Look Out Below: Throwback Thursday (October 2017) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Look Out Below: Throwback Thursday (October 2017) | FailArmy


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It's Thursday, which suggests it's time for our weekly round up of traditional clips! Today we have a man making the most effective entry possible, an accident with a BMX bike, and so much more! Leave a comment below and allow us know your favorite clip!!


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Guy Cannot Cross Bridge While Boating
Person Does Box Dive and Loss
Cyclist Face Plants and Loses Front Wheel
Woman Drops Potato Gun
Man Falls Off Snow Plethora
Person Falls Hard While Doing Skate Technique
Guy Repels With Gas Pump Still Connected
Ladies Walk Across Branch and also Fall Off
Skier Flies Down Steep Hill Then Falls
Man Falls Into Pool While Moving a Gas Storage Tank
Person Drives in Wrong Instructions of Drive Via
Skier Face Plant Kingdom Into the Snow
Lady Falls Short Aiming To Backflip into Water
Drone Crashes Into Road
Girl Shoots Coin From Mouth to Glass
Person Slips on Ice as well as Drops Plans
Guy Regurgitates After Proposing on Plane
Great Grand Son Shows Great Grandmother How to Scooter
Man Presses Buddies Golf Pull Cart right into Fish Pond
Girl Insinuates the Kitchen While Dance
People Riding on Airboard Collide
Guy Attempts Technique On Treadmill and Falls
Girl Resting on Top of Goal Obtains Hit
Person Fires Hockey Puck and also Breaks Mirror
Vehicle Starts Moving While Being Serviced
Person Falls Short Aiming To Grind with Footwear
Kid Gets Nut Shot on Pool Rim
Unicyclist Shows Off Regular Stops Working
BMX Cyclist Bails as well as Obtains Struck in Head With Bike
Individual Leaps Over Rails and also Falls
Person Screams During Eyebrow Waxing
Girl Places On Canine Shock Collar
Skier Eliminates after Huge Jump and also Sheds Skis
Person Falls While Rollerblading Down Stairways
Lady Turns Pancake Onto Face
Person Slips off Side of Canyon and also Into Water
Guy's Head Gets Stuck In Between Train Doors
Individual Does Not Land in Foam Pit
Guy Falls With Ceiling
Individual Lighting Cigarette With Nose and also Captures Hair on Fire
Child Falls While Playing Digital Fact
Individuals Utilize Plastic Wrap as Trampoline
Supporter Inadvertently Kicks Guy in Face
Girl Falls Off High Bar
Equine Cuts Loose and also Unseats Rider
Woman Trips onto Walkway
Man Gets Hit in Nuts by Paintball Weapon

Keep an eye out Below: Throwback Thursday (October 2017)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by 97 years ago, at Reply

    Not gonna lie 3:12 was pretty cool

  2. Posted by DAmagicalPotato, at Reply

    I wish i knew what love felt like 😢

  3. Posted by Tolyngee, at Reply

    5:00 – idiots, I could have told you that was going to happen!!!
    7:15 – (see comment above)

  4. Posted by the destroyers, at Reply

    When teacher calls out your name to write the answer on the board 7:23

  5. Posted by Evilwhiteclownpunk, at Reply

    It would have been better if the truck ran over the drone (2:47)…

  6. Posted by Terry Davis, at Reply

    5:23 Me as I’m busting a nut.

  7. Posted by Cyrus Jimenez, at Reply

    5:50 didn’t even include the whole video

  8. Posted by filip peterson, at Reply

    what happend to the paintball to the nut guy

  9. Posted by w1dar, at Reply

    Paintball prank cut off, ending music missing.. seems like every 2nd upload contains such editing mistakes. 12 mil subs but no more effort, just recycling clips over and over 🙁

  10. Posted by Ken Gelormini, at Reply

    What’s with all the clip shows? You guys ran out of idiots to film?

  11. Posted by Your friend Ghaul, at Reply


    So that’s what that mouth do

  12. Posted by Reagan Noelle, at Reply

    bOI where the outro music at

  13. Posted by TheAngieIshmael, at Reply

    1:13 how dare you upload ppl that appropriate someone else’s culture?
    Triggered, running away to safe space

  14. Posted by Fanatical Trekkie, at Reply

    I love how confident those kids were at 7:15 that he would hit the target that they didn’t even consider it would break the window, haha

  15. Posted by Gareth Fairclough, at Reply

    In a video game, 3:48 would be “GAME OVER”.

  16. Posted by Guitar1nHand, at Reply

    What’s with having half the paintball gun clip? All the set up without the punchline.

  17. Posted by David Taylor, at Reply

    I’m pretty sure I’m seeing the same clips appear every week at this rate.

  18. Posted by Christmas Noel, at Reply

    7:15 those kids are just dumb :/

  19. Posted by Tim Richardson, at Reply

    7:46 Frank is that you? (Stranger things)