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London Terrorist Runs Over Crowd Of Muslims


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A white guy in a van drove with a group of Muslims beyond their mosque. John Iadarola, Michael Shure, as well as Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

" A father of four from Cardiff is believed to be in charge of a terrorist attack which left someone dead and 11 others hurt when a van he was driving ploughed right into a team of worshippers near a mosque in north London.

Darren Osborne, 47, is declared to have actually screamed "I intend to kill all Muslims– I did my bit" after the hire van struck a crowd which had actually gathered to help an elderly male that had fallen down near a mosque.

The Met stated a 47-year-old male had actually been apprehended on suspicion of the payment, prep work or instigation of terrorism including murder as well as attempted murder in the instant results of the event which happened near 2 mosques in Finsbury Park after late petitions in the little hrs of Monday early morning." *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson.

Cast: John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by faris omar, at Reply

    Muslim shooter = entire religion guilty

    Black shooter = entire race guilty

    White shooter = mentally troubled lone wolf

    • Posted by faris omar, at Reply

      Preem Fact: In the last 15 Years ALONE there have been more than 4 Million deaths caused by the Usa and Nato For oil ,Notice that I did not mention the World War I and I I And what they do in the Middle East And Africa Especially the British

    • Posted by faris omar, at Reply

      Preem Read what your book says first Or maybe you need the new update There are more than 10 copies lol I only believe in the old Bible Which was 2,000 years ago And change Unfortunately

    • Posted by faris omar, at Reply

      Andrew Wells What is the difference between isis and Usa and Nato ? All of them are terrorists I mean the politicians They do the same thing Democracy = Kill for Oil

    • Posted by faris omar, at Reply

      TheUltimateBeing01 Do you know what is funny America is not their land They stole it If this happened at this time They will call it democracy lol

  2. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    You need to criticize the person who DID IT! Not all Muslims because of the actions of another. That’s like saying “oh all Italians are in the mafia so all Italians are racketeers”

    • Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

      Captain Oblivious You got a point dude. Thanks for making an intelligent argument. 😛

    • Posted by EsotericOccultist, at Reply

      Like when TYT criticize individual cops and dont try to make it a race issue when they kill a black criminal?

    • Posted by LordN Mari, at Reply

      Zachary Xavier all Italians are not handed from the time they are little a book, raised and given instructions in school how to decapitate. Maybe not all muslims are ready to kill the infidels but if they needed to or where in a position they would … its a COMMANDMENT to them. Please you need to face reality.

    • Posted by Slowbrew brew, at Reply

      and 60% of those 33 thousand are suicides and 20% are what the law defines as lawful homicides… so instead of throwing a number out there give it context Virabuzzy

  3. Posted by nexusvideo, at Reply

    You will use the word terrorist when it is a white guy. Stay classy race baiters

    • Posted by Triss Wendy Chucky Merigold, at Reply

      +jaylib86 You idiot. I just looked, it’s as clear as day.

      ” Manchester TERRORIST ATTACK kills 22, injures 59 ”

      You just lie to yourself and then believe it.

    • Posted by jaylib86, at Reply

      +Triss Wendy Chucky Merigold see you’re wrong they call it a terrorist attack because they didn’t know who was the actual perpetrator as soon as they found out it was a Muslim they stop calling it a terrorist attack just like they do all the time when a brown or black person does anything violent they tend to protect them

    • Posted by jaylib86, at Reply

      +Triss Wendy Chucky Merigold it seems like you don’t know or remember that they try to blame the IRA for the bombing that happened in Manchester you need to go watch that video One More Time

  4. Posted by Jordan Sinn, at Reply

    Waiting for Trump to speak out against this terrorist.

    • Posted by Barbara Ryan, at Reply

      Naomi Mia they totally ignore the white terrorist! The radical white republicans deserve to be on the terrorist list

    • Posted by Naomi Mia, at Reply

      They do that because it goes against their narrative to put white people on their terror list since is a division tool to segregate white people and brown people.

    • Posted by Patriot 1776, at Reply

      David Birch I have but I want to throw up every time he does.

  5. Posted by Nameless Government, at Reply

    United States bomb Innocent muslims in Iraq, Syria, Palenstine, and libya = No one cares. It just statistics
    Muslims get revenge and kill white people in Europe – Religion of peace strikes again
    White Christian kill innocent Muslims – They deserve it. Kill them all

    • Posted by Kyle Ruth, at Reply

      Woody Grill They are allies of U.S.

    • Posted by Frahamen, at Reply

      The Phantom Thieves of Hearts Palastine is bombed by American bombs. It’s not because someone else pushed the button that the US is not responsable.

    • Posted by Kyle Ruth, at Reply

      Andrew Wells You’re kidding. Sadden Hussein was given chemical weapons by the U.S. government which were disposed of. He had NO chemical weapons or plans to acquire wmds. It was the removal of saddam Hussein that destabilized Iraq and lead to saddams secular Bathist party joining with Sunni extremists to form ISIS. Saddam Hussein also offered the Bush administration peaceful entry to search for weapons as well.

    • Posted by Emil Osorio Llanos, at Reply

      What? It’s public knowledge that Osama bin Laden was trained by the CIA s in the middle of their huge war against the Soviet Union for the domination of energetic resources in strategic places, that involve, of course, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Osama’s birthplace. He was always opposed to the presence of American forces in Saudi Arabia, and that’s when his campaign of terror started. By the way, THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD is still waiting for American politicians to explain to us where are the so-called chemical weapons that Saddam’s regime had in the beginning 00’s. Come on man, like you said, let’s not pretend all this awful things happening in Europe are not direct consequences of the awful policies every single world wide powerhouse has had for the Middle East (that’s because the U.S. is not the only actor to blame here)

  6. Posted by CrazySeanDX, at Reply

    We have both a white terrorism problem and a Muslim terrorism problem.
    Basically, we have a terrorism problem.
    Instead of playing teams like people’s lives are a football game, maybe we should work together to combat terrorism, while not generalizing groups as a whole, no matter if they’re white or Muslim.

    Edit: You know, I find it pathetically hilarious that all the trolls criticizing this are subscribing to me(boosting my sub count) and disliking all of my videos(as if they even matter anymore) while only watching a split second cause they just arrive to dislike and then leave(views are important so thanks). I mean, don’t you guys have anything better to do than this crap?

    • Posted by tkh525, at Reply

      disinfect777 So killing for political reasons isn’t a terror act now? Right… You can save that bullshit for someone else.

    • Posted by tkh525, at Reply

      allahSATANgod I don’t care if he was left or not. He was a WHITE male that committed an act of terrorism.

  7. Posted by daniel medellin, at Reply

    London understands that white people can be terrorists too.

    • Posted by Nice Going, at Reply

      Name two other white terrorist attacks that have happened in the past month. I bet you can’t name them. But if I ask you or anyone else to name five terrorist attacks by muslims in the past week, d have my answer in less than a minute. The problem with focusing on these sorts of issues is that it only covers a very small fraction of terrorist attacks by whites (not saying that they’re not important, because they are) , compared to the thousands of people affected by Muslim terrorist attacks. It seems very cherry picking to really press on white terrorist when there are ten times as many Muslim terrorists planning their next attacks as we speak.

    • Posted by daniel medellin, at Reply

      Nice Going On May 20, Richard Collins III, a black, 23-year-old U.S. Army second lieutenant, was murdered while visiting the University of Maryland by a member of a Facebook group called “Alt-Reich: Nation. On May 26, 53-year-old U.S. Army veteran Rick Best and 23-year-old recent university graduate Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche were murdered, while 21-year-old poet Micah David-Cole Fletcher was severely injured, by a knife-wielding white supremacist when the three of them tried to prevent him from harassing a Muslim woman in a headscarf on their commuter train in Portland, Oregon.

  8. Posted by Danmandingo, at Reply

    *Oh NOW all of a sudden, TYT doesn’t have a problem, using the word TERRORIST. @____@*

    • Posted by Reggie Hammond, at Reply

      manchester attack
      london bridge attack etc hes right and im not right wing

    • Posted by Reggie Hammond, at Reply

      yeah but when its muslim terror (which is a huge majority of terror) its an attack and they dont want to mention the names…but dylan roof is mentioned 6 times a week and white nut jobs are quickly called terrorists…consistency is lacking, dont defend wrong doing

  9. Posted by Maw, at Reply

    europe is so fucked up

    • Posted by TobaxSkosto, at Reply

      Europe is fucked up? sorry but your own cops kill more American’s each year than terrorists kill people here.

    • Posted by Antoine Wilson, at Reply


    • Posted by Pete Mclovins, at Reply

      facefister69… LOL… what?

      First off, Obama’s gone… get with the program…

      2nd. where do you get off calling black people apes?

    • Posted by faithful servant, at Reply

      mubbles1066 you guys just stab each other 😉 a large portion of those 1300 are from the African American population and probably Chicago alone. Most Americans and myself are responsible gun owners. Like they say, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

  10. Posted by Hans Ludricht, at Reply

    #notAllWhitePeople #banTrucks

    • Posted by RemusKingOfRome5, at Reply

      DAMN!! A white man is actually fighting back against muslim invasions .. thanks to pedo left YT attacking whites and defending muslims.

    • Posted by AlphaFoxAdam, at Reply

      Hans Ludricht

  11. Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

    In before the comment section turns into a writhing mass of racist maggots.

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      Nope, false equivalency. Most terrorists are Muslims, because of their ideology. No Quran no ISIS. Would you want to live in the Middle East under Sharia Law? That’s thanks to the Quran to. Repeat after me, Islam is not a race, it’s a savage barbaric ideology that emulates a warlord pedophile. That’s why it should be hated and scorned, not because of anyone’s skin color…

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      People say “Islam is not a race” as though that magically excuses all of the racism against brown people. It’s like a dumb mantra that people believe will protect them from criticism.

    • Posted by Izzit Imaannn, at Reply

      I feel offended listening to that since i’m a Singaporean and we’re a multicultural society here and you say that the Quran is because of Isis. Just because they want to to know that doesn’t mean they are correct actually. Just to know that they just use religion as an excuse to say Muslim is better than christian that all when both Christianity and Muslim came from the same freaking background with opposite ideologies. Like yeah, i just hope that countries would just help finish off Isis and disband them once and for all and that Islamophobia or such gets extinct. Like seriously why is there even Islamophobia.. like that 1 time 2 white bastards in the UK who beat up a Muslim lady and ran over people there till the mosque. like that’s just terrible and saddening to target innocent lives. +Jaxon Fanta

    • Posted by BIG BEAR, at Reply

      Jaxson Fanta To imply that without Islam there would be no terrorism is idiotic this goes deeper than that. you are just too uneducated and stupid to see it.

  12. Posted by Coldfeverx3, at Reply

    I’m here to read the comments of braindead Trump Supporters trying to defend this terrorist thug.

    • Posted by David Mitchell, at Reply

      Im not here to argue .im just pissed off watching politicians in britian making the wrong decisions time after time after time. Politicians create inequality to justify their jobs.and for the media their the ones who stoke the fires of hatred.iraq is one of the worse humanitarian distasters in my lifetime afganistan one of the nicest breads of people you could ever meet and yet look at what has happened.all in the name of profit greed oil.

    • Posted by Gasim Ibrahim, at Reply

      Rob Christian I’m indeed a fool in more ways than one, certainly not the way you think I am though. Yes, we learn from the past, but that has nothing to do with the argument at hand. All religion and pretty much all peoples have their fair share of darkness in their past…. Also, why do you have an Arabic letter as your profile picture?

    • Posted by Gasim Ibrahim, at Reply

      David Mitchell yes David, but when regular people fall for the hate prepetued by our politicians, religious leaders, and media, then we also become part of the problem.

  13. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    i know the trolls are going to love this, but that just says how awful they are when you take joy in the pain and death of people just because you dont like their religion. these were innocent people

    • Posted by Captain Oblivious, at Reply

      +rouge1ful – Look how far back you have to go to find terrorists acting on behalf of Christianity. 2009. Know how far back I have to go to find a Muslim terrorist killing in the name of Muhammad? About fourteen hours. And before that? About fourteen hours.

    • Posted by Nice Going, at Reply

      That’s true, but Muslim isn’t a religion: it’s an ethnicity. Islamist is a religion. And pressing on this matter as much as TYT are, it seems like they’re cherry picking as hard as they can as to stray peoples’ attention away from the much larger volume of Muslim terrorist attacks.

  14. Posted by atombond, at Reply

    When 1 of the 500 terrorist attacks targeted Muslims, all of sudden TYT have no problem mentioning Muslims. Interesting.

    • Posted by EmpiricalMind, at Reply

      500 attacks not enough? should we wait for another 500 before voicing our disapproval of this murderous ideology?

    • Posted by EmpiricalMind, at Reply

      And i’ll be waiting, prick

    • Posted by adrenacrumb, at Reply

      EmpiricalMind Just watch out for every brown person, could murder you and your family at any moment.

    • Posted by EmpiricalMind, at Reply

      lol 🙂

  15. Posted by VanChichaRooney, at Reply

    I bet TYT is loving this. Finally a non-muslim terorrist!

    • Posted by Aaron Green, at Reply

      You will always find a few clowns that attack TYT no matter the topic. Then they wonder why no one listens when they actually have something important to talk about.

  16. Posted by Kamil Chara, at Reply

    A WHITE MAN! if this was a muslim they would say “attacker”

    • Posted by Slim .Shady, at Reply

      Mike Pence at least in Germany, and I don’t think that they don’t do it in Britain

    • Posted by RJJacob101, at Reply

      They point out the fact he’s white because people like you obfuscate that fact. All people can be terrorists.

    • Posted by Pete Mclovins, at Reply

      Kamil Chara… attacker… no, they would say an “incident” occurred.

  17. Posted by Time Lord, at Reply

    *Orlando night club shooter said he did it for Islam. Called 911 and said it was for Islam. TYT does a video on the shooting one year later and never uses the words “Muslim terrorist” in the entire video.*

    • Posted by badinfluence1985, at Reply

      Anders Brevik was labelled a CHRISTIAN by media. He was an Odinist he disliked Jesus.
      Brevik said he saw what muslim immigration and islamisation by muslims were doing in norway. he studied islam and found ISLAM was the problem. He became politician to peacefully address islamic problems but was labelled racist and condemned. He said in his manifesto that peacefully trying to resolve islamisation had failed and that MUSLIMS TAUGHT HIM TERROR IS THE BEST WAY TO BE HEARD.

    • Posted by Charles Carpenter, at Reply

      It was too bad for the muslim and the odenist. They reached paradise and found out neither one was in charge. Crap!

    • Posted by David Davies, at Reply

      badinfluence – that’s a load of far-right bullshit you just spouted there. Breivik had been planning the attack for many years. It’s a shame that such an intelligent individual, who had previously been a kind individual who helped others, could turn out that way. It is highly probable that he’s suffering from a mental illness. You don’t change that much virtually overnight if something hasn’t gone wrong with the brain’s wiring.

  18. Posted by SANTA CLAUS, at Reply

    Quick to point out his skin color you racist fucks

    • Posted by Hungi Valdiano, at Reply

      +Haider Ali so not all nazis?

    • Posted by Haider Ali, at Reply

      Hungi, so not all nazis what? At least make you point more clear. I assume you mean that not all nazis are guilty because some want to kill non-whites? right? Well as long as a specific nazi is not against the killing of an innocent person then no… not all nazis…

    • Posted by singularity_is_unstoppable a., at Reply

      forget it man, muslims (many at least, especially those in the west) are not willing to look at this issue objectively, because they are weak and fear to recognize the massive problem in their community.
      They rather like to bullshit themselves, obscure the issue and muddy the waters
      that is why i did not want to associate myself with being muslim at some point (apart from the fact that i realized i was a closed atheist at an early age already, and only my upbringing caused me to call mysewlf muslim)

    • Posted by gav2102, at Reply

      +SANTA CLAUS Bombs dropped by the west killl thousands of innocents a year as well. Why aren’t you crying for them?

  19. Posted by Vlad the Patriot, at Reply

    let’s not forget that 1238 people died by the result of the Islamic attacks in the last 23 days.

    • Posted by Sense Locke, at Reply

      They also had the correct number of arms, and legs, and eyes, and had faces and hair and fingers and toes. And all of that is about as relevant as wearing a headscarf or being “brown”.

    • Posted by gunzlingerbil, at Reply

      Or the 3k civilians killed by white Christian armies in the last month.

    • Posted by Pete Mclovins, at Reply

      T4JZ… that’s the worst KD ratio I’ve ever-seen, maybe Muslims should get the hint and just rage quit this global Jihad before they’ve used up all their lives.

    • Posted by Nice Going, at Reply

      Those Christian armies are most likely African warlords, and since this video is talking about a RACE of people and not their religion (because Muslim is an ethnicity, not a religion) your argument makes no sense.

  20. Posted by l_AM_ONLlNE, at Reply

    Wow, finally the majority demographic has committed a single attack, meanwhile, the 5% demographic commits a new attack once a week.

    • Posted by cody42693 _, at Reply

      Hungi Valdiano I didn’t mean to imply that the Europeans were the only ones that did it, I was just agreeing with how his statement was sort of based on a true foundation. Sort of. I don’t think there’s any one race or ethnicity that is in first place for murder. I would assume they’re all pretty close to tied, I don’t know. And I don’t think he was. Or maybe he was…

    • Posted by cody42693 _, at Reply

      MrLeermeister Is there a source that states this about him?

    • Posted by MrLeermeister, at Reply

      +cody42693 Yeah, his facebook. He was not a leftist Bernie supporter who tried to kill republicans? Was he a right wing christian? nope.

    • Posted by cody42693 _, at Reply

      +MrLeermeister If that’s true, That’s pretty fucked up. I don’t blame the right wing for anyone mentally unstable who interprets their messages as violent against any opposition, just as I don’t blame the left wing for it. I do have to say, what I have seen with my own eyes is people who claim to be Republican either advocating violence against any opposition or using harsh labels that make any opposition seem more dangerous that it actually is. I’m sure the left wing has their fair share that do it, because some people are assholes and some assholes have an audience that actually takes whatever they say literal or to heart, but it seems like I see more stories reported about it being the right, and TYT and other media outlets that appear to lean left have stated when they report on any “right wing extremists” that they aren’t advocating any violence in retaliation. A few times TYT has specifically said they don’t think all Republicans are bad people. I try to take my news from multiple sources. I barely see a bias with TYT, but I do see people claim they are in the comments all the time.

    • Posted by MrLeermeister, at Reply

      +cody42693 and in reality the TYT fans yelling about white people are more racist than people yelling about Muslims. Islam is not a race it is a religion. The country with the highest % of Muslims is in Asia, and there are millions of white Muslims in the Balkans. So to scream racist at people criticizing the ridiculous fantasy that is Islam is in itself racist because you are assuming that all Arabs hold on to such delusions. Anyway the attacker at the baseball stadium was a leftist , probably with a low IQ who runs around screaming that republicans are Nazis, so he felt justified in shooting them.