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LEAKED: Trump Congratulates Duterte On Slaughtering Drug Users


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A transcript of the Trump/Duterte telephone call has been leaked. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us what you assume in the comment section listed below.

" LAST MONTH Donald Trump spoke by phone with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as well as was widely slammed by participants of both events for welcoming the strongman to consult with him in the White House.

The Intercept acquired a transcript of the call and also is releasing it completely. On the phone call, Trump enthusiastically backed Duterte's homicidal "medication war" as well as repetitively addressed the possibility of a UNITED STATE nuclear strike on North Korea. The transcript, which contains countless mistakes, is a certification of the Philippine Department of Foreign Matters. Well-placed sources at the Palace and also the Department of Foreign Affairs validated its credibility to reporters for the Philippine news outlet Rappler, which collaborated with The Intercept on this story." *.

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  1. Posted by bigart1993, at Reply

    Trump = MORON

    • Posted by _ _, at Reply

      bigart1993 = LIBTARD SNOW FLAKE.

    • Posted by _ _, at Reply

      Yogs0th0th Angel – ALL liberal Americans are morons.

    • Posted by Yogs0th0th Angel, at Reply

      _ _

      You’re one of the retards I’m talking about.

      nice to meet you.

    • Posted by Yogs0th0th Angel, at Reply

      America is winning at having the most morons. The two of you are the prime example.

    • Posted by Yogs0th0th Angel, at Reply


      It’s difficult to find a person that’s dumber than a Trump supporter.

  2. Posted by Kellen Sheppard, at Reply

    Living off Borrowed time the clock ticks faster

    • Posted by James Hdog, at Reply

      Trump is definitely a “Mad villain.”

    • Posted by Oh bummer, at Reply

      +James Hdog death to donald trump!

  3. Posted by ch33tos sesh, at Reply

    I will be the best slaugher in this country, believe me folks, no one can slaughter more drug users than I can – Trump

    • Posted by coolguy98, at Reply

      ch33tos sesh I hope heroin dealers get smashed in this country. They kill 50,000 Americans a year, more than any terrorists. Drug dealers are the enemies of America. I can’t stand Trump, but I’m with him on this.

    • Posted by ch33tos sesh, at Reply

      coolguy98 not just drug dealers but drug users as well will be slaughter.

    • Posted by Gen X Murse70, at Reply

      You’re shortsighted and mistaken.  US presidents murder millions of people in illegal wars.  Compared to their conquest of land and resources, drug dealers are nothing.

    • Posted by emfederin, at Reply

      gen x moron70 sez “US presidents murder millions of people in illegal wars”

      There’s always one in every thread…

  4. Posted by 歌姫ゆこ sunshine, at Reply

    Trump is an embarrassment .. Can he be anymore pathetic? Seriously

    • Posted by emfederin, at Reply

      maxipad sez “I still sleep like a baby at night”

      May as well. You act like one all day.

    • Posted by Lar M, at Reply

      Seriously. Why Trump won the election and he already given all these ‘nasty’ promises and people still voted for him.Have you seen a doctor ?

    • Posted by _ _, at Reply

      SUNSHINE – Shave your dads NUTS and tickle them.

    • Posted by sic semper tyrannus, at Reply

      +__ aww, did Sunshine hurt your feelings? You Trump cucks sure are sensitive snowflakes. Is it because of the inbreeding?

  5. Posted by yanks goat, at Reply

    trump supporters love murder, no surprise

    • Posted by Lar M, at Reply

      Without birth there is no life.What are you trying to say ?

    • Posted by _ _, at Reply

      YANK A GOAT (Muslim for sure) – LIBTARDs love abortion, stick a shiv in the BACK of a BABY in the birth canal. Oink, oink LIBERALS.

    • Posted by Lar M, at Reply

      Brainless libs don’t understand life is made up of every single cell.

    • Posted by lush429, at Reply

      …Oh and you count? Right…

    • Posted by emfederin, at Reply

      liar m sez “Brainless libs don’t understand life is made up of every single cell”

      Then I take it you don’t wash or shower.

      That explains a lot…

  6. Posted by princessarmpit, at Reply

    ugh he can’t do a single thing right

    • Posted by Gilgamesh, at Reply

      princessarmpit tpp…

  7. Posted by Stan Darsh, at Reply

    Wow this is just awful. We cannot tolerate this

    • Posted by Aaron Henderson, at Reply

      We do and continue to tolerate it, so….

    • Posted by Marco, at Reply

      lol we? yes u can man u will , not your country so shut up

  8. Posted by Andrew Stevenson, at Reply

    Cuckservatives might have won this past election after 8 years of crying that their president was black…. But who won the Civil War? I forget…

    • Posted by george orwell, at Reply

      left wingers are bitching much more than the small minority that acted like that. most people that voted for Obama voted for Trump. learn some facts.

    • Posted by Owning Liberals Is My Hobby, at Reply

      Andrew Stevenson republicans won the civil war You stupid cuck

  9. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    Killing people without a trial is what dictators do. How many innocent people would DT kill?Our president is kissing a murdering dictator A$$!

    • Posted by Savage Akajdn, at Reply

      _ _ well then I suggest you elect yourself for that treatment and leave us out of it lol

    • Posted by sparkplug T, at Reply

      coolguy98 how can you say that for sure? you have no clue what’s going on. your just assuming only drug dealers are getting shot but I’m not dumb enough believe that.

    • Posted by Savage Akajdn, at Reply

      coolguy98 real drugs aren’t sold to children that much… some kids in highschool smoke weed and I dont see that as a problem but the most abused thing by highschool kids is liquor… so why the anger at drug dealers but not liquor store owners? plus pharmaceutical companies prescribe young children psychiatric drugs that increased the rate of suicide so where’s that anger…

  10. Posted by Susan B, at Reply

    so he endangered everyone on those submarines. he should be charged with treason on that, alone

    • Posted by Samir Saweras, at Reply

      Vote Democrat in 2018. If they win enough seats in the house midterm elections we can start impeachment proceedings and then file charges against him. Until then Republicans will protect him b/c he’s owned by the same donors as them.

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply


    • Posted by Solomon Stringer, at Reply

      Samir Saweras what about his tax returns?

  11. Posted by Keevan Crawford, at Reply

    I have the impression that Trump is a Russian spy.

    • Posted by Kall Zorki, at Reply

      I have the impression that all the hot chicks should lay with me, doesn’t make it so though

  12. Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

    Trump supporters are despicable.

    • Posted by Oh bummer, at Reply

      Ignorant to the core

    • Posted by LizzyLiberty, at Reply

      Ignorant, treacherous, aggressive, cowardly, spiritually bankrupt, arrogant about nothing. They should move to Moscow, Ankara or Mindanao and stop dragging down this country into totalitarian hell. Let the decent people who respect human lives and democracy repair the country and live in peace.

    • Posted by Gary Diggins, at Reply

      John Flannigan They are the lowest form of human life.

  13. Posted by Adam K, at Reply

    addicts need more help. not to be killed. most opiate addicts in the USA became addicted by corrupt doctors and companies giving out oxycottin like candy on halloween. and then it led to heroin

    • Posted by Phoenix Stormcrow, at Reply

      Or…or…they’ll plant the standard 3 sachets of shabu and a gun that’s been found at 6 other different crime scenes.

    • Posted by Edward J Smove, at Reply

      630247365 my woman is filipina and they kill half her family because they smoked marijuana I’m just saying is that worth kill people over if so shoot your self in the head

    • Posted by nico, at Reply

      Edward J Smove if they surrendered quietly they would not have killed them. other wise that’s not the cops doing. someone is ether lying to you or someone is not telling you the whole truth. the presidents remarks are clear and clean cut. arrest, if they resist shoot, abuse you’re power and there will be hell to pay. where do you get you’re news? idiot

  14. Posted by SweatyShivers, at Reply

    trump hates ALL world leaders until he meets them, then he immediately rolls over like an overweight orange walrus.

    • Posted by Hammad Abbasi, at Reply

      SweatyShivers did you see how he bowed to Saudi king

    • Posted by Tk Ooo, at Reply

      Hammad Abbasi Let’s get our facts straight please, before the “fake news” police wade in – I believe it was more of a curtsy..

    • Posted by General Vergel, at Reply

      did you see how he refuse to shake hands with Merkel?

  15. Posted by Colin C., at Reply

    The DUMBEST president there ever has been.

    • Posted by John Taylor, at Reply

      he makes Barney Fife- Gomer Plye look like Harvard Graduates

  16. Posted by Eric Ling, at Reply

    Remember, Republicans are “pro-life.”

    • Posted by Jeffrey W, at Reply

      Yeah, they only care about the unborn not the living.

  17. Posted by MiQuel Quiles, at Reply


    • Posted by Oh bummer, at Reply

      id rather he die. like get shot to death bombed or stabbed

    • Posted by Shadow The Zorua, at Reply

      Oh bummer executed for treason

    • Posted by Lloyd Williams, at Reply

      Shadow The Zorua by that logic, then we should put down the entire South. They actually declared war and seceded from the USA. Their descendants should stand trial for their ancestors treason and war crimes.

  18. Posted by james cobham, at Reply

    i have family members addicted to pain killers and the idea of them being murdered for simply having a disease breaks my heart

    • Posted by We Do Not Sow, at Reply

      Who am I fooling? No, who are you fooling. Duterte did say cops are allowed to kill drug users if their life are put in danger. Why are you even foolish enough to argue against that. It’s not just in the PH, this rule (self-defence) is also in america and all round the world. Again who are you fooling?

      Killings were an all time high because they declared war on drugs and the cops were out in full force, raiding homes, alleys and streets etc. What did you expect? The norm? The answer is NO.

      If you don’t like some of the things that duterte say’s or the lack of things he does not say. Then that’s fine.. why should I care how you feel about it? Just make sure you’re not one those guys who uses his rhetoric to condemn him for things he did not do, without proof and evidence.

    • Posted by james cobham, at Reply

      my point was drug use is a disease whether there legal or not , and besides the proof is in the pudding this guy is straight up cold blooded murderer and hes sanctioning murders , but you care about a small detail and yes the pills are legal if there prescribed to you the people i know dont have prescriptions but are buying them on the street which yes is illegal

    • Posted by Piriathy, at Reply

      addiction isn’t a disease

    • Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

      What’s next!? Kill coffee addicts!? 😂

  19. Posted by Gotta Go Fast, at Reply

    Trump wants to be a fascist so bad. Luckily we have due process and the law of the land to prevent that bullshit.

    • Posted by IgnarHusky420 Cannabis Sessions, at Reply

      Are you sure about that? He’s getting away with basically everything right now. Until there’s an actual trail, he IS a fascist. He’s just a moronic fascist

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Trump was democratically elected so the term “fascist” doesn’t play into the discourse, regardless of what the fringe left says.

    • Posted by emfederin, at Reply

      buffoon1717 sez “Trump was democratically elected so the term “fascist” doesn’t play”

      Thanks for stopping by to prove trumptards can’t read.

      But we already knew that without your help…