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Man Uses Bed Bugs In Revenge Plot Against City Hall


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An upset male in Maine chose to strike back versus local authorities who wronged him by releasing bed pests right into their town hall. Ana Kasparian as well as Grace Baldridge, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us exactly what you think in the comment area listed below.

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" A man let loose roughly 100 vermins at the Augusta Town hall in Maine on Friday, causing authorities to close the building and also mobilize pest control.

The male cleared a container filled with the insects on a counter when team informed him that he did not qualify for support to resolve his bedbug concern, the Kennebec Journal records.

" He used a mug (full of online vermins) as well as banged it on the counter, and also bam, off they flew, perhaps 100 of them," City Manager William Bridgeo informed the newspaper." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Grace Baldridge.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Grace Baldridge.


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  1. Posted by Justin Mielke, at Reply

    when you can’t tell if this is crazy or brilliant

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      Depression Real that doesn’t suddenly make it funny, city hall got shut down, anyone in there could have brought them home to spread further, and who knows how many innocents were involved. this man needs to be strung up by his thumbs

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      Deftones Dsm yes, there would be innocents at City Hall, from people making compliants to the staff, they are all innocent. second, who said anything about trauma? do you know that bed bugs carry diseases, spread like the plague, and are near undetectable? it only takes one or two coming home with you for your whole house to be infested

    • Posted by Blair Schirmerx, at Reply

      3:20 — It’s weird that Ana is blaming a case of the crabs on “bedbugs.”

  2. Posted by Kyle Herbz, at Reply

    lol that’s genius – where’s the Trump tower located again? Lol 👍🤣

    • Posted by Bruklyn A, at Reply

      Kyle Herbz great idea

    • Posted by Kitty S, at Reply

      It will come outta ur taxes then! 🌚

  3. Posted by toastsandwich, at Reply

    Where did he even get that “cup of bedbugs”? Can you buy them or did he collect them himself?

    • Posted by Wynetta Horton, at Reply

      Rite that’s what I’m asking

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      toastsandwich they are super easy to catch, just like fleas, just a trap with light and Co2. easy

    • Posted by David Hernandez, at Reply

      You can catch them easy, they breed VERY quick and it seems like he has had them for a while, so he prob collected them.

  4. Posted by Jynessa Swann, at Reply

    If the guy was smart he would of released the bedbugs in multiple places secretly. Than weeks later city hall would have been over run, and all employees would of brought them home.

    • Posted by Jynessa Swann, at Reply

      Ravinar I know right. If you want revenge leave your anger at the door. All anger is going to do is mess up your plan.

  5. Posted by Aaron Leach, at Reply

    city deserved it

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      Aaron Leach AGREED

  6. Posted by arithsem, at Reply

    you either die a hero or you live long enough to give people bed bugs

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      and why is that and who are you

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      i was put here by figet spinner man, my very skin crawls by the self -righeous smug bastard capitalizing on the newest trend on impressionable young teens. he stole my thunder I was suppose to get the glory not him

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      hey i know its your back story and all but where in a precarious situation make it quick

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      ughhhhhhhhh (vomiting violently!!!!!!!!)

  7. Posted by Richard Reyes, at Reply

    they cause him to be homeless after he followed all the correct proceedings, going to landlord and then taking it further to city Hall… while he lives in the street let them enjoy the problem he presented to them that he needed help with before they screwed him, See how it feels..I wouldn’t have put it on the desk I would have threw it in the air lol

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      I’m guessing he did it when he got fed up with their bullshit, but I feel like if he did it after he cooled off a bit, the best option would’ve been just to dump them discreetly without anyone seeing. That way they would really understand what the guy had had to deal with.

  8. Posted by ERAUPRCWA, at Reply

    I’m actually on this man’s side. City Hall and the landlord totally screwed him over. They caused this man to become homeless. Screw them!

  9. Posted by GRIMLOCK07, at Reply

    Anyone else dislike the video because of her comment??  “I have PTSD from Bedbugs”
    It’s laughable, and insulting to others with the real thing.
    It’s like she’s that woman from the UK a year or two ago, I think, who said she had PTSD from comments on Twitter. 

    I don’t like Spiders at all, PERIOD!!!  And I do have some mental issues with that, I accept that, however, I’m not gonna claim PTSD cause of it.

    • Posted by alioop, at Reply

      It’s a figure of speech, and a valid one. Do you also get mad if someone says something like “that person has a cancerous personality” (assuming the person does), because some people have actual cancer? That would be silly.

    • Posted by demissione, at Reply

      alioop It’s not a figure of speech that anyone commonly hears, therefore there is no defense for it. She can look at those photos of bedbugs and talk about her story of them, so using “PTSD” as a figure of speech is stupid.
      I agree with the above reply that she was trying to be cheeky, but I don’t think it’s an appropriate thing to say as a joke

    • Posted by demissione, at Reply

      alioop A better comparison than the one you used is if someone laughs and says “I think I must be bipolar or have DID or something, my emotions have been up and down today!”. Haha.
      You may call it a “figure of speech”, but there are real people who suffer from these problems and it isn’t a joke to them because they can’t just get up and walkway from a mental illness???

    • Posted by boptillyouflop, at Reply

      It’s a figure of speech. Kindof like people with a bad cold joking about having “the plague”. And for the record, you don’t get “PTSD” from bedbugs (which are small, don’t hurt and can’t make you sick), you get “PTSD” from the large amount of work it takes to get rid of bedbugs (washing all your clothes, putting everything in bags, having the exterminator come multiple times), the paranoia about missing one and getting re-infested or infesting people around you, and the social stigma.

    • Posted by alioop, at Reply

      @boptillyouflop Thank you. You explained exactly what I was too lazy to type up myself. I simply said it’s “a valid one” (figure of speech), assuming others would understand why.

  10. Posted by Stephen Cody, at Reply

    I live in Augusta this is normal,there are about 6 slumlords who own 75%of the rental properties and they all communicate.The ways they scam the public assistance programs are criminal.Most people here live on $400wk or less.All the city officials are related to or friends with these slumlords so complaints are routinely ignored or even worse blamed on the residents.I know this is a joke for you with your comfortable incomes,but being homeless here isn’t like it is in California.If that guy doesn’t find shelter in the next 3 months he could die of exposure as winter sets in.

    • Posted by Yeeky Chams, at Reply

      I’m from/still live near where you are and am familiar with how it is. Basically everyone I know thought Augusta city hall deserved it. TBH, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened again, at least in ME/NH.

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      Stephen Cody
      A lot of places in US are like that.

  11. Posted by Mark Marsh, at Reply

    This man is a fearless WARRIOR … wielding a VERY powerful and terrifying weapon. …. KUDOS for creativity!

    • Posted by lilith horvath, at Reply

      come on, biological warfare is almost a century old.

    • Posted by RsTFuRF, at Reply

      lilith horvath Yeah but bedbug warfare? That’s unique

    • Posted by lilith horvath, at Reply

      I dimly remember a story from the eastern front in WWII where the russians used flea and lice to make nazi german occupiers feel unconfortable – the germ-ans had lots of trouble to prevent epidemic typhus and they had to disinfect trooper going on home leave back to the reich.
      there are also rumors about the japanese unit 731 experimenting in china with all kinds of diseases transmitted by insects, spraying fleas over whole chinese cities…

  12. Posted by Ana Hanson, at Reply

    I’m pretty sure Ana doesn’t have PTSD from bed bugs. The word ‘Traumatized’ is one of the most overused words of the modern era

    • Posted by Mori Allen, at Reply

      Ana Hanson

      You clearly underestimate how terrifying, and yes, traumatizing these devil spawn can be…. it’s the worst experience at home you can really have

    • Posted by SlackHax, at Reply

      I have brain damage from a traumatic brain injury. In my case, traumatic means “got hit so hard, permanent damage happened”. If you have a permanent psychological damage from something, you are traumatized. If you remember something, and you get a chill down your spine from remembering, you are traumatized from that thing. If you have aquaphobia, you have probably been traumatized by water at some point. Trauma is very loosely defined. Ana might have been traumatized from bed bugs. Having PTSD from bed bugs is a different thing. PTSD is a paralyzing disorder caused by stress from being traumatized. I would call BS on the PTSD, but the traumatized part might be accurate. I don’t think Ana really know anything about psychological issues, and Ana seem less and less intelligent the more I watch TYT.

    • Posted by Mori Allen, at Reply


      ok. I agree with that. PTSD us a whole nother level of mental trauma. I don’t think they deserve that much hyperbole. but they are definitely at phobia/paranoia level if you’ve experienced them for an extended amount of time.

    • Posted by geekdivaherself, at Reply

      It’s kind of funny how none of you thought to also point out her similar use of the term “OCD.”

  13. Posted by normandcas b, at Reply

    Anybody who has not dealt with a serious bedbug infestation cannot know the mental toll those little bastards can take on you. I know it sounds ridiculous. It’s sort of like ‘death by a thousand cuts’ except the death is emotional and the cuts are smart and relentless bugs.

    • Posted by geekdivaherself, at Reply

      No, sometimes the death is real. Read my post for details.

    • Posted by magicguirarman, at Reply

      I contemplated suicide after discovering an infestation this winter and my landlord was slow to act. I already had a mental health disorder and the bed bugs piled on to create a hostile living condition in my own home. I don’t think PTSD is too strong a term for the mental health damage those fuckers can cause.

    • Posted by magicguirarman, at Reply

      I live in Maine too BTW.

  14. Posted by BigBoi1290, at Reply

    I’m on the side of the guy on this one. After he reports bed bugs the city hall screws him over by warning his other landlord. He then looses his house and to top it all off, the city hall won’t help him finding a new house. Yeah. F-U city hall lol..

    • Posted by Chris Ruiz, at Reply

      BigBoi1290 well he had a cup of bed bugs so he clearly brought them with him to the new apartment

    • Posted by hugosz283, at Reply

      You know that wouldn’t be nearly the weirdest thing you can buy online, it does not mean he collected them himself.

    • Posted by Eerie Soul, at Reply

      I know that people can buy 1500 lady bugs on Amazon for like $13. So maybe people can buy bed bugs on similar sites.

    • Posted by Tom Tomson, at Reply

      He was a terrorist like the guy who killed a whole mass of two people in Portland!

  15. Posted by da96103, at Reply

    This sounds like a Stephen King story especially since it occurred in Maine. Those bedbugs would grow into giants and destroy the town.

    • Posted by demonblade001, at Reply

      Please don’t give him any ideas…

  16. Posted by HelkernVuur, at Reply

    If I lived in America I would be relieved if someone threw bedbugs on my desk as retaliation. It could have been worse, like a shooting.

    • Posted by Reece Silverman, at Reply

      HelkernVuur true because I’m certain you would be more likely to get shot by some red neck

    • Posted by PowdaToastFace Killah, at Reply

      HelkernVuur I think we have more guns than bedbugs in America

  17. Posted by JQ LLC, at Reply

    He got the bedbugs from his original apartment. This guy preemptively knew he was going to get shafted and he prepared.

    I condone what this tenant did. He was ignored, he decided to move, the city screwed him over after he complained about his previous landlord to his new one, lost his new home, and he did not qualify for the alleged affordable housing that the city has been promising and promoting for the past 3 years.

    Lord of the flies, this guy is more like Willard. I wish he was able to lead an army of rats to Park Row.

    Ana’s take on this. EWWWWWWW

    • Posted by sderax456, at Reply

      the city barely ever gives out that” affordable” housing. they deny everyone, and re-assimilate the cash into there coffers. same withour local “211” emergency fuel program. oiit’s a national program, but here in maine, they NEVER help any one . they keep the money the federal gov. gave them to help poor peopke heat there house, when there fuel is out.

    • Posted by JQ LLC, at Reply

      This affordable housing scheme sounds like embezzlement

    • Posted by sderax456, at Reply

      the most logical conclusion i can come to, about the state of maine, and the programs it has to “help” the poor, is that EVERY assistance program, in the whole state, is being heavily siphoned off back into coffers, and employee pockets. some programs literally NEVER give out aid, people on food stamps have there benefits randomly suspended for a month, without cause, and medical bills, for those on “mainecare”, get routinely denied. the whole northern half of the state, sans baxter park, is one big tree plantation, where clear cutting, although illegal, is openly carried out with impunity, and glyphosate is sprayed on schedual, to kill all the hardwoods, so canadien paper co.’s can have only softwoods, which they prefer. the people matter not, in maine, unless they are filthy rich.

    • Posted by magicguirarman, at Reply

      As a Maine native, I’d say you are spot on. If it wasn’t the bedbugs sucking our life one drop of blood at a time it would be LePage and the rest of the administration,

  18. Posted by T. Gorbach, at Reply

    WTF! Where the hell is Grace living that she has to worry about Possums living under her bed?!!!

    • Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

      T. Gorbach east L.A…

  19. Posted by Feel the Bern 2020!, at Reply

    City Hall: You can’t beat City Hall.

    This dude: Hold my cup of bed bugs.

    • Posted by Chudy Ilozue, at Reply

      Damn right

    • Posted by Zeke Krahlin, at Reply

      Yes you /can/ beat city hall, it’s been known to happen from time to time. He has an excellent case to sue the hell out of ’em.

  20. Posted by Staci Noe, at Reply

    4:54 did that host just throw her pen because Ana interrupted her? lol

    • Posted by Mo Killem, at Reply


    • Posted by Dylan Nolan, at Reply

      That is so clearly anger over being Interrupted, I love it.

    • Posted by Staci Noe, at Reply

      +Dylan Nolan you know Ana isn’t much for listening to others so I can see where she’s coming from. All these hosts crack me up

    • Posted by Dylan Nolan, at Reply

      Honestly maybe its because I’ve been listening to her for years, but id rather have Ana interrupting than any of the other hosts (excluding cenk and John).
      Putting Hannah in front of the camera is a hate crime against those with ears.

    • Posted by Staci Noe, at Reply

      I hear you. Ana is probably my favorite but I bet if I had to work with her I’d throw a couple pens too 😄

      They all take themselves waaaay too seriously