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Little Girl Who Wants Nothing To Do With Snow White | Viral Clips


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Snow White is Monday, and the little lady is everyone.

View this lady's amusing response to Snow White asking her to smile!

" Little Lady Who Desires Absolutely nothing To Do With Snow White" – Viral Clips

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  1. Posted by RINKYRONK, at Reply

    i am the first to comment

  2. Posted by Peyton Woods, at Reply


  3. Posted by catyoshi 47, at Reply


  4. Posted by Orange Rider, at Reply


  5. Posted by Venim850, at Reply


  6. Posted by XxTHEtreysterxX 2, at Reply

    Me when I try and eat my food

  7. Posted by MCM, at Reply

    she’s like who the EFFF let this woman out of our t.v.??

  8. Posted by fraziermay, at Reply

    She’s like who’s this creepy talkin weirdo with tons of makeup on⁉️🙄

  9. Posted by The1andonlyAbber, at Reply

    I feel bad for Snow White

  10. Posted by Mina P., at Reply

    I aspire to be this level of unimpressed

  11. Posted by Kimura, at Reply

    black ppl at white girls lol

  12. Posted by jorrit ools, at Reply


  13. Posted by Jacob Kemezys, at Reply

    She mad because it ain’t Princess Tiana!

  14. Posted by Himani U, at Reply

    I like how she keeps the character

  15. Posted by FIRD Channel Boss TV FIRD Channel Boss TV, at Reply


  16. Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos, at Reply

    “Somebody give this woman an apple…”

  17. Posted by Pawel Frozzen, at Reply

    Rammstein Sonne xD