciations from the White House, Bannon has yet to challenge any one of it. As a matter of fact, he appears to be attempting to make nice with Trump.

However why? Why would certainly Bannon tell Wolff points that would clearly alienate the head of state, specifically when Bannon claimed today that "absolutely nothing will certainly ever before come between us and President Trump as well as his program." Why run the risk of something, well, coming between you and that schedule?" *.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur.


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  1. Posted by AboxoroxRoxursox, at Reply

    Welp the House has been burning down for a while, little gasoline never hurt.

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      When the WH and Trump allowed Michael Wolff access to the inside of the WH, they didn’t realize he was also bringing in a pint of Tequila to extract salacious material from Steve Bannon.

  2. Posted by Sean S, at Reply

    lol… nailed it. Hannity was so conflicted. It was awesome.

    All he could talk about was how the media loves this stuff….. wow that’s really enlightening. Hannity is the dumbest person on TV.

    Hannity enjoys his fellatio sessions with both of these gentleman… so naturally, he just spews more of his nonsense instead of saying something worthwhile.

    • Posted by Despicably Irascible Rapscallion, at Reply

      Sean S Don’t forget Judge Jeanine

    • Posted by Me Davis, at Reply

      Sean S isn’t Hannity the media?

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      Sean S
      I thought Hannity was going to self destruct he was so flustered.

    • Posted by Mlpfanboy, at Reply

      Sean S give hannity some credit, that was probably one of if not the most honest story he ever reported.

    • Posted by X XENON, at Reply

      Sean S LoL

  3. Posted by Gay Spoderman, at Reply

    Reichwingers are closeted betas, their cuckoldry knows no bounds.

    • Posted by Jacob Young, at Reply

      I came here for the triggered Trump supporter responses.

    • Posted by The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God, at Reply

      Gay Spoderman lol did you scare away the original spiderman? XD

    • Posted by The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God, at Reply

      Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump I live your mom anally

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Peter House we can have a debate on who’s more of a beta if you want!! I’ll be waiting.

  4. Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

    Jesus, one feels embarrassed for these Fox anchors. They are like little kids.

    • Posted by Kellyanne Gollum, at Reply

      Wait til the Fox anchors start to turn on each other – IN THE OPEN. That end is nigh.

    • Posted by elijah mikle, at Reply

      Was it just or were their faces red? The fox and friends at least.

    • Posted by the new dacia, at Reply

      beatthisroot but they have far bigger ratings than the others…this is sad

    • Posted by alex seioo, at Reply

      They get paid to do that, they are technically prostitutes.

  5. Posted by NULLPTR, at Reply

    It’s always the ones projecting the most that turn out to be the biggest cucks lmao

    • Posted by Marc Pelletier, at Reply

      Republicans are then one who would be offended to be a Cuck. A liberal should not be insulted by that. I’m not sure why the left is calling everyone cucks. Seems like a republican smear merchant sniper thing to do.

    • Posted by Jimminy Lummox, at Reply

      No, the republicans were calling everyone else cucks for ages. It’s only kinda recently that progressives have used the insult back at them, because as you say, it’s something they get offended/triggered at very easily.

    • Posted by Miku Hatsune, at Reply

      Jimminy Lummox I never heard the word “cuck” until the right started using it.

  6. Posted by SweatyShivers, at Reply

    “It’s so tabloid”- Fox bimbo 2018. I nominate this statement as the new high for irony this year.

    • Posted by Kimberly Rea, at Reply

      SweatyShivers she looked like she was going to cry.

    • Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

      dude i almost fell out of my chair when she said that..

  7. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    “He loves paging through different stories.”

    So does my 1-year old nephew.

  8. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    Nice to see him stand by his principles. In the financial sense, not the ethical one of course.

  9. Posted by I only speak The Truth, at Reply

    The right is eating itself.

    • Posted by X XENON, at Reply

      James Hardon CONservative NEANDERTHUG

    • Posted by X XENON, at Reply

      James Hardon CuckservaTARD

    • Posted by SciGuy, at Reply

      More like alt-right = cuck

    • Posted by William Cortelyou, at Reply

      James Hardon
      Hi James! I’ve never met someone so obviously salty. Im going deer hunting soon, need some jerky. Can I rent you out as a salt lick?

    • Posted by Kyle Goldston, at Reply

      The snakes are eating their own tails. It’s an ancient symbol and sign.

  10. Posted by Adam Gutierrez, at Reply

    This just became my favorite TYT video of all time. You were hilarious Cenk! xD Bye bye Bannon.

    • Posted by Gabriel Leite, at Reply

      Ppl laughing behind the camera is the cherry on top!

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      Totally. There’s something so fun and satisfying about watching Cenk savor the Schadenfreude and letting the juices run down his front. Nobody does “I told you so” better than Cenk.

    • Posted by Peggy Hill, at Reply

      Adam Gutierrez…..Me 2!

    • Posted by kristin doughty, at Reply

      Adam Gutierrez and there is a big lack of alt rights on this video lmao

  11. Posted by William Freeze, at Reply

    Bannon just got the breaks beat off. Love the title btw lmao

    • Posted by Jesse Cole, at Reply

      it’s *brakes.

    • Posted by X XENON, at Reply

      William Freeze cuck Cuck CUCK

  12. Posted by Adrian Petyt, at Reply

    Alex Jones thinks someone else is ugly and crazy!?!

    • Posted by Evo Evans, at Reply

      Marissa Versha

    • Posted by kez kezooie, at Reply

      It’s like when a big blubberguts bloke writes “no fatties” on their dating site profile, isn’t it? It was funny though but it conjured up images of Jones from that video of his where he’s running around harassing people. He was wearing skinny jeans in it and I’ve worked very hard to forget that image.

    • Posted by Secret Lemons, at Reply

      Onholyservicebound what about the cenk the big buffalo

    • Posted by Ballroomized, at Reply

      LOL!! True!

    • Posted by Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez, at Reply

      Alex Jones isn’t attractive at all. If you need proof,watch the video where he strips down to his underwear and talks about how he’s super fit thanks to his Super Male Vitality Supplements.

  13. Posted by Zang, at Reply

    I hurt my throat laughing so hard at the Alex Jones part.

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      Looked like Roger wanted to say “Alright already, I get it”

    • Posted by Jake, at Reply

      You and me both

    • Posted by Ricky Mort, at Reply

      That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week

    • Posted by tytyx4, at Reply

      Zang You should check out more of his videos, especially the ones where he gets into aliens and demons.
      I honestly wonder if there is someone like him out there.

  14. Posted by ibkillah, at Reply

    Hannity is Trumps personal taint tickler.

    • Posted by JoeyFiveandDimes, at Reply


    • Posted by Justin Gomez, at Reply

      ranger1000 you failed 😂

    • Posted by Justin Gomez, at Reply

      Natural Ice you mad son? 😂

    • Posted by aloha from kenya, at Reply

      Grundull bumbler

    • Posted by aloha from kenya, at Reply

      Natural Ice your sister is dakembe montumbos grundull gobbler

  15. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    These WHITE-wing idiots on Fox “News” are great for a laugh. Just one big sitcom.

    • Posted by h 55, at Reply


    • Posted by Secret Lemons, at Reply

      So it tyt and cnn, very funny, I know.

  16. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    LMAO Fox has no shame. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! He’s only Trump’s former right-hand man.

    • Posted by X XENON, at Reply

      Randy H LoL

    • Posted by Enrique Conchas, at Reply

      thewanderandhiscomp I got you joke. Idk wtf is wrong with gats. Trump just primes the country to divide

    • Posted by Donald Crunk, at Reply

      Randy H “I had one of the best nights of my life at Mardi Gras. I kissed over 23 different women, saw and felt countless breasts, and was in a wonderful drunken stupor thanks to my friend [Jack Daniels whiskey].” -Cenk Uyger confessing to sexual assault.

    • Posted by William Cortelyou, at Reply

      Donald Crunk nothing in there says anything about sexual assult. Have you ever been to Mardi gras? Girls are literally, going wild. It’s not sexual assult unless you force it upon someone. And Cenk is and was a nice looking man, with lots of fans. I’m sure he’d be a huge hit at any party in New Orleans.

  17. Posted by Ęÿūį Æßñ, at Reply

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Him. Down Goes Steve Bannon ! Down Goes Steve Bannon !

    • Posted by Mads Davidson, at Reply

      How bad does an adminstration even have to be to be this divided?

    • Posted by Matthew Selby, at Reply

      No body made these pair of rasist clowns start this,what do u think the left would do they are political enemies for goodness sake,come on democrats knock them into more stupid than they already are,with these repugunts bankrump ahoy just ask trump on anything he has ever done on his lonesome.the guy prob uses crayons

    • Posted by The Big Gooch, at Reply

      What we didn’t get him 😲😵 John Oliver cracks me up.

    • Posted by Nostalgic Memester, at Reply

      Jacob Wilkins They care for money, plain and simple, they have no care in a people-centered democracy nor do they have the potential to actually do it, especially with a man who is a walking Cheeto at the helm and making a mess of things.

  18. Posted by Bruce Leroy, at Reply

    “He likes the briefing pages.” Only the ones with pictures.

    • Posted by BlackBullRising, at Reply

      Bruce Leroy Sho nuff!

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      Bruce Leroy but only if it has less than 140 characters

  19. Posted by Nanoubonbon, at Reply

    Ok, faux news is down right perverse