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‘Making A Murderer’ Subject Gets Another Win


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Brendan Dassey won a significant triumph in court. Kim Horcher, Ben Mankiewicz, as well as Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us what you think in the comment section listed below.

" Brendan Dassey, a topic of the Netflix documentary collection "Making a Killer," won a significant court success on Thursday, as a federal charms court upheld an earlier ruling by a federal judge rescinding his sentence. The ruling came 10 years after Mr. Dassey was convicted of sexually attacking and eliminating a 25-year-old professional photographer.

In a 2-to-1 choice, a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit said that it agreed with the judgment last August by William E. Duffin, a federal judge for the Eastern Area of Wisconsin. The judge had actually discovered that Mr. Dassey was pushed right into a confession in which he admitted that he helped his uncle, Steven Avery, in sexually attacking as well as eliminating the photographer, Teresa Halbach. Mr. Dassey later on recanted the confession."

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Hosts: Kim Horcher, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson

Cast: Kim Horcher, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson


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  1. Posted by John Smash, at Reply

    Surprised TyT celebrate a non-black getting justice.

    • Posted by RT, at Reply

      John Smash I know right

    • Posted by FF 2016, at Reply

      of course they celebrate a non-black getting justice, they celebrate any justice without discrimination.

      That they do more videos on black not getting/getting justice tells you more about american society than it does about tyt.

    • Posted by Jaren C, at Reply

      You could’ve said a white person not brought us up…. again.

    • Posted by Longclaw22 -, at Reply

      Jaren C
      Blacks are the trolls’ chosen people.

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    He’s white, safe to assume he’s not guilty of murder.

    • Posted by Stef, at Reply

      quaxk cmon man
      Racial issues are a real thing but don’t undermine justice like that
      It doesn’t help anyone
      We should all care that the police are doing this TO EVERYONE and CHILDREN
      No matter what his race we should all pray no one let alone a mentally disabled*** child be wrongfully convicted

    • Posted by FuqbadTV, at Reply

      he spent a long time in prison for something he didn’t commit so that does not apply here bud

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      Chris TcRRoR thats because you watched a netflix documentary instead of looking at ALL the evidence police provided. its pretty open and shut. avery did it. thats why the video and mich of the documentary is about his nephew, not avery himself.

      he did it.

    • Posted by Shaun Varga, at Reply

      Yeah the netflix documentary is a vehicle for the defense attorneys. The documentary did not include evidence for the prosecution intentionally.

  3. Posted by hannermax, at Reply

    Huge miscarriage of justice. After watching the documentary I feel that he was simply not a part of it. His IQ was also extremely low, he seemed very confused about everything and there was no evidence against him. Definitely coerced.

    • Posted by collin corbean, at Reply

      hannermax do you believe his iq was the issue or does he have some form of a disability?

    • Posted by JessieBanana, at Reply

      I didn’t watch this documentary, nor no much about this case, but I will say in general if a person is too slow or disabled to know what is being asked of them or where they are being led, you forced them to do something. Whether that is a confession, an act of sexual assault, financial exploitation, etc. You can’t willing do or agree to something you don’t understand.

    • Posted by cuda861, at Reply

      Paul Davis absolutely correct. Unfortunately most people are too dim to see past a one sided documentary. Steven Avery without a doubt in my mind did, Brenden was involved. unfortunately the case was mishandled. Avery is guilty, there’s been a lot less evidence for a murder conviction. Brenden on the other hand was a different story, he’s most likely guilty but he was taken advantage of.

    • Posted by MusicByJC, at Reply

      I would encourage you to watch the documentary if you can. One of the best documentaries that I have every watched. The documentary is much more than a story about whether Avery and Brandon are guilty but it also about the investigation and the people that involved that I think has to make you question the police that were involved.

  4. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Parents should encourage their children to watch TYT’s fact based commentaries. It can be the difference between life and death. This is especially the case when dealing with law enforcement.

    • Posted by SomeGuy28, at Reply

      “Fact based”? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Oh, my sides!

    • Posted by evan brown, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis ??????

    • Posted by Tokenetta, at Reply

      Not every segment or video is “fact based”. There are some stories that are factual, but there are others that are false or simply appeal to emotions. I think most of the time TYT are factual and a fraction of the time they’re manipulate.

    • Posted by WeirdCityCitizen, at Reply

      Silly, silly girl Jeri lol.

  5. Posted by Michael Kyle, at Reply

    They might as well let him go because they know they’re not going to convict him, justice needs to upheld in America and it’s cases like these that make you really question the judicial system.

    • Posted by Katie Johnson, at Reply

      Michael Kyle Well said Michael.

  6. Posted by Raunchy 'First Impressions Garage', at Reply

    NEPHEW , not cousin.

    • Posted by Rob The Fandom Menace, at Reply

      He could be both.

    • Posted by bernard moussa, at Reply


  7. Posted by Sanely Progressive, at Reply

    Trolls eating this up.😨 Must be lonely and bored tonight, sad

    • Posted by facefister69, at Reply

      People like you are just as bad, just ignore them you moron. SAD.

  8. Posted by natanael murga, at Reply

    is anyone else unsure of steve avery i mean when the cop talked to the dispatch and knew what car to look for and location before dispatch even told him and when they found the viles of blood had needle sized holes poked into them. I mean if he was so guilty why do all the the things that look like a set up.

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      Sarah Kratky to a conspiracy theorist maybe…

    • Posted by natanael murga, at Reply

      Oh how cute resorting to calling someone an idiot must of made you feel like a big man for the day. go back to sucking on your mother’s tit you sad little man.

    • Posted by natanael murga, at Reply

      I get girls so just go back to your sad little hole. And by the way you wish i was ugly. I dont see your picture in your thumbnail and I wonder why.

    • Posted by MusicByJC, at Reply

      I think the needle in the vile has an explanation. At least I accepted the explanation, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. There were many unexplained and very suspect things that occurred on behalf of the police department. If I had to make a yes/no decision if Avery was guilty from what I have watched, I would have to go with not guilty. That is not a 100% sure not guilty, but there was so much stuff that I felt didn’t make sense that I have reasonable doubts. With Brandon, he probably wasn’t involved and it should be obvious that his original story was completely false and there was no evidence to back up his confession. If I was a witness and the evidence not only didn’t support what I was claiming as a witness, then my statements would be rejected. With Brandon, his statements had no backing, no evidence to support them. So, why would they then use his confession as evidence. They shouldn’t have and I am glad he is out.

  9. Posted by Fried, at Reply

    Whats up with all these redneck snowflakes commenting in these videos lately?

    What yall think white privilege doesnt exist? man gtfo

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      Jane S. disparity in of itself is not evidence of discrimination. is the disparity of racial makeup if assault victims proof of racial bias on the part of the perpetrator? is a disparity in the fashion industry evidence of discrimination against straight white men? is the disparity of violent criminals proof of male bias in our system?

      you know nothing about police tactics and strategies, and it is dishonest to try to discuss them when you fail to mention the hypervictimization of black communities. black neighboorhoods have high arrests, convictions, and police shootings because more victims of violence live there, and thus need protection. a higher rate of criminals and violence brings higher rates of convictions, sentencing disparities, and shootings. period. it is statistically verifiable…not anecdotal bullshit from “historical context.”

    • Posted by Moving Froward, at Reply

      Fried how privileged was brandon?

    • Posted by Square Root, at Reply

      Gary Turbo, you believe cops only kill blacks? Look at the stats, the number of white victims of extra judicial killings by cops in America may surprise you. For the record, I’m neither white nor American.

  10. Posted by Jaren C, at Reply

    These commenters are pitiful. I guess it’s easy to confront anybody with your feelings but the system itself. Tyt comments are always troll filled. So counterproductive.

    • Posted by facefister69, at Reply

      It’s probably because TYT are trash, hence why all of their friends in the media have cut ties with them.

    • Posted by Ernest Wilcox, at Reply

      anytime there’s a video about a white person, these racist bastards immediately have to flip it around on blacks.

    • Posted by Ernest Wilcox, at Reply

      facefister69 then why the hell are you here? unsub

    • Posted by Moving Froward, at Reply

      Jaren C and you think tyt videos are productive?

  11. Posted by Political Optimist, at Reply

    The reason Brandon was a target by the prosecution is because they needed his confession in order to convict Avery. Remember, Avery had a great lawyer and the only thing his lawyer couldn’t refute was a confession that accepted as legitimate evidence by the court.
    Once Brandon goes free so will Avery.

    • Posted by Ayanda Mahokoto, at Reply

      Avery was already exonerated by DNA evidence.

  12. Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

    This is one of the few times where I agree with Ben Mankiewicz 100%.

    An innocent person is more likely to win the lottery than to have their conviction vacated by the Court of Appeal because of a breach of constitutional rights.

    My the police state that rules my country (New Zealand), a person is more likely to win the lottery TWICE than to have a conviction overturned by the Court of Appeal for a breach of their constitutional rights. Seriously.

    • Posted by jim james, at Reply

      Michael Moretti In New Zealand if they decide you are guilty they just remand you in custody and have no bail set. You are stuck in prison and cant defend your case lucky if you see your lawyer for more than an hour before you are on trial. Sorr of the same they are doing to this kid. They have a piece of paper saying his charges are dropped but they think he is still guilty so are appealing it and holding him without bond. Its a scam to keep whom they deem “bad” in the system. So you could go up on a traffic violation but they think you are a burglar. If the traffic violation is an imprissonable offence they will remand you in custody. They decided you are bad so use what ever they can to make you a fixture in the prison/justice system. Once you are free of them and they arent just trying to imprison you they are busy with the next guy. The government funds them for results. The results arent really what the agencies are there for. They are just glorified dispute resolution departments. But now act independently and get the crown or government to enact laws to make them more money. They have no idea how to stop crime or enforce law just how to fill courts fill cells fill ticket and fine quotas.

  13. Posted by Rebecca Fudge, at Reply

    anyone who still thinks Steve is guilty is living in the dark ages

  14. Posted by Dasha Jean, at Reply

    Steven Avery is guilty though… sad for the kid.. you can tell he was not apart of it at all

  15. Posted by Clash With BondZ, at Reply

    Idk I think Steven deserves a new trial

  16. Posted by kousoulides, at Reply

    you know the guy is guilty right?

  17. Posted by Jay Medinus, at Reply

    is she crying or is she just nervous lol

  18. Posted by mary ly, at Reply

    Cousin really?? It’s Steven Avery”s NEPHEW!!

  19. Posted by bigedaymon, at Reply

    not related to the video, but she has the straight crazy eye

  20. Posted by Generic Scout, at Reply

    Idiots are controlled by a system. This is always the case. Maybe instead of trolling people might wanna get smart read the law, and prevent situations like these.