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Man Just Can’t Hold His Ship | Viral Clips


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An older guy in the Bahamas just can't hold his ship …

However that can when you're getting suggestions like this!

Watch him aim to hold his ship in the palm of his hands.


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  1. Posted by Prakhar Mishra, at Reply

    ‘damn damn lets just stop’ fucking hilarious

  2. Posted by Zonnie Hoffer, at Reply

    It’s FURRRTHERRR! Get It Right!

    • Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos, at Reply


  3. Posted by fire, at Reply

    Futher, futher, futher

  4. Posted by GameNowPc, at Reply

    thats why it’s easier to just move the camera right

  5. Posted by fraziermay, at Reply

    Hahaha❗️Let’s jus stop this❗️😂🤣😂

  6. Posted by Cael Boysen, at Reply

    Futher Futher Futher XD

  7. Posted by Swastik Sharma, at Reply

    I’m gettin neaxt to the SHEAP.
    m holdin the Sheap in my haand
    (lady:) gotta drop it daaun futher, futher, futher, futher, futher, futher, futher, futher
    Naaw take it thaet waye. To your right. To your left sorry to your left, to your left, to your left. Lil bit more ’bout FAAVE ianches more, more (lean over) more more, Up Up Up, more. That way More (takes his name).
    More that way.
    No Damn! [Stop]
    Let’s just stop this

  8. Posted by TheNBAFreak, at Reply

    “futher, futher, futher, futher, futher, futher, futher,” 😂

  9. Posted by Jake Zook, at Reply

    futher futher futher futher futher more more more

  10. Posted by Nathan Nauffts, at Reply

    Futher futher futher !!!! Lol