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Manchester Terrorist Attack Kills 22, Injures 59


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ISIS has actually claimed duty. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the remark area below.

" Salman Abedi, a 22-year-old British man of Libyan descent, has actually been recognized as the Manchester Arena bomber, the New york city Times records. Abedi lived 3.5 miles away from the venue. He executed the deadliest terrorist assault in the U.K. considering that 2005, detonating a homemade nitroglycerin that eliminated 22 individuals as well as hurt 59 others. Abedi chose the time as well as location to cause "optimal carnage" on young followers, inning accordance with British Head of state Theresa May.

Islamic State released a declaration declaring responsibility for the terrorist strike, inning accordance with keeping track of team WEBSITE … The carnage took place around 10:30 p.m. on Monday, Could 22nd after Ariana Grande's performance ended at the vast 21,000-seat location. Waves of photos and videos infused social media sites instantly after the outside explosion was listened to. The group was mainly young youngsters, teenagers as well as their moms and dads. Prime Minister May verified Tuesday morning that children are among those eliminated.

In an aired declaration from London, British Prime Minister Might stated the event is "definite" an "act of horror" which Britain's terror ranking is currently at extreme, indicating that one more act of physical violence might happen. "We are working to establish the complete information of just what is being dealt with by the cops as an appalling terrorist attack," she claimed. "All our thoughts are with the sufferers as well as the family members of those who have been impacted."" *.

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  1. Posted by Christopher Pope, at Reply

    My heart and condolences goes out to all the people that are affected in this tragedy.

    • Posted by Nationalist Realist, at Reply

      Maou No read the comment I replied to. It was about how every time Muslims brutally murder us in terror attacks TYT victim blames using foreign policy to excuse Muslims targeting a bunch of innocent children.

    • Posted by Maou, at Reply

      tyt never excused such a thing, and never blamed those children, u just hear what u want to hear.
      and yank foreign policy has always influenced radicalization on muslims, keep blowing up their babies and they will lose it and do the same, so thanks for that too, dont be a hypocrite

    • Posted by Amanda Bell, at Reply

      You’re so deaf and blind, it’s equally sad and disgusting.

    • Posted by Christopher Pope, at Reply

      Amanda Bell how am i deaf and blind?

    • Posted by ross blair, at Reply

      The left in general does that a lot.

  2. Posted by Murican Empire, at Reply

    This tends to happen when you invite hordes of people with a fucked up ideology.

    • Posted by Kaddywompous, at Reply

      +MAC KASH And don’t you prefer that to a theocratic dictatorship?

    • Posted by Reece Drystek, at Reply

      @T- Val, you must have failed math miserably, since there are only 7 billion people in the world. Based on your statistic of 1 in 186 Billion (assuming your quoting per year stats), not a single person has died in the entire world from terrorism in the last 26 years. If you are stating in terms of Britain, your claim would amount to nobody has died to terrorism in Britain for well over 1200 years. Can you see how stupid you look?

      Based on stats from the Global Terrorism database, the actual stat is more like 1 in 25 million per year in the UK, if you use the last 15 years of available data. The stat would be more like 1 in 280,000 globally.

    • Posted by MAC KASH, at Reply

      there is a difference between theory and practice. I know the rules better than you, and your history. How many presidents got impeached? no one actually because in practice your stupid laws don’t work. so it’s not only possible for an American president to commit henious crimes and go unpunished but historically speaking that’s what is likely to happen.
      Look I come from a country with idiotic laws and outdated systems too. If you really love your country own up to the flaws. You know very well that not only getting rid of Trump is not as easy as you make it seem, even it if does your troubles are far from over.
      Another little fact for you. The rule that you can theoretically change a leader after he is in office, is one of the rules your founding fathers decided to borrow from other European systems. It’s new to your country, not the world.

    • Posted by Murican Empire, at Reply

      MAC KASH woah buddy your jumping to whole other conclusions, I never claimed our rules are perfect, all I’m saying is the rules are the best we have and that you are not smarter than the founding fathers. And don’t claim to know American history better than me, because you don’t.

  3. Posted by Veruc, at Reply

    TYT will admit that Islam is cancer when?

    • Posted by Sayuas, at Reply

      +Sam Sheth “Trolls like you are cancer. Who calls an ideology cancer? you think you’re cute and edgy, troll?”

    • Posted by Sayuas, at Reply

      What’s that? Somebody got triggered? It’s hilarious how you upvote your own comments, shows how desperate you are.

  4. Posted by cuck, at Reply


    • Posted by Patrick Ryan, at Reply


    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      liberals seem to forget they renamed terrorism a while back. they called it man made disasters and everyone laughed at them. this is why sane people keep saying terrorism. not only is it accurate, it mocks these demented libtards and their pc bs

    • Posted by Maou, at Reply

      foreign policy has always influenced radicalization on muslims, keep
      blowing up their babies and they will lose it and do the same, so thanks
      for that too, dont be a hypocrite

  5. Posted by Maniac Mx, at Reply

    oh look it’s not the IRA it’s radical Muslims AGAIN. Who could’ve guessed? not Cenk and TYT

    • Posted by Ultan, Monahan, at Reply

      My comment was a reply to Stuart Gibson’t comment above. I don’t know why it ended up as a general comment. As for your point, Yes, I think you’re right. Everybody thinks they are the goodies.

    • Posted by dindu nuffin, at Reply

      Just because he was muslim and ISIS claimed responsibility, doesn’t mean we can’t blame IRA for it!!!!

    • Posted by Stuart Gibbons, at Reply

      Demo5 In their first video reporting it, they suggested the IRA could be involved. That’s a ludicrous suggestion.

  6. Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

    Isis has told us over and over again why they do it. Why Cenk thinks they are lying, I’m not sure.

    • Posted by GPzSilentwalker, at Reply

      because the coward was born in England but a) parents were Libyan refugees b) it was suspected he went to Libya to fight in the civil war.

      what was his beef with the US or UK when they assisted the rebels in the civil war? His attack on a blame the west doesn’t make sense to me. It only makes sense as a zealot Muslim in which case why didn’t he run to Syria to join IS?

  7. Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

    Cenk lacks the passion for speaking out against Islamic terrorism, unlike when he’s ranting about Trump

    • Posted by Thaywood79, at Reply


    • Posted by Sayuas, at Reply

      +Storie Grubb Intellectually he disagrees with it, but he doesn’t really care about the victims of these attacks. He cares far more about what people will think of Islam.

    • Posted by Nikola Demitri, at Reply

      Sayuas it’s unfair to say he doesn’t care about the victims, however, I do think he’s obviously worried what people will say about Islam as a whole… #notallmuslims is an important point, but it’s equally important, if not more, to call it what it is, and what ISIS motives actually are, which has little to nothing to do with our occupation in the ME…

  8. Posted by Avid Kamran, at Reply

    This is ridiculous. I wholeheartedly disagree with US policy in the Middle East for the last decades. But Sweden? Netherlands? did those countries bomb Iraq? c’mon Cenk, you’re being disingenuous, this is not about foreign policy. This is about Islam. Period. The US military helped Bosnian Muslims against white Christian Serbs. Do u know the number one country in ISIS fighters from Europe? u guessed it BOSNIA. STOP deflecting. ISLAM is SICK and needs to reform, before the West gets fed up and begins mass deportation, etc… If Muslims want to live in Europe and America, they have to lead and they have to call out the problems in THEIR faith. and by deflecting the blame, you’re not helping Cenk.

    • Posted by Stefan S1984, at Reply

      Anna133199 Terrorist attacks have been prevented several times already in the Netherlands , such as a Muslim woman wanting to poison the children icecream at a themepark.

    • Posted by Stefan S1984, at Reply

      6chars And maybe you should study more about Islam before you try lecturing others.

    • Posted by Avid Kamran, at Reply

      Anna133199 if you are Dutch, it is a shame you did not hear about the assassination of Theo Van Gogh, who spoke about the abuse of women in Islam, or Pim Fortuyn?

    • Posted by Avid Kamran, at Reply

      Radec Gabel Volence if you read my original post, you would see that i oppose Western policy towards ME. With that said, most of the terrorists in Europe are homegrown, meaning they are not direct immigrants. Do you really think I want to kill all Muslims? Thats a straw man, and you know it. I’m suggesting an immigration freeze and an education system that teaches young Muslims appreciation for Western values, etc… Bottom line, countries with low Muslim populations like Poland, Hungary, Finland or Czech Rep don’t have terrorism issues like France, UK or Belgium (countries with high Muslim populations). So it is up to YOU Muslims to figure out how to stop radicalization and violence in YOUR culture and religion, that’s not my problem. If you don’t, there will be a reaction. If you believe in 9/11 conspiracies, I can’t help you with that.

    • Posted by Avid Kamran, at Reply

      Jonathan Xavier whoaa there!? so simply PRODUCING weapons makes you a target of terror? a sovereign state can no longer produce arms? are you SICK? America does not impose the burqa, it does not promote female genital mutilation, it does not ban females from driving, these are problems of the ISLAMIC faith. and before you comment, America did not murder millions of Muslims, get your figures right.

  9. Posted by Ryan Muszak, at Reply

    Islamic terrorist attack happens

    TYT: it’s our fault and we have to treat them better so they don’t get angry

    • Posted by Heat Seeker, at Reply

      +Master Of Fates Fine… let me put in a way you will understand … XD… for them, the LGBTQ is perverted and corrupt (gasp). Also, women not wearing hijabs…

    • Posted by brshaw, at Reply

      @Clarence Thompson None of the 9/11 hijackers were American either. I assume Muslims can freely travel to Japan if they wish.

    • Posted by brshaw, at Reply

      @Heat Seeker Of course radical Islam is religious, but do you honestly believe people in Muslim countries would hate us MORE if we hadn’t, say, invaded Iraq and installed a Shia government? Would a man unaffected by US foreign policy be more likely to radicalize than a man whose family is threatened by American bombing? It’s hard to imagine a country more known for its wild sexuality than Japan, yet it has never been targeted by Islamic terrorists. I’d wager a guess and say it’s because they have little presence on the world stage. Refraining from intervention in the Middle East shouldn’t be a matter of kowtowing; it should be a matter of self-interest.

    • Posted by Heat Seeker, at Reply

      +brshaw Sweden also has no history of foreign intervention…yet they also have been attacked. Because being the most tolerant country still isn’t enough. Japan is kind of… far away. They strike where they can afford to.

  10. Posted by The Donald, at Reply

    10:25 Cenk, I hope you rot in hell for what you said there. Disgusting victim-blaming.

    • Posted by NC, at Reply

      we need more people like you to keep weapons contractors happy with all the indiscriminate warfare which does nothing but give some cowardly little pricks a hard-on and push those ISIS recruitment numbers up.

  11. Posted by Liam Garnaut, at Reply

    i try hard not to say the name of the perpetrators… unless its dylan roof

    • Posted by Lib Libest, at Reply

      Liam Oh come on.. his name is Salman Abedi.

    • Posted by Liam Garnaut, at Reply

      Lib Libest i know! cenk never reveals the name of muslims but brings up dylan roof every other video

    • Posted by Lib Libest, at Reply

      Liam Garnaut, Cenk mentioned his name at 1:10.

    • Posted by Liam Garnaut, at Reply

      Lib Libest jesus. someone doesn’t understand hyperbolic language. they literally brought brought up the IRA in their last video about this

    • Posted by Lib Libest, at Reply

      Liam Garnaut, That’s because there was no information out at that time. Now they’ve gathered the facts.

  12. Posted by Todd Metal, at Reply

    Shockingly, it wasn’t the IRA this time because it’s not 1985.

    • Posted by Hemi coup, at Reply

      Free Alba lol. thats funny

    • Posted by Free Alba, at Reply
    • Posted by Hemi coup, at Reply

      Free Alba uhhhh ok. Thank you for PROVING MY POINT….

      You said “2000s” ???? Last Report was 1998!!!

      All 5 suspects found NOT GUILTY because there was Literally NO EVIDENCE…

      BUT 2 MI5 Agents were arrested by the UDR in 1999 and convicted of the. bombing since they were stirring up trouble to keep the Anti IRA funding alive since peace treaties between the NORTH and the Sinn Fein were BOTH signed largely thanx to Bill Clinton…

      I’m NOT a Liberal.. I actually READ FULL reports and cross reference with Government Sources…

    • Posted by Mark Dempsey, at Reply

      you are an idiot dude.

  13. Posted by Kirk Hahn, at Reply

    you guys realize that the Muslims have been attacking Europe for a thousand years right? it’s not because they’ve been bombed… They want to conquer the West, they’re bombed by the West because they’re evil bastards who Mutilate women, rape women, kill children etc… Stop the immigration from highly Islamic areas, ban travel from areas that have been known to support terrorists, stop trading with Islamic countries, stop buying oil from the Middle East, and put sanctions on them that are heavily enforced.

    • Posted by trent ishere, at Reply

      sounds like white people

  14. Posted by intravena, at Reply

    Damn, I was so sure it was the IRA.

    • Posted by DiverseLA, at Reply

      +jenkind1 The IRA was doing violence well into the 1990s.

  15. Posted by EDD Fire, at Reply

    Muslim blows himself up? let’s talk about the IRA! Get fucked Cenk.

    • Posted by Maou, at Reply

      foreign policy has always influenced radicalization on muslims, keep
      blowing up their babies and they will lose it and do the same, so thanks
      for that too, dont be a hypocrite

    • Posted by ChasingTruth TakingFlak, at Reply

      Muslims do this all over the world, to nations which have NEVER taken military action in a muslim country.

      The problem isn’t everyone but muslims, the problem is muslims.

  16. Posted by Vukasin U, at Reply

    America killed over 1 million vietnamese with napalm. When was the last time the vietnamese suicide bombed little girls?

    • Posted by Starpowerplayboy, at Reply

      Zain Asif if that’s true don’t you think something is wrong with your religion? maybe a little too violent?

  17. Posted by Ben Althoff, at Reply

    Muslim violence is NOT a few bad apples, it is the ENTIRE Barrel

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      I just stopped by to see how many dislikes this video would get. of course TYT counters with a bunch a fake likes

    • Posted by heroinhero69, at Reply

      it’s not that it’s the entire barrel, it’s that the rest of the barrel turn a blind eye whenever the bad ones are out to poison someone

    • Posted by the master baiter, at Reply

      +mohammad Abdul Taha dissagreeing with you isn’t a reportable offense. Also I’m pretty sure if Violence was forbidden In the Qur’an then Muhhamad wouldn’t have started an army after moving to Madinah and participated in numerous battles and taken numerous lives.

    • Posted by Ben Althoff, at Reply

      heroinhero69 But it’s ok for Cenk to generalize all police?

  18. Posted by I SLAVNIC, at Reply

    This is not eye for an eye you fat brown buffalo. Islam is trying to take over the world since the beginning. Islam is incompatible with western values they will never stop. We are all infidels and we must convert or die. That’s Islam. There’s no radical Islam it’s just Islam

    • Posted by MrG0TH1ER, at Reply

      That is true, a huge part of Islam and Christianity is to convert and spread all over like a disease.
      We need to educate people out of these Bronze Age beliefs.

    • Posted by Trumpeteer, at Reply

      That was then, this is now.

    • Posted by NC, at Reply

      With a military industrial complex that is only too happy to assist/enable/encourage. But stick with the knee-jerk jingoist tribalism, it pays their bills.

  19. Posted by StevieAF, at Reply

    How do you explain Jihadist attacks in countries that have no history of involvement in the Middle East of within Muslim countries themselves?

    • Posted by Thomas Schmidt, at Reply

      UK has no history of involvement in Middle EAST? lmao

    • Posted by Luke Westy, at Reply

      Pretend the west is one giant country