Lake Fails: Time For A Shower (April 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Lake Fails: Time For A Shower (April 2017) || FailArmy


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

Extreme tubing, barefoot water skiing, faceplants on the water … just one more day on the lake! Let us know in the remarks which fall short made you laugh the hardest! If you've obtained any amusing stop working videos of your personal, send them to us at!! Thanks.

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Paddleboarding Dual Fail
Hotshot Barefoot Waterskier Faceplants Water
ALS Ice Pail Difficulty Pourer Falls into Water
Wakeboarder Slams Into Barbecue Table
BMX Lake Embark on Ramp Fail
Fish Frees Self from Fisherman's Hands
Speedo Rope Swing Gets Foot Caught Fail
Lady Feeding Ducks Slides into Lake
High cliff Diver Face Plants Into Water
First Effort at Barefoot Waterskiing Ends in Failure
Dachshund Pet Misses out on Dock
Angler Catches Own Hat
Three People On A Water Tube Fail
Waterski Backflip Ends in Painful Fall
Individual Falls From Canoe
Waterskier Crashes into Water
Person Rides in Old Boat
Piggy Back on Dock Fail
Motorcycle Biker Crashes right into Ramp near Lake
Yogis Handstand on Paddle Boards and Loss
Individual Faceplants in the Water
Jet Ski Showoff Ends Up in Water n/a
Barefoot Wakeboarder Face Plant kingdoms
Tubing Guys Obtain Thrown from Boat
Kid Leaps to Stairs and Falls in Water
Barefoot Waterskier Crashes off Dive
Person Fails to Enter Lake in Kayak
Son Drops Tablet Into Lake
Mama Diminish Watercraft
Zipline Pulls Waterskier into Lake
Man Falls from Canoe
Professional photographer Obtained by Lake Michigan Wave
Rope Swing Fail Soaks Garments
Guy Stops working while Cycling Off Lake Jump
Skateboarding Fail into Lake

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  1. Posted by Eric Roth, at Reply


    • Posted by CitronMayor, at Reply

      The Apple ich stimme dir zu aber das mit dem IQ macht trotzdem keinen Sinn

    • Posted by 〘乃οyκα〙 •, at Reply


    • Posted by 〘乃οyκα〙 •, at Reply

      The Apple halts maul

    • Posted by 〘乃οyκα〙 •, at Reply

      Toth 604 und du auch

  2. Posted by Clash Royaler, at Reply

    First koment it’s so funny like this first koment

    • Posted by Clash Royaler, at Reply

      lukas1994ba Mich my first game

    • Posted by Manu 孤身, at Reply

      Deine Mudda schwitzt beim KACKEN!!!

    • Posted by BlastForward, at Reply

      Lies bitte richtig. Da steht “KomeNt”. Er stellt sich einfach nur aus Spaß als zurückgeblieben dar.

    • Posted by Saskeyy, at Reply

      im german too ^^

    • Posted by SYF, at Reply

      Clash Royaler omg du ser ut att vara en fucking 7 åring

  3. Posted by UnExpectedMe 14, at Reply



    • Posted by dude awesome, at Reply

      true story

    • Posted by Clash Royaler, at Reply

      I’m the first

    • Posted by Melanie Sanchez, at Reply

      Clash Royaler Nope

    • Posted by UnExpectedMe 14, at Reply

      I realy hate those people … 🙁

  4. Posted by D.A.R, at Reply

    God I hope I don’t end up in one of these.

    • Posted by Zuperthaner, at Reply

      You get money tho…💰

    • Posted by Lol Pol, at Reply

      Zuperthaner how do u get money?

    • Posted by Zuperthaner, at Reply

      +Lol Pol – You send your fail and they buy it xd

    • Posted by XFaded Foil, at Reply

      No… you send your fail to Fail Army and they put it in their video free of charge.

    • Posted by mightyerick, at Reply

      failarmy doesnt pay people for their submissions you mong

  5. Posted by Brigitte Snelson, at Reply


    • Posted by InjuryKlan, at Reply

      Brigitte Snelson a

    • Posted by Sunset Gold2018, at Reply

      Brigitte Snelson 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by DoctorHyrule Cat, at Reply

      Brigitte Snelson Bwhahahahha

  6. Posted by CallingInDoodle, at Reply

    How’s about we go for “Theatre/Performance/Musical/School Play Fails?”
    I don’t know if you’ll have a better title.

    • Posted by CallingInDoodle, at Reply

      +baba yaga
      I’m a woman… And I just want to see people fail on camera…

    • Posted by Lennart Fuchs, at Reply

      baba yaga oh what a fail.

    • Posted by SirKnightDawg, at Reply

      I want a “well, it worked on paper” one

    • Posted by Vinn Regi, at Reply

      Congrats. You made fails sound boring :/

    • Posted by CallingInDoodle, at Reply

      +Vinn Regi
      How so, exactly? Who wouldn’t wanna’ see people falling off stages? I mean, there’s so many ways that can go wrong in a play. Even children’s plays! As long as no one had major injuries.

  7. Posted by Noah Longworth, at Reply

    That laugh at 01:18 😂😂😂

    • Posted by soph ie, at Reply

      Noah Longworth this laugh made me laugh 😂

    • Posted by Dave Tatoo, at Reply

      Play it at double speed.

    • Posted by Amir Karbelkar, at Reply


    • Posted by Francisco Aguiar, at Reply

      Noah Longworth He is portuguese like me 😂😂😂

  8. Posted by MR SAVAGE, at Reply

    I was the 862 person who liked this

    • Posted by MR SAVAGE, at Reply

      Sorry I need to practise on my english

    • Posted by MAX #SR21, at Reply


    • Posted by Bassfisher_15, at Reply


  9. Posted by Life In Reverse, at Reply

    Aaaand the winner of this video is 4:40

    • Posted by CryogenicWaif, at Reply

      Life In Reverse what did he drop?

    • Posted by Alex.T.2015, at Reply

      – the best *clipboard* for sure, get it 😛

    • Posted by CoCo Nati, at Reply

      CryogenicWaif I think his iPad

    • Posted by Hao Hong Song, at Reply

      Life In Reverse 9

  10. Posted by Cory Shrexter, at Reply

    “Lake Fails”
    Me waiting for the Loch Ness Monster to show up…

    • Posted by Admiral Zhao, at Reply

      Cory Shrexter So you consider calling Nessi a fail?

    • Posted by Curtis Stanley, at Reply

      I saw him at 3:50

    • Posted by Dark Ace, at Reply

      You’re gonna need to pay about tree fiddy to unlock that part of the video

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      We really did try to find Nessy…

  11. Posted by Jaś Walczak, at Reply

    Who from Europe

    • Posted by saadetcat, at Reply

      Arthur Germany aswell😆

    • Posted by Arthur, at Reply

      saadetcat nice 😀

    • Posted by SwissGames, at Reply

      Jaś Walczak Switzerland

    • Posted by Corvus Corax, at Reply

      Czech republic 😁

    • Posted by Doty Basa, at Reply

      4:07 urcene pre vas cechov

  12. Posted by UnknownHope, at Reply

    0:08 is that a duck?

    • Posted by Dustin, at Reply

      Mrs. Quacker McQuackerson

  13. Posted by FailUnited, at Reply

    Two blondes stand on opposite sides of a lake.

    One blonde yells, “How do I get to the other side?”

    The other blonde yells back, “You’re already on the other side!”

    • Posted by Bry Isch, at Reply

      Dan Goodbad nope. You are is correct.

    • Posted by TigerKitty AJ, at Reply

      Dan Goodbad You’re

    • Posted by CaSg Gaming, at Reply

      FailUnited three woman are stranded on a island a brown head, red head, and a blonde they all agreed to swim to another island about a mile away, the brown head made it, the red head drowned, and the blonde made it halfway but got tired and swam back

      reply if you get it or like whatever that will get my attention

    • Posted by FailUnited, at Reply

      Hahaha great one!

    • Posted by Bry Isch, at Reply

      CaSg Gaming you mean a brunette?

  14. Posted by R.B., at Reply

    Don’t feed ducks bread. Don’t feed any waterbirds bread. You’ll blow their damned guts up (this is a slight hyperbole, you can kills them with too much bread, and when everyone does it, then get too much very quickly). And you promote algal blooms in the water.

    Feed them seeds and lentils instead.

    • Posted by Aidan Spencer, at Reply

      Dareaven why should I have respect for someone like him?

  15. Posted by GamingWithHugo, at Reply

    Lake fails are the best! Left a like army!

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Glad you liked it!!! What should theme should we do in the future?

    • Posted by GamingWithHugo, at Reply


    • Posted by Will Roden, at Reply

      FailArmy stupid laughs. Like people behind the camera

  16. Posted by HELLO, at Reply

    The guy at the end said *”Time for a shower.”*
    Did he not know that that was his only shower he was going to get? ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Posted by SunKissNicole, at Reply

      HELLO spoiler alert

  17. Posted by ZanarkandRose, at Reply

    May I get some likes, since today is my birthday?

    • Posted by ZanarkandRose, at Reply

      +funny doge memes lol ugh what I would give to be 10 again.

  18. Posted by GAME HD, at Reply

    4:42 at this moment he new he fucked up 😂👌

    • Posted by bradleyifv51590, at Reply


    • Posted by GAME HD, at Reply

      O thanks big mistake

  19. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Which is your favorite clip? Let us know below!!

    • Posted by fleischterine *, at Reply

      FailArmy 2 s my favorite

    • Posted by Anders Byttner, at Reply

      It was a Norwegian clip and you know it! fail!

    • Posted by Afro C, at Reply

      FailArmy the Ipad 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Shay Logan, at Reply

      FailArmy I love your fails

  20. Posted by Karina BlackCat, at Reply

    Неу guys! Just gо то му channеl, wаtch му lаst VlDЕО аnd – take a GlFТ! 🙂 ♥♥♥

    • Posted by Karina BlackCat, at Reply


    • Posted by Karina BlackCat, at Reply


    • Posted by Karina BlackCat, at Reply