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Manhunt For Suspected Truck Terrorist Underway…


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Update on Berlin terrorist attack: German authorities are searching for suspect Anis Amri. If you have any knowledge of his whereabouts, please call the police. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

German authorities are looking for a Tunisian man who they now believe was responsible for the terror attack that killed 12 people and injured almost 50 more earlier this week.

The urgency surrounding the carnage at a Christmas market in Berlin saw a major increase yesterday. Not only did German authorities release their initial suspect due to a lack of evidence connecting him to the crime, but also ISIS took credit for the devastation that took place at the market.

German media is now saying that police are pursuing Anis Amri after finding his asylum permit papers underneath the truck driver’s seat. Various reports have stated that Amri has a police record for previous violence and offenses, has a connection to pro-ISIS groups, is known to use false names, and is the subject of an investigation in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    and watch cenk cry if the trucker of peace is killed in the process…

    • Posted by Boskolicious, at Reply

      Creepy guy, you’re a creepy guy!

    • Posted by homer422, at Reply

      You fucks can’t cope with reality. thats why you use strawmen.

    • Posted by Adolf, at Reply

      He was shot. Bad day for Cenk. He will be sad…

  2. Posted by Sheogorath, at Reply

    He looks like Cenk. Hmm….

    • Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

      Cenk, did you have sex with a local woman in Tunisia 25 years ago?

    • Posted by Julia Crawford, at Reply

      Sheogorath Well that’s not racist at all. That’s like saying all white
      people look the same or because one white guy was a criminal, all white
      guys must be. Your logic is flawed.

    • Posted by GusMartin2, at Reply

      Julia Crawford stop

    • Posted by awksya f., at Reply

      You’ve clearly never met or been in the same presence as a brown person
      once in your life. #baby #sad

  3. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    I like what TYT has in its description. “If you have any knowledge of his
    whereabouts call the police.” Hahaha!

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

      +Richard Taylor

      Then call the cops!

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

      +Paleo bro

      That’s not exactly true. They have a strong dislike for *bad* cops. Keyword
      is bad!

    • Posted by SagginGuy, at Reply

      Because they have a large following in Europe

    • Posted by mart9898, at Reply

      His Muslim brothers will never give him up. All the people living with him
      in same building suddenly cannot remember a thing. Only white
      superintendent seems to remember.

    • Posted by slothkingn1, at Reply

      Paelo I hate your cops. I don’t mind the ones we don’t arm with military
      weapons in Europe although they can be systematically corrupt as well eg
      war on drugs. Still big difference between them taking my weed and telling
      me ‘tough luck kid’ and smashing my face into the floor holding a gun to my
      head and then proceeding to give me a minimum sentence if I’m lucky.

  4. Posted by Anna Fitzpatrick, at Reply

    Is anyone still surprised it was a damn muslim? Out of 452 suicide attacks
    in 2015, 450 were muslims.

    • Posted by af dadE, at Reply

      +Nebuchadnezzar II you’re trying to point to a white guy saying the magical
      doctrine of “right wing” is to blame. 1) point to the doctrine of the right
      wing and define who is right wing and distinguish why you are not a
      genocidal left wing communist because fidel Castro and north Korea are
      2) if you cannot do that you cannot make the comparrison between a person
      doing something because his book and religious leaders told him to and the
      vast majority support to other religions then Islam is unique in that
      aspect. And your invented right winger religion is an invention by you and
      tyt to make these false analogies.

    • Posted by ADHD87, at Reply

      Nothing to do with Islam? yep keep doing those mental gymnastics.

    • Posted by Nebuchadnezzar II, at Reply

      +af dadE

      Where did I say right-wing is a religion? I said that he was influenced by
      some wrong right-winged ideas that led him to commit his mass shooting, he
      committed his attack in the name of political ideas.

    • Posted by ADHD87, at Reply

      +Misael Cifuentes, What’s your point? America bombed Japan force them to
      surrender because they weren’t going to unless the Allies invaded Japan by
      force where there would of been even more Allied casualties. Who weren’t
      all Christian by the way.

  5. Posted by Thodin from Ostral-B, at Reply

    Cenk, I don’t think they do it for the glory, they do it for the supposed
    72 virgins.

    • Posted by Chuck Toddler, at Reply

      Virgins = Children

    • Posted by tigeraterra69, at Reply

      its dates not raisins and if you research it makes way more sense than
      virgins, imagine those poor women being deflowered over and over again what
      did they do wrong? guess I know what the women get for hell…

    • Posted by Mathias B., at Reply

      or ugly mans … never read anything about female …

  6. Posted by Celso Junior, at Reply

    Religion of piece! A piece here, a piece there…

    • Posted by Spiffy co, at Reply

      holynuggets69 he’s making a statement, but as a tyt viewer that went over
      your head didn’t it

    • Posted by Film experience, at Reply

      Celso Junior ” No religion is piece “

    • Posted by Juan Osorno, at Reply

      Celso Junior-We are funding training and arming these motherfuckers, you do
      get that right?

    • Posted by Celso Junior, at Reply

      +holynuggets69 You’re not very bright, are you?

  7. Posted by Spic Faggot, at Reply

    Islam needs to be EXPELLED from the West!

    • Posted by Ayezeyah Jones, at Reply

      Or just religion in general

    • Posted by E. Mailissimo, at Reply

      RELIGION needs to be expelled from the world! If you really think
      christianity is really much better than islam i would advice you to take
      some history lessons. And if you think they behave better than they did in
      the past cause they have changed, you are just delusional. They behave now
      cause we took their power. When they are in charge, they behave equally
      bad. Catholics vs. Protestants in Ireland, Christians vs. Muslims in the
      Balkans, Christians vs. Jews… you don’t have to go that far back to see
      this. But if you go back in time there have been plenty of religious wars
      in Europe, even if you ignore all those cruisades, there are more than
      enough religious wars left.
      But thats an inconvenient truth that christians ignore.

  8. Posted by 1984 is not a handbook, at Reply

    Ramming people with trucks is an activity of peace.
    90% of people who believe in truck-ramming don’t actually do it
    Truck ramming has nothing to do with truck-ramming
    There was once a car-rammer who killed some people. Therefore we shouldn’t
    even be talking about truck-ramming

    • Posted by jaca van heesch, at Reply

      how dare you make fun of the religion of peace someone kill this guy now

    • Posted by Culturebreach, at Reply

      So you believe its ok to taint White folk as all responsible for Mass

  9. Posted by Skeeter Lima, at Reply

    Say what you want but we can’t hide from the truth. Europe has to stop the
    refugees flow. No choice really. I am not a Trump voter I feel like I must
    point that out before you put me in that category. Either way face the

    • Posted by xjaskix, at Reply

      Skeeter Lima agreed, all the women and children and elderly should be left
      to starve, suffer and die. millions of dead, why not. future historians
      will understand.

    • Posted by Skeeter Lima, at Reply

      The US and Europe have tried to help and it hasn’t worked out. They keep
      attacking innocent people. And they will continue to attack

    • Posted by Mathias B., at Reply

      +Skeeter Lima the US fucked the area up Europe tried to help.

    • Posted by Skeeter Lima, at Reply

      +Mathias B. Yeah you’re right

    • Posted by Alexander Wieser, at Reply

      Stopping the refugee influx is no guarantee for this to stop, but it might
      help reduce the amount of profiling necessary for security agencies. Unlike
      GB, the rest Europe is no Island, any terrorist can hop over any border
      anytime and do his thing.

  10. Posted by brad ford, at Reply

    Why havent we banned trucks…..this is insane

    • Posted by The French Bastard, at Reply

      1. he had a truck because he could not get an assault riffle
      2.he wood have killed a lot more people with an assault rifle
      3.there is a difference between a gun ban and gun regulation why is it
      unreasable to ask for basic background checks and deny people with a
      criminal history?

  11. Posted by charlie edgars, at Reply

    Sorry, let Germany sort them out. The U.S. has enough on its plate. Cenk
    and the rest of the regressives have lost their minds. Regressives can take
    their kumbaya, peace loving, nonsense to Berlin. Rational thinking
    Americans know better than to set fire to our own house. Wake up and smell
    the jihad.

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      +Tychoxi right, we’re ‘funding’ people to kill us.

    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      +dancinkindofguy lol really? You don’t know about the Mujahideen? About
      Saudi Arabia? About the Syrian “rebels”?

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      +Tychoxi sorry, the Mujahideen just fought the Soviets.

    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      +dancinkindofguy Oh, no, yeah, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda only ever fought
      the Soviets.

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      +Tychoxi Year the Soviets left Afghanistan – 1989
      Year the Taliban was born – 1994
      Nice try.

  12. Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

    Beep! Beep! Religion of pieces comin’ through.

    • Posted by Juan Osorno, at Reply

      +Omar Albarghouty Are they better now? Is Iraq better now? How about
      Libya….a lot better now? Whats going on in Yemen. US Saudis are in the
      middle of making Yemen “better”?

    • Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

      +Juan Osorno I’m not advocating intervention. I’m stating the fact that
      these uprisings were the result of terrible governance and mass theft –
      that’s what the people said. In Damascus they were chanting “Syrian people
      will not be humiliated!” *By 2011, 40% of Syria’s population was living
      under the poverty line and more than 25% of young men were unemployed.*

    • Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

      +Juan Osorno So, 40% of the population is in poverty and 76% of the rural
      people are landless, and it must be the CIA? Gotcha.

  13. Posted by Napoleon Rapem'Hard, at Reply

    Muslims are less than 1% of the US population yet they are responsible for:
    *The worst terror attack on US soil (9/11)
    *The worst mass shooting in US history (Orlando)
    *The worst mass shooting on a US military installation (Ft. Hood)
    *The worst mass shooting in California in 30+ years (San bernardino)

    And she wonders why Americans associate Muslims with terrorism.

    • Posted by Gustavo Rodriguez, at Reply

      those were done by the CIA you fool.

    • Posted by Alexander Wieser, at Reply

      +Alex Dunning
      Well, the same could be said for Republicans, having a different mind set
      is no crime tho.

  14. Posted by Dornie Tranders, at Reply

    Still nothing too say about the attack in Jordan, TYT?

    • Posted by Dornie Tranders, at Reply

      +homer422 yawn.

    • Posted by LmOver, at Reply

      Dornie Tranders took decades to talk about the Armenian genocide and cenk
      sent ana

    • Posted by HucklePeel, at Reply

      Dornie Tranders that happens ages ago and the young turks are A US
      independent media

  15. Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

    5 arrested in a simular ISIS inspired plot in Australia today

    • Posted by Archy Archfiendx, at Reply

      Why? Just release them. Let them kill.

    • Posted by XIIIthHARBINGER, at Reply

      I wonder if they will be called “truck terrorists” as well.

      I suppose we should give Cenk credit though, he at least mentions the
      terrorist, instead of just saying “A Truck killed 12 people & injured
      dozens more” like some headlines I’ve seen.

    • Posted by CREvothegreater, at Reply

      let them kill 1another like the do in the mid east…save the rest of the
      world from having 2 do it……

    • Posted by SidheKnight, at Reply

      Which news outlet had a headline like that one? Sounds very irresponsible
      if it’s true..

  16. Posted by gabriel lopez, at Reply

    what a shock he is muslim! I dont know who could have possibly seen this
    one coming given how they have such a peaceful religion. Hopefully we can
    get more muslims in America, they certainly seem to share our values

    • Posted by HucklePeel, at Reply

      liedetector101 your right there has been I think what 2 out 3million
      Muslims in America in 2015

    • Posted by tyrongkojy, at Reply

      Those values being support of the KKK and bombing abortion clinics, of

    • Posted by homer422, at Reply

      +liedetector101 4.6 million in france vs 3.3 million in the US

    • Posted by gabriel lopez, at Reply

      +tyrongkojy Yeah the KKK is huge right now, and of course the constant
      abortion clinic bombings, great point well said

  17. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    The religion of peace coming your way! Beeeep! Beeeeep!

    • Posted by Julienrjr rjt, at Reply

      Like all other religions did before in the past

    • Posted by Kenan Tutsi (Prideful), at Reply

      Julienrjr rjt Do you even know anything “all other religions”?

    • Posted by The Real Maskriz, at Reply

      Julienrjr rjt with trucks?

    • Posted by Tommy Stormstereo, at Reply


    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      +Tommy Stormstereo Oops.

  18. Posted by Mazzmaker69, at Reply

    The Germans must love this kind of cultural enrichment. Seems to bring out
    a real crimson color in the streets of Berlin.

    Oh and by the way Cenk, you seemed to be real fond of calling the KKK guy a
    Christian terrorists, yet never heard you say Islamic terrorist once in
    this video. Huh, weird….almost as if you have an agenda to push.

    • Posted by narutokatara, at Reply

      That’s because when he says ‘Christian terrorist’ he’s trying to make the
      point that it doesn’t matter, a terrorist is a terrorist, and to offset the
      gross over generalization that its the faith and that all muslims are going
      to be like this. Has he said Islamic terrorists? Yes, he has, but he does
      not let that become the crux of his argument. Are there terrorists who do
      it for a religious reason of Islam? Yes. BUT there are also a large amount
      of terrorists who do it for Christianity. And there are Jewish terrorist,
      Buddhist terrorists, hell there probably exist some Shinto and Norse
      terrorists. But the religion should not the main argument to say ‘this
      person is bad’ it should be because they resort to killing people over what
      they believe, and thats usually because they feel that others should be
      beneath them or they have massive self image problems.

      And also as a German, the tensions are high already, and are likely to get
      higher. There is insecurity here like any other place in the world. But we
      have a unique position. We have a history that goes to the extreme of think
      the ‘other’ is to blame which lead to a shameful part of our history. And
      history will rightfully look down on that. But you should try to first wash
      the blood off your hands before trying to blame us for what we have now.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Yeah, it’s kinda obvious he’s making an ironic point when he says that
      about the KKK guy…

  19. Posted by David Gutowski, at Reply

    What? It wasn’t the Polish guy?!
    It was actually a muslim? I am SHOCKED!
    This is my shocked face right now : |

    • Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

      LOL Polish terrorist, when I heard Cenk say that in the first “coverage” of
      this story, I almost chocked on my beer with laughter at the absurdity.

    • Posted by The French Bastard, at Reply

      why? the bigest terorist organization in the world is the US army

    • Posted by Furry, at Reply

      +The French Bastard
      True, however at least it has an army, mr frenchman.

    • Posted by Furry, at Reply

      +The French Bastard You are correct, the french are known for retreating!
      Retreating and surrendering, the two french tactics ahah