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Larry Flynt Puts $10 MILLION Bounty On Trump’s Presidency


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This is a serious cash incentive from a man with a history of paying his debts (unlike Trump). Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" Larry Flynt's ad in the Sunday edition of The Washington Post is tough to miss out on.

For one, it occupies a complete web page. And also there are no pictures– just bold, all-caps text dominating the leading third of the web page:

Flynt, best known as the publisher of the pornographic publication Hustler, outlined many factors he felt President Trump needed to be gotten rid of from workplace, charging him with everything from "endangering domestic and also diplomacy with his substantial conflicts-of-interest international service realm" to "informing thousands of bald-faced lies" to "gross nepotism and visit of unqualified individuals to high office."" *.

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  1. Posted by HarleySB, at Reply

    Cenk- “Dirty pictures of people doing fun things.” That’s one of my favorite lines ever said in a YouTube video. Thank you. Great video, like always.

  2. Posted by Sweetearth1958, at Reply

    There are those times I love Larry Flint with all my heart. This is one of those times.

  3. Posted by Mad Hatman, at Reply

    They should do a go fund me to allow the public to do the same tactic.

  4. Posted by BALL JAR, at Reply

    So now it’s okay for rich guys to exploit women for profit , as long as they don’t like Trump ??? Ten million dollars that he earned by respecting women ??? Is this video supporting women or just hate for Trump ??

  5. Posted by Anomic Anchorite, at Reply

    I love you Larry!

  6. Posted by jannyjan90, at Reply

    If nothing that man has done so far is enough to get him impeached then nothing will!!!.

  7. Posted by John Muirsgrand, at Reply

    The movie about Larry Flynt’s life with Courtney Love in it would be very relevant to watch in today’s atmosphere.

  8. Posted by Quang B, at Reply

    Maybe Jared will turn in Donald Chump for the $10M!

  9. Posted by Anthony Garcia, at Reply

    Donald Trump molested me. where’s my 10 million?

  10. Posted by Hope Emch, at Reply

    But we already have the evidence. Maybe Larry should offer it to those Congressional leaders who have the power to do bring articles of impeachment. They must be frantic for campaign contributions since GOP fundraising has flatlined.

  11. Posted by CONTROL ALT DELETE, at Reply

    Americans should do to trump what Italy did to mussilini

  12. Posted by Jo smith, at Reply

    Larry is a true and way above American citizen! Thank you Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Posted by Per Amundsson, at Reply

    I hope that eventually someone will be able to collect that money.

  14. Posted by Canaan, at Reply

    If you get rid of Donald Trump then you have President Mike Pence who wants to make everyone live according to the rules of his religion Pence is worse than Trump

  15. Posted by Fernando Reyes, at Reply

    trump himself will send info on him just to get that money

  16. Posted by Ciaban K, at Reply

    Jesus Christ, people are getting desperate to find info on Trump. You would have thought an ENTIRE YEAR of this Russian investigation would have led to something.

  17. Posted by John Vara, at Reply

    He is a beautiful human being!!! I’d do the same thing if I could

  18. Posted by Bill Draheim, at Reply

    By removal does that include a bullet?