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Look Out For That Bush: Fails of the Week (June 2017) || FailArmy


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Friday implies 2 points, it's practically the weekend and Fails of the Week are here! We have actually obtained some excellent tricks, a couple of funny wipeouts and some workout falls short. Let us understand which clip made you laugh the hardest and make sure to send your video clips at FailArmy.com!!

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Video clips:
Woman Constantly Terrifies Close friend
Dog Spreads Craft Products Around Home
Deer Get into Home
Guy Erases on Mtb
Close friend Efforts Stunts in Plaything Vehicle
Woman Falls right into River Attempting to Cross over Log
Airborne Professional dancer Autumns Tough at Technique
Chauffeur right into Light Pole
Girl Displays Adaptability Skills as well as Tip over
Man Falls off Pull-Up Bar
Vehicle Gets Stuck in Mud and also Flips Over
Man Falls into Water after Flip Attempt
Man Falls offf Homemade Chair Swing
Man on Motorcycle into Bush
This is How you Accumulate a Combo
Guy Attempts to Jump over Barbed Cord Fencing
Boyfriend Strikes Partner's Head with Basketball
Truck Sideswipes Motorist who Rapidly Attempted to Combine right into Land
Guy Backflips Off Sculpture Faceplants
Individual Inadvertently Kicks Lady in Head
Person Has Close Experience with Giraffe
Child Mistakenly Gets Hit in Face with Container
Man Attempts to Swing from Branch as well as Falls right into Water
Woman Strikes Hands on Ceiling Throughout Workout
Man Makes Lady on her Luge Sled
Dirt Bicycle rider Attempts to Trip up Steep Hillside
Woman Flies over Trees
Little Girl Spins Steel Pole Around really Rapid
Canine Slips on Wooden Walkway
Guy Falls into Water Trying to Save Fishing pole
Guy Attempts Numerous Flips off Wall
Child Unintentionally Kicks Sphere into Lightbulb
Man Ruins Girl's Make-up while Driving
Ball Hits Kid in Nuts after Dunking right into Basket
Weight Flies off Bar Throughout Workout
Child Falls off Pull-Up Bar
Bicycle rider's Front Tires Falls off upon Landing Trick
Stone Bounces into Teens Face

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  1. Posted by xPro Spartan, at Reply

    0:47, 5:33 and 5:44 awful drivers! WTF!

    • Posted by Digging 606, at Reply

      Foe-Getta Bout’it
      I have actually saw that same crossing on a different video involving a car getting hit by a train! The car had had turned onto the tracks and missed the road after getting disoriented. Just a minute or two later it gets smacked by a train. Luckily the driver escaped unharmed.

    • Posted by Christian Lamas, at Reply

      That crossing is in my hometown and it is perilous. Something is always happening there.

    • Posted by JVF TheOriginalCopy, at Reply

      they are playing GTA

    • Posted by Triangle_Pants, at Reply

      more like an idiot magnet

  2. Posted by fєlιχ єиz, at Reply

    Do not trust any edited comment!

    • Posted by Spectacular Magic, at Reply

      Paradoxon over 3000

    • Posted by Fire Noodles, at Reply


    • Posted by Toni Suikki, at Reply

      Do not use any over used memes!

  3. Posted by HappyJoeyD : D, at Reply

    At 0:57 it looks like FailArmy is a store

    • Posted by Robert Lucas, at Reply

      i wish it was

    • Posted by WOT IN TARNATION?, at Reply

      Аня Кожевникова i don’t want porn.

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Coming to a town near you!!! haha

  4. Posted by ValentinoRosso, at Reply

    look at me, im early and im not trying to get likes!

    • Posted by Harambe, at Reply

      ValentinoRosso that’s why you don’t have any 😂

    • Posted by Savage, at Reply

      We all know that simply saying you don’t wanna get likes will make people like it, so you make yourself look like you don’t want any, but in reality that’s exactly why you said you don’t need any, so you get a lot without asking for it.

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      You’re the real MVP

  5. Posted by Francesco Poli, at Reply

    Ma il PORCU DIOU alle 1:54???

    • Posted by Matteo Riccardo Santana Darra, at Reply

      Credo che comunque la bestemmia sia un qualcosa di italiano esportato all’estero… Che onore

    • Posted by Giovanni Rana, at Reply


    • Posted by Mirkoss93, at Reply

      siamo gli unici italiani nei commenti,e commentiamo solo per il bestemmione ahaha

    • Posted by de lo pagode, at Reply


      porco dio

      gringon de santa catarina

    • Posted by Alessio Zoncu, at Reply

      la parte bella è che se sapessero cosa vuol dire lo censurerebbero HAHAHAHAHA

  6. Posted by Manuel Auer, at Reply

    1:55 porcodio porcodio

    • Posted by PippoCN69, at Reply

      Manuel Auer portoghese

  7. Posted by NightOwl, at Reply

    0:48 when she says “my parents aren’t home, come eat my shitter like an apple fritter😩😣👅💦”

    • Posted by Nerd Life, at Reply


      dude you are nasty nobody willingly eats a girls chocolate starfish – NOBODY

    • Posted by Lag-Central, at Reply

      NightOwl is

  8. Posted by Pan Sodaku, at Reply

    4:55 Kurwa mać wiesz co ? XD

    • Posted by ๓คŦ ᐛ, at Reply

      nie no to wina tej dziewczyny co ona jakieś jogi odpierdala

    • Posted by Morpha, at Reply

      Kawwe ching chong wong wikko wo ko

    • Posted by 19Vegan87, at Reply


    • Posted by Sirius Black, at Reply

      Pan Sodaku lmao tak 🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️😂

  9. Posted by ValentinoRosso, at Reply

    1:58 stupid man, giraffes kill lions with their feet

    • Posted by Franchute Viejo, at Reply

      +varishnakov and your father, sisters and brothers too

    • Posted by Stephanie Stewart, at Reply

      varishnakov but why offend? can’t you just say they have hooves and nothing else

    • Posted by Savybones, at Reply

      It’s that way of thinking “this animal isn’t a predator, so it’s safe” but what if it thought YOU were a predator?…

  10. Posted by Vaidas, at Reply

    2:40 Oh dear….

    • Posted by Evan Guthrie, at Reply

      Holy buck…

    • Posted by Robert Adan, at Reply

      Vaidas He shouldn’t have incervined.

  11. Posted by Ante Juric, at Reply

    3:16 im that kid recording that is croatian langvige

    • Posted by ItzViper, at Reply

      Ante Juric kako mogu znat da si ti

    • Posted by Nedeljko Kurc, at Reply

      hahaha smeh tvoj najjaci xD

    • Posted by Ante Juric, at Reply

      Nedeljko Kurc hvala

    • Posted by Ante Juric, at Reply

      ItzViper neznam koko i ya sam samo snimo i prika postavio

  12. Posted by KappaClaus Klapperstrauß, at Reply

    What I If told you

    You read that wrong (¬‿¬)

    • Posted by Josh Santos, at Reply

      Nooooo!!! XD

    • Posted by MrKeykeylikesit, at Reply

      What is this sorcery

    • Posted by BAT :3, at Reply

      KappaClaus Klapperstrauß WIZARDRY

    • Posted by ET Go Home Afrika, at Reply

      Oh no you’re a wizard harry

    • Posted by Charles Lindeman, at Reply

      Nope, I read it right. You wrote it wrong.

  13. Posted by Tetra Hedron, at Reply

    4:55. Right, blame the guy while you do yoga in the middle of the Basketball court.

    • Posted by AwesomeMan U, at Reply

      R Soul Im Polish and died when I heard her response! XD😂😂😂

    • Posted by AwesomeMan U, at Reply

      Bruh Kurwa Mac

  14. Posted by jochem kakhiel, at Reply

    3:07 damnnnn

    • Posted by Der typ da Vorn, at Reply

      jochem kakhiel I think he hasnt ever liked the rolling stones

    • Posted by wizelmon | David_A_E, at Reply

      Der typ da Vorn haha ^^

    • Posted by jochem kakhiel, at Reply

      hahahhaha 😀

    • Posted by Toni Suikki, at Reply

      +jochem kakhiel Tbh I dont even feel bad for him. Who films that close, there is an option to zoom for a reason lmao

  15. Posted by Kura Jajeczna, at Reply

    0:39 I was very scared about his nutts

    • Posted by the legend unleashed, at Reply

      deeez nuts got eeeeeem

    • Posted by BeatJumper 👽, at Reply

      I thought it would be the wall/ceiling

    • Posted by Eddy Cantillo, at Reply

      Kura Jajeczna same. I thought he was gonna smack the life of of his balls

    • Posted by Miles_Tails_ Prower, at Reply

      Kura Jajeczna i thought the thing was gonna fall on his head

  16. Posted by Thomas Raes, at Reply

    5:43 Dude, what’s up with that specific place :p

    • Posted by Robert Kroeber, at Reply

      and this hilarious music xD

    • Posted by Kaylin Patterson, at Reply

      Are you serious!? This was happening in Virginia!? I’m shocked, embarrassed, mad, and amused at the same time. XDD

    • Posted by Leo Stamato, at Reply

      My exact thought !! hahaha

      I had to go back to 0:47 to verify if it really was the same place!!

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      You’ve got a lot happening rn

    • Posted by greatdante1243, at Reply

      there’s local bar for sure

  17. Posted by Arthur Schindel, at Reply


    • Posted by Ciro, at Reply


  18. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply


    • Posted by Cristian juarez Yt, at Reply

      FailArmy. hello

    • Posted by BenjaminCatalan Ps4, at Reply

      0:14 primera vez que veo un chileno en este canal :v

  19. Posted by Dasha Tukhtamysheva, at Reply

    Grеat video! Guys рlеase ratе my hоt vidеo on mу сhannel. Whо liкed this vidеo, click “liке” *)

    • Posted by Yuriy Tyaglov, at Reply

      You l��k wonderful ))

    • Posted by Kazuto Senju, at Reply

      Yuriy Tyaglov perv