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Lesbian Teacher FIRED


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First-grade educator Jocelyn Morffi was terminated after marrying her spouse. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, informs you why. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark area below.

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" A first-grade educator was fired from her job at a Catholic institution in Florida days after getting married in a same-sex wedding.

Jocelyn Morffi went back to operate at Sts. Peter and also Paul Catholic College in Miami on Wednesday after weding her wife, Natasha Hass, in the Florida Keys. The complying with day, she was terminated after choosing not to surrender, the Miami Herald reported.

" This weekend I wed the love of my life as well as regrettably I was terminated from my work as a result," Morffi, who had educated at the school for more than six years, wrote Friday in a Facebook blog post cited by CBS Miami. "In their eyes I'm not the ideal sort of Catholic for my option in companion."

Principal Carlota Morales called Morffi's termination a "tough" yet "required" choice in a letter sent house to moms and dads of Sts. Peter and also Paul students. Morales included that "throughout the next days as well as weeks your kid's day-to-day school regimen will certainly not be disrupted as Ms. Morffi's substitute will certainly be selected soon."

The letter didn't discuss anything about Morffi's sexuality, nor did it offer a factor for her discontinuation."

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  1. Posted by EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary), at Reply

    Well…..it is a Catholic School. She knew what their beliefs were.

    • Posted by Petrazenka, at Reply

      LGBTs should know better than work for people who hate their lifestyle and prejudge them.  The teacher knew what Catholics are like

    • Posted by c0nv0luted l l c0nscience, at Reply

      EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) the school should be forced to hire her back and perform a wedding ceremony for her and her lover and then add a class to the curriculum about why there’s nothing wrong with lesbian love.

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      Yea, i can’t get mad over this. Private schools can do what they want and employ whomever they please.

    • Posted by niapor, at Reply

      in the new testament Peter was told ( according to interpretation of many people ) at Acts 10 and 11 to accept from that time on those who ate food that was considered unclean AT THE TIME it was written, but others feel it does not relate to the food, but it was a metaphor for Jews and gentiles and that Peter should open the doors of heaven for the gentiles ( unclean and/or common ) and is why certain branches of Christianity still continue to forbid eating pigs and such even if at “first sight” one thinks the passage in acts 10 opened the door to eating what was previously seen as unclean

  2. Posted by J Wallace, at Reply

    Classic florida

    • Posted by Damion Francis, at Reply

      J Wallace Flori-duh! Love my state for it’s weirdness!

  3. Posted by Trickius, at Reply

    If you join a group who has made it explicitly clear that they hate you, don’t act surprised when they act on that.

  4. Posted by Tom Eubank, at Reply

    It seems a bit hypocritical of you — an avowed atheist — to use the Bible in order to argue either for or against any contemporary ethical practice. Even though I agree that the firing should be illegal, you clearly ventured out of your depth when you chose to base your argument on an ancient code that you believe to be invalid.

    • Posted by sym, at Reply

      Lmao you make it sound like he’s an atheist but he went to an insurance hearing and randomly brought up the bible and said, “jesus said reimburse your appelant”.

    • Posted by sym, at Reply

      it’s not an “ethical practice” but more of a cultural practice with the bible as the basis. So it’s fair to point out they are violating the very rules _from the very book_ they claim to follow.

    • Posted by dly311, at Reply

      Cenk is an Islamatard

  5. Posted by Song Master, at Reply

    Cenk opening up a Bible and interpreting for Catholics is hilarious, it’s like a dog driving a car, lol.

  6. Posted by dozzer009, at Reply

    Just wondering if the school knew she was gay. If so, and that would be my guess, then it’s ok to teach but not marry??

    • Posted by j jay, at Reply

      33 states said it was ok to be gay but not marry

    • Posted by Shady Jake, at Reply

      dozzer009 It is a wierd situation I am wondering if there is more to the story.

    • Posted by niapor, at Reply

      from what I have read in many articles relating to Catholic schools and institutions, many say “it is okay to have desires for same gender, but not okay to act on them”, think it as in “we understand that many people feel the desire to have other lovers besides their spouse, but it is not okay to actually do it and cheat on their spouse” in way they make the statement. So at most, they might have known she had to ( in their opinion ) struggle with those feelings, but as far as they knew, she did not have relations with anyone of same gender, but is most likely they did not have any idea she saw herself as a lesbian.

  7. Posted by TheRealCSD, at Reply

    You im against mistreating anyone because of their sexuality and I think she should have been able to keep her job, but when it comes to religion I here jenk talk about this leviticus fish eating thing everytime. Not everything in leviticus is about sins. A man lying with another man as he would with a woman is an “abomination” but when it comes to the foods you shouldnt eat its not called an abomination. Thats part of the sections of leviticus that talk about diet. At the time of the old testimate the jews did not have the technology we have now so their was food that was obviously more unhealthy to eat than there is now. What it says not to eat is called “unclean” as in its not clean. To live a healthy life the people of the old testimate wouldnt eat those things. But if they did it wouldnt be a sin or abomination. When ever I here someone use that argumant I roll my eyes so hard because its not true. One is an abomination and one is not

  8. Posted by Dj Pat, at Reply

    People gotta understand that the bible was written by man during the time of war and slavery. Back then people feared what they could not understand. Jesus talked about loving each other and show that we’re all brothers and sisters and that we’re all the same but different in certain ways. Religion has killed countless amounts of people throughout history.

  9. Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

    It’s OK to lay with little boys like you would lay with a woman.

    • Posted by c0nv0luted l l c0nscience, at Reply

      jmtnvalley that’s why they need to just add the P to LGBTQ and then we don’t have to worry about anything

    • Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

      Now who’s equating pedophilia with LGBTQ?

    • Posted by c0nv0luted l l c0nscience, at Reply

      so youre saying if someone is born that way they shouldnt get the same rights as anybody else? what kind of progressive are you?

  10. Posted by Dark Days, at Reply

    Let’s get those kids a biblical educator that respects the proper relationship between men and woman and understands traditional values, I hear Roy Moore is currently looking for a job as long as it isn’t at the mall.

  11. Posted by M Soda, at Reply

    Just sad I’m catholic however this bothers me they protected priest that molested kids but two married people legally married is too much

    • Posted by American Patriot, at Reply

      Oh yea Pope Francis is also a false prophet he preaches doctrines of demons not the doctrines of Christ.

  12. Posted by Hentie Dj, at Reply

    Christianity is the one religion where people pick and choose what they want to follow. It’s okay to make others live a shity life as long as it doesn’t inconvenience you the true Christian way. Force storybook laws on others don’t follow the ones that inconvenience your daily life.

  13. Posted by Sun Salads Restaurant, at Reply

    Land off the free what a joke, cheating on your spouse it’s forbidden also in the Bible they only want people to do whatever they think it’s right.

    • Posted by Logan Henderson, at Reply

      Sun Salads Restaurant it’s dumb but that’s how churches work unfortunately. People choose verses to follow instead of the whole bible. ‘Tis why you shouldn’t work for private schools.

    • Posted by niapor, at Reply

      sometime in the future, many people will say “since I was a kid I had the desire and need to have many loves and not just one, so I should have the freedom to have mistresses along my spouse, I was born this way” and claim discrimination when fired for having extra-marital affairs

  14. Posted by Newton Sparetire, at Reply

    Christianity is the most hypocritical religiin on the planet. Don’t judge your neighbor…..unless they are “this” or do “these” things😂. O boy so glad im atheist. Ive been stress free ever since

  15. Posted by Shie H., at Reply

    Ugh. Sure – a religion of love and peace, right? I really despise bigotry and discrimination and I just don’t care what your reasons for it are.

  16. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    Why are people so concerned with who dates who? You mad they don’t want you or something?

  17. Posted by That80sGuy1972, at Reply

    Jesus said to love everyone. Love is accepting. Jesus said to hate the sin, not the sinner. That is also acceptance. Jesus went to the most sinful people ever, partook in their parties and ministered to them without judgment. That is tolerance. Firing someone for a private life issue not related to the job is not only unjust, but the ideology they push does not exist except in their modern interpretation of it. The Old Testament had one of its prophets in a homosexual relationship with his disciple. It was not explicit but he did “Love him more so than a man loves a woman.” I forget where I read it, so take that how you will. Also, polygamy was allowed and encouraged before Paul and marriage at the time was more of an ownership of a slave (the wife was the husband’s slave, actual property). So, if they want to cherry pick The Bible, and use it as an excuse for everything, then people they attack should also be allowed usage of the very same book to point out their hypocrisy and current sophistry.

  18. Posted by Will Parkinson, at Reply

    This is why I hate religion I have read the Bible from cover to cover and there is not one thing in the entirety of the Bible that says lesbian relationships are not allowed it very clearly says that male gay relationships are evil and are an abomination multiple times but there is not one thing in the entire Bible That bans lesbian relationships so they don’t even have any biblical grounds for this so this is just straight up bigotry

    • Posted by adoredpariah, at Reply

      Well it was written by men who considered women lesser beings and who likely had wives subordinate to them. And I don’t mean that as some random PC callout, they literally considered (and somewhat still consider) women lesser as their sacred text indicates, so it is possible they just did not think of it. I would hazard a guess many biblical “laws” are worded to men specifically too, which doesn’t mean women weren’t included necessarily so much as they were a secondary consideration in every notion.

    • Posted by Will Parkinson, at Reply

      adoredpariah Or here’s a thought maybe it didn’t mention them because it doesn’t apply to them If they do not specifically mention women then how do you know that it’s supposed to apply to women how did they determine that One way or the other.

      But ultimately this entire thing is meaningless to me seeing as how the Bible is nothing but copies of copies of copies then translated copies of copies of copies with no originals of any kind by anonymous authors who were ancient barbaric bigoted savages Who’s book Has been revised multiple times by multiple people for both political and religious reasons as well as only having two categories in it.

      1 not evidently true

      and 2 evidently not true

      In short The Bible is the single most unreliable source of information much less life advice there could potentially be it’s beyond me why anybody follows it to any degree.

  19. Posted by Theamazing Hoodie, at Reply

    They dismiss a woman who is married to a consenting adult, but the Catholic Church keep priests who touch young boys, the Catholic Church is full of hypocrisy

  20. Posted by dannydontgoin237, at Reply

    I was brought up Catholic. One day, I stopped and thought about it for a minute. Now I’m an atheist.

    • Posted by AjaxWallpapers, at Reply