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London Bridge Attack Explained


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One more terrorist strike happened in London. John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, and Michael Shure, the hosts of The Young Turks, review details of the attack and also counterterrorism strategies. Tell us just what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" Two of the three guys that performed Saturday night's terror assault in London have actually been named by cops.

They said Pakistan-born Khuram Butt, 27, of Barking, London, had actually been known to authorities and MI5 yet there had not been any kind of knowledge about an attack.

The various other attacker was Rachid Redouane, 30, from Barking, who cops claimed had actually claimed to be Moroccan-Libyan.

The enemies were fired dead by authorities. All 12 individuals arrested after the attack have now been released without fee.

The seven ladies and five males were apprehended in Barking on Sunday adhering to the attack in which 7 people were eliminated and 48 injured.

The enemies drove an employed van right into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing individuals in the location around District Market.

A vigil was held at Potters Field Park near London Bridge on Monday evening to keep in mind the victims.

NHS England said 36 individuals stayed in hospital, with 18 in a critical problem."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure

Cast: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure


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  1. Posted by Cecil Ivers, at Reply


    • Posted by OP Sihota, at Reply

      So you’re saying it’s okay for Muslims to do evil and horrible things today because other religions also once did so? That’s poor conciliation for today’s victims and a horrible excuse.

    • Posted by OP Sihota, at Reply

      It’s too late for that now, focus on solutions not time travel.

    • Posted by OP Sihota, at Reply

      So when a terrorist says, “I am doing this in the name of Islam” your reaction is “No you’re not, let me tell you why you’re doing it” ???

  2. Posted by El Paxton The Great, at Reply

    I’ll explain it. If guns were easily accessible like they are in the U.S. dozens of more people would have been killed. Thank you, Brits for being more sensible than us. You will continue to see more of these attacks due to our horrible foreign policy. My apologies ahead of time.

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      Try hundreds more. The Bridges are choke points, London was designed that way to keep foreign armies from advancing. Worse case scenario a half dozen terrorists and dozens of freeDUMB loving gun packers went at each other on the bridge…in a pub district.

    • Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

      Total Brits killed by terrorism – 200 or so. Total Americans killed in a single incident – 3000+ – yeah I see how the guns helped. Total gun deaths in the uk <30. Total gun deaths last year in the US >15,000. Hmmm, I’m beginning to see a flaw in your logic.

    • Posted by jezza nisbett, at Reply

      The British cops are stopping 7 out of 8 terrorist plot’s. Thailand’s had 6500 civilians killed & 12,000 injured since 2004 by Islamic separatists so TYT theory the West is to blame is flawed.
      The whole history of Islamic expansion has been pretty nasty & religiously motivated from Tamerlane in India killing 90,000 Hindi’s for Allah to Islamic Princes being ritually strangled once the new Sultan had his first male child from 1440 to 1600 AD. Not to mention the tax of a Christian male child in Islamic held territory for Islam’s Janissary soldiers to conquer more Christian held territory taking what was Constantinople to now called Istanbul 1600’s.

  3. Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

    White terrorism is the problem……..
    Oh, wait, no, it’s not a problem at all. ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM

    • Posted by konohahurricane07, at Reply

      most terrorists in the U.S. were white. So yes, it is a problem.

    • Posted by X Francis, at Reply

      With “tremendous” being a vast understatement .

    • Posted by Gregory Galker, at Reply

      konohahurricane07 Hey there’s 200million white ppl in U.S. we got Dylan roof & couple of other morons. Now about 60 islamic terror attacks in Europe in past 3 yrs since Charlie hebdo on top of rape gangs, sharia law enforcement in Europe cities, 35% of europeamMuslims admitting its justifiable to use force if someone depicts Mohammed the wrong way

  4. Posted by That Fig, at Reply

    Religion of peace strikes again!

  5. Posted by Novaverse, at Reply

    Constant terror attacks and rapes. The UK, France, Germany, Sweden. Wake the hell up people.

    • Posted by Small d Democrat, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad The more the repressed population the more aggressive they’ll be. And the poorer the population the more religious it is. You idiots keep running around in circles when trying to say something clever about this topic.

  6. Posted by intravena, at Reply

    The culprit here is clearly the Patriarchy.

    • Posted by blahblahblah9267, at Reply

      When “the patriarchy” lies to start a war in the middle east,interrupts an iranian democratic election for the sake of stealing resources, and bombing civilians and radicalizing muslims , then yes that argument has a statistically valid basis. Much more basis than blaming a religion of which 93% of it’s inhabitants condemn the actions of isis . Take your embarrassing schoolyard rhetoric somewhere where it’s tolerated.

    • Posted by Kevin Ellington, at Reply

      intravena, yeah the Saudi patriarchy.

  7. Posted by Tyler Williamson, at Reply

    Islam is a religion of peace!
    Can I get an Allah Akbar?

    • Posted by Humza Noor, at Reply

      +Justin Abramson Dear… How is Quran a Murderous Machine?

    • Posted by Humza Noor, at Reply

      +Gdayguy Matt You would also know that Pakistani was under eyes of Police and MI5…. and do you know Muslims like his neighbours and other community stopped talking to him cuz of the clothing he used to wear ? They also warned police like the terrorist of Manchester who was reported 6 times to police by Muslim Community…

      And as we Talking about Pakistan let me tell you a story of a boy who was studyin in University in Pakistan…. He was from a border side Area called Wazeeristan…A US drone came there and killed all of his family…. along with terrorists…

      Guess What happened? He left uni and disappeared… after to year a news came that he blew himself up on a carvan of Nato…

      So stop killing innocent Muslims Murica.. 😊😁

    • Posted by Humza Noor, at Reply

      +Gdayguy Matt And Pakistan has get rid of about 80% terrorism… and hundreds of Terrorists are being captured every Month there..

  8. Posted by 5ergio 6arcia, at Reply

    is TYT going to show the video exposing CNN faking news?

    • Posted by Rabolisk, at Reply

      Your an idiot. TYT has gone after CNN before.

    • Posted by Proud Boys, at Reply

      +Rabolisk You are an idiot if you buy into that. They have gone on the defense of CNN way more than they have “gone after them”. Especially during the last election. TYT has one goal and that’s to get democrats elected. Remember how hard they cheerleaded for Hillary once your man Bernie dropped out? Well she will bebtue candidate for 2020 and you will see it all over again.

    • Posted by Proud Boys, at Reply

      +Nonune Konsequence I get my information from both left wing and right wing sources. You ought to do the same, you start to get a clearer picture of what is going on. For the right, try Drudge Report. I like them because they aren’t afraid to call out conservatives for bullshit

  9. Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

    if spying on everyone was working then we would have thwarted every attack.

    • Posted by The Vapologist, at Reply

      The intelligence agencies say otherwise.

    • Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

      the intelligence agencies can’t point to any proof.

    • Posted by batgurrl, at Reply

      The Vapologist l

    • Posted by SkaroKhan, at Reply

      Brick Tamland one of these attackers was actually in a documentary about extremists in the UK. They street preached radical Islam and glorified people who did attacks or went to fight with ISIS. I’m sure the police were well aware of who he was and what he thought but did nothing.

  10. Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

    I’ll explain.

    It was because of Islam.

    • Posted by shandcunt, at Reply

      +ebgreenham I should clarify cos your probably too stupid to know – Indonesia is not in the middle east

    • Posted by ebgreenham, at Reply

      Who said anything about Indonesia? I didn’t mention them, although they’re a decent example along with Turkey of a modern muslim majority country. And why are you callingme stupid? Lol I think you replied to the wrong comment, unless you want me to type insults back at you.

  11. Posted by Django Freeman, at Reply

    Hmm, these guys dont seem as bothered by this attack compared to the white guy who killed two people on the train. Gee i wonder why.

    • Posted by James Kirk, at Reply

      natestubs11 wow that’s a whole new low! connecting nazi killers with bernie sanders, the most liked politician in the country. stay classy

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      natestubs1 Your response is a complete non-sequitir.

  12. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    Muslims attack, TYT: Islam is a religion of peace
    Muslims attack again, TYT: Islam is a religion of peace
    Muslims attack again, TYT: Islam is a religion of peace
    Muslims attack again, TYT: Islam is a religion of peace
    Muslims attack again, TYT: Islam is a religion of peace

    Anybody else see a problem here?

    • Posted by James Russell, at Reply

      If Muslims are identifiable as terrorists, can we then identify Christians as pedos or bugger of boys?

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      there is also the phenomenon that the muslims of the 70’s and 80’s in England were way more liberal, but more recently, for some reason, there is a streak of violence fundamentalism.

    • Posted by 8elhaj, at Reply

      for some reason, maybe interference i their affairs and bombing their civilians might have to do with it

    • Posted by Hugo Lino, at Reply

      spoder man hates TYT I know youre a troll but considering the fact that they all say they hate islam this argument doesnt hold up

  13. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    4:05 “We need real solutions.”

    I agree Ana, we need a Muslim ban.

    • Posted by Lion Cub, at Reply

      Gary Jones , no it’s not , a sovereign nation has a right to deny entry to anyone for any reason or no reason , no one has a constitutional right to enter a foreign country , that is insane

    • Posted by TheKoopatroopa31, at Reply

      I agree, especially those from saudi arabia and egypt

    • Posted by OP Sihota, at Reply

      Let me explain for those of you who don’t seem to get it. Almost half of Lebanon is Christian, there are 15 million Egyptian Christians, Indian Buddhists and Hindus look just like Pakistani Muslims, Syrian Christians look like Syrian Muslims, Serbian Muslims look like “white people” as do Russian Muslims, and Chinese Muslims look like regular Chinese people. So how exactly do you plan on banning Muslims? Are you going to stand at the airport and ask them? Do you think a terrorist is not going to say “no I’m not Muslim”?? Use your brains a bit and come up with a solution which can’t be bypassed by a simple one sentence lie.

    • Posted by stark1987, at Reply

      give them a piece of bacon

  14. Posted by Straight White Male, at Reply

    Was it the IRA again?

    • Posted by Michael D, at Reply

      The Loyalist Para Militaries and British security actually killed more civilians than the Republicans.

    • Posted by SmeagolMacConchradha, at Reply

      Johan Mahoney-Berg I can’t condone all the I.R.A done but bad things happen in times of war, these attacks are barbaric and uncoordinated. The IRA were well orginised and had some morality

  15. Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

    Is TYT actively deleting comments?

    • Posted by Hate9323, at Reply

      it’s a youtube filter for ”low quality comments” (yes, that’s really how they name it) I think

    • Posted by Eater 999, at Reply

      Sometimes my comments disappear.
      Not on TYT just in general.

  16. Posted by SomeGuy28, at Reply

    Why not name them? You have no problem bringing up Dylan Roof by name every time you think it is white-nationalist terrorism. Fact is, the Muslim community has a big problem in their community and only they can fix it peacefully. If external forces are to be the driving force of the solution, it will sadly be a bloodbath for all. Even if we stopped all military intervention in that region, we would still have to deal with Boko Haram, Islamic Thinkers, and Dural Islam.

    Anyway, took you guys long enough to cover it.

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      SomeGuy28 Muslims will never fix thier problems. have you ever heard a Muslim be critical of Islam in ANYWAY? criticism of Islam in Muslims countries gets you flogged! !

    • Posted by The Worm, at Reply

      SomeGuy28 Atheism Is Unstoppable just did a video on that very thing. They talk about Dylan Roof all the time. They do video captions with his name on it. Now try and find the name of Omar Mateen anywhere in TYT land. The guy killed 49 people and wounded another 54 at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, and TYT won’t say HIS name. He killed 5 and a half times as many people as Dylan Roof, and maimed many for life, yet HE doesn’t get mentioned because HE was a MUSLIM, and talking bad about Muslims is taboo at the Islam Apologist Young Turks. I don’t know why they don’t just come out and admit it, they are fooling no one.

    • Posted by Matthew Cupelli, at Reply

      Everybody knows Dylan Roof already

    • Posted by ross blair, at Reply

      and the Swedish truck attack.

  17. Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

    In Poland, Hungary, and Romania there’s no Muslim terrorism. Guess why?

    • Posted by Subcomandante T, at Reply

      Matthew Sickel  :  Your point is a contradiction, maybe a typo?

      Belgium was involved in Afghanistan, and is involved in Syria/Iraq war vs ISIS.   The only war we staid out of was second gulf war.

  18. Posted by Jacob Green, at Reply

    Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims.

    • Posted by Halican GD, at Reply

      Venom Source?

  19. Posted by DonaId J. Trump, at Reply

    Wait so did the bridge attack people? Was it like a radical christian bridge?

    • Posted by DonaId J. Trump, at Reply

      Change the title for gods sake…

    • Posted by Kyle Schaff, at Reply

      DonaId J. Trump
      Massacres and attacks are named after the place, not like battles that are The Battle of… . For example, the Orlando Massacre, the Fort Hood Massacre, and the Virginia Tech Massacre. The title is grammatically correct

  20. Posted by Bobby B, at Reply

    I haven’t watched the video yet. I predict they blame white people somehow.

    • Posted by cloudskipa, at Reply

      Correct, supposedly it was all our fault for backing GW Bush’s war on terror all them years ago. They also managed to sneak information about a supposed white supremacist terrorrist group in America without once mentioning the London bridge attackers names or even a reference to Islam.

    • Posted by Megalus Doomslayer, at Reply

      Bobby B You were close. They didn’t blame ethnicity, but they made a jab at white supremacists.