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Man Who Murdered A Former NFL Player Arrested DAYS After Incident


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The man who shot and killed former NFL player Joe McKnight has been arrested and charged with manslaughter. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks break it down. Support independent media here:

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"Ronald Gasser, the white man who allegedly shot former NFL player Joe McKnight last week, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.

The New Orleans Advocate reports that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office took Gasser into custody late on Monday night and charged him for his role in the killing of the 27-year-old McKnight, a former running back who played four seasons in the NFL.

According to authorities, Gasser fatally shot McKnight this past Thursday from within his car during a “road rage” incident in New Orleans suburb of Terrytown, Louisiana.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office was heavily criticized last week after it released Gasser, as it said it still needed to learn more about what had happened before it could justify keeping him in custody."*

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  1. Posted by No Name, at Reply

    Sounds to me like NFL players need to chill TF out.

    • Posted by Shadefire, at Reply

      +Dictator In Perpetuity
      First off let me correct you on one thing. This was New
      Orleans….Louisiana. Still makes the whole incident a horrible tragedy.
      Not sure where you got the idea this was Florida.

    • Posted by Dictator In Perpetuity, at Reply


      where? HA HA AH AH A HA

    • Posted by MartianBlues, at Reply

      No Name
      I think the shooter should probably chill out since he has a history of
      road rage but that’s just me I guess

    • Posted by Alex G, at Reply

      roid rage

  2. Posted by Melissa Kilmore, at Reply

    Meanwhile, blacks are still murdering whites at 4 times the rate as whites
    murder blacks.

    • Posted by john shoffner, at Reply

      Melissa Kilmore stop deflecting from the story.

    • Posted by prallund feucht, at Reply

      its a bot you idiots

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +john shoffner What story? TYT doesn’t report stories, they report half
      stories. You’re a racist

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      +DanTheMan51632 “how dare you post stats from white nationalists that have
      already been disproven. You probably realize bigots like me will not fact
      check you and rather make ourselfs look like idiots by supporting you and
      using this to attack tyt.” there fixed that for you

  3. Posted by deenman23, at Reply

    is anyone rly surprised the black guy started to attack him?tyt was in the
    same denial when trayvon martin was shown to have bashed zimermans
    face,their defense of black crime is disgusting and the crucifiction of
    every white crime

    • Posted by Dawn Duncan, at Reply

      deenman23 what’s not surprising is that the old white cowardly thug..who
      actually got out of his car and assulted someone in the 06 incindent and
      got off..would think that he was above the law and take someones
      life..whats also not surprising is that racists like u would defend white

    • Posted by Dawn Duncan, at Reply

      as long as the victim is a person of color

    • Posted by Jermaine Burgess, at Reply

      deenman23 just waiting for heroin to kill all white people off 😂😂👍👍

    • Posted by john shoffner, at Reply

      deenman23 yet the white guy shot and killed him. I don’t get your logic.

  4. Posted by White Culture Warrior American, at Reply


    • Posted by The Liberal Propagandist, at Reply

      White Culture Warrior American I disliked your comment

    • Posted by Will Barnerd, at Reply

      White Culture Warrior American i also disliked your comment.

    • Posted by Young2Kauri, at Reply

      I disliked yours just to be edgy

    • Posted by Will Barnerd, at Reply

      i liked yours do to the edgyness lol

    • Posted by Vernon Greene, at Reply

      Lol can you do that? I am going to open my other account and dislike it as

  5. Posted by severe8403, at Reply

    Gasser will say that he feared McKnight was going to attempt to enter his
    car and assault him and a jury will acquit him. We have had video of much
    worse and have been unable to get a conviction

    • Posted by Benjamin G, at Reply

      MetrazolElectricity lmao

    • Posted by sqlb3rn segfavlt, at Reply

      fear of entry is not a valid reason for lethal force, no reasonable jury
      would let him off for simply fearing the man might “invade” his car.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Wow, that anchor woman ‘pivoted’ on the nasty language the sheriff was
      using as fast as Ana and John did when they immediately went to break when
      someone in the audience confronted them about the Armenian Genocide at
      Cal-NorthRidge last week

    • Posted by MetrazolElectricity, at Reply

      +Man Bearpig at law school, he was reading the quran all day instead of
      finishing his assignments, no wonder this turk flunked out of a successful
      law career

  6. Posted by N.W.A., at Reply

    Trial will end in a hung jury for Gasser; Hayes is going to get 20 years.

    • Posted by Job Brown, at Reply

      Sounds about right

  7. Posted by Ajairah M, at Reply

    The white man is going to get off… This is America we are talking about.

    • Posted by Ajairah M, at Reply

      +Guy Schmickle First of all my comment is not meant for white people.
      Therefore it is not meant to make you people think or feel a certain way. I
      discovered early on that most white people are beyond my powers of
      persuasion. Whites are not racist because they lack facts or proper
      reasoning. It goes deeper than that. It is way more irrational than that. I
      cannot make most of you see the light because you people do not want to see
      the light. But by not writing for them that means:

      Secondly some of you whites choose to read my comment through a heavy layer
      of white guilt or a Fragile White Ego and get upset. Like two-year-olds
      they make their feelings the Centre of the Universe. Like two-year-olds
      they cannot tell the difference between anger and hatred. “Mommy doesn’t
      hate you, sweetie. She just does not like the bad thing you did.”

      Thirdly, I don’t need whites to like me – if they cross the line, I will
      make them uncomfortable. We as African people have already overcome and
      survived a lot in this world and contrary to popular belief, we did so with
      an overwhelming lack of support from whites. So do not doubt my worth or
      tone down your voice or temper your strength.
      If i am being dehumanized socially, I will assert myself and walk way.
      Tolerance is a bullshit term, and African people need to stop tolerating
      from hereon out, online and in real life – period.

    • Posted by Gulsen, at Reply

      I love how he called black people subhumans.. then call you a racist

    • Posted by Ajairah M, at Reply

      +Gulsen I know right..

  8. Posted by elwoodzmake, at Reply

    Why do Americans always kill each other? Is it so hard to fire a warning
    shot or aim for the legs ? No first shoot, killing the person.

    • Posted by ImAshamedOfWhatIDid 4KlondikeBar, at Reply

      You probably should because when the bullet comes down a couple of miles
      away and hits someone guess who is going to jail. You. If you are who you
      say you are. Based on your comments, i doubt it.

    • Posted by elwoodzmake, at Reply

      +ImAshamedOfWhatIDid 4KlondikeBar You are still applying your own laws
      without consideration of the profession even. The damage a falling bullet
      could create is not more than a bruise, depending on the bullets
      weight…we don’t fire cannonballs, don’t worry, we got it tested. But you
      will know better …

    • Posted by ImAshamedOfWhatIDid 4KlondikeBar, at Reply

      Obviously I do know more than you. People have been killed by bullets fired
      into the air. Here is a CNN article . Again doubt
      you are who you say you are.

    • Posted by elwoodzmake, at Reply

      +ImAshamedOfWhatIDid 4KlondikeBar How exactly did you figure I’m from the
      US when I tell you constantly that the laws in your country don’t apply
      here is beyond my comprehension…From the Czech rep, we actually have
      decent training, also I wasn’t just a guard all my life.

      Maybe US cops frown upon it because they do as they always do, believe what
      they are being told and act upon it. We use experiments to get facts and
      then apply them in practice. Also, there is probably a difference in the
      guns and bullets we use and you use. The heavier the bullet the bigger the
      damage, as said we tested it more than enough. False equivalence, mate, you
      are overusing it.
      You keep generalizing everything down to the US even though the first
      comment should have told you I´m not from your
      hillbilly-godfearing-unneducated shoot-first-ask-later lot.

      I can´t believe how far you derived me from the original conversation so
      I´m just going to mute this. Next you will probably ask what my favorite
      color is.

    • Posted by Lung-dik Dawrah, at Reply

      +chill that’s not true at all and now you’re just spewing bullshit lol the
      only way you can own an “assault rifle” is with a class 3 firearm license
      and is near impossible to get unless you’re a dealer. Just another person
      eating up the lies from liberal media

  9. Posted by IshtarNike, at Reply

    He could have driven off. People are so blood thirsty. Americans seem
    always to escalate to deadly force. “He was gonna punch me and you know
    sometimes people get beaten to death, therefore I killed him.” And the
    worst thing is that kind of defense goes a long way there.

    • Posted by Junkman2000, at Reply

      +Tommy Gunz, II
      I use to be a cop and it’s a lot easier to explain to the police why you
      are speeding away from some lunatic than it is to explain WHY you shot
      them, especially when it isn’t a clear cut case of the use of deadly force.

      Now look at where he is. He may even get off but the attorney fees will
      probably break him in half.

    • Posted by Spliffer45, at Reply

      He was stopped at an intersection. McKnight pulled up on the shoulder
      beside him… I dont know if the intersection was clear, OR if buddy was
      the first person at the light (he may have been blocked in)… Either way,
      claiming “he could have driven away” is a fallacious claim made on

    • Posted by Junkman2000, at Reply

      Just as ALL the claims you have just made. So YOUR opinion holds no more
      weight than mine.

    • Posted by Spliffer45, at Reply

      +Junkman2000 None of that was opinion. The shooter was in the right hand
      turning lane at an intersection. McKnight pulled up on the shoulder beside
      the shooter. Those are just facts of the incident.

      The part about potential obstructions in the intersection preventing him
      from simply “driving away” is simply common sense and undeniable, and would
      have to be considered when wondering why he didnt pull away.

    • Posted by Tommy Gunz, II, at Reply

      +Junkman2000 I’m not arguing your point there. I agree that he shouldn’t
      have shot him. In my eyes it’s not justified in any way. I’m simply
      speaking of the penal code word for word

  10. Posted by TradingKid1998, at Reply

    sadly he will get off. he will claim he was afraid of his life. he will
    claim Mcknight was 7 feet tall and about to rip the car door from the
    hinges, and it only needs 1 or 2 morons in the jury to believe that
    story… he will walk free. This is America, have you forgotten?

    • Posted by coh arse, at Reply

      TradingKid1998 lolol got that right.

    • Posted by Matthew Warren, at Reply

      TradingKid1998 agreed, at then end when they talked about his previous
      altercation and him getting off scott free I am getting the feeling he
      knows someone or is related to someone in the station or something.

  11. Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

    Anyone got odds on whether he’ll go scot-free?

    • Posted by Riley Freeman, at Reply

      if he got out of his car and shot someone in their car he is going to
      prison no way around it you can’t claim your defending yourself if you get
      out in traffic and approach them

    • Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

      You have more faith in the American ‘justice’ system than I do.

    • Posted by Nyakz, at Reply

      After that definition gasser is going to walk out of court. No two ways
      about it. my odds 9/1 gasser walks out. No footage to say otherwise + an
      all white jury.. NOT GULITY will be the verdict.

    • Posted by mikes2842, at Reply

      They should have these cases in the sportsbook in vegas. I’d make millions
      off the gullible idiots who think America’s justice system is fair and

  12. Posted by lime light, at Reply

    He’s white, he’s going to walk.

    • Posted by Tommy Gunz, II, at Reply

      lime light and killed a black man in Louisiana..most likely

    • Posted by lime light, at Reply

      +Tommy Gunz, II yep.

    • Posted by Gulsen, at Reply

      I wouldnt be surprise. White supremacy always wins

    • Posted by lime light, at Reply

      +Gulsen Truth

    • Posted by Atir X, at Reply

      Gulsen not always. Desperate people do desperate things

  13. Posted by chihuahua, at Reply

    He’s white, he’ll get away with it

    • Posted by slothkingn1, at Reply

      How likeable is he? Not very by the sound of it. If he sounds crazy he has
      more chance of going down than say he were influential and well liked. Even
      white people like to vilify someone who’s crazy and annoys them in this
      case that might not be a bad thing. By the sounds of it the police would
      disagree though.

    • Posted by Ajairah M, at Reply

      Like they always do

  14. Posted by Andrew G, at Reply

    So they are both in a road rage incident. McKnight gets out of his car and
    approaches and leans into the other guys car in a threatening way. The guy
    shoots McKnight after stating he was fearing for his safety.

    And you put the headline “Man Who Murdered…” as your headline.

    I’m not saying this was definitely justified… but it’s not unreasonable
    to think this could be self defense.

    Get ready for the retards and racists rioting if this guy is found not

    • Posted by Andrew G, at Reply

      The more I read and hear about this case…. The more it seems like a 100%
      justified shooting.

      By the letter of the law in Louisiana it is undeniable that it was
      justified. Assuming the news is accurate in portraying McKnight approaching
      and likely leaning into or attempting to enter Gasser’s vehicle.

      Don’t want to get shot? Don’t escalate an altercation and attempt to enter
      someone else’s vehicle.

    • Posted by Joshua Cooper, at Reply

      Andrew G McKnight was unarmed, so there is no reason to feel threatened
      enough to kill him. Only if he was in a life threatening situation, would
      it be self defence. Thus is murder plain and simple.

    • Posted by Andrew G, at Reply

      +Joshua Cooper Apparently you have issues with reading comprehension and

      Based on the law it doesn’t matter if he was armed. All that matters is if
      McKnight was attempting to enter Gasser’s vehicle, which it seems he was.

      Beyond that, if you try to violently enter my car I should be able to shoot
      you. I shouldn’t have to wait to see if you plan to harm me or not.

    • Posted by Andrew G, at Reply

      +Sharky It’s just bullshit to armchair QB how much risk someone must suffer
      prior to defending themselves. Exactly like you said, we are talking about
      a 60 year old man who thinks he is about to be attacked by a 20 something
      man in peak physical condition.

      I think Cops should be held to much higher standards, but that is another

      I am working under the assumption that McKnight was attempting to enter
      Gasser’s vehicle, because I have heard that from several liberal MSM
      sources. If McKnight was yelling, swearing, etc. and made no move to enter
      the vehicle then Gasser should rot in prison the rest of his life.

  15. Posted by Eliza M., at Reply

    The problem I had which Brett seem to miss last week was not about whether
    the shooter was a racist, (he got into a road rage fight with another white
    man at the same intersection years before this) but how would the cops
    react if the shooter was black and the victim was white? The police chief
    (and I don’t give af is he’s angry) mentioned the stand your ground law as
    an explanation to why he was let go. But my only concern is, is the stand
    your ground law applied EQUALLY to all people? I remember during the
    Trayvon Martin incident CNN displayed the stand your ground defense
    statistics in that area over a period of years for black shooter/white
    victim and white shooter/black victim. And it was disturbing.

    • Posted by Sharky, at Reply

      no , cause blacks usually are aggressive, uncivilized, cant speak english
      and wont cooperate with police.
      watch thousands of youtube videos.
      thats why.

    • Posted by deznuts3000, at Reply

      What is “wontcooperate”… You have the audacity to criticizing others when
      you are a flithy white inbred illiterate hick yourself! lol

    • Posted by Atir X, at Reply

      Eliza M. – great question. I don’t think they apply the stand your ground
      rule fairly between black people and white people. This country into has
      never favored black people being in defense of themselves. We just have to
      do what we have to do.

  16. Posted by MrBlaq, at Reply

    I’d buy Cenk a beer if he killed Alex Jones

    • Posted by Sharky, at Reply

      so you inciting violence? typical lib

    • Posted by Josue Tapia, at Reply

      Sharky nohe’s nah he’s just trolling you, and you fell for it lol

  17. Posted by R Tee, at Reply

    Yes hand out guns to more lunatics. That’ll keep us all safe.

    • Posted by Kenshin Himura, at Reply

      Who’s the lunatic who got out of his car and approached the other guy in
      his car to attack him? I see self defense here.

    • Posted by R Tee, at Reply

      Kenshin Himura so if a person even looks at you threateningly that gives
      you the right to shoot them to death? He hadn’t even touched that guy, but
      getting out of his car warrants his murder? You’re exactly the kind of
      paranoid lunatic I was talking about before.