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Koch Brothers Sabotage Trump’s Big Plans


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The Koch brothers desire Trump to know who's really accountable of the Republican celebration. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, tell you how they're messing up Trump's health care initiatives. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" Washington (CNN) In a final effort to sink the Republican healthcare costs, a powerful network of traditional benefactors stated Wednesday it would certainly develop a new fund for Republican 2018 reelection races– yet they'll just open it as much as GOPers who vote against the expense.

The campaigning for teams helmed by Charles as well as David Koch have actually introduced a brand-new swimming pool of money for advertisements, area programs and also mailings that would omit those that vote for the health care costs they oppose on Thursday. The effort, which they described as worth countless bucks, is a specific warning to on-the-fence Republicans from one of the most prominent gamers in electoral national politics not to cross them.

The Koch-aligned networks oppose the costs because they assume it does refrain from doing enough to scale back former Head of state Barack Obama's healthcare plans."

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  1. Posted by Truth Be $old, at Reply

    Damn I’m here early. Might as well crack a joke.

    President Donald Trump

    • Posted by Kristina Winter, at Reply

      Marco Polo Oops look who is watching it YOU! I guess that maybes you a TYTatd.

    • Posted by Craig Rik, at Reply

      Marco homo

    • Posted by dalec305, at Reply

      Craig Rik Hopeful much?

    • Posted by emanuscriptgraphics, at Reply


  2. Posted by Mark Halley, at Reply

    I say we put all the billionaire donors in a cage fight and let them duke it out.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Why don’t they just arrest George Soros and put him in jail already.

    • Posted by Craig Rik, at Reply

      go on, you do it Marco homo

    • Posted by john marcus carlin, at Reply

      Marco Polo this is a bot owned by Alex Jones Inc. when will youtube filter these things

  3. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders > Donald Trump

    • Posted by Audie, at Reply

      Jay Kline Imagine what the “non discretionary” and black budgets look like.

    • Posted by Admiral Smelling, at Reply

      Nude photos of Ivanka > Trump

    • Posted by Jay Kline, at Reply

      Please…my heart. I can only take so much.

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Let it pass so millions of trumptards lose insurance. See how quickly they turn on their orange leader.

    • Posted by Buddysimo Simonetta, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond they will turn on phony paul ryan and all the ball sucking tea baggers!

    • Posted by Buddysimo Simonetta, at Reply

      celticquestful republicans are domestic terrorists!

    • Posted by Audie, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond What about the elderly, disabled, and young? No, the least of mine are not expendable pawns.

    • Posted by jeff harris, at Reply

      After the trumptards turn on tRump, turn on the Koch brothers.

  5. Posted by bigvirgotube, at Reply

    Koch vs Mercer: No matter who wins, the American electorate loses….

    • Posted by dipojones, at Reply

      Dont forget to add the Rothschilds and Rockefellers

    • Posted by bigvirgotube, at Reply

      Naw, Trump and Icahn are small potatoes compared to the others—forgot about Soros, though.

    • Posted by tori2dles, at Reply

      Spot on. The economic oligarchs are drawing battle lines & the rest of us are just pawns.

  6. Posted by PaddyCollector, at Reply

    the koch bros are true to life comic book villains. They have been implementing their plans for decades. installing their lackeys and ideological sycophants into colleges, city governments, state governments, think tanks, non profits, national offices, EVERYWHERE. the koch bros are the real conspirators.

    Most importantly don’t forget their ideology is rooted in psychopathy. greed and selfishness at all costs.

    • Posted by Craig Rik, at Reply

      yes, and those evil traitors residing in the White house now … and you too Marco homo

    • Posted by tori2dles, at Reply

      PaddyCollector – Yep. Now, here’s another name for ya, Robert & Rebekah Mercer. Rebekah felt the Koch’s & Tea Party weren’t moving fast enough, so she started her own SuperPac. She backed Ted Cruz till he dropped out in May 2016. Then her team swooped in to plug the holes in Trump’s leaky boat starting in June 2016. They made Trump palatable to Evangelicals, gave him Bannon & Conway & backed him financially along with a bunch of their billionaire buddies. They keep in the shadows more than the Koch’s but their plans to upend the country are just as bad.

    • Posted by Edith Thurman, at Reply

      imiss toronto when the Supreme Court said it was “talking” NOT bribery! I guess a LOT OF MONEY was just TALKING TO THEMM TOO!!!

    • Posted by Marvin Julien, at Reply

      @tori2dles Funny how the radical Christians seem to have no problem joining with radical libertarians when it comes to destroying the government and the lives of ordinary people. Worse still these people sleep sound at night, secure in the knowledge that jesus loves them despite their tiny dicklets… Sad! Pathetic! Losers!

  7. Posted by Lacumbre79, at Reply

    When will those 2 mother fuckers realize that you can’t take it with you when you die.

    • Posted by Mickey G, at Reply

      Their obvious hypocrisy makes it tough to believe the Kochs are “true believers.” They’re truly parasites. Gov’t subsidies ALL THE WAY!!!

    • Posted by Audie, at Reply

      Mickey G Fake Christians are ANTICHRIST. I am horrified when the alt right, conservatives and chicken hawks are called Christians.

    • Posted by jeff harris, at Reply

      On that note:
      Charles is 78 and David is 74.

  8. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    You know, I gotta wonder. If everyone loses health care except the rich. How are they gonna make more money when everyone dies and can’t run their businesses?

    • Posted by Old Yeller, at Reply

      “Everyone” is going to die?
      Because they maybe don’t have Insurance?
      Like “everyone” died beck in the 1700’s…when there was NO Insurance…they ALL DIED right?
      Could you maybe dial it back a little?  (“everyone dies”)  XD
      You just look silly.

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Old Yeller I think it was sarcasm, but I dont see the republicans dialing back their rhetoric (meals on wheels has to go )!

    • Posted by Maxwell Montgomery, at Reply


  9. Posted by Steve Martin, at Reply

    That is sad when the Koch brothers make Trump look like a humanitarian.

    • Posted by sainval7885, at Reply

      Steve Martin word it like this (Koch brother make Trump look weak).

    • Posted by Zarion Wildclaw, at Reply


      Close. It is more like saying pedophiles are better than people participate in animal crushing videos.

  10. Posted by Stephen Milner, at Reply

    Tired of winning yet, Trumptards?

    • Posted by Audie, at Reply

      Stephen Milner All REPUBLICANs have revealed themselves by what they have done to this nation, to the best People’s president in history , for the fruad alt right ( funded by ugly, sick, small men and their horse face mercer daughter).

  11. Posted by Gotta Go Fast, at Reply

    Lol and republicans thinks Soros is the biggest enemy. The Koch brothers are far worse.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Soros is ten times worse and more dangerous.

    • Posted by Craig Rik, at Reply

      they are all dangerous Marco homo

    • Posted by Davies Duale, at Reply

      Craig Rik lol.

  12. Posted by Ryne Green, at Reply

    Why can’t these old bastards just die already.

    • Posted by K Johnstone, at Reply

      They will bequeath their billions to younger versions of themselves. Simple death is not an answer. This needs a revolution. And Americans don’t have the gumption for that.

    • Posted by TheGmc1992, at Reply

      Ryne Green well David Rockefeller just died so there’s a chance the brothers won’t be far off lol

    • Posted by dafttool, at Reply

      TheGmc1992 David died at 101 after 7 heart transplants!! One has to wonder how someone could get to the top of that list 7 time$.

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      dafttool Yup, that is a mystery, hahahahahaha

  13. Posted by Ken Adams, at Reply

    They’re against funding for cancer research? Really? These fuckers polluted small towns and caused their residents to get cancer as a result! I swear…between Trump and the Kochs, The Legion of Doom and Satan have their work cut out for them…#Resistance

    • Posted by JamezByrd, at Reply

      Temp User That donate for tax breaks and to boost their public image.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Democrats and their rich donors are the devil in sheeps clothing. Don’t fool yourself.

    • Posted by Craig Rik, at Reply

      they are all evil Marco homo

  14. Posted by Damien Rellik, at Reply

    Greed will kill the Republicans

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      It already killed the democrats so you’re probably right.

    • Posted by Craig Rik, at Reply

      yes that is right Marco homo

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      What are you talking about?

      They have been dead for quite some time now…. They are currently just a bunch of hollow corpses being puppeted by Big Money.

    • Posted by Mickey G, at Reply

      Do you read? You got some catching up to do. What a sad day. Here, at tyt, trolling. What’s w/ you and the Kochs? Got a lil crush? Or is this David? I got something for your neck, Dave. Hope to see you soon.

  15. Posted by exodus21v20, at Reply

    Can we at least pass a law to make congress wear the company logos on thier jackets of their top 10 supporters to work every day? You know, like NASCAR.

    • Posted by Jon B Baca, at Reply

      exodus21v20 That is a fantastic idea! And the more money they got, the bigger the patch on their jacket has to be.

    • Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

      Bernie will have to wear a suit with millions of tiny buttons with everyday Joe’s faces on them.

  16. Posted by James Nicholl, at Reply

    How the hell is that not illegal?
    What a joke.

    • Posted by Steve RX4, at Reply

      Old Yeller – “Hollywood spends MILLIONS supporting Bernie, and Hillary, promoting Progressivism in their Movies, ”
      and they also show and promote conservative values in Horror shows.

    • Posted by Michael A. Robson, at Reply

      Who do you think makes the laws lol

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Steve RX4 Thought this might be the first day not to see Bernie or Hillary to defend groper or the republicans, but I was wrong

    • Posted by DragonCharlz, at Reply

      The government is supposed to represent everyone. To make intentional conflicts of interest by a handful of people going in opposition to the will of the majority for obvious greed is not how the government should be set up. I’m sorry, but I can’t just toss down millions of dollars.

  17. Posted by Gent Boy, at Reply

    I’m peaceloving but these kind of people deserve the Guillotine, a few souls to save billions from misserie! Vive la Liberté!

    • Posted by K Johnstone, at Reply

      And souls of dirty evil billionaires. Please include those of the majority of Senators, Congressmen and Supreme Court Judges too.

    • Posted by Alika Awana, at Reply

      Throw in the kardashians and justin beiber and you got a deal

  18. Posted by BruceLeedar, at Reply

    Looks like Trump got Koch blocked. 😆👌

    • Posted by Moninn Yem, at Reply


    • Posted by Alika Awana, at Reply

      We have a winner