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Last Call Gets Later In California


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You will certainly be partying a little bit much longer in The golden state. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Ben Mankiewicz, and also Gina Grad, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you how late bars will certainly be open. Inform us just what you assume in the comment section listed below.

" A costs that would certainly would pave the way for possibly broadening late-night alcohol solution in the state by enabling bars to continue to be open until 4 a.m. has removed its very first difficulty, going through the California Us senate on Wednesday.

Us senate Bill 384, also known as the "Allow Our Areas Change Late Night"– LOCAL Represent brief– now heads to the State Assembly, according to Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, that recommended the bill back in February.

" The CITIZEN Act identifies that night life is vital to the culture as well as economic situation of lots of cities throughout our large and diverse state, which neighborhood areas could make liable decisions to sustain night life, if that's the option they intend to make," Wiener said in a statement."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Ben Mankiewicz, Gina Grad

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Ben Mankiewicz, Gina Graduate


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  1. Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

    The US needs a neo- religious movement that will:

    1) Storm the brothels, porn studios, stripclubs, stores that sell sexual clothes to children, sex toy shops, etc, and shut them down. Smash all their merchandise to bits.
    2) Purge the Internet and delete all porn sites, feminist sites, white supremacist sites, social justice sites, HuffPo, Buzz feed, Breitbart, etc.
    3) Completely SHUT DOWN all marches and protests, that happen anywhere. This will help cleanse the land of identity politics. Block all gay rights parades.
    4) Smash up the headquarters of MTV, Buzzfeed, etc.
    5) Wage an all out war on drug dealers. Take up arms and storm their meth labs and cocaine warehouses. Kill them if they attack. Destroy their merchandise and equipment. Storm the buildings, offices, and laboratories of companies that make opioids and ADHD pills. Smash everything to bits. Destroy all the remaining pills.
    6) Use the sex offender registry to find all people who abused kids below the age of 12, when they were above 20 themselves. Hunt them and kill them.
    7) BAN college students from EVER protesting against anything. BAN revealing clothing from colleges. Expel students who have sex while on school grounds. This will make the rape rate drop like a stone. This will shut those filthy feminists up. BAN all courses pertaining to feminism, gender studies, or social justice.
    8) Smash and destroy all the child beauty pageants, as well as all stores that sell sexual clothes to children. Storm the buildings of the brands that make those clothes and sack the place.
    9) Las Vegas is to be sacked.
    10) Plunder Mar-A-Lago and Trump Tower. Sell the stolen goods for money to spread the movement.
    11) Shut down any pro-Trump rally, at the same time have zero tolerance for any anti-Trump rally.
    12) Storm the studios of Hollywood and force them to make clean entertainment.
    13) Organise 100000 unarmed men to march into the white house and impeach and deport Trump. Seize control of the government.

    Share your thoughts.

    • Posted by Paul Adonia, at Reply

      how about a movement where gay people destroy subhuman filth like you…seriously. You’re basically asking for saudi arabia or some 3rd world hell hole and trying to disguise it as liberation? It’s amazing how you think you’re part of the majority lol. Come and try.

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + Paul Adonia

      The Movement would conduct the plans mentioned in the OP, REGARDLESS of public opinion. It would accept the fact that the majority of the US may hate it, make fun of it, and mock it, but it would take over and enforce the new order nonetheless. The children, and the children’s children of the people who hate it will come to love and appreciate it.

    • Posted by boyzing, at Reply

      That article is one persons opinion, hence why they are called opinion articles. Its also a fact that regarldless of Hitlers personal religious views he used religious iconography and manipulated the religious views of the german people to turn nationalism itself into a sort of religion. Hell his propaganda people didnt even try to hide it they bagged about it. Ive also been reading your other responses and what you are advocating is tyranny. wether you claim it to be tyranny by the majority or not that is not what the United States was founded on. Either your ignorant or just trolling

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + boyzing

      The Nazis were secularists. They were neither opposed to, nor in support of, Christianity. In fact, the Nazi German era saw the resurgence of ancient European pagan traditions.

    • Posted by boyzing, at Reply

      i stand by what i said… the nazis hijacked christianity and turned a nationalistic form of secularism into a state religion of sorts. ive done plenty of research manipulation of religion enabled them to gain a foothold over the people. i think im done arguing about this with you like i said straw man argument to the actual topic at hand

  2. Posted by TurdFurgeson571, at Reply

    Gina would be fun to hang out with I feel like

    • Posted by gzipper33, at Reply

      I would like to feel Gina also….I mean, what you said.

  3. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    super important news there TYT, help you avoid covering evergreen college…

    • Posted by Kevin Hodgson, at Reply

      You don’t understand how news works. It would be physically impossible to cover every story of a day within the runtime of their live show and that doesn’t mean they are somehow “avoiding” the stories they don’t cover. They try to get a mixture of serious stories, fun stories and stories they’re simply interested in so that the news isn’t just depressing with wall to wall serious stories. If you only use one news source for your news expecting them to cover absolutely everything, then you’re going to be perpetually disappointed, whether its TYT or any other news organisation.

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      lolz TYT complains about how other news outlets present news all the time

    • Posted by matty9460, at Reply

      Barry Drew I think this is the one where a biology teacher opposed the idea of a day wherein white people are not to come to the campus (it was some students group doing it not that actual uni I believe) on the basis that he opposes segregation and consequently he got harassed by a bunch of retards calling him racist

    • Posted by Luis Lockhart, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger news outlets that not only operate longer (24 hours a day long compared to TYT’s 3-6 hours) but analyst and cover stories differently from TYT. Completely different from what you’re complaining about.

  4. Posted by David Hojnowski, at Reply

    make LA fun again

    • Posted by David Hojnowski, at Reply

      Not at all,

      Be you

    • Posted by David Hojnowski, at Reply

      Says who

      Nothing wrong with being personal
      Or personable


    • Posted by MalcolmRandall, at Reply

      When you travel down the street, and someone does *NOT* approach you, or drive up next to you and does *NOT* say to you “Where you from?” just before they Shoot you Dead _Regardless_ of your answer, THAT is how you start to make LA fun again.

    • Posted by David Hojnowski, at Reply

      Even when they do, they never hit me

      And I return fire quite well

      Don’t have to worry about retaliations

  5. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    do we really need an excuse for people to drink even later.

    • Posted by ccmanize, at Reply

      I believe in freedom. Go live in a communist country if you want the government telling you when you can and cannot drink.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      +Snakeye808 no it’s not almost 500k people die every year from alcohol. 10k from traffic accidents alone which include people who not only get themselves killed but other people. Drunk driving a counts for 1/3 of all traffic accidents. The rest is just over dosing on the alcohol itself. Eating a few to many cheese burgers in a short period of time might make you feel sick but it won’t kill you. Drinking to much alcohol can and does kill people. Telling people you can drink even later is not going to help these statistics shrink

    • Posted by Snakeye808, at Reply

      rouge1ful, You mean people have crashed cars after drinking alcohol?!?! I never would have imagined that could happen… What does any of that have to do with extending the hours? Could you please direct me to the data that convinced you nightclubs staying open later results in more deaths from alcohol-related traffic collisions? If anything, it gives people longer to sober up, or longer to find a ride before booting them out. And for those who still choose to drink and drive (who would have done so anyways at 2am), the streets will be clearer at 4am and thus result in less collisions with other drivers. But again, if you have the data that suggests otherwise, I’d be happy to look at it.

    • Posted by Nived92, at Reply

      rouge1ful oh please bars close at 4 o clock everywhere else. 2 o clock is too early

  6. Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

    inb4 the Russian disinformation bots

    • Posted by random 5, at Reply

      Nathan Baker I wish I was inb4 the Correct The Record child porn posters making excuses for Hillary and the DNC.

  7. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    The numbers of rape are about to skyrocket in California. Welcome to Trump’s America.

    • Posted by Kelli Sjule, at Reply

      Because rape only happens at 2am or later -_-

    • Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

      How is Trump being criticised for THIS?

    • Posted by mini Cal, at Reply

      Thanks Trump…

  8. Posted by angry vegan, at Reply

    Jon’s right. People deserve the right to smoke weed at bars.

    • Posted by Philemaphobia, at Reply

      Come to Berlin ^^

    • Posted by Mat S, at Reply

      still illegal in berlin… but no last order in germany… 24/7 alcohol selling!

    • Posted by WaitingToFade, at Reply

      Are they currently not allowed to? I find that a little hard to believe…

  9. Posted by The Brony Wiking, at Reply

    Keep them open round the clock. Better that the drunks stay at the bar then in the streets.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      What happens when they leave?

    • Posted by J Servin, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond hopefully they use a car ride service.

  10. Posted by Ghastly St. Paul, at Reply

    Here in OKC I can’t smoke pot, but they will start selling stronger beer at gas stations and liquor at grocery stores smh we have enough drunks…

    • Posted by mus5599, at Reply

      That’ why Durant left.

  11. Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

    One bourbon…. one scotch…. one beer.

    • Posted by mus5599, at Reply

      You’re gay.

  12. Posted by mako zero, at Reply

    With Trump Californians really need more time to get fucked up.

  13. Posted by Straight White Male, at Reply

    i can smell gina from here and its horrid

  14. Posted by Joel McGee, at Reply

    you can smoke weed at the bars and clubs in Oakland and San Francisco

  15. Posted by moakley, at Reply

    Sydney use to have a few 24 hour bars and most places in the city would close 3am 4am

  16. Posted by ThePurpleyellowfan, at Reply

    but we gonna have some drunk driver in 7am traffic on the freeway

  17. Posted by luis heredia, at Reply

    gina is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Posted by millionfish animation, at Reply

    How about not allowing people to drink more? That’s what leads to crime, drunk driving, etc.

  19. Posted by Mareepu, at Reply

    We can pass last call, but single-payer’s complicated.