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Kiss Your Public Lands Goodbye, America


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Traditionalists have no passion in conserving public lands or nature. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

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" Despite protests from preservationists, regional tribe leaders, Autonomous lawmakers, and even the United Nations' expert on indigenous legal rights, at 6am on Friday the Trump management will enable people as well as companies to start laying cases on sections of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante nationwide monoliths in Utah so the brand-new stakeholders could carry out acid rock mining on the formerly protected lands.

" It is outrageous to witness the taking apart of the Bears Ears national monolith, in just what makes up a severe attack on native individuals' legal rights in the United States," claimed Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, UN Unique Rapporteur on the civil liberties of aboriginal peoples.

Tauli-Corpuz kept in mind that the previous management's choice to produce the monolith "shielded thousands of spiritual websites which are main to the preservation of regional Native culture," as well as alerted Head of state Donald Trump's December choice to minimize Bears Ears' location by about 85 percent "reveals countless acres of sacred lands and historical sites to the hazards of desecration, contamination, and also irreversible damage."" *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Aduro Tri, at Reply

    Well, hope you’re happy with the results, anyone that voted for Trump asked for this.

    • Posted by Azamat Bagatov, at Reply

      you make it sound like a bad thing and the only source of opinion you have is TYT..
      Why do you want vast areas of land to be unused and owned by the government which does nothing with it.
      You want to solve homelessness or high food prices ? then you make land accessible for recreational, agricultural and housing purposes.

    • Posted by André Azevedo Rodrigues, at Reply

      rather give the land to the cooportaation than to the muslims or the mexican transgender people tho

    • Posted by KushMan, at Reply

      i am happy and hes got my vote again in 2020

    • Posted by Sc j, at Reply

      you a full of hate for people who a different. typical trump supporter.

  2. Posted by Zim Invader, at Reply

    It is too ironic how americans took the land away from native Americans and now corporations will take it away from Americans.

    • Posted by The Judgemental Cat, at Reply

      Zim Invader and Jimmy Dore said Trump is the better choice.
      At least the Dems are not outright giving away the environment and would have stayed in the Paris agreement

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      The Judgemental Cat and we’d once more reach this point, the only difference being that it would be a little further down the line so that the people are eased into the changes.

      Trump at the very least serves the purpose of opening the eyes of Americans to the true nature of capitalism while becoming a rallying point that unifies the resurgence of the left

    • Posted by The Judgemental Cat, at Reply

      fl00fydragon that’s a line literally taken from das capital from Marx.
      Sorry it doesn’t work like that.
      And to add, people are not experiments.
      So what are you going to tell the thousands of people and their families which will die directly as a result of republican policy gutting the ACA?
      “It’s ok, you died for the cause of something better that may or may not happen at some point in the future but I can’t be certain when”

      That’s psychopathic.

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      The Judgemental Cat
      1) having a common view with Marx is not an instant disqualifier. I agree with his criticism of capitalism and how large population masses react to certain stimuli while i disagree with his means to achieve an alternative system along with his ideal economic model as it is incapable of adapting to type 1 technology.

      By your logic all sociologists should be wrong because Marx invented the field.

      Nice ad hom
      Doesn’t work
      As i said we would end up where trump is now sooner or later under Hillary because she is a neoliberal sellout that serves the same exact interests, the only difference is that under her the changes would be gradual and packaged in fancy rhetoric that would make most of them go unnoticed while the increasing frustration would result in a far worse trump taking office once her 8 years would be up.

  3. Posted by No name ok, at Reply

    This is what happens in all Latin America and Africa, welcome to the third world America.
    “Banana Republic 101” course starts monday, 8AM.

  4. Posted by LonerWeirdo, at Reply

    Pls don’t let them destroy your national parks, I’m sure they’d be awesome to visit someday

  5. Posted by Larry Poorman, at Reply

    As I have said before: I hope we can hold out until November and the corporate Democrats don’t throw too many obstacles into our path.

    • Posted by Chris A., at Reply

      A Civil War needs to take place in this country

    • Posted by MinimalHans, at Reply

      Chris, Trump supporters would win. They have 90% of the guns and they know how to use them.

    • Posted by Chris A., at Reply

      MinimalHans exactly! The American people Vs. The American Government! But Trump supporters need to point their guns at the government instead of Black people and Immigrants

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      MinimalHans well if we are to take about tactics, the left is proficient with technology

      That can give you a massive edge (especially if swarm drones are involved) but violence should always be the last resort only to be used in cases of dictatorships.

  6. Posted by Robert Stuart, at Reply

    Sure, why not destroy our land, water and air? Not like we LIVE ON THIS PLANET!

  7. Posted by Le Anna Nelson, at Reply

    This is history repeating itself

  8. Posted by Kevin Barr, at Reply

    Everyone go make their claim, get the land then do nothing with it. That would piss Trump off

  9. Posted by CheeseReaper22, at Reply

    The Corporate States of America, ladies and gentlemen.

  10. Posted by Susan Bodell, at Reply

    Trumps crooked Monopoly.

  11. Posted by eSysman, at Reply

    Of course. You elect a business man and he will sell assets.

    • Posted by Mr. Invisable, at Reply

      eSysman Hilligula and dirty Harry must be at the top of your hate list…

    • Posted by vgmaster9, at Reply

      Otherwise we would’ve elected a globalist who would’ve caused World War 3 by now.

    • Posted by eSysman, at Reply

      vgmaster9 The only reason Trump hasn’t started a war with Russia is because he’s Putin’s lapdog. It will all come out soon enough. And this idea Clinton was a war monger has no merit. You’re still talking about Clinton and Trump deconstructs the country. As Trump would say – ‘Sad!’

  12. Posted by TL M, at Reply

    Trump is destroying the U.S.

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


    • Posted by We the People United, at Reply

      TL M It’s been destroyed since I was born. All I want is the work I do to pay for what my family needs

    • Posted by David Arnold, at Reply

      No, Congress is destroying the US. The first time that Trump obstructed justice and Congress didn’t do anything about it, the fault became theirs. The first person they approved from Trump’s few nominations that was there to destroy that department and not do the job it entails, the fault became theirs. To get rid of Trump one has to first get rid of Congress because Congress doesn’t seem to care what Trump is doing.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      No, the Democrats almost destroyed us by pretending a fake dossier is “intelligence”. The Memo saved the day.

  13. Posted by xcalieber, at Reply

    I hope a bunch of locals claimed the majority of the land just to do nothing with it and preserve it

  14. Posted by Patrick Playing Piano, at Reply

    ♪This Land is your land, this is land is my land♪ oh wait…

    • Posted by Paparazzi Pro, at Reply

      🎵from California, to the trump administration 🎵

    • Posted by Patrick Playing Piano, at Reply


    • Posted by SirAlazar, at Reply

      🎶 from Lockheed MarTin to Boooooeing🎶

  15. Posted by RiotforPeacePlz, at Reply

    Nothing like america turning itself into a desolate wasteland yay

  16. Posted by zztzgza, at Reply

    So how does destroying protected land make America Great Again?

    • Posted by Sc j, at Reply

      according to his supporters, yes.

  17. Posted by Michael Schmitt, at Reply

    Just to add; I was just at the Grand Staircase. I’ve seen a huge chunk of America. The Grand Staircase is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen on earth. By the way yes it is obviously super mineral rich.

    • Posted by Sally Jackson, at Reply

      And I bet you wanted cell towers close to the Grand Staircase to text people

  18. Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

    This is how Africa got robbed, only it was foreign governments taking natural resources. Now it’s international corporations.

    • Posted by Reincarnation escape 1, at Reply

      Done Lostme in partnership with the national govts indeed! National PUPPET govts propped up by foreign money and weapons. Puppet govts whos only duty is to allow American European abd Chinese corporations to dominate Africa’s resources while Africa’s citizens get nothing for it. While American corporations take the oil gold uranium abd keep 95 percent of the profit. And of course those American military bases all over Africa are there to help Africa huh?

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      Reincarnation escape 1 – You really are the conspiracy theory nut job and not very well informed to boot. The US has 1 Base in Africa “Camp Lemonnier”, you can search the contracts for European and Chinese companies with National Governments and if the money is not getting to the people that is on the African Governments. Pretty easy to spew out information that you have no way of providing proof for, it is almost as if you are pushing for a hosting spot on TYT!

    • Posted by clmBerserker, at Reply

      They dident exacly get robbed.. a outsider investing and paying to open a buissness is not exacly the same thing as stealing something…
      One is done with a gun the other is done through mutual established agreements.
      African goverments being broke sold their lands cheaply and on top of that they were corrupt and wasted the money. People really need to own up to their own mistakes and stop blaming everyone else, you cant learn form mistakes if you pretend they dident happen.

  19. Posted by Octopus, at Reply

    teddy roosevelt is rolling in his grave with what happened to his party and the use of public land.

    • Posted by Jiren the gray, at Reply

      Octopus Trump will privatize the grand canyon at this point

    • Posted by thinman45, at Reply

      Theyll be asking to drill in Teddy roosevelts head next, a la the simpsons.