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Look At Me Like A Boss!: Fails You Missed #14 | FailArmy


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Have a look at just what you missed during the week across the FailArmy world. We have actually got amusing children fails, crazy trampolines falls short as well as some costly stops working! Have a favorite? Let us understand in the comments below.


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  1. Posted by technique bangla, at Reply

    চমৎকার ভিডিও

  2. Posted by Selleswiet, at Reply

    1:28 Water…. Just close the lid, you idiot, the flames will be gone in a second

  3. Posted by Dark Aggron, at Reply

    Failarmy is just repeating the same things over and over

  4. Posted by Intense Productions Inc., at Reply

    When it said “Toy Time”, I thought its time change video lol. Wink wink.

  5. Posted by JESUS SAVES, at Reply

    the biggest fail is people going through this short life and don’t think about dying and a never ending eternity!.. seek Jesus and ye shall find Him… God bless.

  6. Posted by Ray Cody, at Reply

    have you run out..? since the change of channel owners all u want is clicks and money!

  7. Posted by Cheese Miester, at Reply

    Don’t let that kid drive a lawn mower. 3:55

  8. Posted by Darth Whiskers, at Reply

    “We’re gonna crack an egg on the sidewalk to see if it will cook.”

    *drops egg*


  9. Posted by MirelGamed, at Reply

    I cannot clean up the mess that I am :v

  10. Posted by Hazem Mohamed, at Reply

    Break it is the best moments of the video

  11. Posted by discostoo, at Reply

    5:24 Looks like I’ve discovered a new fetish.

  12. Posted by WittenKraft, at Reply

    *911* -> hello Pig
    Can’t stop laughing😂

  13. Posted by Drew Finn, at Reply

    I feel sick after watching this. The level of sheer incompetence is just frustrating

  14. Posted by Sparkus Plays, at Reply

    12:22 looks like W2S in my opinion

  15. Posted by Matthew Grahovic, at Reply

    11:11. When you tell your husband to take care of your daughter be like …😂

  16. Posted by jaheim Mena, at Reply

    5:26 hey elmo are you feeling it huh huh elmo are you feeling it!

  17. Posted by UżYtkownik48 PL, at Reply

    Guy cleaning the vehicle. What… are….. you ? Cleaning interior of the car with water is like cleaning your body and guts with soap. Because why not

  18. Posted by Raven Nightshade, at Reply

    Which bright spark thought it was a good idea to put a bloody great big fan above trampolines?!?! 😩

  19. Posted by Ben Alyk, at Reply

    Editing’s kinda lazy in this one…still laughed tho so its fine

  20. Posted by SharpSpark, at Reply

    Fails I haven’t seen before I’ve seen 13 of em :/