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Man Keeps Fighting After Losing Face To Cancer


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Tim McGrath is an ideas. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you concerning Tim overcoming cancer cells. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment section below.

" Inning accordance with the National Institutes of Wellness, synovial sarcoma is a rare as well as aggressive form of soft-tissue cancer. There are usually no indicators or signs and symptoms at first, but gradually a growth could quickly create and expand, harming the body systems around it.

Eventually, the growth expanded to the size of a softball on the left side of McGrath's face. He looked into nonsurgical options, but after 18 months he chose to have the lump removed. The surgical procedure took 30 hours to execute, and he remained in the health center for seven weeks recovering.

After the surgery, McGrath's doctors valiantly aimed to reconstruct his face. His body rejected their efforts, which left the side of his face red, raw, and also revealed."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by JoeKickass324, at Reply

    he should become a model, phantom of opera motiff

    • Posted by JoeKickass324, at Reply

      why? he has a great body, decent looking. Seriously he could make a negative to a positive.I Seen loose skin disease model, Vitiligo model, Absolutely midnight skin models, Albino models Etc.

  2. Posted by Ethnic Shitposter, at Reply

    Best wishes to this guy

    • Posted by Frank Jaeger, at Reply

      Ethnic Shitposter lol funny name

    • Posted by Goron, at Reply

      I pray to Kek that he will recover! πŸΈπŸ‘Œ

    • Posted by Synerrox ΰΉ€, at Reply

      gas the shitposters already, they’re a leach on our comment sections

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      Shitposter “Best wishes to this guy”
      You: “gas the shitposters”


  3. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    A true survivor. This is the purest form of courage and real strength

    • Posted by edith bunker, at Reply

      SmithMaximus you can take risks or NOT… cancer does not discriminate. My mother never drank, did drugs, smoke cigarettes… yet she got pancreatic cancer. First in our blood line to GET cancer. As in my late mothers words… “sometimes it’s the luck of the draw” .

    • Posted by Guindo, The, at Reply

      ScarletKnight I don’t know what info you were looking up but nothing I can find cites steroid use as a risk factor for developing Synovial Sarcoma, specifically. There are many varieties of soft tissue cancer and Synovial Sarcoma is an extremely rare one with no well-established contributing factors.

      Also you’re making a pretty big assumption that he _does_ use ananolic steroids and that this caused the cancer. You do realize that not all risk factors contribute to every case of cancer, right?

  4. Posted by Zamasu Pepe, at Reply

    Fake News..

    • Posted by drako jimenez, at Reply

      it’s not fake

  5. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    That guy has guts!

    • Posted by Buddy Love, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 Looks like he had abs to me.

    • Posted by Synerrox ΰΉ€, at Reply

      But no face.

  6. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Hopefully he will begin to watch TYT if he doesn’t already. Their powerful commentaries will inspire him to keep fighting.

    • Posted by Enriquillo, at Reply

      @Comp3630 Are you truly that stupid or hateful…nothing the OP said compares the two or could be interpreted in such a way which would be worthy of such a ignorant response.

      Maybe it’s both in your case, if so the quickest remedy to this affliction is to dive head first from the highest point nearest you.

    • Posted by Ku Klux Klan, at Reply

      +Jeri Kourkoumels I don’t like you or care for your opinion.

    • Posted by mberg1974, at Reply

      “Jeri Kourkoumelis”… right. Is that you Ana? πŸ™‚

    • Posted by TazKidNoah, at Reply

      +Jeri Kourkoumelis
      I swear someone was catfishing ur account under ur pic with a different name? Dont remember when thou?

  7. Posted by drako jimenez, at Reply

    I know this guy he’s my teacher’s brother I personally never met the guy but my teacher told us alot about him I remember the day our teacher first shared the news to us about him have a super rare form of cancer and seeing our teacher shed tears as she shared her brother’s story and we never gave up hope for him and we are glad to see him fully recovered I hope I get to meet him some day.

    • Posted by Siwicke Tablet, at Reply

      Ms. Warner

    • Posted by drako jimenez, at Reply

      Siwicke Tablet yes

  8. Posted by Trevor Scott, at Reply

    When TYT reports on Politics, the trolls are angry.
    When TYT reports on non-political things, the trolls are angry.

    • Posted by Mike Q, at Reply

      Trevor Scott because they’re not reporting on russia so they can’t be upset for no reason.

    • Posted by The Secularist, at Reply

      Trevor Scott
      it’s like they only exist to be angry….

    • Posted by SalamanderTheCreator, at Reply

      Look at the like to dislike ratio though… It is way more positive than most of their videos, what does that tell you?

  9. Posted by MilitantAntiTheist, at Reply

    The word you’re looking for, Ana is “disfigured,” not deformed. A deformity is something you’re born with, a disfigurement is something that happens later due to injury or disease.

    • Posted by mud cat, at Reply

      Dumb hoe!

    • Posted by Manapua Man, at Reply

      relax man
      smoke a joint

  10. Posted by X'O Host, at Reply

    Dude had to even have his eye removed. He was incredibly handsome too.

    • Posted by Daisy, at Reply

      X’O Host of curse it got removed 😐 how would he have the eye on that side…? U make no sense

    • Posted by kagelynx, at Reply

      Daisy “U make no sense”?
      Your grammer doesn’t make any sense

    • Posted by hazel eyes, at Reply

      What makes no sense is that the tumor was on the other side of his face, then the side he had surgery on if you believe the pictures that is.

    • Posted by Porta Rocc, at Reply

      hazel eyes
      The reason being
      Is the first pic was a selfie
      The second was taken professionally.
      So as you know with camera phones
      The images gets flipped just like your looking in a mirror. That’s why it appears to be on the other side of his face.

    • Posted by ralphinator2, at Reply

      The tumor is on the left. The after photo is a mirror selfie. But importantly, DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE THAT! If he went to a doctor as soon as he felt the pain, he could have had it removed while it wasn’t even visible.

  11. Posted by Anthony Rivera, at Reply

    wow 16 dislikes.. even trumptards dislike videos of cancer survivors.

    • Posted by David G., at Reply

      Anthony Rivera I’m sure your mom and dad are being deported right now

    • Posted by MrMferg240, at Reply

      no, probably Hispanics disliked the video.

    • Posted by Anthony Rivera, at Reply

      Yea I am sure they are…? We live in Quebec? You do know people exist outside the United States right? And Canadians are not inbred rednecks. Git r dun?? Drrr drrr

  12. Posted by Rumpled Trumpskin, at Reply

    If you give a thumbs down to a video about the human struggle, just because you hate TYT, you’ve lost your humanity.

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      Rumpled Trumpskin


    • Posted by David Beale, at Reply

      Rumpled Trumpskin
      Evil Fraud Trump supporters gave up thinking.

  13. Posted by Chance Anderson, at Reply

    Should have gotten the tumor removed at first contact. That’s what happens when you try to explore “alternative” medicines and treatments before waiting too long to go with actual scientific, medical intervention. Praying doesn’t help either.

    • Posted by All I do is watch and/or comment, at Reply

      Chance Anderson Is thay what he did? If so, he should have gone in at first sign of a lump.Green tea and turmeric doesn’t help.

  14. Posted by Shane O'Dell, at Reply

    I had two strokes. The first one at 44 and the second one that doctors said should have killed me at 48. To this day, I still attend and work out at the gym. You fight on. Huge amount of love to the gentleman tor being an inspiration for all health crisis survivors!

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      Shane O’Dell πŸ‘

  15. Posted by faris omar, at Reply

    Amazing i can’t even fight the hair loss lol

    • Posted by faris omar, at Reply

      kestrel archer i’m on propecia Actually thank you

  16. Posted by xovux, at Reply

    He waited 18 months before removing it surgically. Pleaaaase do not wait when it comes to cancer guys

    • Posted by ralphinator2, at Reply

      Actually, he waited 18 months after he already knew it was cancer. It was many months before that he was in pain before it even started swelling. So this guy fucked around for 2-3 years before getting cancer removed.

    • Posted by travisrlel2, at Reply

      Maybe he didn’t have health insurance?

    • Posted by Guindo, The, at Reply

      Dudes, he didn’t just leave it untouched for 18 months, they were treating it nonsurgically that whole time. You know, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, those extremely common treatment methods for cancer? Apparently it didn’t respond to chemo so they switched to radiation and that shrank it enough for them to be able to surgically remove it.

  17. Posted by Black Wolf, at Reply

    If he went to the doc when he had pain in the jaw, how did the tumor grow to that size?

    • Posted by loveanianimeme, at Reply

      I know, that was a low ball. But more a criticism towards the american healthcare system.

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply


      His problem not mine. That’s life.

  18. Posted by John Marks, at Reply

    Why in the world did the doctors allow this to have gotten so large before doing the surgery? OMG what kind of insanity is that? This guy is just as strong and powerful on the inside, as the body he worked so hard to perfect. I wish him well. Oh, and all of those working on stem cell projects to regrow body parts- please help this guy for free.