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LEAKED: Lawrence O’Donnell Loses His Sh*t (VIDEO)


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A Lawrence O'Donnell crisis has leaked online. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark section below.

" Maintain your damn hammers peaceful when MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell is working or he'll have to … drop to the "goddamned floor" himself as well as quit it!
O'Donnell hammered that factor house when he absolutely thawed down while shooting an MSNBC program, reportedly on Aug. 29. The professional reporter lost it on the floor staff, the control room … as well as whoever had the audacity to hammer throughout his show. He stated he was likewise obtaining peripheral sound in his earpiece.
In his defense, the building noise was outright, and also would sensibly be sidetracking O'Donnell as he attempted to do his work. He included the entire situation was "f ** king out of hand."
Lawrence said sorry concerning the occurrence Wednesday evening, tweeting … "A better anchorman and also a much better person would certainly've had a better reaction to technological difficulties. I'm sorry."" *.
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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Christopher Ward, at Reply

    Lawrence O’ Donnell is so brilliant and he wants his flawless delivery unsullied by technical gremlins. He wants to be free to make his delivery perfect.

  2. Posted by LD Danese, at Reply

    Human poor guy. Trying to broadcast had a bad day!!

  3. Posted by Throw Away, at Reply

    Shame these news anchors don’t get as impassioned about actual issues. Like Jimmy Dore jokingly says, he saves his anger for important things like sport events and award shows

  4. Posted by jacksparrowismydaddy, at Reply

    can we see outtakes of Cenk losing his cool? it might make Lawrence feel better.

  5. Posted by waynzwhirled, at Reply

    I like O’Donnell, and feel bad for him, but this is GREAT! You handled the story really well. And you are TOTALLY right about the over-produced corporate bullshit. Considering what it takes to run establish and run companies/corporations, it’s no surprise that most of the people running things are ego-driven psychos.

  6. Posted by y0us3rn4m3, at Reply

    Who came in Lawrence’s ear???

  7. Posted by Sentinel, at Reply

    according to the TURDS it’s OK to mistreat your staff

  8. Posted by skyoneasassin, at Reply

    I think the fact that the content he was reporting on required a bit of levity and gravitas considering how serious it was, so I can imagine the distractions were bad

  9. Posted by kjean312, at Reply

    I don’t understand why everyone’s defending him. This is workplace harassment. He has some technical issues and takes it out on all his inferiors. I’m assuming it was one of the people that was harassed that leaked this, and I have nothing against them. They’re showing how this “nice guy” on TV is actually a jerk and a bully

  10. Posted by Zissou Moonshot, at Reply

    Nobody would sympathize with Lawrence over this more than a tech. Believe me, we are as frustrated as anyone else trying to keep pace with the changes in technology and the endless bugs, versions, and revisions we have to deal with in order to make all these various systems work in concert with each other.

  11. Posted by s h a d ø w b a n n e d, at Reply

    The irony when TYT production failed to to pop up a video when it was cued later in the show.

  12. Posted by King Borrelli, at Reply

    Remember a couple weeks ago everyone was saying this exact thing and then glazed over it. That fact that people are agreeing with Kim Jong un over the president of the United States is disgusting and shows how in denial the left is. Trump is willing to go to war with a man who kills his own people, in prisons them in the country and forced labor camps. This is a big debate over the holocaust and whether the allies knew of the atrocities being committed by the nazis to Jews and whether we should have or could have gone in earlier. So I’m very happy Trump is willing to destroy this mad mans dictatorship so the people of North Korea do not have to be treated how they are currently. Trump told banks choose North Korea or the USA to do business with. This is a millions times better than Obama with asad in Iran and how Barack Obama allowed and even defended after knowing the horrible things he did to his people such as mass genocide. The left is being the same as always, they just keep denying cause they know they’re wrong.

  13. Posted by Jason Nysa Cleomedes, at Reply

    I love when Lawrence speaks on things.  He really had a bad day.

  14. Posted by MrKhushrenada, at Reply

    Apologising for being a human, I’m disgusted. Ever been in a voice chat with loads of people chatting at the same time, it’s very similar and so I can relate.

  15. Posted by Joe Mauro, at Reply

    The video is actually longer. They say Lawrence O’Donnell stripped down, crapped in hands and started throwing it at his staff, screaming “Joy Ann Reid is my Sally Hemings”.. What does all that mean? Is Lawrence on medication?  He has rights if he’s disabled and he should be looked after.

  16. Posted by Cornelio Jerez, at Reply

    I wanted to see this video but when i saw it’s TYT reporting on it, i said nah, I ain’t watching. Tyt could take their $20 million and disappear. Tyt has lost all credibility with me. Plus there’s videos of tyt saying their OK with receiving Soros corrupt money…

  17. Posted by 1Muzition1, at Reply

    The people who say this is damaging his reputation over-estimate Lawrence O’Donnell’s reputation.