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Liberals Arming Up?


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Liberal groups are beginning to arm up. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, talks about why weapon ownership is rising amongst left-wing teams. Tell us just what you believe in the remark section listed below. Join TYT:

" ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP)– The former peacemonger pumped a shotgun at the shooting line.

Lore McSpadden never touched a gun before the Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club began this past year. Now McSpadden is among the shooters consistently yelling, "Draw!" and blasting at clay pigeons angling over a mowed area near Rochester.

Trigger Caution participants fear concerning armed as well as well organized extremists that appear progressively inspired. Their reaction has a touch of symmetry to it: They started a club to instruct participants the best ways to use up arms.

" It's a way to assert our stamina," said Jake Allen, 27, that aided develop the group. "Commonly, queer individuals are taken being weak, as being unprotected, and I believe in lots of means this pushes back against that. As well as I want white supremacists and also neo-Nazis to know that queer individuals are taking actions required to shield themselves."

Trigger Warning participants satisfy as soon as a month to shoot still targets as well as saucer-shaped pigeons. The 18 dues-paying participants are all LGBTQ, several simply learning more about weapons.

" I determined as a pacifist really through most of my life," claimed McSpadden, 37, that has gone to a self-defense seminar and also currently possesses a 20-gauge shotgun."

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  1. Posted by jawadad802, at Reply

    the gunlobby won.

  2. Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

    Sorry, but why should those ppl at that bus stop be sitting ducks when some POS nazi pops rounds at them? One armed person could have shut that threat down, never to have to worry about the scumbag doing it again.

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      CLureCo yes…if you look at murders at bus stops…im sure its almost always a white nazi…not a black guy killing another blacl guy…

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      +OodlesOfSpoodles ,

  3. Posted by Last in Class Rebel, at Reply

    yes we are

  4. Posted by viczam9, at Reply

    I’m 27 years old and was thought responsibility and respect for firearms since I was a child. I’m a hippie, pro-choice, pro-mj legalization, pro-medicare for all. I’m progressive on every issue, including guns, because I believe it’s more progressive to have a middle ground sensible gun control. The extremes on any issue are wrong, total freedom would lead to anarchy and total ban would leave Americans vulnerable. In Australia when they banned guns and law abiding citizens turned in their guns, guess what, home invasions and other crime rates went up because the outlaws knew that the average citizen didn’t have guns for defense. It’s better to have something and not need it, than to need it and not have it. We can regulate guns the way we regulate other things, I.e. cars. Written and practical exams, he’ll you can even throw in a psychological evaluation. Limit what weapons people can have based on their tests, you can even bar those that fail from owning a gun all together. If those banned from owning a gun illegally acquire one, that’s on them you can prosecute them. They used to have classes in high school for guns, specifically rifles so that our citizens could be a “well-regarded militia”. Got lost in the shuffle of civil rights and de-segregation because the Southern lawmakers were afraid of blacks learning about a having guns. If all citizens were thought about guns and the responsibility that comes with the power of owning one we’d have less gun violence. Sorry Cenk, I agree with you on every other issue, but not this one.

  5. Posted by hoonerdog, at Reply

    I’m a progressive liberal, I have been in the military and shot everything under the sun. I don’t own a weapon now but I am seriously thinking about buying a gun for protection. Not because of crime but because of my neighbor. He part of the ault-right and has an arsenal that would make the US Government jealous. (And he has threatened me) I believe that a true civilized society doesn’t have or need guns of any sort. Makes you wonder where this country stands?

  6. Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply

    Nothing wrong with intelligent people staying armed

  7. Posted by Johan Thomas, at Reply

    A lot of of alt-right supporters are waiting for Civil War 2.0 because they think they would win easily since liberals and anti-guns. If Liberals start arming up, maybe the alt-right will think twice before starting Civil War 2.0

  8. Posted by J.U.C.E., at Reply

    Queers with guns, huh? I like it. Totally make sense. For all those fake tough conservitards, nothing hits harder than the reality of getting pistol whipped by one of “the gays”

    • Posted by Leon Harvey, at Reply

      Pistol whipped lol

    • Posted by Francisco Ramirez, at Reply

      J.U.C.E. lol totaly agree

    • Posted by Vegas702, at Reply

      I recommend a .45… because firing twice is just plain silly.

    • Posted by Philo o, at Reply

      Vegas702 nah, the tiniest bullets can penetrate conservative thin skins

  9. Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

    I guess people should vote nazis and “white” supremacy to death. Yea that will do it. Don’t defend yourself with tools used by racist/”white” supremacist to take over murica. Just take a bullet from a Nazi, don’t give bullets to nazis

  10. Posted by Macks Power, at Reply

    I agree America has too many guns and too many nuts with guns, but in this case I agree with those picking them up. The right has always been violent and abusive, and is growing more so. The left and middle will have to defend themselves and if the only ones armed are the right, well… Can you say “dictatorship!”

  11. Posted by snafutube, at Reply

    well seeing as all nazis/fascists are bullies and cowards by definition, perhaps this is the only way to make them see the error of their ways.

    • Posted by PhedelCastro, at Reply

      snafutube aren’t you already trying to punch them into seeing the error of their ways? Now you want to shoot them to see the error of their ways?

    • Posted by Vegas702, at Reply

      Yes, absolutely!

  12. Posted by smeggie42, at Reply

    Guns dont have to be a right-left thing

    • Posted by Chris Lucas, at Reply

      They aren’t…. except most stringent anti gun people, are mega libs

  13. Posted by tai'- infio - Nesa, at Reply

    Malcolm X: you don’t ask someone for your freedom you take it by any means necessary, ain’t no fun went rabbit got the gun, Cenk you dead wrong on this one load and lock baby

  14. Posted by jmitterii2, at Reply

    Arm up with pea shooters.
    Really what’s happening under the radar, left and right groups are getting military grade weapons.
    Civil war anyone?
    I so should bail on this idiotic collapsing empire.

  15. Posted by Kish B., at Reply

    Liberals have been armed, the concept that liberals are anti-gun or pro gun regulation is laughably false.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Liberal. The very word comes from books — Liberals read books — the source of knowledge at the time. Now, so very many of us have been educated, and for just 20 years, joined as never before in human history to a shared world wide experience — EweToo(b) — the culmination of 250 years (1776-2026) of Planning, To wake This Generation Up!!

  16. Posted by Bailee Sherven, at Reply

    I think it’s great as long as we’re all educating and training ourselves in safe gun use and maintenance. We need to protect ourselves.

  17. Posted by Sergio Díaz Nila, at Reply

    dude, don’t assume those groups are liberals, they might be leftists but that doesn’t mean they are liberals. the members of “the libertarian party” are right wing liberals.

  18. Posted by Tim Sandel, at Reply

    Your statistics don’t say what you want them to say, Cenk

  19. Posted by corthew, at Reply

    Of course the neo-nazi’s and white supremists are taking the Daffy Duck position, “You realize, this means war”.

  20. Posted by Vile Crocodile, at Reply

    Don’t lgbt have high suicide rates?