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MAGA Trolls Prove They’re Not Only Racists But Also Idiots


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Overwhelmed, racist Trump advocates lately attacked LeVar Burton on Twitter. Ana Kasparian and also Cenk Uygur go over on The Young Turks. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark area below.

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" LeVar Burton, the actor that's best understood for his previous work in "Analysis Rainbow" and also "Celebrity Trek: The Next Generation," is obtaining bombarded with upset tweets from Trump fans that have actually misinterpreted him for LaVar Round.

LaVar Round– the daddy of UCLA basketball gamer LiAngelo Round, whom President Donald Trump assisted totally free after he got caught theft in China– has actually remained in a public fight with Trump for the previous several days. Particularly, the head of state was incensed that Round didn't directly thank him for aiding his boy get out of a potential prison sentence.

Nevertheless, none of this has anything to do with LeVar Burton, the previous "Analysis Rainbow" host who just takes place to share a given name with Sphere." *.

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  1. Posted by alt-right Smasher, at Reply

    trumptards also hate reading books, think all black people look alike, and think with the same brain
    100% projection

    • Posted by Isaac Azminov, at Reply

      dancinkindofguy – oh, come now, TYT fans would never say anything that rotten. Only Trump supporters do! And I’m sure if it were true there would be dozens of TYT fans chastising him for it for TYT fans are the most ethical and morally superior creatures on planet earth!

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      RacinZilla003 It’s a salute to the old emoji system. Try again.

    • Posted by RacinZilla003, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 I never knew Emojis were a part of English!


    • Posted by Evan Marion, at Reply

      you are right on point they are totally and blissfully ignorant

  2. Posted by Candice Nicole, at Reply

    The best part about Trump being President is his followers. Always there to make me feel better about myself and my choices in life.

    • Posted by Randy H, at Reply

      Amen lol

  3. Posted by Curly73, at Reply

    I don’t get this blind worship of trump. Did they worship him when he was on the apprentice? Or when he guest starred on sex & the city or the fresh prince of bel air? Why do they love him all of a sudden?

    • Posted by The spicy Taco, at Reply

      alt-right Smasher I reported you’re hate comment you full of hate liberal

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      +The spicy Taco ,
      You need to get back to your safespace, snowflake.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      I don’t get this blind worship of Uygar. Did TYT fans love him when he did his first Islam apologist video and try to equate it with Christianity because somebody blew up an abortion clinic 15 years ago? Or when they did their first ‘All white people are racist” video?

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      He’s not Hillary.

  4. Posted by I'm kin Kuinafets, at Reply

    I started trolling Christian conservatives for trump on Facebook. Not one of them can spell, I’m having so much fun, they are easy to provoke

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      They can’t be any stupider than TYT fans right here on this comments section.

    • Posted by Jeep_Lurver, at Reply

      Says the person that did not end their sentence with a period.

    • Posted by I'm kin Kuinafets, at Reply

      You guys are too funny and are exactly why I started trolling the group on Facebook. Thank you for making my day so much fun.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      You might be heading into a place of business and someone might forget to hold the door open for you. Someone could mess up your order at a restaurant. Your mail might get misdelivered. You could get a flat tire. Ha Ha Ha! Such things happen sometimes.

  5. Posted by Never go full retard, at Reply

    Leave kunta alone!

    • Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply


    • Posted by Roselle Williams, at Reply

      Seriously some people don’t know their “Roots”.

  6. Posted by Patrick DeCambra, at Reply

    Trump supporters are proving to be just as smart as Trump

    • Posted by ra5928, at Reply

      I C EWE – Uh …. I’m pretty sure the racists are the ones that mistake one LaVar for another just because they are black. I guess that zinger went right over your head.

    • Posted by The spicy Taco, at Reply

      Patrick DeCambra I reported you’re hate comment you hateful liberal

    • Posted by J N, at Reply

      Patrick DeCambra Or smart as you

    • Posted by I C EWE, at Reply


  7. Posted by mrfriendlyguy, at Reply

    Imagine if Obama said to the right wing, why aren’t you guys thanking me for killing Osama Bin Laden.

    • Posted by UTubeHobby, at Reply

      I never believed him when he made the claim. I figured Osama was with him in the WH.

    • Posted by mrfriendlyguy, at Reply

      Sure, you totally thanked him for that. LOL. But I see you miss the point that a. not everyone did thank him and b. Obama didn’t go around demanding people thank him. That kind of makes you a moron.

    • Posted by Jeep_Lurver, at Reply

      The SEALS did that, all Obama did was authorize it, Trump when out of his way to convince the Chinese President to release them.

    • Posted by mannyflowers, at Reply

      went out of his way!???????? hahahahahahah You mean… TWITTER

  8. Posted by Helen Short, at Reply

    Most of the “people” Tweeting for Trump are botskis..! 😒

    • Posted by A. Xak, at Reply

      They’re not even making sense tonight either. (This is fake news! They’re not even looking at the video to see they’re still maligning the wrong person!) I think this all reeks of the Koch brothers orchestrating what will eventually be the take down of twitter.

  9. Posted by Katie Johnson, at Reply

    I love Levar Burton, great dancer and actor. Reading rainbow was the essence of an awesome and inspiring children’s show. ❤ Just came on to say that basically. Happy Thanksgiving. 😂

    • Posted by flick400, at Reply

      Jordy was one of the best on Startrek too

    • Posted by Katie Johnson, at Reply

      flick400 Best version of Startrek there is … 😀

    • Posted by oxyman10, at Reply

      Katie Johnson Yeah, I used to look forward to watching that in grade school. Started watching Star Trek The Next Generation on Netflix, I really like the character he played. His cameo on Family Guy was funny.

    • Posted by Katie Johnson, at Reply

      oxyman10 So happy so many others appreciate him as well! I thought he always had such a kind voice and I always wanted to dance like him, Alphonso (fresh prince), and the golden tap dancer, Sabian Glover …. I ❤ Levar! Next Generation was mesmerizing. Cool that it is on Netflix … I had no idea. 🙂

  10. Posted by Martine, at Reply

    The president of the United State is involved in a feud. That right there has to give you pause.

    • Posted by Clipper1094, at Reply

      Martine not just a feud, but a feud with the father of a basketball player. 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Posted by Martine, at Reply

    This isn’t even politics, it’s turned into sort some of sports theater. Trump is their team, and their team won. That’s all that matters. They don’t have the brains to see beyond this tiny fact.

    • Posted by Morrison de la serva Cassavetes, at Reply

      Too bad Clinton Supporters still haven’t realized Trump team won
      Still living in denial

    • Posted by Top Cat, at Reply

      Still not got over Hillary yet I see, Morrison.

  12. Posted by marlonious76, at Reply

    What did reading rainbow ever do to you ???

    • Posted by Rip Em, at Reply

      marlonious76 It failed them. Notice how they confused Ball with Burton?

  13. Posted by Randy Scott, at Reply

    Trump lovers are truly in a cult. The whole idea of what a cult member is perfectly describes what a cult member is. There is no hope for 25 -30 % of the entire populace who are in the Cult of Trump and that means we have moved into a POST-Truth world.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Marxism is the world’s biggest cult.

    • Posted by Lenny Stoat, at Reply

      Genk’s antics are getting old. He’s been doing that grotesque caricature (called ‘mugging’ in theatre slang) of political opponents for years now. Nobody mugs the way he claims Trump/Hilary/Democrat/Republicans supporters portrays them to – that sort of childish over-simplification might work with a four-year-old but it’s incredible to think that persuades an adult. Even Ana looked embarrassed today in  this clip.

    • Posted by Lenny Stoat, at Reply

      *Randy Scott – **_’The whole idea of what a cult member is perfectly describes what a cult member is.’_*  – What the hell does that mean?

    • Posted by bartdude82, at Reply

      nom nomm I dont care about you’re question obviously. You are still a disgrace

  14. Posted by DetroitLives313, at Reply

    I remember LeVar Burton first and foremost for “Roots”.

  15. Posted by JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern, at Reply

    Trumptards hate education, so they’ve probably never heard of Reading Rainbow, lol.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Trump supporters (*note the correction) love education!

  16. Posted by Adam & Qi, at Reply

    *MAGA is codeword for “Make America white and evangelical again!”*

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      It means what it mean stupid libcunts. Make America Great Again. AMERICA first!

    • Posted by Munozl360, at Reply

      Adam & Qi you ard stupid. And too stupid to even realize it.

  17. Posted by joey robinson, at Reply


    • Posted by Frank Machuca, at Reply