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Let’s Fire Ajit Pai


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Make the Phone call: Tell the Us senate to Fire Ajit Pai

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  1. Posted by Lucas Bananas, at Reply


  2. Posted by Joy Bradford, at Reply

    Kim nailed it..

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      You libs always did like Un.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply


    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Yet I got the like. lol

  3. Posted by Erutanx7, at Reply

    Fire Pai Hole!!!

  4. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    This affects right-wing idiot trolls online as well. They should really be pissed at Pai.

  5. Posted by Ian Peracca, at Reply

    Unfortunately it seems “Pai” in the sky with a Republican held Congress. Puns for dayz

  6. Posted by Grim Locke, at Reply

    Bye, bye Mister Ajit Pai. Y’all drove our country into a wall and you need to pay for your lies with RICO and other white collar criminal prosecutions. Save us, Saint (State Attorney General) Schneiderman!

  7. Posted by Norah Zavala, at Reply

    Wow…I knew having Trump in charge was going to be bad but I guess this is just the start…😱

  8. Posted by Maxy Aedo, at Reply

    Yes, fire that bastard. We need the free internet.

  9. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    Ajit Pai needs to be fired, he only looks out for Verizon and Comcast against all American people. He wants to censor the internet and make it only for the rich.

  10. Posted by Neasia Bruce, at Reply

    I like her pieces for TYT. She seems psssionate and well informed. Doesn’t sound like an airhead.

  11. Posted by N0T Enrique, at Reply


  12. Posted by Michael Dennis, at Reply

    Typical flunkey for trump

  13. Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

    If you’re wondering what the lack of funding for our public schools is doing to our society…just read the comments below. This country is doomed.

  14. Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

    Why is he still alive?

  15. Posted by Michael Coville, at Reply

    Trump promised to make America great again. He just forgot to say “For the 1%- at the expense of the rest of you. Ha ha.”