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Man Has Great Excuse For Selling Fake Drugs


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A male was detained after selling fake drugs at Bonnaroo. Poise Baldridge, John Iadarola, Kim Horcher, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you outstanding justification. Tell us just what you think in the comment area listed below.

"( CNN) A male's magnificent calling has landed him behind bars after he was captured attempting to offer thousands of phony medications at the Bonnaroo Songs and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, legislation officers said.

According to an arrest warrant from the Coffee Region Sheriff's Office, David E. Brady told officers "he was doing God's job," when they located 1,000 fake hits of acid, 20 bags "made to look like cocaine," 37 tablets that were made to resemble molly, 22 bags of fake mushrooms and also a scent stick made to look like black tar heroin.

Brady, 45, was sitting in a camping tent Wednesday when he was come close to by Coffee Area replacements after one of them saw him with what seemed narcotics, the warrant states.

As they came better, Brady threw the things behind him. When he stood, he had a bag of mushrooms hanging from his waistband, the warrant says."

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Hosts: Elegance Baldridge, John Iadarola, Kim Horcher

Cast: Elegance Baldridge, John Iadarola, Kim Horcher


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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    Makes them muslim-friendly I guess!

    • Posted by Michael Hunt, at Reply

      Do you think about anything besides Muslims?

    • Posted by pisse3000, at Reply

      quaxk Christians aren’t allowed to do drugs either, you dummy

    • Posted by Logic beats Speculation, at Reply

      that is because religious people are stupid and/or gullible.

      they believe an ideology that is completely baseless and speculative in ALL of its supernatural claims.

  2. Posted by Jane Creek, at Reply

    Trump voter.

    • Posted by Murray Flewelling, at Reply

      Better than Bernie? You mean the guy who kept rolling the day after Hillary had her own personal Waterloo? The dems have one chance to be viable two years from now (if Trump makes it even that long) and Bernie is it. Though with his current numbers on RPC why would he bother even entertaining the Dems ,when they are dead in the water.

    • Posted by Onyx Wind, at Reply

      I LOVE John Iadarola. Hahaha

    • Posted by PlumbDrumb, at Reply

      He’s a Trump voter, he doesn’t realize it.

  3. Posted by youtert, at Reply

    He stole from drug users, it’s a crime, he goes to prison. The police steal from drug users, it’s called Civil Asset Forfeiture, they get a promotion and a new margarita machine.

    • Posted by blindedby2monkeys, at Reply

      ” police steal from drug users, it’s called Civil Asset Forfeiture” they don’t just steal from drug users LOL

    • Posted by Murray Flewelling, at Reply

      That’s exactly what the funny but serious Oliver special pointed out with examples so blatantly wrong I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see the show. Keep your civilians angry and fighting each other and apparently you can run over them from all directions.

    • Posted by Yiṣḥāq David, at Reply

      A margaritaville

  4. Posted by #Free KEKISTAN, at Reply

    he used incense as heroin. imagine if they were to shoot it up rip

    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      I can’t imagine anyone would actually shoot it up though unless they were inexperienced-someone may get ripped off but once they saw it properly I’m sure they would know the difference. But it’s shocking to think what might happen for sure

    • Posted by athews1976, at Reply

      Yeah, you could very likely die from injecting incense. I’ve heard horror stories about people injecting things that shouldn’t be consumed/administered that way or AT ALL.

    • Posted by Chris Ruiz, at Reply

      They would taste it at some point in the processes

    • Posted by Maureen Miettinen, at Reply

      Yeah, really though — I wonder if we’ll learn about anyone who died from this man’s ‘drugs’ …

  5. Posted by fux yews, at Reply

    Well if they’re fake drugs then they’re legal substances….because they’re not drugs…
    He got arrested for not selling drugs, is what I’m saying…. lol…

    • Posted by fux yews, at Reply

      However purses are also legal to purchase and use, unlike drugs…
      Surely more accurate example would be selling a bag of flour to someone who wanted poison..

    • Posted by William Slaughter, at Reply

      fux yews he advertised them as drugs… this alone constitutes “intent to distribute” in the eyes of the law

    • Posted by JustAHorrorShow, at Reply

      This guy’s fake drugs could be even more dangerous than real drugs. Especially if someone was new to drugs and didn’t know how to check the quality before injecting or snorting, they could die from these fake drugs.

    • Posted by tom johnston, at Reply

      fux yews Also illegal to sell fake drugs if your claiming they’re real illegal drugs. Not as bad legally but still getting arrested.

  6. Posted by eedobee, at Reply

    Why are fake drugs illegal wtf

    • Posted by joe BONES, at Reply

      I think you maybe have misread my comment..

    • Posted by joe BONES, at Reply

      In fact I myself are on Suboxone due to painkiller addiction..

    • Posted by Zulu Nation, at Reply

      +eedobee idiot

    • Posted by padlockbeats, at Reply

      +joe BONES Your not alone

  7. Posted by Adasha Stewart, at Reply

    This is how you know the system doesn’t really care about the drugs. It’s all about missing out the money. Can’t get a cut of taxes from your hard work, they’re coming to take you down. That’s why our kids can’t sell lemonade from a cardboard box in our own fkn yard. All in your business…literally

    • Posted by Zulu Nation, at Reply

      +Adasha Stewart the guy was scamming people that is crime.

    • Posted by Adasha Stewart, at Reply

      +Zulu Nation The entire system is a scam. Lock them up…unless you can’t bc only the powerless get punishment

    • Posted by Bauks, at Reply

      Kids in my neighborhood are savage then. I’ve probably seen 30 lemonade stands already this summer. lol

    • Posted by nunchaku101, at Reply

      Firstly, if anyboduy triued to indicmidate kids to stop themsellnig lemondade then they need to be dealt with, whether or not they are a masonic enforcer of tyranny.

      As for taxes, they are a collective circle jerk whereby you pay for someone and someone pays for you and the person paying for you is p[aid for by somebody else etc etc. Taxman are filth and need to be taught a lesson.

  8. Posted by Adam Black, at Reply

    Fake Drugs are often far more dangerous, Which is why these laws exist.

    • Posted by jason toppa, at Reply

      Adam Black that’s why all drugs should be regulated and decriminalized

    • Posted by Adam Black, at Reply

      +jason toppa Definitely NOt!

      The list of Drugs we need to keep banned is far higher than the ones we need to decriminalize.

      Flakka, K2, Spice, Bath Salts.
      These Deadly Fake Heroin which can kill you I’d you touch it or breathe it in.

      It might seem Extreme to some people that we MUST legalize Heroin, but Fake Heroin is now killing more Americans than most diseases. Pure Heroin is actually much more safe than Acety Fentanyl.

      There is no hard line between recreational drugs and illegal Chemical warfare agents.

      Whatever drug you can think of, there are hundreds of dangerous dirt cheap synthetics, which are highly addictive, easy to overdose / kill with, and need to be kept off the the streets to maintain purity levels.

      Decriminalization increases the need to some drugs to be banned.

    • Posted by Adam Black, at Reply

      +jason toppa​ Not All.
      20 micrograms Carfentanil will kill you.
      10,000 times stronger than Heroin.
      Probably deadlier than consuming an equal amount of Bleach. – A Deadly First: Carfentanil, An Opioid 100 Times More Potent Than Fentanyl, Traced In Mass.

      Or Devil’s Breath — one puff in someone’s face and they are a mind controled Zombie.

    • Posted by jason toppa, at Reply

      Adam Black that’s why I said regulate

  9. Posted by OldytroN, at Reply

    “I really don’t buy a lot of drugs” – John 2017

  10. Posted by Delfino Garza, at Reply

    what if he told the them the drugs were fake?

  11. Posted by Austin Trigloff, at Reply

    he sold placebo… arrest him!

  12. Posted by Eater 999, at Reply

    Was there a placebo or something?

  13. Posted by Born 2 Suffer, at Reply

    Stupid, so if he’s doing gods work why is he selling it and taking their money? Fuckery!

  14. Posted by Zizi Mugen, at Reply

    Coffee County… Represent…
    Always check your substances.

  15. Posted by DirtyRottenInsult, at Reply

    The fake mushrooms probably taste a lot better.

  16. Posted by Mitch Hedberg, at Reply

    The “newest” testament.

  17. Posted by Razar Campbell, at Reply

    What about the potential of people injecting incense??
    That could cause an unfortunate amount of harm.