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Louis C.K. Admits To Sexual Misconduct


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Louis C.K. has released a declaration confessing to sex-related misconduct. Cenk Uygur, Grace Baldridge, as well as Simone Boyce review on The Young Turks. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below. Register for our channel:

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" Louis C.K. has just dealt with claims by 5 women that he either asked to subject himself, masturbated before them, or did so over the phone. He acknowledges the females were all leveling, and also goes on to clarify his conduct and the mistake of his ways." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Elegance Baldridge, Simone Boyce.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Grace Baldridge, Simone Boyce.


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  1. Posted by boob72, at Reply

    Grace is over reacting.

    • Posted by CRod_93, at Reply

      boob72 as per usual.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      Shes going fully on emotions, cant even think straight.

    • Posted by nejolo matrilo, at Reply

      Just a hair shy of Nancy Grace.

  2. Posted by Jonathan, at Reply

    “Cenk, you have to understand what it means to be a woman with a powerful man.” Then she giggles, and says that’s something you’ll never understand. Thats the moment you knew this debate was over and Cenk won. What a stupid statement to make.

    PS. I don’t think Louis C.K. is going to be physically overpowering people. Sorry.

    • Posted by 伶 Rey, at Reply

      The guy is such an unthreatening sweetheart. And he said it himself “I have issues”. The problem is women are incapable of having compassion towards men’s weaknesses. Women only “love” men if theyre receiving that positive emotional stimulation, but hate our guts when we enter into the darkness. Women cannot love men for who they truly are, i think thats the real issue

  3. Posted by Garett James, at Reply

    Cosby / Aisles / Wienstein, is a major false equivelency to CK. Those people are accused of rape. CK was being creepy, he was probably harrassing, but it’s not a jailable offence. It’s a shame. I really liked CK. Cosby too. But in this case, CK isn’t a major criminal in the same vein as rapists.

  4. Posted by jadagod, at Reply

    Cenk is right here, if you start putting any unwanted advance on a women in the sexual harassment/abuse category a lot of men will stop listening to legitimate cases

  5. Posted by Shad Jones, at Reply

    Weird yes. Not predatory

  6. Posted by ixc128, at Reply

    cenk has balls. Disagreeing wth two dykes, at once

    • Posted by Porter, at Reply

      Bigots like you are canсer. You are not progressive, so gtfo from this channel.

  7. Posted by Ian Smith, at Reply

    i agree with cenk.

    • Posted by Boboppo Lappadopolous, at Reply

      Then you are a pig like Cenk.

  8. Posted by Nuance Bro, at Reply

    I had similar feelings to Cenk. Louis asked for consent. His only crime is being successful? He wasn’t exactly their boss and disn’t threaten anyone’s careers. He just a weird sexually perverted guy but is that a crime? Not a lot of nuance with the other two panelists. To put him in the same vein as Weinstein and Cosby is insane. Are we really going to deeply examine and micromanage peoples sex lives and carefully measure power dynamics and privelege etc? These are crazy times we live in

    • Posted by xbefri23, at Reply

      mcmcmcm start recording it.

    • Posted by xbefri23, at Reply

      My sarcasm-sense is tingling…

  9. Posted by Darwin's Fox, at Reply

    These people are obsessed with power. What _power_ does he have? He is a big time comedian. Not a head of state or a CEO. They aren’t his employees. This position of power thing is so arbitrary.

    • Posted by Alex Wilson, at Reply

      No, the power is the linchpin to all of these cases.

    • Posted by Darwin's Fox, at Reply

      Oh I agree that it is the linchpin to these case, I am saying it is arbitrary because it just seems like anyone who is older and somewhat accomplished is considered “powerful”.

    • Posted by Lone Star, at Reply

      I guess if your homeless and your Jerking off in front of people is O.k.

  10. Posted by Johny Kidd, at Reply

    I’m still going to laugh at his stand up specials.

  11. Posted by Arek Czupa, at Reply

    The lady on the left I so dramatic about nonsense

    • Posted by Chris Salvatoriello, at Reply

      Arek Czupa cause she gets rejected by the men she wants

  12. Posted by shiluxx, at Reply

    I agree with Cenk. You cannot lump all of these guys together. Sexual misconduct is not the same as sexual assault. We have to look at each case in terms of what was actually done to the victim. Did he do something inappropriately in front of her, did he touch her, did he physically assault her, did he drug her, was she physically forced vs. coerced to actively participate in a sexual act etc. And don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that these women are coming forward and exposing these guys so that we can finally have more conservations about what’s been affecting women for ages. And, I 100% agree that Louis C.K. was wrong and completely inappropriate. But, you can’t judge these cases on how the victim feels at the time. That’s a slippery slope. You have to judge it off of what was done.

    • Posted by Alatarielle, at Reply

      OMG, NOBDOY is saying they are equally as bad, people are saying both Weinstein and Louis CK sexually harassed women just like people say weed and cacaine are both illegal and you will go to prison for possession of both of them, just like both Louis C.K. and Weinstein should lose their jobs. Will you get different sentences for however often or much you used or sold or did whatever with the illegal drug? yes! Same goes for sexual harassment!

    • Posted by Alatarielle, at Reply

      you know, I think the problem you Americans have is that you only have one word for “same”. maybe that is why it’s confusing to you.
      but then of course, people aren’t saying it’s the “same”. People like me are saying it’s both sexual harassment. and again: since there are different forms of sexual harassment, both can be sexual harassment without it being the exact same course of events or the same severity.

    • Posted by fakei macfake, at Reply

      you are never going to understand the point,so go ahead and keep promoting rape.

    • Posted by shiluxx, at Reply

      Alatarielle, I think people are really misunderstanding each other. NO ONE is saying that it was not sexual harassment! The argument that Cenk is making, and that I agree with, is that you can’t put Cosby and CK in the same category. That’s it. No one is trying to “downplay” anything. Furthermore, Cenk’s commentary is explaining the dangers of NOT addressing the SEVERITY in individual cases and lumping them all together. My comment was also about addressing the severity. And then you come in, saying it’s all sexual harassment. Well we know that already. The discussion I’m trying to have is about the severity of the sexual harassment NOT whether or not there is sexual harassment. So, your comment is entirely misplaced here.

  13. Posted by Johnnewb, at Reply

    Cenk is right.
    It sounds like Louis C.K. is a perv not some predator.

    • Posted by ItsameAlex, at Reply

      They didn’t read all of his message.

    • Posted by Jacob L, at Reply


    • Posted by The Humanity, at Reply

      +Jacob L – It’s pretty self-explanatory. Saying CK just has some perverted sexual interests, not that he is predatory towards women and planning on locking them in a room so he can masturbate while their back is turned. We are told from a young age that consent is everything and 100% necessary. CK asked consent for all 5 women and yet he was later accused of being another Weinstein-esque predator. It’s not right. Think of what his wife and kids had to deal with over this whole thing blowing up for him. His kids probably got laughed at and bullied in school ever since the media blew this up as the next big “Weinstein thing”.

  14. Posted by eyeammi, at Reply

    Grace, to say that you’re sorry or to apologize is a plea for forgiveness. In a crucial part of the statement, which you left out, Louis CK says:

    _There is _*_nothing_*_ about this that I forgive myself for. And I have to reconcile it with who I am. Which is nothing compared to the task I left them with._

    Clearly, if he can’t even forgive himself, then he doesn’t expect forgiveness from all those who he unambiguously admits to having harmed. So, while he never explicitly says the magic words, “I’m sorry,” his statement actually goes much further than mere apology. As such, while you can appropriately condemn and hold Louis CK accountable for his actions that necessitated his statement, given its content, it’s particularly unfair to mischaracterize it as anything but genuinely contrite.

    • Posted by eyeammi, at Reply

      graviton9191 Based on what I’ve seen of Grace on TyT, she is absolutely *_not_* that kind of person. Do I think she’s being unfair about Louis CK’s statement? Clearly, but given the facts, it would be hypocritical to demonize her as thoroughly as you have attempted to do.

  15. Posted by Jason Smith, at Reply

    He aknowledged it because you were gonna attack him either way.

  16. Posted by Jason Smith, at Reply

    At least Cenk was on this Panel

  17. Posted by Alyssa Celestino, at Reply

    I agree with cenk one hundred percent…yeah what he did was wrong but you can’t exactly lump him in with men like Cosby or Weinstein. Except for the phone call he did ask for consent, and listened when he was told no. what he did was creepy as hell, but I think Grace and Simone are letting their emotions supersede their logic. But they are right to be pissed off and disgusted though.

    • Posted by Alyssa Celestino, at Reply

      TBH I’d simply say *No* get over it, and move on with my life just like I have every time I’ve been asked inappropriate questions or been put in inappropriate situations. He asked, they said *No* and he dropped it. Not much more to it than that.

  18. Posted by Renae Mack, at Reply

    I agree with Cenk, I don’t think this is on the same level as the other cases. When it comes to his statement, he admitted his actions and said that he was wrong, why is that not an apology?

  19. Posted by Staci Noe, at Reply

    Sounds like Cenk is trying to figure out if he’s done something wrong in the past 😊

  20. Posted by foreverwantingpie, at Reply

    I sympathize with both sides because I think what he did is inexcusable but it is not as bad as the other men who have been outed as predators. I think if there’s been no recent misconduct then maybe we can believe he’s getting help and being a better person. If the women want to take legal action against him then that’s fine and up to victims discretion.