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Lindsey Graham Wants A North Korean Genocide, Says Trump Agrees


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Bloodthirsty Lindsey Graham's military-industrial campaign contributors are drooling at the prospect of a new war. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us what you assume in the remark section below.

" Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham believes the US has armed forces choices to get North Korea's nuclear program, yet a strike should not simply stop there.

In a Tuesday meeting on The Today Show, Graham claimed the United States must not only obtain the country's nukes, however "North Korea itself."

" [President Donald Trump] is not going to permit the capacity of this psycho to have a missile to hit The U.S.A.," Graham said. "If there is going to be a war to stop him, it will be over there. If thousands pass away, they are mosting likely to pass away there, they're not going to pass away right here."

He added that Trump did not desire a war however he would certainly not permit North Korea to get a trusted nuclear-tipped ICBM. "The Chinese could stop this," he stated." *.

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  1. Posted by Castornator, at Reply

    Ben still won

    • Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo, at Reply

      very relevant, mr troll.

    • Posted by Bryan Baccari, at Reply

      dancinkindofguy he didn’t win lol. He finished stronger with misleading information at the end but he did not win. Neither did Cenk tho

    • Posted by Smart LP, at Reply

      Jackshit. At least complete the sentence.

    • Posted by Barry Shitpeas, at Reply

      Castornator Ben got destroyed on every factual point though

  2. Posted by Lucas Holguin, at Reply

    Nice click bait title TYT🙄

    • Posted by KarakuraNinja, at Reply

      It isn’t click bait. It goes straight to the subject like the headline of a news paper. Titles are always carefully picked in news with the intention of informing the reader or viewer of the topic and to draw attention without deceit

    • Posted by Lars Holtet, at Reply

      The way to get people on board with genocide is to convince your own side that the other side’s extinction is necessary for our survival/safety.

    • Posted by KarakuraNinja, at Reply

      Yeah, shame for Graham that a quick look into his donors would destroy his credibility. But politicians lack standards

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      Your mother posts naked pics of herself online but do you hear us complaining?

  3. Posted by sfguy2000, at Reply

    No one wants to go to war with North Korea, but it is a very bad think if an evil guy like Kim Jung Un has the ability to nuke the USA.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      What if Kim really is the Super-Man the people of his country believe him to be? What if Kim has secretly cornered the raw opium market to topple our banks? What if the Koreans can hack the armada’s auto-pilots, and then with amazingly accurate short-range missiles, detonated mid-air, destroy 1/8th of the US Navy and most of the Pacific Fleet? What if Russia honors the 50-year commitment it just made to Syria and swoops in to claim all of the Shiite Corridor? What if China, seeing US weakness, subdues Kim, but then uses Kim’s army to invade the Philippines and firmly establish control of the South China Sea? What if the Sunni Alliance, in addition to fighting with the US against Russia, begins the purging of it’s lands of all misfits and infidels using pestilence and plague? That’s Trump’s Agenda. But it’s more Oops!

    • Posted by sfguy2000, at Reply

      China probably won’t escalate the NK war if it comes to that. If China does escalate then that could be the end of human civilization

    • Posted by MomoTheBellyDancer, at Reply


      The issue is that there are allies of the USA who will be directly endangered if the USA attacks North Korea, which _is_ a major point of concern.

    • Posted by Snakeye808, at Reply

      It is crazy to not want weapons to defend yourself against a deranged guy like Trump. Unlike the US, North Korea is not attacking anyone with their weapons, but rather wants weapons just so they can avert other countries from attacking them. If anyone should not have nukes, it’s Trump.

  4. Posted by donavon pip, at Reply

    That moment when over half of the comments are from trolls…..

    • Posted by Hijiku Brynjar, at Reply

      *an ICBM, not a ICBM

    • Posted by Gigi Pepe, at Reply

      In the end NK will be hit, most likely nuclear.

  5. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Looks like these war hawks want to make more money. Guess iraq wasn’t enough.

    • Posted by Matthew Dobbs, at Reply

      David Thank you, you are quite right, but no need for the pigs insult…its the same with Iran..these are soveriegn states. They are entitled to have weapons and develop weapons. America has no right to dictate whom is allowed to have what, it is not the worlds cop!

    • Posted by Trespasser, at Reply

      They only need weapons because of the external threats, they will never strike first because they know what follows.. So I agree, their people are oppressed, but you won’t save them by starting a war and killing half of them.

    • Posted by Gigi Pepe, at Reply

      In the end NK will be hit, most likely nuclear.

  6. Posted by Miles Dixon, at Reply

    Well this is why everyone hates America

    • Posted by DenzelWashington45, at Reply

      But you have to admit a United Korea would be better

    • Posted by Alexander Ehrhardt, at Reply

      Tony Stark bullshit logic..

    • Posted by Moxie Cricket, at Reply

      Miles Dixon: Of course human trafficking and rape are problems. It’s disgusting that these things happen anywhere. You seem to have overlooked the context of my reply, and what it was in reply to: the claim that those atrocities are legal in America.

  7. Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

    North Korea is a ticking time bomb that routinely threatens one of our closest allies (S. Korea) Apparently trying to end their tyranny and potentially liberate millions of people living under their thumb is bad (but only when Trump does it)

    • Posted by Jay Test, at Reply

      Need regime change in NK like was in throughout the middle east! NK plays has played the PERFECT ROLE, over 70% of all American military
      surrounds Russia and China (75% of US Navy is in China sea’s) and we
      America couldn’t do that without a ‘bad NK’ NK plays their part

    • Posted by Bakemaster Koosh, at Reply

      Bonesaw is ready I think South Koreans have legitimate fear they are a jewel of democracy in the world and I don’t love war but it would be a damn shame if anything happened to them

    • Posted by Bonesaw is ready, at Reply

      Bakemaster Koosh Of course South Korea has a legitimate fear, so does Japan, North Korea probably wants to fight both of them about as bad as our politicians want to fight North Korea and Iran. But, North Korea also knows an attack against South Korea, or Japan, or anyone else will instigate a full scale war with the United States; and as crazy as he is, that’s a war Kim knows doesn’t end with him still in power, assuming he’s lucky enough to still be alive at the end of it.

    • Posted by R Z, at Reply

      That’s an interesting perspective. I’ve never thought it that way.

    • Posted by R Z, at Reply

      Bonesaw is ready I agree with you. Kim is not an idiot. Kim doesn’t need to take any action against South Korea or Japan to win this game. It just needs to keep on researching nuclear weapons.
      But, can we really accept North Korea as a nuclear nation? Is that a wise decision? We all know what Germany turned out to be after allowing it to develop army for 10 years.

  8. Posted by vidal colon, at Reply

    trolls stop posting multiple times , how much they paying you guys per post?

    • Posted by United 4's, at Reply

      Mainly America actually…

    • Posted by lilyann168, at Reply

      Seriously, I do want to know how much trolls are paid to post. Easiest job ever! I kind of want it.

  9. Posted by Krazy Shady, at Reply


    • Posted by God, at Reply

      No Cenk doesn’t choose, Trump and General Mattis does. They choose violence.

    • Posted by HConstantine, at Reply

      Can you explain the threat you think North Korea poses to us? Cenk’s statements were rather alarmist. There is no reason to think North Korea could make any kind of attack against the US, or could do do in the foreseeable future. They could kill anything up to half a million South Koreans though, and will do so at the first hint of aggression.

  10. Posted by Bloo Balls, at Reply

    JEEZ! Yall liberals are cowards. Go head and fight for this great land of ours like i did in Nam.

    • Posted by Prince Asim, at Reply

      Literally the most failed war in U.S. history.

    • Posted by grandpoopy1, at Reply

      to disco: trump’s only been in office 6 months. Nobody knows what kind of commander-in-chief he’s going to be. Personally, I think he’s going to be all talk and no action, militarily-speaking. He’s not a war hawk like graham or mccain that’s for sure.

  11. Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

    The democratic party is the most corrupt party in american politics.
    A scandal bigger then Watergate is brewing and not a worth from the msm

    • Posted by sanjuansteve, at Reply

      Second only to the Republican party and their alignment with things that pay politicians like selling and dropping bombs, like private healthcare and pharma, like fossil fuels, etc. The DNC is moving right to also take advantage of those sellout opportunities too.

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      sanjuansteve That has nothing to do with corruption.
      I suggest that you take a look at the awan brothers story.

  12. Posted by Ricardo, at Reply

    Republicans would never try to stop dumbasses from repopulating, because that’s their base!

    • Posted by Johnny Depp, at Reply

      hehe so true!

  13. Posted by Nalidus, at Reply

    The blood that is gushing from Lindsey Graham’s mouth while he endorses North Korean genocide is beyond disgusting. But, that’s a typical Republican politician. They gorge themselves on blood lost by both civilians, “enemy” soldiers, ally soldiers, and especially American soldiers. They love when American soldiers die because then they don’t have to worry about VA care when they come back with both physical and mental damage due to the pointless atrocities that Republican politicians love to commit. They are the PARTY OF DEATH!!!

    • Posted by Jimmy Myers, at Reply

      Nalidus Lindsey likes his Soldiers Naked !!

    • Posted by grandpoopy1, at Reply

      to nalidus: stop being ignorant and read your history. Wilson, a democrat, got us into WWI. FDR, a democrat, got us into WWII. JFK and LBJ, both democrats, got us into the viet-nam conflict. Do some reading of history books written before 1970 and maybe you won’t be such a stupid person.

  14. Posted by Insurance Casino, at Reply

    He wants to bomb their nuke sites in North Korea. I think it will work. Just take out their weapons and weapon facilities. Basically take NK’s power with a few strikes.

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      Sprax – didn’t realize S Korea was gay. guess that’s what happens when you come out of the ‘closet’.

    • Posted by Insurance Casino, at Reply

      You’re right. We will wait until Kim can bomb us. Great plan.

    • Posted by Schmidt Rubin, at Reply

      Please explain to me how the US has any right to tell other countries what kind of weapons they can own??

  15. Posted by Mark Twain, at Reply

    Didnt knew North Korea has Oil ?

    • Posted by chad glashoff, at Reply

      There are seven countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank:
      North Korea.

    • Posted by HS, at Reply

      chad glashoff not syria?

    • Posted by chad glashoff, at Reply

      HS correct, Syria is without a central bank owned or controlled by the Rothchild family. Sadly the new world order is finally paving it so called corporatocracy “war mongering” ways into establishing a Central Bank.

  16. Posted by gajbox, at Reply

    explains why Lindsay Graham represents the white trash cesspool from South Carolina

    • Posted by Well Trac, at Reply

      gajbox – Love your comment 😂 thank you.

    • Posted by gajbox, at Reply

      Cheers Well Trac, it’s clear that Graham is technically a senator from South Carolina and it’s those kind of people that like this guy.

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      and Cenk Uygur represents the brown trash cesspool from Turkey and Central Asia

  17. Posted by colin lee, at Reply

    N-Korea has a multi million soldier standing army, along with all the
    killing machines they use. The usa may be safe, but Kim will slaughter
    S-Korea as a final act of revenge…

    • Posted by hkistreet, at Reply

      China won’t stand it if N.K. gets destroyed, since then it will be just Korea that’s ginna be an ally to yhe US. Why? China doesn’t want US troops at their borders. That’s basically the main reason they still stand N.K. anyway.

  18. Posted by Walter 3579, at Reply

    When is the last time American win a war by themselves?

    • Posted by Bakemaster Koosh, at Reply

      Walter 3579 civil war probably haha

    • Posted by chapachuu, at Reply

      Yeah, the USA got pulled into WW2 only after their Nazi businesses lost some money.

    • Posted by Bender B Rodriguez, at Reply

      grandpoopy1, it’s funny how you tell someone to do some reading and get the facts wrong.
      The US put a fuel and food embargo on Japan during WW2 which resulted in the Japanese retaliating and attacking Peal Harbour. In the case of Vietnam the CIA backed that whole war to overthrow the communist. I highly recommended everyone watches Oliver Stones the untold truth of America. There is hundreds of documents proving the US didn’t get dragged into any war with the exception of Israel using the US to attack their enemies.