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Lena Dunham’s Abortion Comments Anger Everybody


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Lena Dunham may have meant well, but she is being attacked by both sides. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A couple years back, conservative columnist George Will wrote a column that caught him some well-deserved flack. In it, he argued that being a rape victim was a “coveted status” on college campuses, one that “confers privileges.” At the time, I thought it was the stupidest thing I’d ever read, and I wrote as much. In what crazy world would a person want to have endured sexual abuse? How utterly warped would a person have to be to view trauma as aspirational?

Guess I have my answer.

On her podcast “Women of the Hour” last week, Lena Dunham informed her audience that while she’s never had an abortion personally, she wishes she had so she could do her part to reduce stigma around the issue. The story goes that when she was asked to share her abortion story, she didn’t have an abortion story to share, which she found, somehow, stigmatizing to women who had them. “Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had,” she said, for some reason.”

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  1. Posted by Bob Stone, at Reply

    Someone would have to put their penis in that ugly pig Lena Dunham to
    require an abortion

    • Posted by Gootothesecond, at Reply

      +Sundered Star Yes, I took that personal, you’re talking about my people,
      honkee. Just because black man/white woman is the most common form of
      interracial dating, honkee, that doesn’t mean it specifically happens a lot.

    • Posted by SushiRoll Speaks, at Reply

      Kat Sam This is such patriarchal bullshit. Men are no more sexual than
      women. Everyone has a different sex drive as an individual, and some
      women’s are very high. Men are not really uncontrollable beasts who’ll put
      their thing in anything. Also ugly women do not get more sex wtf?? I’m an
      ugly woman myself and I cant begin to tell you how little sense that makes.

    • Posted by Sundered Star, at Reply

      +Gootothesecond it sure does happen far more often than you would expect.
      There’s nothing wrong with it, I wouldn’t personally do it but each to
      their own

    • Posted by focused313, at Reply

      SushiRoll Speaks lol… That actually made sense

  2. Posted by Wew Lad, at Reply

    Only Liberalism could make you want to murder your own children. Liberalism
    is a mental disorder.

    • Posted by SushiRoll Speaks, at Reply

      SàiGònMan Yes!! 👏🏾

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      +Secular Guy yes moron….just because you have been disenchanted from the
      spiritual realm doesn’t mean we all have……the spirit cookers are who
      you listen to LOL

    • Posted by Secular Guy, at Reply

      +Michael Robertson *”moron….just because you have been disenchanted from
      the spiritual realm doesn’t mean we all have”*

      That which can been asserted without evidence can be dismissed without
      The way we evaluate existential claims, like goblins, fairies, gods and
      spirits, is that nothing exists until it has been demonstrated to exist.
      otherwise we’d be believing in all kinds of nonsense, including
      contradictory claims until proven otherwise.
      And adding insults to your claim makes your claim no less vacuous and

  3. Posted by Tony Crony, at Reply

    Abortion is murder, plain and simple. Your choice is made in the bedroom,
    not when the child is already conceived and has a beating heart.

    • Posted by matan ken, at Reply

      Conservative logic:
      Abortion is murder even if the fetus has no brain and it cannot feel
      Not accepting refugees in the US, which will directly cause the death of
      thousands of people, is okay though. :^)

    • Posted by Dom King, at Reply

      +matan ken “They’re all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for
      the unborn. But once you’re born, you’re on your own. Pro-life
      conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months.
      After that, they don’t want to know about you. They don’t want to hear from
      you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school
      lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you’re preborn, you’re
      fine; if you’re preschool, you’re fucked.” — George Carlin.

    • Posted by Mr Zuko, at Reply

      You are correct. These “people” who think killing an unborn child is
      acceptable will hopefully keep their genes to themselves and die off.

  4. Posted by Highland Chicken, at Reply

    “Lena Dunham is getting a lot of warranted criticism”
    like/dislike ratio: 1:2
    So trolls SUPPORT Lena?

    • Posted by mark matejic, at Reply

      women don’t have a right to kill the body in them, to kill there own body
      is illegal

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      Chicken, they’re too ignorant to realize what they’re doing. They do it
      because alexie jones told them too, and still remain so utterly stupid that
      they can’t comprehend that even the dislikes bring revenue and clicks…..
      A real sad bunch of morons for sure.

    • Posted by Kris Taylor, at Reply

      mark matejic you cretin

  5. Posted by Tommy Gunzz, at Reply


    • Posted by E. M. Fisher, at Reply

      Kevin Galt Lena pretends she does

    • Posted by blackearl7891, at Reply

      E. M. Fisher Lena pretends she is funny. Not always the case.

    • Posted by E. M. Fisher, at Reply

      blackearl7891 Never the case…..

    • Posted by Boop Bleep, at Reply

      I’m a feminist I think Lena Dunham is disgusting. She should be in prison
      she’s a child molester. Please do not group all feminist in a group with
      that icky women.

  6. Posted by Elvis Labah, at Reply

    Well it’s difficult depending on the trimester. Within the first couple of
    weeks it’s just a sperm and an egg saying hi to each other.

    • Posted by Snape “Severus” WorstNightmare, at Reply

      Elvis Labah at what point does it not since the sperm and the egg stop
      saying hi pretty fast, and starts to duplicate pretty much right away, and
      becomes one as a cell?

  7. Posted by MaoTseFunkadelic, at Reply

    Lena Dunham is just a terrible troll. Stop making her famous.

    • Posted by GeoRyukaiser, at Reply

      I’d say more child molester then terrible troll

  8. Posted by Alejandra Navash, at Reply

    It was a misfortunate statement for sure, I have been asked this question
    before too; I always have said how lucky and “blessed” I have been to not
    face that situation, I don’t know how I would react but is clear to me how
    difficult that decision is to the women who have to choose, to them all my
    support if abortion is the path they choose or not, it’s their body, life
    and more and will fight to make it safer to them and to not be stigmatized,
    I’m a feminist, liberal and deeply believe in the enforcement of
    reproductive rights.

    • Posted by jeff milligan, at Reply

      So when she wants the baby and he doesn’t, what should happen? The idea of
      “financial abortion” is popular with MRA’s and feminists alike.

    • Posted by PJ Authur, at Reply

      birth control for the man in the form of not having sex, wearing a condom,
      vasectomy, pull-out method…

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      He’s a cuck he probably has nothing intelligent to talk about so he goes
      for shock value.

    • Posted by The1316Killer, at Reply

      +takethegate actually i posted this comment by itself not on this thread
      but YouTube tossed it in with this circle jerk.

  9. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    Sounds like Lena Dunham just used this issue to get more attention.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply


  10. Posted by Johan Thomas, at Reply

    I’d say, this is just very poorly and very akwardly expressed.

    I think she meant that she wishes she knew what it is to have an abortion,
    she wishes she could rely more to these women she met there, she wishes she
    could have told them “I’ve been there, I know how you feel, you’re gonna be
    OK. It’s gonna be very tough, very unpleasant, heart-brokening, you’re
    gonna mourn, you’re gonna cry but you’ll go through this and you’re gonna
    live on”.

    Yes, she said “I Wish I had one [an abortion]”. But you gotta put that
    sentence in its context which is Lena Dunham visiting some sort of abortion
    group-therapy in which women who have had an abortion tell their stories.

    This is not her expressing some kind of fascination for murdering unborn
    babies, this is her wishing she could rely more to the women she met.

    • Posted by enfomy, at Reply

      Thats what i was thinking. I would also add that abortions should be
      minimized. The social stigma it gets isnt from a place of science or
      morals. Most dissenters are so because they believe the words of an ancient
      book that tells the fiction of a sky daddy, which is an appeal to
      authority, not reason. Most are perfectly fine with murdering humans of all
      types when they are the “outgroup”, not to mention animals killed without
      any concern for their pain. I should be concerned with the completed
      development of an embryo or fetus (pre-human, pre-sentient) in a world were
      most humans are wage-slaves and the elites are destroying the planet and
      people for profit. Insane. Women who get abortions are showing the maximum
      care for life. If something about ur environment says ur child will be
      cannon fodder, instead of happy-go-lucky, get an abortion.

    • Posted by JP455, at Reply

      I think people have a distorted understanding of shame. They see it as an
      unequivocally negative emotion that should be avoided at all costs. In
      reality, however, it serves to socialize us by enforcing basic standards.
      There is nothing contradictory about saying that the Constitution protects
      a woman’s autonomy to get an abortion but that the procedure is shameful.
      Indeed, I struggle to find anything admirable about it but I realize that
      for some it might be the best option in light of alternatives.

  11. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    it’s kind of like how Cenk wishes he had beheaded some infidels and Ana
    wishes she had been raped in college

    • Posted by Hippy Killer, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger or like how you wish you could lose your virginity.


  12. Posted by man, at Reply

    are you people also ok with a mother killing her born baby if there wasnt a
    welfare state expected to take care of the child? a new born baby has no
    real consciousness so its ok right?

  13. Posted by Angel Paris-Jordan, at Reply

    ‘I wish I could me a victim of a violent murder, to have something to talk
    about on the bus’

  14. Posted by Øystein A., at Reply

    Im all good. Anything that increases parking opportunities is a win.
    Fetuses are disgusting enemies of Jesus.

  15. Posted by Yiṣḥāq David, at Reply

    Why do I even watch TYT anymore. I only like Jimmy and Ben. I especially
    hate Ana,

  16. Posted by Livid, at Reply

    I agree that abortion can sometimes be a tough decision, but we need to do
    our part to de-stigmatize it.

  17. Posted by Fredrik Björklund, at Reply

    In Israel, abortions are against the law by Jewish traditions. USA should
    be like Israel.

  18. Posted by L.M, at Reply

    Let me guess, TYT are not in a bubble…

  19. Posted by far ema, at Reply

    She is the reason why I never voted for Hillary.

  20. Posted by MCJ62, at Reply

    Acting like a victim is the only thing that makes her wet.